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June 3 (continued)

Yuki: That was delicious.
Yuki: Mm... I've finished eating lunch.
Yuki: Arata-san hasn't shown up yet, I guess...

Yuki: I know. Arata-san, did you eat lunch?
Arata: Not yet.
Yuki: Actually, since my head was so full thinking about a partner, I didn't eat yet.
Yuki: So why don't we plan a strategy for the Bell One while we eat lunch in the cafeteria?
Arata: Huh?
Yuki: I heard from Kuya-san that the first round seems to be a quiz.
Yuki: I wonder what kind of questions there will be?
Arata: Mm. In that case, will you go on ahead, Ace-kun?
Yuki: Yes?
Arata: Because if we're planning a strategy for the Bell One, we have to do it properly.
Arata: The swim club! I'll go tell them I'm taking a break from practice!
Yuki: Alright! I'll go on ahead and save you a seat!
Arata: Thanks. But you can eat first.
Yuki: Is it okay?
Arata: Well, Ace-kun, you're hungry, aren't you?
Arata: You haven't eaten lunch yet even though it's so late, you might collapse at some point.
Yuki: Ahahahahaha.
Yuki: ...You're right.
Arata: Then, we'll meet up later.
*end flashback*

Yuki: Still, he's a little late...
Yuki: I'll try calling.
*phone rings*
Yuki: ...He's not answering.
Yuki: What's the matter? If he was just saying he's taking a break from practice, I think it shouldn't take this long...
(Yuki: Maybe the conversation got dragged out?)
(Yuki: Or he didn't notice the phone call?)
Yuki: I'll try calling him one more time.
*phone rings*
*buzz buzz*
Yuki: Hm? This sound...
Maro: Ku, ku.
Yuki: Maro...?
Yuki: Ah! Is that Arata-san's phone you're playing with!?
Maro: Kukuu.
Yuki: Why do you have it...
Yuki: Arata-san... Not having your phone on you is bad...
Maro: Kuu?
Yuki: Maro, come here.
Maro: Kuu.
Yuki: There, there. Let's go look for Arata-san together.
Maro: Kuku!

swim club captain: Minase? Yeah, he left a while ago.
Yuki: He's already left?
swim club captain: Yeah. After he said he was taking a break from practice today, he immediately left.
swim club captain: He seemed like he was in kind of a hurry.
Yuki: I see...

Yuki: Arata-san, where did you go?
(Yuki: Did some urgent business come up?)
Maro: Kuu?
Yuki: I'll go ahead and continue getting ready.
Yuki: I wonder if there are quiz materials in the library?
Yuki: Anyway, I'll try going there.
Yuki: Hm?
Yuki: The guy heading this way... Arata-san?
Arata: Huh?
Yuki: What are you doing carrying so many books?
Arata: Huh!? Ace-ku...
Yuki: Uwah! Watch out!!
Arata: Hyah!

CG: Yuki falls on top of Arata
Arata: ... Ugh...
(Yuki: That startled me... The pile of books Arata-san was carrying suddenly collapsed...)
Yuki: ...Hm?
(Yuki: What is this? This... smells nice.)
(Yuki: It's kind of sweet...)
(Yuki: It makes me want to keep smelling it...)
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: Is this... the smell of Arata-san's hair?)
(Yuki: That's right. This is the smell of shampoo.)
(Yuki: Although it's so faint, I can only tell because I'm close up.)
(Yuki: It smells nice...)
Arata: ...Ace-kun?
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: Arata-san has a mole at the corner of his mouth.)
(Yuki: This is the first time I've noticed it.)
(Yuki: This is the first time I've been so close...)
Arata: Ace-kuuun.
Yuki: ...
Arata: Heeey. Ace-kuuun?
Yuki: Huh...
Arata: Are you okay? Can you hear Arata's voice?
Yuki: Um... I can hear you...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: U, uwah!!
Arata: Are you really okay?
Yuki: A, awah, A, Arata-san!?
Yuki: I'm sorry!! Are you okay!?
Arata: Yeah. I'm fine, I'm fine.
Arata: Ace-kun, are you okay?
Yuki: Y, yes! I'm fine!!
Arata: Hyahahaha. That's good.
Yuki: Anyway, I'm sorry!! You ended up losing your balance because I suddenly called out to you, didn't you?
Arata: It wasn't your fault, Ace-kun. I was too confident about my sense of balance.
Yuki: But it couldn't be helped, you were walking around carrying so many books...
Yuki: Wait, books?
Arata: Yeah.
Yuki: What are you doing with so many books?
Yuki: Are these all... quiz books?
Arata: Umm...
Yuki: Did you... borrow these for us?
Arata: Y, yeah... I was surprised there were a lot.
Yuki: There's so many...
Arata: There were too many, so I didn't know which I should borrow.
Arata: Anyway, I ended up borrowing them all.
Yuki: If you'd told me, I would have gone to the library with you.
Arata: Y, yeah... Anyway, let's stand up and talk.
Yuki: Oh, sorry! Can you get up?
Arata: Mm. I'm fine, I'm fine.
end CG

Yuki: Why didn't you tell me if you were going to the library?
Arata: Mm... I wanted to get a head start?
Yuki: A head start?
Arata: I thought I'd look at the books and learn what kind of questions there would be before you did, Ace-kun.
Yuki: Oh.
Yuki: Hey, we're partners, aren't we?
Yuki: Is there a point to getting a head start?
Arata: Ummm... I wanted to be cool. That's why... I guess?
Yuki: Cool...
Arata: Well, it's not cool to be bad at quizzes and stuff even though I'm your sempai, right?
Arata: That's why... Hehe.
Yuki: Ah...
Yuki: Arata-san, I'm bad at quizzes too, you know?
Arata: Really?
Yuki: That's right.
Yuki: ...Anyway, shall we go somewhere else?
Arata: ...Sorry. I messed up again, didn't I?
Yuki: Huh?
Arata: I... rushed off on my own again?
Yuki: That's right, just a little.
Arata: Sorry.
Yuki: You don't have to apologize.
Yuki: Just, if you get an idea from now on, please talk to me.
Yuki: Before you act on your own. Even if it's something trivial.
Yuki: I want to know whatever you're thinking.
Arata: ...Yeah, alright.
Yuki: You don't have to try and solve things by yourself.
Yuki: Okay, Arata-san...?

Pat his head.
Flick his forehead.

(decision: Pat his head.)
Arata: Huh?
Yuki: So from now on, please.
Arata: Y, yeah... That's fine...
Arata: This is, um...
Yuki: What is it?
Arata: You're kind of patting my head...
Yuki: Huh...?
Arata: Ace-kun...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: U, uwah!!
Arata: Huh? Huuuh?
Yuki: S, s, sorry!! Uwah! What am I doing!?
Yuki: P, p, patting a sempai's head... I'm sorry! Really!
Yuki: Somehow, my hand moved on its own!!
Arata: Oh... I see...
Yuki: Huh?
(Yuki: Arata-san's face is red...?)
Arata: ...
Arata: Huuuh? Oh no.
Yuki: Yes?
Arata: Were you taking care of Arata even though Arata was supposed to take care of you?
Yuki: Oh, no...
Arata: Hyahahahahaha. You made me laugh. Geez.
Yuki: Ah...
(Yuki: Somehow... he was blushing before.)
(Yuki: Was it... my imagination?)
(Yuki: Ummm...)
Maro: Kuu.
Yuki: Huh? Maro.
Yuki: He's playing and waving a phone around again.
Yuki: That's your phone, isn't it, Arata-san?
Arata: It is. Maro, you found my phone for me again?
Yuki: Ah... I knew it, you dropped it somewhere and lost it, didn't you?
Arata: Seems like it.
Yuki: Looks like it, you say. And again.
Yuki: Come on, Maro. Drop the phone.
Maro: Ku.
Yuki: Thanks, Maro.
Yuki: Here, Arata-san. Let's hold on to our cell phone.
Arata: Hyahaha. You're right.
Yuki: Geez...
(Yuki: Arata-san is kind of easygoing, or rather absent-minded.)
(Yuki: I can't leave him alone.)

(student council room)
Yuki: I'm back.
Yuki: Wait, what? No one's here.
Arata: That's too bad. If O-Taka-san was here, I wanted to ask him some things.
Yuki: He really knows everything.
Arata: Really.
Yuki: Then, shall the two of us study first?
Arata: You're right. There's not much time, so it's best to start soon.
Yuki: Right.
Yuki: Although, there really are a lot of collections of quiz questions.
Yuki: Can we really remember all this?
*pages flipping*
Yuki: ... It's all questions that don't make sense.
Yuki: I feel like it's absolutely impossible.
Arata: Then, why don't we divide it up?
Yuki: Divide?
Arata: Mm. We'll memorize it by different topics.
Arata: Arata is good at sports ones.
Yuki: I see! If it's food, leave it to me!
Arata: Then, before we begin studying, shall we write down our fields of expertise?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: ...Huh? Arata-san, are you left-handed?
Arata: That's right.
Yuki: When we ate lunch together before, I didn't notice.
Arata: It's because we sat next to each other. Facing each other, you'd notice and go 'huh?'
Yuki: Wow. It's kind of mysterious. It's like you're special!
Arata: It's not that great.
Yuki: Really?
Arata: When I eat, I have to take the last seat, and in the classroom, because of where the window is, my hand casts a shadow.
Arata: Oh, more importantly, look. This book. It has a list of topics.
Yuki: Uwah, there's a lot. Um, for me...
Yuki: Alright. There's a topic for food too.
Arata: Arata will take sports, geography and history, and Japanese. So... I guess I can do social studies too?
Yuki: What? Even though you said you were bad at quizzes, you sure have a lot of fields of expertise.
Arata: That's not true. Since I like watching documentaries and stuff, I thought maybe I could handle them somehow.
Arata: That's all.
Yuki: I see. Then, I'll take... culture. I guess I'm good at that?
Arata: Okay, okay.
Arata: Oh. Ace-kun, are you good at science?
Yuki: No, not very...
Arata: I see. Same for Arata.
Yuki: What should we do? We have to decide which of us will take these.
Yuki: After all, I'll take this...
Arata: It doesn't matter, does it?
Yuki: Is it okay?
Arata: Yeah. I'm giving up on that one.
Yuki: Wha! You can't do that!!
Yuki: What will you do if a science question comes up!?
Arata: That's why I'm giving up on that one.
Arata: There's not much time until the Bell One, right? So isn't studying things you're bad at pointless?
Yuki: Pointless...
Arata: Well, even if you study things you're bad at, you can't really remember it, right?
Arata: So, you'll end up worrying.
Yuki: Oh... That is true.
Arata: Isn't it?
Arata: It's better to concentrate on your strong points to give you confidence.
Arata: Making it your goal to answer all the questions correctly is unreasonable.
Arata: And if you get one wrong, I think it's definitely better to catch up with the other ones.
Yuki: That's right!
Arata: Right.
Yuki: Alright! Then, let's try putting sticky notes on these.
*time passes*
Yuki: *sigh*...
Yuki: Anyway, we divided it up, but only these are my share.
Arata: It's about the same as Arata's share.
Yuki: Since there were so many quiz books, I wondered what to do.
Yuki: But when I think that I only have to memorize these and not all of them, I feel kind of relieved.
Yuki: Alright. I'll do my best.
Arata: That's the spirit, that's the spirit.
Yuki: Arata-san, you're really not skilled at quizzes?
Arata: Huh? Why? Not at all.
Yuki: Well, you didn't seem to waste any time taking the lead like this.
Yuki: You seem really calm, you know?
Arata: Hyahaha. That's not true, no no.
Yuki: Really?
Arata: Right, right. I'm really bad at studying for quizzes and stuff.
Arata: Since I'm bad at it, I have to be efficient.
Arata: Oh. But I can teach you a breathing technique to raise your concentration.
Yuki: Breathing technique? What's it like?
Arata: I use it when I dive.
Arata: Look. Diving is decided in an instant, isn't it?
Arata: So stretches and breathing techniques for mental focus are crucial.
Yuki: Diving...
Yuki: Um, is that something I can do too?
Arata: Yeah. I'll teach you the most simple one.
Arata: First, pay attention. Sit up straight.
Yuki: Right.
Arata: But, keep your mouth closed.
Yuki: Mm...
Arata: Breathe in slooow through your nose, draw the air down into your belly.
Yuki: ...*inhale*
Arata: Then, hold your breath.
Yuki: ...
Arata: Then, breathe out through your nose, slow and looong.
Yuki: *exhale*...
Arata: How is it?
Yuki: Breathing just through your nose seems a little hard though.
Yuki: But... maybe I've gotten used to it... I feel like my head has gotten a lot clearer...
Arata: Right? It even feels like the tension is gone from your shoulders.
Yuki: Yes, you're right...
Arata: That one was simple. You could do it even in the middle of the Bell One, couldn't you?
Yuki: Yes!
Arata: Then, one more time...
Yuki: *inhale*...
Arata: *inhale*...
*door opens*
Kuya: Oh, you're both here...
Kuya: What are you doing?
Yuki: Oh, Arata-san was just teaching me a breathing technique so I can concentrate.
Arata: Do you guys want to try it too? Breathing through the nose.
Kuya: Thanks, Aratan. But you don't need to be so considerate of me!
Kuya: Because I'm always relaxed!
Takato: Kuya aside, it's good to sort out your thoughts.
Takato: You seem to be making progress studying for the quiz.
Yuki: No. We haven't done much yet and still have a lot to go...
Yuki: But Arata-san and I have split up the topics.
Yuki: Look.
Takato: Hmm...
Takato: So the red labeled topics are Asahina's, and the blue labeled ones are Minase's responsibility.
Arata: Bingo. That's O-Taka-san for you.
Takato: Then, I'll give you a lecture on the cliche questions in each topic.
Yuki: What are cliche questions?
Takato: Questions that frequently appear in quizzes. Well, the so-called easy questions.
Yuki: Are there really questions like that!?
Takato: Yes. There are clear trends in this sort of thing.
Takato: Even if you memorize, it's more efficient to base it on that.
Yuki: Woohoo! We've split up the topics and now we'll beat the first round!!
Arata: Right.
Takato: The two of you are getting ahead of yourselves. First, we must have you memorize the minimum knowledge.
Kuya: It's fine, Masatsugu. Positive thinking is the root of success.
Takato: ...Then I hope it works out.
Takato: Well then, both of you. Let's start with this question.
Yuki: Yes!!
*time passes*

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: Alright. That went well!
Yuki: Still, today was a full day.
(Yuki: When I woke up, I was really worried because I hadn't decided on a partner.)
(Yuki: But Arata-san became my partner and together we planned a strategy for the quiz.)
Yuki: Yeah! I feel refreshed!
Yuki: I feel like I can do anything.
(Yuki: This is also because I'm teamed up with Arata-san.)
Yuki: Mm... *inhale*...
Yuki: *exhale*... Mm...
(Yuki: It's a breathing technique for concentration, but somehow... it's calming.)
Yuki: Mm...
(Yuki: I've kind of gotten sleepy...)
Yuki: I guess it's time for bed.
Yuki: Good night.
Yuki: Mm... *inhale*...
Yuki: *exhale*... Mm...
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: Hm?
(Yuki: I'm remembering a kind of nice smell...)
(Yuki: What was that smell...?)
(Yuki: That's right. It was the scent of Arata-san's shampoo.)
(Yuki: It smelled good...)
Yuki: *breathing*...

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