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Arata route translation

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a few days later

(behind the school building)
Yuki: Oh. There's some today too.
Yuki: Oops. And here.
Yuki: There.
Yuki: I wonder if there's any left.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: *yawn*...
Yuki: I'm still a little sleepy.
(Yuki: But, I have to clean it. I promised Arata-san.)
(Yuki: Although Arata-san said I didn't absolutely have to.)
Yuki: But this is easy-peasy.
Yuki: The only hard part is the pressure of getting up early.
Yuki: *yaaawn*
Wakasama: Meooow.
Yuki: Morning, Wakasama.
Wakasama: Meow.
Yuki: Hm? Are you going to use it?
Yuki: Or were you saying good morning?
??: Good morning, Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Huh!? Wakasama talked!?
Yuki: Or did I suddenly become able to understand cat speech!?
Keita: Haha, that was me just now.
Yuki: Professor Ito.
Yuki: A, haha. Good morning...
Yuki: How embarrassing, mistaking you for a cat...
Keita: Talking to cats, huh. It would be nice to understand them completely.
Yuki: Huh!? Professor Ito, are you someone who can talk to cats?
Keita: Mm. I wish I could.
Keita: I can only understand them a little, I guess?
Keita: It's more like, I wonder if this is what they're saying.
Yuki: I see.
Keita: But I think it would be nice if you could talk to them. Then you could hear all sorts of things.
Yuki: Like all the hidden spots at the school...
Yuki: Like having the cats find all sorts of different things, or having them gather secret information, right?
Keita: Haha, that's right.
Keita: Secret information, huh. In my case, I'd ask Tonosama more about him...
Yuki: Tonosama?
Keita: Oh! Uh-uh! It's nothing!
Yuki: Ah...
Yuki: But Tonosama, it's a similar name to Wakasama.
Keita: That's because Tonosama is Wakasama's father.
Yuki: Wakasama's father!
Keita: Oh. Yeah...
Yuki: Wow, Wakasama's father, huh.
Yuki: I wonder what he's like...
Wakasama: Meow.
Yuki & Keita: Oh.
Keita: It looks like Wakasama wants to use the litter box.
Yuki: Yes...
Keita: Then take your time.
Wakasama: Meow.
Keita: I'll see you in the classroom, Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Right.
Wakasama: Meow.
Yuki: Right, right.
Yuki: There, I'm done cleaning.
Yuki: Wakasama, make yourself at home.

Yuki: Classes are finally over for today.
Yuki: I'll definitely make it a success.
Yuki: The first event that I planned myself.
Yuki: I wish Arata-san could see it too...

operator: The number you have called is out of the service area...
Yuki: Hello, it's Yuki.
Yuki: About the event I mentioned in the message I left you, I'll be able to start it!
Yuki: The captain of the swim club finally gave it his okay!
Yuki: The Diving Confession Meet!
Yuki: Standing on the diving board at the pool, the participants can make an appeal.
Yuki: A confession of feelings, a confession of guilt, a claim. It can be anything!
Yuki: After making the appeal, the rule is to dive into the pool.
Yuki: Of course, to make it less dangerous, we'll let them practice beforehand.
Yuki: You can make the confession personally or as a representative of a club or whatever.
Yuki: You're free to say whatever you want.
Yuki: Durak will be attending too, so depending on the appeal, they may grant it.
Yuki: It looks like it was really effective.
Yuki: Right now, we already have about ten participants lined up.
Yuki: I'm one of them.
Yuki: I plan to be up first to attempt it!
Yuki: It's really scary and I'm nervous though...
Yuki: But I'll definitely be successful!!
Yuki: It's this next Saturday, after school.
Yuki: If you can, I'd like you to see it!
Yuki: I'll be waiting!

Yuki: I wonder if Arata-san listened to the message.
Yuki: Maybe he hasn't heard it...
Yuki: No no no! It can't be that!!
Yuki: It's fine! He definitely must have listened to it!
(Yuki: That's right. I've left several messages so far.)
(Yuki: When I thought of the plan for the Meet.)
(Yuki: About how I wanted to use the diving board and stuff.)
(Yuki: I also left a message when I persuaded the captain of the swim club.)
(Yuki: I routinely left messages, and with so many recordings, there's no day I haven't left a message.)
(Yuki: So it's fine.)
Yuki: I'm sure my messages must have gotten through to Arata-san.
(Yuki: I hope Arata-san comes...)
Yuki: ...Alright.
Yuki: I'll do my best!!

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