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Chiba route translation

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June 13

announcement: The second round of the Bell One Grand Prix is about to begin...

Sakaki: The second round will test your strength.
Yuki: Strength...
Sakaki: First, an explanation of the rules.
Panda-san: Which means, it's Panda-san's turn!
Panda-san: As Sakaki-han says, the second round is a contest of strength!
Panda-san: I want ya to show me so much of yer youth and strength that Ah'm blown away.
Panda-san: It's called "Run! Run run run-fest♪"!
Panda-san: These are the rules!
Panda-san: Now, various words will stream down the path in front of ya.
Panda-san: Which means ya continue forward if ya type quickly, before they disappear from the screen.
Panda-san: It's very simple.
Panda-san: The time limit is just one minute.
Panda-san: How many should ya type, ya ask?
Panda-san: Look forward to the results after ya finish.
Panda-san: Anyway, ya should just concentrate on typin' a lot.
Panda-san: What, what? Yer not confident at typin'?
Panda-san: Ya don't have to worry. Ya have a partner for times like this.
Panda-san: By askin' for yer partner's help, it becomes a teensy bit easier.
Panda-san: If yer confident in yer abilities, ya can try by yerself as an option.
Panda-san: So, what'll ya do?

Collaborate with your partner (recommended)
Try by yourself
[note: Choose whatever you like, but collaborating makes the game easier.]

(decision: Collaborate with your partner)
Panda-san: That's good!

Panda-san: And which input method will ya use?

Romaji input
Kana input

(decision: Romaji input)
Panda-san: Ya want romaji input?


(decision: Yes)
Panda-san: Roger.

Panda-san: If you want to rest durin', press the escape key. Then ya'll pause.
Panda-san: So, are ya ready?
Chiba: Leave it to myself. I'm returning the favor.
Yuki: Please!
Panda-san: Alrighty, start!

Yuki: We wooooon!
Chiba: We did it, Asahina!
Yuki: Yes! It's thanks to you, Chiba-san!
Chiba: No, you did well too, Asahina.
Joker: You won.
Yuki: Oh, Joker-san!
Joker: Congratulations.
Chiba: Thank you!
Joker: Wow.
Joker: That's a bit surprising.
Yuki: What is?
Joker: Well, Hayato, you're seriously happy. That's rare.
Chiba: Yes... Is it rare?
Yuki: Winning is a happy thing, isn't it?
Chiba: Myself thinks so too.
Chiba: This is our victory.
Joker: 'Our victory,' huh...
Yuki: Um, is there something weird about it...?
Joker: By the way, Hayato, what about club?
Chiba: I'm about to go.
Yuki: Oh, I'll go with you!
Joker: Ace-kun can't.
Yuki: Why?
Joker: Come with me. I have a job I'd like you to do as student council president.
Yuki: As student council president...? Alright.
Chiba: ...
Chiba: Then, myself will be going.
Joker: Yeah, later.
Yuki: When I'm done, I'll come watch!
Chiba: Asahina...
Chiba: Yeah.
*Chiba leaves*
Yuki: So, Joker-san, what's the job?
Joker: Job? Oh, the job.
Joker: Let's see, what should it be?
Yuki: What do you mean what...?
Joker: You've gotten really friendly with Hayato.
Yuki: Really? That would make me happy.
Yuki: Chiba-san's kind of nice!
Joker: Yeah, I think so too.
Joker: So, specifically, what about him?
Yuki: Huh? What about him...?
Joker: Yuki-kun, what do you think is nice about Hayato?
Yuki: What's nice...
(Yuki: What is nice? Being asked formally, it's kind of hard.)
Yuki: Um... everything?
Joker: What is that?
Yuki: How should I put it... he's not deceptive, or rather, he's Chiba-san through and through.
Joker: Well, that's because Hayato can't be two-faced.
Yuki: And his diligence...
Yuki: And his seriousness, and I think it's awesome that he doesn't run away!
Yuki: Of course, his strength too!
Joker: Hmm. His strength is last.
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: But Yuki-kun? Didn't you say when you teamed up with Hayato in the Bell One, that you wanted to team up with him because he's strong?
Yuki: Yes.
Joker: But now is different?
Yuki: It's not different...
Joker: Then would you like Hayato even if he was weak?
Yuki: Chiba-san isn't weak.
Joker: I think he does have some weaknesses, though.
Yuki: Well...
(Yuki: Like ghosts.)
(Yuki: Chiba-san told me that he hasn't told Joker-san because he doesn't want to be seen as pathetic.)
(Yuki: But I think Joker-san has already found out.)
(Yuki: That must be why Joker-san is talking about weaknesses...)
Yuki: Chiba-san isn't weak.
Joker: Do you really think so?
Yuki: Yes. He's not weak at all.
Joker: Hmm... Then it's fine.
Yuki: What is?
Joker: Well, I'm going too.
Yuki: Wait, the job?
Yuki: Didn't you say you wanted me to do a job as the student council president?
Joker: Did I say that?
Yuki: You did.
Joker: I wonder if I did.
Joker: I'm not so inept that I'd cause you trouble, Ace-kun whose hands are full with the Bell One.
Yuki: Huuuh?
Joker: Byeee.
Yuki: Wait, what was that...?
(Yuki: Joker-san's words had too deep a meaning, I didn't really get it.)
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Oh well. I'll go see Chiba-san.
Yuki: Oh!
Yuki: I forgot!
(Yuki: Joker-san definitely knows that Chiba-san can't deal with ghosts.)
(Yuki: But he tricked me into scaring him with fireflies...)
(Yuki: And I was going to give him a piece of my mind when I saw him!!)
Yuki: Urgggggh.
Yuki: Next time I see him, I'll definitely tell him!

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