minase arata

the swim team's hope

When I'm snuggled with Maro is when I'm happiest.
Arata is a talented diver, but the first things the player will notice are his odd way of speaking and the fact that he's always carrying around his pet ferret, Maro. Arata is cheery but strange, laughing at everything and acting evasive if someone tries to get close.

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basic stats

This is Arata's profile as it appears on the official GH2 website, plus some additional basic information.

voice actor Nojima Kenji (野島健児) ~ other roles
year second year student
birthdate March 12, 2001 (Pisces)
blood type AB
height 168cm (5ft 6in)
ability diving
stats (scale of 0-5) luck 3 / intelligence 2 / popularity 2 / special ability 4 / physical strength 5 / influence 1

character data sheet

This is a direct translation of the character data sheet from the official GH2 data file CD, with a few extra notes and some minor editing for readability.

name year blood type birthday/sign
水無瀬新 (Minase Arata) 2 AB March 12 (Pisces)
height birthplace personal pronoun often seen with
168cm (?ft ?in) Shiga アラタ (Arata) Yagami Reon
club special skill specialty subject reason for being at BL
swim club swimming/diving PE swimming (diving)
family configuration position affiliation
Both parents work for a consumer electronics maker, only child swim club member neutral
interests underwear class sorting
playing with his ferret boxers mainly regular
favorite things favorite food dislikes
being in the water cheese, yogurt, fermented foods being too hot or too cold, tight fitting clothes
His personality is friendly, but he's fickle and that can suddenly disappear. Sensitive to heat and cold. He wants to hear about people, but doesn't really talk about himself. He likes to poke his nose when there is fun and tease, but basically stays a spectator. Normally even tempered and frivolous. He doesn't get very surprised or angry or sad. Doesn't like fighting and wants to be laid-back. Sometimes gets sharp. Tends to lose his cellphone and doesn't make calls from his phone much. He seems delicate to other people and is focused on doing things his own way.
strong point weak point
Sociable, good at listening. doesn't like fighting, reads the mood (but purposefully interrupts it). Has a spirit of volunteering, not balking at doing work others dislike and find bothersome. He sees things as a calm observer. doesn't show his feelings. somewhat stubborn and self-absorbed
special remarks
About Maro:
He found him abandoned and injured in middle school. Because his parents found pets too troublesome to take care of, it was his first time having a pet. He doesn't particularly like animals, but animals really like him. He's never killed a plant or animal he raised for a school research project. Because both parents are often out of the house with work, he brought Maro with him when he entered BL School. He was taught how to talk to cats by a cute boy with glasses he met at the school.
short history
hidden settings (revealed in the course of the story)
hidden settings (not made clear in the course of the story)

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