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Arata route translation

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June 20

Yuki: At last, it's the final round.
Arata: You don't seem nervous today.
Yuki: Right. Now that we've gotten this far, I feel bold.
Arata: Good, good. That's a nice expression.
*cell phone vibrates*
Yuki: The phone?
Arata: It's from my mother. I wonder what it is at a time like this.
Arata: Excuse me for a bit.
Arata: Hello. What is it?
Arata: Wha?
(Yuki: What...?)
Arata: And? What's her condition?
Arata: Yeah... yeah...
Arata: Mm. Okay. Bye...
Arata: *sigh*... What bad luck at a time like this...
Yuki: What happened?
Arata: Mm... My grandma collapsed.
Yuki: Whaa!?
Arata: She collapsed and was taken to the hospital...
Arata: What should I do?
Yuki: Oh no...

Please go right away.
Please wait a little longer. [note!]If you choose this, you lose the Bell One and get a bad ending. So don't be tempted!

(decision: Please go right away.)
Yuki: Please go right away!
Arata: But the Bell One. The final round is starting soon, isn't it?
Yuki: It's fine! I can win by myself!!
Arata: Yuki...
Maro: Kyuu!
Arata: Maro?
Maro: Ku.
Arata: Maro? Why are you going over to Yuki?
Maro: Kukuuu!!
Arata: Maro... But...
Yuki: Maro's saying it, isn't he? Hurry and go.
Arata: Yeah, seems like it...
Maro: Kuu.
Yuki: Maybe Maro is saying he'll stay here in your place, isn't he?
Arata: ...
Yuki: Arata-san, you were left with your grandma a lot when you were little, weren't you?
Yuki: Didn't you say you really owe her a lot!!?
Arata: But I haven't seen her for such a long time...
Arata: It was over five years ago when I last saw her, you know?
Yuki: But you want to see her, don't you!?
Arata: Well...
Arata: ...Yeah... I want to see her.
Arata: Even though it might be too late, she may think I'm heartless... not seeing her for five years.
Yuki: It's not too late!!
Arata: Yuki.
Yuki: Your grandma collapsed, didn't she? There is no too late!!
Yuki: You have to go see her now!!
Arata: Ugh...
Arata: ...
Arata: ...Sorry.
Yuki: Please don't apologize.
Arata: Maro, take care of Yuki.
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: See you...
Arata: Please, Yuki! I'll be back soon!!
Arata: Don't let this place close!!
Yuki: I promise! I'll definitely protect this place with Maro!
Yuki: Arata-san! Be back soon!!
Arata: Yeah!
Yuki: Alright! We'll absolutely win!
Maro: Kuu!
Yuki: Maro, let's do our best together for Arata-san!

announcer: The third round of the Bell One Grand Prix is taking place now...

Sakaki: You're here.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: As you promised, if I beat you in this final round, you'll give me back the armband, right?
Sakaki: Yeah. It all depends on your luck.
Yuki: My luck...
Sakaki: The rules are simple.
Sakaki: The armband is in one of these boxes. Choose whichever you like.
Sakaki: If you choose the box with the armband inside, you win.
Yuki: One of these two, huh...
Yuki: Yeah. It'll be fine! I'm sure!
Maro: Kukuu!!
Sakaki: Your partner is absent in the final round, of all times. We'll see if that's good luck, or bad luck.
student 1: Come to think of it, who is the Ace's partner?
student 2: If I remember, it was a second year... Minase, wasn't it?
student 3: Why is he not here at such a crucial time?
Yuki: My partner today is Maro. I'm not alone.
Maro: Kuu!
Yuki: ...Alright. I'll choose!

-- win Bell One, round three minigame --

Yuki: It was there! The armband was there!!
Sakaki: The armband is yours.
Sakaki: You are officially recognized as the Ace.
Yuki: Then, you'll let me reject the proposal to close the school, won't you!?
Yuki: If I, the student council president, and the director both veto it, the proposal to close the school won't pass!
Sakaki: Yeah. That's right. You guys who want the school to stay open have won this time.
everyone: Yeah!!
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: We won!!
Maro: Kukuku!
Yuki: We did it, Maro! Now the school won't close!
Yuki: I kept my promise to Arata-san!!
Maro: Kuku.
Kuya: You did it, Yuki!
Takato: Well done. You worked hard.
Tomo: Good job, Yuki.
Joker: That's our Yuki-kun.
Yagami: You showed a lot of guts, Asahina.
Yuki: Everyone...
Yuki: Thanks! I did it!
(Yuki: Thank goodness. I'm really glad...)

Yuki: Arata-san must be worried. Email, email.
Yuki: 'I won!' Send.
Yuki: I wonder if Arata-san will be happy.
Yuki: And, if his grandma is okay...
*email beep*
Yuki: That was fast! Arata-san already!?
Yuki: Um...
Arata: 'Congratulations. Thank goodness.'
Arata: 'I'm on the bus right now.'
Arata: 'When I get back, let's celebrate.'
Yuki: Arata-san...
Yuki: His grandma's house must be really far from here. After all, I'm glad I had him go back right away.
(Yuki: I really hope she's okay.)
Yuki: Hm?
Yuki: It's Arata-san again!
Yuki: I wonder what it is?
Arata: 'Please put Maro in the cage in Arata's room.'
Arata: 'There's food inside the cage.'
Yuki: Isn't that nice, Maro. Your owner really cares about you.
Maro: Kuu.

(Yuki's room)
(Yuki: That night, the student council and everyone from Durak had a party to celebrate the Bell One win.)
(Yuki: We avoided the crisis of the school closing and I had a lot of fun being able to eat a lot of delicious things.)
(Yuki: But I was worried about Arata-san and somehow I wasn't able enjoy myself fully...)
*phone rings*
Yuki: The phone?
Yuki: Arata-san!!
Yuki: Hello? Arata-san?
Arata: 'Yuki? Good evening.'
Arata: 'Thanks for the email. Congratulations on winning the Bell One.'
Yuki: Thank you!!
Yuki: So how is your grandma?
Arata: 'I worried you. Sorry, sorry. Grandma has recovered. It's okay.'
Yuki: Thank goodness! That's such a relief!!
Arata: 'Yuki, thanks.'
Arata: 'You made me encourage my grandma a lot.'
Yuki: No, I didn't do anything...
Yuki: Um, I returned Maro to the cage in your room.
Yuki: He started eating right away.
Arata: 'I see. I guess Maro got hungry too.'
Arata: 'I'll still be taking care of my grandma for a while, but I'll be coming back at the beginning of the week.'
Yuki: Then I'll take care of Maro until you come back!
Arata: 'Thanks. You're a big help.'
Yuki: ...Um, Arata-san.
Arata: 'What?'
Yuki: The Bell One... thank you for becoming my partner.
Yuki: Thanks to that, I was able to keep winning until the end and protect the school.
Arata: 'Oh no. Arata didn't do anything though?'
Arata: 'I was gone at the end.'
Yuki: That couldn't be helped.
Yuki: I'm really glad you were there, Arata-san.
Yuki: You being next to me made me relax.
Yuki: That's why I was able to fight until the end without being nervous.
Yuki: I won the Bell One because you helped me.
Arata: 'I see. I'm glad I was useful to you.'
Yuki: I'm really grateful!!

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