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a few days later (continued)

Yuki: Everyone who's participating, take your time warming up!
Yuki: Don't overdo it when you dive! If you think you can't do it, be a good sport and retire!
Yuki: Please make absolutely sure not to have any accidents!
student 1: Yeah!
student 2: We get it!!
student 3: Alright. Today let me succeed at the ultra super jump...
Yuki: Please, don't overdo it!
Yuki: Safety first! Let's make this accident and violation free!!
student 1: Hey, Ace. What you mean violation free?
Yuki: Huh? Um...
Yuki: The swim club gave us permission to use the pool, so don't cause trouble for them, or make them worry!
Yuki: Please cooperate on those points!!
student 2: Okay.
student 3: Well, that's true. I won't cause the swim club trouble.
swim club captain: Good going, Ace.
Yuki: Oh, captain.
Yuki: Thank you so much for today.
Yuki: We'd never be able to hold this event without the cooperation of the swim club.
swim club captain: Thanks.
swim club captain: Well, be sure to do a good job.
Yuki: Right!
swim club captain: During the mandatory preliminary practice, we determined the height everyone will dive from ahead of time.
swim club captain: As you'd expect from students of BL School, they all have a natural aptitude, so it should be okay as long as they don't botch it up too much.
Yuki: Right.
Yuki: Thank you for your direction and cooperation!
swim club captain: Because you can't use this without us here.
swim club captain: I'll just pray there are no accidents.
Yuki: We'll be careful.
swim club captain: But, well, this is the first time there's been so much attention on our club at this school.
swim club captain: Especially the divers, they're really happy with it.
swim club captain: I was worried at first, but I'm glad I okayed it after all.
Kuya: Yuki. It's about time. Be on standby.
Yuki: Yes!
swim club captain: You're first up. Be careful.
Yuki: Yes.
swim club captain: And.
Yuki: Huh?
swim club captain: Don't bring down this event by freaking out right at the beginning.
Yuki: Right! I'll do my best!!

(diving board)
Yuki: That's what I said, but...
Yuki: After all, it's so high...
(Yuki: And, there's so many people...)
(Yuki: I wonder if maybe everyone at the school is here?)
student 1: Ace, go for it!!
student 2: Make it a grand fall!!
Yuki: It's not falling, it's diving.
Yagami: Asahina! You hafta make it flashy!!
(Yuki: Oh, it's Yagami. Tomo and Okaken are here too.)
(Yuki: Over there is Joker-san. And Chiba-san and Sonoda-san too.)
(Yuki: Professor Ito. Professor Sakaki... And I'm relieved to see Dr. Matsuoka.)
Kuya: Well then, Bell Liberty School. The Diving Confession Meet starts now!
Kuya: First, an opening address.
(Yuki: Alright.)
Yuki: I'm the student council president, Asahina Yuki.
Yuki: I have something I want to say.
Yuki: It takes courage to communicate your feelings.
Yuki: About as much as it takes to dive from the ten meter diving board.
Yuki: Depending on what you want to say, it might take many times more courage than that.
Yuki: Today, twelve participants will take a chance here, make declarations, and try to get their feelings across!
Yuki: Everyone! Please give their courage a big hand!!
student 1: Go for it!
student 2: Give the edible insect research association a budget!
student 3: Vice-captain! A timpani! A timpani!!
Yuki: And this time, we got considerable help from the swim club to hold the Diving Confession Meet.
Yuki: Everyone in the swim club gave us a lot of help, not just today, but during the practice meets before too.
student 1: Swim club!!
student 2: Good job!
Yuki: Thank you so much!!
Yuki: Everyone, please enjoy today's meet!!
(Yuki: Good. All done.)
Kuya: That was the opening address from student council president, Asahina Yuki.
Kuya: Now, the first challenger! Yuki, are you ready!?
Yuki: Yes!
(Yuki: I'll say it here. My feelings. My thoughts...)
Yuki: *exhale*...
(Yuki: Everyone's watching.)
(Yuki: Wondering what I'll say, what I'll try to communicate.)
(Yuki: They're waiting.)
(Yuki: ...I wonder if I'll be able to get it across well?)
(Yuki: And this height.)
(Yuki: ...My legs are shaking.)
(Yuki: I'm scared...)
student: What's the matter!?
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: But, I decided.)
(Yuki: I'll become stronger. I'll change myself.)
(Yuki: ...Let's go!!)

CG: Yuki with megaphone
Yuki: I'm first year, Asahina Yuki.
Yuki: I was able to earn a victory in the Bell One Grand Prix that was held earlier.
Yuki: This school was in an unprecedented crisis over its continued existence.
Yuki: Even I was worried whether I could overcome it.
Yuki: But, there was everyone around me, and Minase Arata-san, who became my partner.
Yuki: Thanks to having lots of help, I was able to safely win.
Yuki: I felt really happy that I was recognized as student council president.
Yuki: ...But, to be honest, it's still everything I can do to deal with what's right in front of me.
Yuki: What kind of place is BL School?
Yuki: How do I want to be as student council president at this school from now on?
Yuki: I haven't even thought about it properly.
Yuki: So please let me give a new policy speech here and now.
Yuki: As student council president,
Yuki: I want all the students here to feel this is where they belong.
Yuki: That's the kind of place I want to make it.
Yuki: You may be discouraged, hurt, or get fed up with things.
Yuki: It may really hurt, and you can't stand it, and you want to run away.
Yuki: But, in that case, I think it's okay to run away.
Yuki: You need breaks.
Yuki: Take a short rest, and recharge your strength so you can challenge new things.
Yuki: For everyone, this school should be a place where you take on challenges and at the same time, a place where you can rest.
Yuki: This is the school I'll keep protecting from now on.
Yuki: I'll keep protecting everyone who is a student at this school.
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: If Arata-san were here,)
(Yuki: I want to him to hear these words the most.)
(Yuki: It's okay to rest.)
(Yuki: It's okay to run away.)
(Yuki: But when your strength comes back a bit, then get back up...)
student 1: Hey, what's the matter?
student 2: Did the megaphone break?
student 3: No. The Ace's mouth isn't moving, is it?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: I'll continue!!
Yuki: There's someone I want to communicate these Diving Confession Meet words to the most.
Yuki: That person and I met at this school!
Yuki: And by meeting that person, I learned for the first time how it felt to fall in love with someone.
Yuki: I...
Yuki: I love you!
Yuki: I don't care what other people think of me!!
Yuki: This school prizes freedom, and the independence of the students...
Yuki: It's not a cage where you have to hide your true feelings!
Yuki: I'll protect the place you belong!
Yuki: So here. At this school. At Bell Liberty School!
Yuki: I'll always be waiting here, the place I pledged to protect, for the day you come back!!
Yuki: Asahina Yuki! Diving!!
end CG

student 1: He jumped!!
student 2: Whoa!!
student 3: Great! So cool!!

Kuya: Last, number twelve, Aonuma Shingo-kun. Give him a big hand!!
Yuki: Everyone, good job!
Yuki: The last challenger safely finished his dive and we're right on schedule.
Yuki: With this, the Diving Confession Meet is over.
Yuki: Everyone, did you all have fun?
student 1: Yeah!!
student 2: The demonstrations in between by the swim club were really cool too!
student 1: This is the first time I've seen real diving.
Yuki: Thank you for all your participation, your viewing, and your help!!

Yuki: Phew...
Yuki: Thank goodness. It ended successfully...
(Yuki: There were no accidents and no one got hurt, it looked like everyone had fun.)
student 1: Hey, Ace. That was great.
student 2: I'll be looking forward to the next event too.
Yuki: Thanks!
Yuki: ...Phew. The next event, huh...
Kuya: Good job, Yuki! That was exciting!!
Takato: It was a good event. It seems everyone enjoyed it.
Yuki: Kuya-san, Takato-san, thank you!
Kuya: Yeah. If it's going to be this fun, we'll help you anytime!!
Takato: Well then, let's clean up before the review meeting.
Yuki: Yes! Then, I'll put away the executive committee's table and chairs...
Yuki: Hm? There was something at my feet just now...
Maro: Kuku.
Yuki: Maro!?
Yuki: Huh? Then, Arata-san...

(diving board)
Kuya: Up there!!
Yuki: It's true. Arata-san...

(Yuki: ...Body straight and tall. It's Arata-san's posture that I've seen many times before.)
Kuya: Beautiful.
Takato: Yes. It's a lovely straight-backed posture.
(Yuki: He's looking straight ahead. Both arms stretched out like wings...)

CG: Arata dives
Yuki: He dove!
Yuki: His takeoff is so high!
(Yuki: How graceful...)
(Yuki: Even though it's just one or two seconds... he spins as if he doesn't feel gravity.)
(Yuki: A real bird couldn't fly like that.)
(Yuki: So gently, so free...)
end CG

swim club member 1: Way to go!
swim club member 2: Three and a half somersaults, absolutely beautiful!

CG: water drop splash
Yuki: ...
end CG

(Yuki: Just now, Arata-san... was swallowed into the pool?)
swim club member: ...
(Yuki: Everyone is stunned.)
(Yuki: But, I can't believe it.)
Yuki: There wasn't any splash or spray at all...
Yuki: It's his best no splash dive so far!
swim club member 1: ...No, was that...
swim club member 2: A rip entry...
swim club member 3: I don't believe it... Even the top athletes in the world can hardly manage it.

CG: Arata at the pool ladder
Arata: *gasp*
Arata: Captain! Can I continue being in the swim club?
end CG

Yuki: Oh...
swim club captain: O, of course! Who would turn you down after seeing a splendid dive like that!!?
(Yuki: He just said he's continuing.)
(Yuki: Arata-san said he's going to continue being in the swim club.)
Yuki: A...

CG: Yuki hugs Arata
Yuki: Arata-san!!
Arata: ...Yuki.
Yuki: You came back! You came back! Arata-san! Arata-san!
Arata: Wait, let go. Doing this in front of everyone...
Yuki: Welcome back! Arata-san! I was waiting...
Yuki: I was waiting so long for you to come back...
Arata: Yuki. Don't. Everyone's watching...
Yuki: No!!
Arata: Huh? No...?
Yuki: No! I'm not letting go! I'm not letting you go again!!
Arata: Yuki...
Yuki: This is where you belong! I'll protect you!
Yuki: So don't go anywhere again!
Yuki: Please stay here always!!
Yuki: I said it in front of everyone before.
Yuki: But actually, I wanted to say it clearly, personally, in front of you!
Yuki: So please let me say it! I'll say it over and over!
Yuki: I love you! Arata-san!!
Arata: *gasp*!
Arata: Oh... Yuki...
Yuki: I love you! I love you! I really love you! I love you, Arata-san!!
Arata: Yuki... I...
Yuki: Yes?
Arata: I... When I was with my grandma, I had a dream over and over...
Arata: It was a terrible dream... I was drowning...
Yuki: Yes...
Arata: I hurt, I was scared, I thought I would die like that.
Arata: I was so, so scared that everything would be over sinking underwater like that...
Arata: But at the end, every time, I always heard your voice.
Arata: You grasped my hand and pulled me up.
Arata: You saved me.
Yuki: Really...? I'm glad...
end CG

CG: Yuki holding Arata
Yuki:Arata-san... ! ...Arata-san...!!
Arata: ...Yuki...?
end CG

CG: Yuki hugs Arata
Arata: Maybe it's because after I fell into the pool, you held my hand the whole time and called my name.
Yuki: Yes...
Arata: I... never thought I would fall in love with anyone again.
Arata: Falling in love with someone isn't a good thing.
Arata: No matter how much I loved them, no matter how much I wanted that person, they would never be mine.
Arata: It didn't go the way I wanted, and I was envious of the person they loved.
Arata: Instead, I even hated the person they fell in love with...
Arata: I was jealous of them...
Arata: If it was going to be like that, I'd rather not have feelings.
Arata: It would be better to always suppress my feelings.
Arata: If only I could be like the bird in the picture book, burning up and becoming a star, with no one ever knowing...
Arata: I kept wishing that from the bottom of my heart.
Yuki: Arata-san...
Arata: Still, I... didn't want to let go.
Arata: Of your hand that clasped mine in the dream. I didn't want to let go.
Yuki: Please don't let go. I don't want to let go either.
Yuki: I don't want you to let go of me.
Arata: Ugh... No...
Yuki: No?
Arata: I don't want to...
Arata: It's... hard being with you.
Arata: I don't know what to do anymore.
Arata: So I'll just end up lashing out at you.
Arata: Yelling, being angry...
Arata: That's... lame. I'm lame and hopeless...
Yuki: You're not lame. You said your real feelings, you don't have to pretend to be cool.
Arata: ...Yuki. I want to be here.
Arata: Ah really want ta be at this school.
Arata: Ah want ta be here... where you are.
Yuki: Arata-san...
Arata: No matter what, Ah don't want ta... let you go!!
Arata: *sobbing*...
Yuki: Arata-san, you're crying...
Arata: ...Look, so shameful...
Arata: Crying like a child... so embarrassing...
Yuki: It's not embarrassing...
Yuki: Everyone has times they want to cry.
Arata: But... but.. *sob*...
Yuki: Isn't it good to cry?
Yuki: Weren't you always smiling even when you were sad, when you were hurting?
Yuki: Please don't force yourself.
Arata: Ah'm not. Not at all, *sob*... *sob*...
(Yuki: Arata-san...)
(Yuki: Please cry.)
(Yuki: Please cry lots and lots.)
(Yuki: For all the hurt you've had until now... you should cry.)
(Yuki: Actually, I wish you'd cried... before, when you wanted to cry.)
Yuki: Arata-san...
Arata: *sobbing* Oh... Yuki... Yuki...
Yuki: I'm here. I'll always be by your side.
Yuki: So don't worry, please cry.
Yuki: I'm right here.
Yuki: Wherever you are, I'll be there too.
Yuki: So...
Arata: *sobbing*...
Yuki: I'm glad.
Yuki: I'm glad I can be a place where you can cry.
Yuki: A place you want to come back to.
Yuki: I'm glad I can be a place you want to be...
end CG

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