Gakuen Heaven galleries

Keita's story

There's a ton of art available for the original game, so this section will be growing over time. :3

artbook scans ~ marugoto! gakuen heaven

There's a lot of "artbooks" for Gakuen Heaven, but most of them are game-specific collections of art, character routes, information, and other stuff. This book is the REAL artbook for GH, and it is glorious. It'll take a while to scan it all. :p

artbook scans ~ spray & nitro+chiral collaboration

This artbook was a collaboration between Spray and Nitro+Chiral. I've scanned all the GH-related stuff. :3

magazine scans

These scans are from various BL magazines, including some that are no longer published.

comiket items, etc

A collection of 'official' doujinshi items, most from Comiket.


These sound fancy, but bromides are just images printed on standard-sized sheets of photo paper. Almost all of these are repeats of images seen in various places (except #5, Iwai and Keita, which I have never seen before!) but I'm scanning them anyway because a) they're small and easy to scan and b) the photo paper shows the colors more vibrantly than regular paper.

other scans

Various other scans, mostly from merchandise like postcards and booklets.