sonoda eiji

genius cook

So how much is this dish worth to you?
Sonoda is a member of Durak and in charge of budgets and finance. He's also the head of the cooking club and manages the school cafeteria, producing several luxury dishes each day in addition to the high-quality general selections. Sonoda is intensely interested in earning money and clearly states that he only trusts cold, hard cash.

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basic stats

This is Sonoda's profile as it appears on the official GH2 website, plus some additional basic information.

voice actor Morikubo Showtaro (森久保祥太郎) ~ other roles
year second year student
birthdate November 2, 2000 (Scorpio)
blood type A
height 180cm (5ft 11in)
ability cooking
stats (scale of 0-5) luck 2 / intelligence 3 / popularity 4 / special ability 5 / physical strength 3 / influence 4

character data sheet

This is a direct translation of the character data sheet from the official GH2 data file CD, with a few extra notes and some minor editing for readability.

name year blood type birthday/sign
園田瑛士 (Sonoda Eiji) 2 A November 2 (Scorpio)
height birth prefecture personal pronoun often seen with
180cm (5ft 11in) Kanagawa 俺 (ore) ~ Joker (in the position of pretending to be friends)
~ Professor Sakaki (someone to complain to)
club special skill specialty subject reason for being at BL
cooking club cooking home ec, geography cooking
family configuration position affiliation
~ father (Sonoda Hiroyuki) & mother
~ stepfather (Professor Sakaki's uncle)
~ step-cousin (Professor Sakaki)

Sakaki's uncle (his father's younger brother) and Eiji's mother are married. It's a second marriage for Eiji's mother, but it's unknown if this is Sakaki's uncle's first marriage.
Durak's treasurer
cook, head of the cooking club
interests underwear class sorting
thinking of new recipes boxers Ultimate: half (FAQ mentions he is in Sakaki's math class)
Hard: half
favorite things favorite food dislikes
People who find his food delicious.
Transparent billing and accounting.
Lobster Thermidor unpaid service (volunteering)
Outwardly kind and sociable. He also gives advice. He is the foil to Joker and his assistant. He believes that compensation for deeds is all settled by money. (He has faith in money as an impartial, easy to understand value system.)

He is easily aggrieved and has a somewhat difficult personality. (As a theme, he is usually teased by Joker for having a "difficult personality." He's aware of it, but he absolutely denies it when it's pointed out.)
strong point weak point
He can be considerate of others' situations, such as making food to match the tastes of Joker with his taste disorder. Difficult personality. Has a father complex. Doesn't balk at deceiving others for the sake of his own goals.
special remarks
He would charge money even when making food for a lover.

He believes that compensation for deeds is all settled by money. Though not because he is poor or stingy, he has faith in money as an easy to understand value system that represents relationships. In other words, he doesn't trust people. He essentially controls the finances.

Since he works in the cafeteria as a part-time job, he (Durak) essentially has control of the cafeteria.

Because of that, he won't serve decent food to those who are affiliated with the student council because they aren't allowed that benefit. He will only serve them unprepared foods, such as plain udon or rice with furikake seasoning.
short history
~ Childhood: He was coming and going at the restaurant his father worked as the main chef of since he was old enough to understand. He learned to cook.
~ 13 years old: The finances of his father's company deteriorated.
~ 14 years old: The Sonoda Group was sold. Father disappeared. Mother remarried.
hidden settings (revealed in the course of the story)
He guided Joker toward creating Durak and having games to steal the Ace's authority. (Joker knew and went along with it.)

His goal in earning money is to buy back the rights to "Cuisine du Sonoda" that his father sold to Bell Foods.

Currently, the expanding restaurant and patisserie divisions under the Sonoda brand name are being developed in novel ways and diversifying under the management of Suzubishi and sales are going up. Apart from opening restauraunts, they're developing frozen foods for the home, and convenience store desserts. But after the sale, the original chefs left and struck out on their own, spurred by the changing of the recipes. Because of that, even though the food is the same, the recipes and the price became completely different. (It's not that it's bad, but made to appeal more widely.)

The popularity has gone up by making it appeal to the masses, but to Sonoda, it's already a completely different thing. In his opinion, it would be better if it was shut down. He can't tolerate the current situation where something completely different is offered under the same name. Leaving aside that his father had a bad personality and was bad at business management, Sonoda has truly respected and aspired to his skill as a chef and the flavors he created since he was young. Because the Sonoda brand has gotten so large, he can't buy it back with just the amount of money that would cover the debt from before.
hidden settings (not made clear in the course of the story)
He guided Joker toward creating Durak and having games to steal the Ace's authority. (Joker knew and went along with it.)

His father was manager and chef of the original restaurant (a high class French restaurant). He was a man of few words and had an emotionally clumsy personality. He took pride in his work.

His mother was a daughter from an established, high class, traditional Japanese restaurant.

His father couldn't keep the restaurant afloat, and the restaurant group went bankrupt. The Suzubishi Group bought it up (collaborating with rebuilding), but in the end, it wasn't restored the way his father wanted and it was dismantled. After that, his parents divorced. (Currently, his father is missing.) His mother remarried the younger brother of the head of the Sakaki Group (for money).