okazaki ken

occult enthusiast

Listen, you guys! I made an incredible discovery yesterday!
Okaken is a first-year genius with a passion for occult happenings and aliens, and a member of the occult research group. [His name is a pun: オカ from オカルト (occult) + 研 from 研究 (research) = オカ研 (Okaken)!] He's condescending, egotistical, and pushy, but he's also TINY and ADORABLE. Okaken is not a major character and cannot be pursued/romanced. Boo. :x

character data sheet

This is a direct translation of the character data sheet from the official GH2 data file CD, with a few extra notes and some minor editing for readability.

name age blood type birthday/sign
岡崎研 (Okazaki Ken) first year student B July 2 (Cancer)
height birthplace personal pronoun often seen with
165cm (5ft 5in) Okayama ボク (boku) Main Character, Kasahara, Joker
club special skill specialty subject reason for being at BL
Occult Research Group occult knowledge earth science, astronomy / especially UFOs developed a high-dimensional search tool (developed to communicate with aliens)
family configuration position affiliation
father, mother, is an only child 1st year class president Joker
interests underwear class sorting
collecting urban legends / channeling boxers ultimate: science and history related
regular: PE
(tr note: he's in 2nd year ultimate math in game)
favorite things favorite food dislikes
UFOs, UMAs, everything occult, urban legends, anything using NASA technology milk having his height made fun of
He loves the occult. Once his occult switch turns on, he'll talk forever. Can't take a hint.

Weak against flattery and he's often used as an errand boy by upperclassmen (Joker's group).

His pride is being relied on for his knowledge.

He has lots of weird gadgets (like devices for alien communication or mysterious radar).

He's smart, but uses his intelligence incorrectly. He should be useful, but is usually derailed and it doesn't go well.
strong point weak point
has extensive knowledge, but since he mixes in his occult knowledge when he talks, his reliability is low weak to flattery, goes along with his superiors
special remarks
His favorite things to read are Newton and Mu Magazine (tr note: an occult magazine).

The prized urban legend (ghost story) he tells is pretty scary. (Actually, you might even hear it during the story.) His eyes shine when he talks about the occult.

He was recognized by the school for his search tools he created on his own in order to research UFOs. It has a superb search capability. Depending on the situation, it can even end up bringing up things it shouldn't bring up. (It can even do a high-dimensional search on not just the internet, but include ** frequencies.)

He is faddish (well-attuned to popular rumors) when it comes to his gadget-mania and the occult.
short history
hidden settings (revealed in the course of the story)
The reason he has an occult mania is... the dog he had when he was in grade school (Adam/cavalier spaniel) disappeared under occult circumstances.

There was an abandoned factory in the town where he lived in grade school. At school he was told he shouldn't go there, but it was a famous haunted spot and there was no end of those who went in to test their courage. He and a friend discussed that they and the dog should try going in there. Some paranormal phenomenon occurred (like a light descended) and the factory caved in. He doesn't really remember what happened then, but he just remembers his dog saving him from the collapse.

For some reason, he was unhurt, although the cave-in was such that he shouldn't have survived. But at the same time, his dog went missing. Since then, in order to look for clues about his dog, he has concentrated even more on the occult world.
hidden settings (not made clear in the course of the story)