cg packs

high quality game images

All CG packs were ripped directly from the game data (except Okawari and Oreshita, which are console-only games) and contain all CGs and CG variations, plus extras like backgrounds. Please do not redistribute these CG packs on other sites (Aarinfantasy, etc) as they will always be available as direct downloads on this site.

Click the thumbnail for a full-sized sample. Download links are zip files.

I know, I know, the last two aren't GH-related, but I made the CG packs and had nowhere else to put them! Tsuminaru is another game by Spray, but I have no real excuse for putting Oreshita here. :3

Gakuen Heaven (PC, 2002)
JPG format, 640x480 pixels, 68mb - download

Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition (PC, 2014)
JPG format, 800x600 pixels, 81mb - download

Gakuen Heaven: Okawari! (PS2, 2006)
PNG format, 595x448 pixels, 67mb - download

Gakuen Heaven 2 (PC, 2014)
JPG format, 1280x720 pixels, 268mb - download

Tsuminaru Rasen no Ori (PC, 2016)
JPG format, 1280x720 pixels, 91mb - download

Ore no Shita de Agake (PS2, 2007)
JPG format, 597x448 pixels, 17mb - download