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June 6

announcement: The first round of the Bell One Grand Prix is about to begin. Will the student council president and his partner please come to the auditorium...
Yuki: Finally...

Yuki: Everyone's here.
(Yuki: They're supporting us...!)
Yuki: Ugh. I'm so nervous.
Arata: Come on, Ace-kun. Breathe through your nose, breathe through your nose.
Yuki: Right!
Yuki: *inhale*... *exhale*...
Arata: There. Relax.
Yuki: Now my shoulders... oh...
Arata: How is this? A massage.
Yuki: Oh... I guess it feels kind of good.
Arata: Then, try circling your arms slowly.
Yuki: Okay...
Yuki: My body is kind of relaxing... And my breathing has gotten easier?
Arata: See?
(Yuki: It feels good... My body feels lighter...)
(Yuki: The places where Arata-san touched me are slightly warm.)
Arata: There! Finished! Do your best in the Bell One!!
Yuki: Yes! Thank you!
Arata: No. It's no problem.
Arata: Now is the time for you to show your luck, Ace-kun. I'm looking forward to it.
Yuki: Luck, huh. Will that really help with a quiz?
Arata: It will, it will. It will help lots.
Arata: May no questions we're bad at come up, and may there be lots of questions we know the answer to.
Arata: We've done as much as we can, the rest is up to luck.
Yuki: ...That's right.
Yuki: Yeah! I feel like it will work out somehow!
Yuki: Alright! Let's win the first round!!

Sakaki: You're both here.
Sakaki: Then I'll begin the first round of the Bell One Grand Prix.
Yuki: Right.
Sakaki: To begin with, the first round is a contest to measure your intelligence.
Yuki: What kind of thing will we be doing?
Sakaki: It will be a quiz to measure your memory and abstract reasoning.
Sakaki: As for the detailed rules, since they've been entered into that panda you prepared, I'll have it explain.
Panda-san: Alrighty, Ah'll explain the rules of this game.
Panda-san: Whether this school closes or not, rests on both y'all's shoulders.
Panda-san: Do yer best!!
Panda-san: As Sakaki-han said, the first round will be a quiz to measure y'all's intelligence.
Panda-san: Ah've even given it a name! "Brain Scramblin' Brains Quiz!"
Panda-san: How about it? Just hearin' the names makes yer head hurt, doesn't it.
Panda-san: Put yer brains into full gear and do yer best.
Panda-san: There are two types of questions. The "memory quiz" and "abstract reasonin' quiz."
Panda-san: Which are ya good at, student council president?
Panda-san: Well, wantin' to choose the one yer good at is human psychology.
Panda-san: But, guess what? Panda-san isn't that nice.
Panda-san: It's a brutal system where ya won't know which kind of questions there'll be until it starts.
Panda-san: Well, the point is, it will depend on y'all's luck.
Panda-san: However, Panda-san hates sneaky people who save and load over and over before the quiz.
Panda-san: If ya do that, Panda-san will hit ya. Hit ya over and over.
Panda-san: No, instead Panda-san might cry.
Panda-san: We don't want that. Then face the fate ya've been given!
Panda-san: There will be ten questions in all.
Panda-san: Ya win if ya get six questions right.
Panda-san: Do ya want to hear the detailed explanation of the rules?

Hear it.
Don't hear it.

(decision: Hear it.)
Panda-san: Alrighty, kind Panda-han will give ya a thorough explanation, so listen carefully.
Panda-san: First, when the question is displayed, ya decide who will answer it.
Panda-san: Ah don't mind if the student council president-han thinks about it himself, or relies on his partner.

(PC only) Panda-san: Choose who will do it with the mouse.
(PC only) Panda-san: When ya've decided who will answer, click on them.
(Vita only) Panda-san: Choose who will do it by moving left or right with the directional key and decide with the O button, or choose directly with a tap.

Panda-san: If yer partner was chosen, even if ya try to answer, they will answer by themselves.
Panda-san: Ya can leave them all to yer partner, but if yer confident in the answer, answerin' yerself is an option.
Panda-san: No matter how smart yer partner is, they're only human. They may make mistakes.
Panda-san: That's where yer partnership is important.
Panda-san: So, back to the quiz.
Panda-san: First, Ah'll explain the "memory quiz."
Panda-san: Well, to put it simply, it's a quiz where you memorize the numbers on playin' cards and answer.
Panda-san: There are two types, number matchin' and number sequencin'.
Panda-san: For the number matchin', the cards are displayed at the beginnin', then ya beat them into yer head so ya don't forget the numbers.

(PC only) Panda-san: Once ya've memorized it, press the "I've memorized it!" button.
(Vita only) Panda-san: Once ya've memorized it, press the O button or tap "I've memorized it!"

Panda-san: There is a time limit to memorize it, so be careful.
Panda-san: Then, from among the face-down cards, like the game Concentration, choose two cards at a time with the same number.
Panda-san: If ya've properly memorized the cards, ya should be able to answer.
Panda-san: For the number sequencin', the cards are displayed at the beginnin', so memorize the numbers so ya don't forget.
Panda-san: Then, from among the face-down cards, choose the cards in numerical order startin' from the smallest.
Panda-san: Alright? In order from the smallest.
Panda-san: For the number matchin' and number sequencin', if ya make any mistake, that's considered a wrong answer.
Panda-san: Since we scrambled the numbers, it might be a teensy bit difficult.
Panda-san: Then, ya can consult yer own brain, or rely on yer partner.
Panda-san: There will be ten questions in all, five number matchin' and five number sequencin' questions.
Panda-san: That's the explanation of the "memory quiz."
Panda-san: Next Ah'll explain the "abstract reasonin' quiz."
Panda-san: On the screen, shapes will be displayed in lined-up slots.
Panda-san: Among them, there will be a box with "?", so think about what to put there that lines up with the shapes to the left and right.
Panda-san: To make a comprehensive judgement of all the factors like color and shape, ya need flexible abstract reasonin'.

(PC only) Panda-san: If ya discover the rule, click the up and down triangles to choose the proper shape for the "?" part.
(PC only) Panda-san: When ya've decided the shape, click the submit button.
(Vita only) Panda-san: If ya discover the rule, tap the up and down triangles, or move the directional key up and down to choose the proper shape for the "?" part.
(Vita only) Panda-san: When ya've decided the shape, press the O button or tap yer selection.

Panda-san: Ya have exactly thirty seconds to answer.
Panda-san: Don't be impatient, think it over slowly.
Panda-san: That's all the explanation of the rules.
Panda-san: How about it? It's complicated, so did ya forget?
Panda-san: Ya wanna hear the explanation again?

That's enough.

(decision: That's enough.)
Panda-san: So, are ya ready?

Yuki: Abstract reasoning, huh.... I wonder if it'll be okay.
Arata: It's cool, it's cool. Keep your mind and body mellow.
Yuki: Mellow...
Panda-san: Game start!

-- win Bell One, round one minigame --

Panda-san: Oh! You did it!!
Panda-san: It's y'all's victory in the first round of the Bell One Grand Prix!!
Yuki: Arata-san! We...
Arata: Cleared the first round, it looks like.
Panda-san: The second round is next week, the next match will be an evaluation of your strength.
Panda-san: Go all out and train.
Panda-san: Then, dismissed!

Yuki: Woohoo!!
Yuki: We did it! We did it! We did it! We really did it! Arata-san!
Arata: Yeah. Congratulations, Ace-kun.
Maro: Kuku! Kukukuuu!!
Yuki: Maro, so you're happy for us too.
Arata: Hyahahahahaha. This might be the first time I've seen Maro so excited.
Yuki: He's running in circles all around you, Arata-san.
Yuki: He's so fast!
Maro: Kuku!!
Arata: I'm getting dizzy, okay? Come here, Maro-Maro.
Yuki: Ahahaha. Even Maro is Maro-Maro.
Yuki: Come to think of it, Arata-san, why haven't you given me a nickname?
Arata: Huh?
Yuki: You've given everyone a nickname, haven't you?
Yuki: Kuya-san is O-Sagi-san and Takato-san is O-Taka-san.
Yuki: Chiba-san is Hayaya, Sonoda-san is Sono-Sono, and Yagami is Reo-Reo.
Yuki: But, I'm Ace-kun, right?
Arata: Ace is a nice nickname.
Yuki: Ace isn't a nickname, it's a job.
Yuki: Here, it means the same thing as student council president, doesn't it?
Arata: You want me to give you a nickname?
Yuki: Yes!
Arata: Mmm. I don't know about that.
Yuki: Hey, hey, you'll do it, won't you?
Arata: Mmm. It's hard to give a nickname to someone asking for one.
Arata: I feel kind of like you have really high expectations.
Yuki: Expectations... well, just a little. I'll stop, so please!
Arata: I want to show respect to the ones who name themselves.
Arata: Joker is Joker after all.
Yuki: Oh, that's right.
Arata: There's no nickname more perfect than Joker, and he himself said to call him that, didn't he?
Yuki: Right.
Yuki: Oh, but when you call Yagami by his nickname, he always gets angry. Is that okay?
Arata: But, he's always saying 'I hate my name!'
Yuki: Ah.
Arata: When he says he hates it, you feel sorry for his parents who gave him that name, don't you?
Arata: Right, Maro?
Maro: Kuuu.
Yuki: I see. His name, huh...
Yuki: Then, from now on, please call me Yuki!
Arata: Yuki?
Yuki: Yes! I really like it! My name.
Arata: Yuki, huh...
Arata: Okay. Got it.
Arata: Then from now on, I'll call you Yuki.
Yuki: Right!
Arata: Then I'll keep counting on you, Yuki.
Yuki: Oh...
Arata: Hm? What?
Yuki: No... When you call me by my first name, it feels kind of special.
Arata: Really?
Yuki: It makes me a little happy.
Arata: You're weird, something like this making you happy.
Kuya: Heeey!
Yuki: Oh, everyone!
Yuki: We won! We got through the first round!
Yagami: We know that, you idiot.
Tomo: We were watching in the audience.
Yagami: You jerks never came back, so we got tired of waiting.
Yagami: Hurry the hell up.
Yuki: Haha. Sorry.
Arata: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Kuya: Well done, you two! Now there are two rounds left!
Takato: Congratulations.
Yuki: Yes!
Yagami: Still...
Yuki: What is it, Yagami?
Yagami: No. It's not you, Asahina, it's Arata.
Arata: What is it?
Yagami: I never thought you would accept being his partner.
Yuki: Haha. He refused at first.
Yuki: But when I did my best and begged, he said okay.
Arata: Although I don't know if I'm any help.
Yagami: I see.
Yagami: Normally, aren't you the kind that turns down a request like that?
Yagami: And there's no guy who would count on you.
Arata: None.
Yuki: That's not true.
Yagami: Even with someone as nosy as Asahina, you would always give them the runaround.
Yagami: So, I guess it's unusual, or unbelievable, I mean.
Yuki: Now see here, Yagami.
Arata: Hyahahahaha. This time is special.
Yuki: Huh?
Arata: It's special.
Yuki: It's special...
Yagami: What are you grinning for? It's creepy.
Yuki: It's nothing.
(Yuki: But after all, the ring of 'special' makes me happy.)
Arata: In the end, it's because this time the fate of the school depends on it.
Arata: I'll do my best.
(Yuki: For the school, huh.)
Yuki: That's right...
(Yuki: Of course that's right. Yeah...)
(Yuki: Why am I a little disappointed?)
Kuya: You'll do your best, huh. We're absolutely counting on you.
Kuya: Alright! Let's start today's party!!
Yuki: Huh! A party!?
Kuya: That's right! To celebrate you getting through the first round of the Bell One!
Kuya: And to pray for victory in the next fight, we'll make it really exciting!!
Yuki: Woohoo! I approve!!
Yagami: Well, why not?
Tomo: I...
Yuki: Don't say you're not attending because it's annoying.
Tomo: Yeah, yeah. Alright.
Yuki: Tomo's joining too!!
Yuki: Where shall we have the party? At the cafeteria? Or the dorm cafeteria?
Arata: The dorm cafeteria would be nice.
Yuki: Then, let's ask Dora-chan to makes us food!
Yagami: Ugh. Curry again.
Arata: That would be okay too, but I've got just the thing.
Yuki: Just the thing? What is it?
Arata: The funazushi arrived from home just yesterday.
Yagami: Funazushi?
Yuki: It arrived!?
Takato: That really is good timing.
Kuya: Funazushi, you say? I've never eaten it so I definitely want to try it!!
Kuya: Kasahara-kun. Yagami-kun. By all means, let us try it!!
Yagami: Hell no!
Tomo: Funazushi, that's that stuff from the Ball Tournament, isn't it? Honestly, I'd rather pass too...
Arata: No, no. We're all celebrating with funazushi.
Yuki: Funazushi... If I remember correctly, there's rotten rice in the belly of the fish...
Takato: It's not spoiled, it's fermented by lactic acid.
Kuya: Come on, Yuki. You're the party's guest of honor.
Yuki: Oh, no... It's so sudden, I'm not mentally prepared for funazushi...
Kuya: Let's go! To the dorm cafeteria!! Dora-chan and the funazushi are waiting for us!!
Arata: Come on, let's go.
Yuki: Uwah! You don't both have to grasp my arms!!
Yuki: I mean, really, wait a minute...
Yuki: I hope there's other delicious food!!

(Yuki's room)
*email beep*
(Yuki: Oh, an email.)
sender: Arata-san
subject: Funazushi
text: Good job in the first round. Today's party was the first time I've treated people outside my hometown to funazushi, but it went surprisingly well and I'm happy everyone ate it.
Thank you.
Let's do our best in the second round too.
(Yuki: The party today was fun.)
(Yuki: Even the funazushi was delicious eating it while celebrating with everyone.)
(Yuki: Alright, I'll do my best in the second round too!)

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