ito keita

rookie teacher

I'm going to do my best to be a teacher everyone can rely on.
Keita is back in GH2 as a brand new history teacher at Bell Liberty! He's the assistant homeroom teacher for Yuki's class, and because he's so young and a graduate of the school, he's popular with the students, who feel like he's much easier to relate to than Sakaki.

official profile

Info from the GH2 website and other sources.

voice actor Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤) ~ other roles
age 23
birthdate May 5, 1994 (Taurus)
blood type O
height 170cm (5ft 7in)
ability good luck
stats (scale of 0-5) luck 5+ / intelligence 3 / popularity 5 / special ability 1 / physical strength 3 / influence 2

character data sheet

This is a direct translation of the character data sheet from the official GH2 data file CD, with a few extra notes and some minor editing for readability.

name age blood type birthday/sign
伊藤啓太 (Ito Keita) 23 O May 5 (Taurus)
height birthplace personal pronoun often seen with
170cm (5ft 7in) Saitama 俺 (ore) Sakaki, Matsuoka
club special skill specialty subject reason for being at BL
(blank) good luck history professor
family configuration position affiliation
father, mother, younger sister assistant homeroom teacher for the main character's class neutral
interests underwear class sorting
nothing in particular?
recently got his license
briefs history professor
favorite things favorite food dislikes
sleeping strawberries (potato salad, sweet curry) scary things like ghosts
The same as the previous game. Only, he's become an adult in 7 years.
strong point weak point
positive, kind, sympathetic to the students sometimes careless
special remarks
The assistant homeroom teacher for the main character's class. He is a new teacher who was just hired this year. He gives advice to the students, and can talk about the past of the school.
short history
7 years ago he transferred to BL School through unusual circumstances. Became the school MVP.

After graudating school, he continued on to university. He got his teaching qualifications.

He was hired for his new job at BL School this year. *He was hired on his own merit, not through connections.
hidden settings (revealed in the course of the story)
Asked by Kazuki, the previous-previous director and Kasahara's guardian, to support Kasahara and report the condition of the school to Kazuki. Matusoka also knows that information and lends his support too.
additional information (about Keita's possible lovers)
Kazuki: The same year that Keita graduated, he turned over the directorship to Nao. Currently, as a candidate to be the next president of Suzubishi, he is working in America for the Group's drug manufacturing and insurance divisions. With the sudden death of the previous director, he became Tomo's guardian, but because he is so busy, he has asked new teacher Keita and Matsuoka to offer emotional support. Since he heard about the school from Nao, he predicted that Assistant Director Sakaki would come around to the school's side. After the events of the game, he takes care of Tomo. He makes the two's names uniformly "Suzubishi."