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Arata route translation

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a few days later (continued)

Yuki: ...Everyone left.
Arata: Ugh... It's your fault.
Yuki: Really?
Arata: Of course it is. Because you did that... in front of everyone.
Yuki: Haha. You're right.
Yuki: I guess I made everyone accommodate us a little bit.
Yuki: I'll have to thank everyone later.
Arata: Moron. You don't have to talk about it.
Arata: It's really embarrassing...
(Yuki: Embarrassing, huh.)
(Yuki: Arata-san's face is red...)
Arata: What are you grinning about?
Yuki: Uh...
Yuki: I was thinking you're cute.
Arata: ...Don't say embarrassing things.
Yuki: Riiight.
Arata: Geez...
Yuki: Arata-san?
Arata: Hm?
Yuki: Thank you.
Arata: For what?
Yuki: You called him, didn't you? The swim club captain.
Yuki: You asked him to let us use the diving board for the Diving Confession Meet.
Arata: ...Did he say that? The captain.
Yuki: He told me privately earlier.
Arata: Even though I told him not to tell.
Yuki: When I first went to ask him to let us use the diving board, it didn't seem like we were going to get a good reply.
Yuki: But when I went to ask again several days later, he said okay.
Yuki: I was relieved.
Yuki: So that was thanks to you.
Yuki: You heard the message I left you and called the captain.
Yuki: The captain told me.
Yuki: When he heard about the event from me, at first he thought the plan was just a joke.
Yuki: But when he received a call from you, he changed his mind, he said.
Yuki: This event would be sure to focus attention on the swim club, on diving.
Yuki: If that happened, it would increase morale, and if they had good results after being the center of attention, it would increase the influence of the swim club, he said.
Yuki: The captain said it was giving him more confidence to speak up at the regular meeting.
Yuki: And to me too.
Yuki: He said you convinced him that it wasn't a prank or just a publicity stunt. That I absolutely wasn't trying to exploit the swim club.
Arata: I didn't really convince him...
Arata: I just explained.
Yuki: Thanks to that, you really helped me out.
Yuki: He said he was surprised. Getting a call from you.
Yuki: When you were in the swim club, even if he called you with business, you hardly ever answered.
Yuki: He said you were someone who had never once called him.
Arata: Ugh...
Yuki: That's why even the captain thought,
Yuki: That maybe you took the swim club and diving seriously.
Yuki: That even if you seemed irresponsible, you might not actually be.
Yuki: He said when he realized that, he wanted to help with the Diving Confession Meet.
Yuki: Thank you so much.
Arata: That's enough. All I did was call a little.
Arata: It... wasn't something you have to thank me for like that.
Yuki: That's not true.
Arata: If I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything.
Yuki: Geez...
(Yuki: He's surprisingly shy, Arata-san...)
(Yuki: But even Arata-san like this, I...)
Maro: Kuu.
Maro: Kuku, kukuuu.
Yuki: Maro, do you want to play?
Maro: Kuu!
Yuki: Sorry, we're having an important conversation right now.
Arata: ... Maro, come here.
Maro: Kuuu.
Arata: *phew* Poor Maro.
Yuki: What happened to Maro?
Arata: Here. He's gotten a bald spot.
Yuki: You're right. On his neck. It's about the size of a one yen coin... that's pretty big.
Arata: Yeah... It looks like he got stressed with the change in his environment.
Arata: Maro, sorry.
Maro: Kuu?
Arata: Even though Maro wanted to be here.
Maro: Kuuu.
Arata: I selfishly made him do what I wanted.
Yuki: Maro is surprisingly delicate.
Arata: Even though when I left home to come to this school, he didn't go bald.
Arata: I guess Maro really liked it here.
Yuki: Mm... I think that's part of it too...
Yuki: But if I had to say, I wonder if Maro understands.
Yuki: He realizes that you actually want to be at this school.
Arata: No way.
Yuki: I think that might be it.
Arata: But that's not possible. I never thought that.
Arata: Anyway, is he that smart...?
Maro: Ku?
Arata: He doesn't seem to think too deeply about things...
Yuki: Really? I can kind of tell.
Yuki: Maro's feelings.
Arata: Maro's feelings, huh...
Arata: Well, I do think you're like Maro.
Yuki: Really?
Arata: Are you happy?
Yuki: I am. Well, it's Maro, isn't it? He's always with you.
Arata: ...Well, that's true.
Yuki: How do Maro and I resemble each other?
Arata: Listen, to be blunt, ferrets aren't that smart.
Arata: He's not suspicious of anything. Even getting attached to strangers.
Yuki: Ah.
Arata: When I found Maro, I already thought I would never laugh out loud again.
Yuki: ...
Arata: But after finding Maro, and starting to look after him, I was laughing before I realized it.
Arata: Being so ridiculous and not thinking about anything.
Arata: I thought it must be really easy to live like that. It made me able to laugh.
Arata: That's how you're the same.
Yuki: The same...
Arata: I didn't tell anyone the truth.
Arata: I didn't want anyone to hear that story.
Arata: That's what I always thought.
Arata: Still, without realizing, before I knew it, I had told you everything.
Arata: Maybe that's how you resemble each other.
Yuki: Ah...
Arata: You don't like it?
Yuki: It's not that I don't like it... but you could say it's kind of a little complicated...
(Yuki: Does he think my intelligence is on the level of Maro's...?)
Maro: Kuuu.
Yuki: But I guess I am happy after all.
Yuki: Well, it means that your good luck in meeting Maro applies to me too, doesn't it?
Arata: Ah...
Yuki: Then, after all, I'm happy.
Arata: What...? Don't say something so embarrassing.
Yuki: But I can't help being happy.
Yuki: Thanks, Maro.
Arata: Now you're thanking Maro?
Yuki: Yes. He brought you back like this.
Yuki: I have to thank Maro too.
Arata: Well...
Arata: If you're going to say it's just because of Maro...
Yuki: Huh?
Arata: Well, Maro's bald spot is one reason I thought I'd come back.
Arata: But that's not all.
Arata: It's because... of the message you left.
Arata: When I heard about the diving meet, I couldn't sit still...
Yuki: Does that mean... you wanted to participate too...?
Arata: That's not it.
Arata: It was because of you.
Yuki: Me...
Arata: You said on the phone that you'd be first up to dive.
Arata: When you climbed up to the diving board before, it was impossible for you to dive, your legs were shaking.
Yuki: Oh...
Arata: I wondered if you were okay... I was worried...
Yuki: Haha... Now that you mention it...
Arata: Still, you simply jumped...
Yuki: It wasn't simple.
Yuki: Actually, I was scared until right before I jumped.
Yuki: Even though I practiced, because I knew how it hurt when I messed up, I was really nervous.
Yuki: But I wanted to change.
Arata: You? What did you want to change?
Arata: Well... there's nothing about you that needs to change...
Yuki: There's lots.
Yuki: All I could do was think about wanting you to come back.
Yuki: I didn't want to stay like that with nothing about me changing.
Arata: Yuki...
Yuki: Telling your own feelings to someone requires a lot of courage, doesn't it?
Yuki: The truer your feelings are, the more it takes...
Yuki: But the power to try to communicate your thoughts gets that much stronger and bigger.
Yuki: It's possible that you can start to make something happen.
Yuki: That's what I thought.
Yuki: So, well... desperately...
Yuki: Ugh...
Arata: Why are you suddenly holding your head?
Yuki: Oh, no. Um...
(Yuki: Now that I think about it, I... did something incredible.)
(Yuki: I said I have someone I love at this school, in front of the whole school.)
(Yuki: In front of the swim club members, Kuya-san and Takato-san...)
(Yuki: In front of the whole crowd watching, I said I love them, I'll protect them...)
(Yuki: Uwah. I'm so embarrassed!)
(Yuki: It'll cause Arata-san trouble too...)
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: Before, when I hugged Arata-san...)
(Yuki: I have the feeling... Arata-san said something like... he loves me too...)
Arata: Yuki?
(Yuki: I wonder if I misunderstood that...)
Yuki: Um, could it be...?
Arata: What?
Yuki: Before, when I hugged you, I felt like I heard you say something, well...
Yuki: Arata-san... do you love me?
Arata: Wha...
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: *siiiiiigh*...
(Yuki: I was hoping a little though.)
(Yuki: After all, I guess it was my mistake...)
Arata: Wha... what is it? That huge sigh.
Yuki: But...
Arata: But what? Does it bother you that I've fallen in love with you?
Yuki: Huh...? What did you just...
Arata: I... didn't think I would feel like this.
Arata: Even though I told you about the man I first loved until just recently.
Arata: Don't you think it's asking too much?
Arata: Even I think so.
Arata: But... still, Ah couldn't help it.
Arata: Hearing your voice calling every day like that.
Arata: On top of that, when you even show up in my dreams...
Arata: And, um, well... When you jumped from the diving board, you were so cool...
Arata: Oh, but. After all, forget I said that...
Yuki: Arata-san!
Arata: ...! I'm telling you, scratch that bit before.
Yuki: Um, please wait a bit.
Yuki: I don't care that you loved someone else until yesterday.
Arata: Wha...
Yuki: Still, if you love me today, I don't care.
Yuki: Well, the person I love is in love with me!
Arata: Yuki...
Yuki: I love you, Arata-san.
Arata: Oh...
Yuki: Will you be my lover?
Arata: Y... yeah...
Yuki: Thank goodness...
Arata: Uh...
(Yuki: His eyes are closed...)
(Yuki: That means it's okay... doesn't it...?)

CG: Yuki kisses Arata
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: Mm... ph...
Arata: Ngh...
(Yuki: Huh? He pulled away?)
(Yuki: No. More...)
Yuki: *smooch*...
Arata: Ungh...
(Yuki: Arata-san... is trembling?)
(Yuki: It's completely different from when we kissed before.)
(Yuki: Back then, he kissed me and seemed incredibly relaxed...)
(Yuki: I was the one who was frozen, but now...)
(Yuki: Now Arata-san is the one who has tensed up.)
(Yuki: ...I don't want to pull away.)
Yuki: ...Mm...
(Yuki: I never... want to pull away from this person.)
(Yuki: I want to hold him tightly like this. From now on, forever...)
Arata: Ah...
(Yuki: He melted.)
(Yuki: He's loosened up.)
(Yuki: This time, Arata-san is kissing me...)
Arata: *smooch*... Mm...
Yuki: ...Ngh... mph...
(Yuki: Arata-san...)
(Yuki: I love you. I love you. I love you.)
(Yuki: I never want to let you go again.)
(Yuki: Never again...)
end CG

Yuki: ...Arata-san...

Arata: *panting*...
Arata: Oh... it's never been like this...
Yuki: ...Was it no good?
Arata: It wasn't like this. This...
Arata: Ah thought a kiss was no big deal...
Arata: This is weird...
Yuki: ...That's right.
Arata: What are ya laughing at?
Yuki: I was thinking this is completely different from when we kissed before too.
Yuki: Before was sudden, and I was just surprised... That's how I felt...
Yuki: But now, I'm really happy.
Yuki: I felt like our feelings were exchanged through our lips.
Arata: Ugh...
Yuki: We felt the same thing.
Arata: The same?
Yuki: It was the same.
Yuki: This makes you really happy, doesn't it?
Arata: Well... Ah guess...
(Yuki: Arata-san is all red.)
(Yuki: I wonder if he would get mad if I said I wanted to do more?)
Arata: ...Don't stare at me like that...
Yuki: Um, one more time...?
Maro: Kuu?
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: What, Maro? Right at the good part...
Arata: He was left alone the whole time, so he got bored.
Arata: Geez... right at the good part...
(Yuki: He heard.)
Yuki: Um...

(decision)[note!]You can choose whichever you like. It only affects a CG later on in the story. :3
Move Maro out of the way.
Stay the way you are.

(decision: Stay the way you are.)
Yuki: Oh well.
Arata: Huh, Yuki?
Yuki: It's Maro. He's not really in the way, so is it okay?
Maro: Kuuu.
Arata: Wait, Yuki...
Yuki: It's okay, isn't it? To continue from before.
Arata: Um... yeah...
Arata: If you say so...
Arata: Ah...
Arata: *achoo*
Yuki: Arata-san.
Yuki: You're freezing.
Arata: Oh, it's because I only wiped off quickly. But I'm wearing the track jacket...
Yuki: But the track jacket itself is pretty wet too.
Yuki: Arata-san! Let's go to the showers first!
Arata: Huh...?
Yuki: Oh...
Arata: Just now, was that the sound of your stomach?
Yuki: Yes...
Arata: Anyway, let's make it a shower and food.
Yuki: ...Hehe, you're right.

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