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June 15

Sakaki: When you're rationalizing this expression, you multiply the numerator and denominator by the expression that is the denominator with the sign changed. [note!]This is algebra class, working on rationalizing the denominator of a mathematical expression.
(Yuki: If I remember correctly, it was like this.)
*paper with ghost drawing*
Yuki: Hmm...
(Yuki: It's been about a week since then, but Chiba-san hasn't mentioned ghosts again at all.)
(Yuki: He must not want to.)
(Yuki: Ghosts, huh...)
(Yuki: This ghost doesn't appear to anyone but Chiba-san.)
(Yuki: Chiba-san thinks he might become this ghost when he dies.)
(Yuki: He's afraid of that.)
(Yuki: I'm sure that won't happen, but I can't say it definitely won't.)
(Yuki: Since you won't know what happens after you die, until you die.)
(Yuki: Chiba-san will become this ghost.)
(Yuki: Then what will happen to me?)
(Yuki: Maybe I'll turn into this kind of ghost too...?)
(Yuki: That would be alright, I guess?)
(Yuki: A second life as a ghost...)
(Yuki: That might not be too bad.)
(Yuki: But what do ghosts eat to live?)
(Yuki: ...People?)
(Yuki: That can't be it. No way.)
(Yuki: No good. After all, I won't know until I become one.)
(Yuki: This ghost. I wish I could see it too.)
(Yuki: Then I could tell Chiba-san that he's not alone.)
(Yuki: Maybe that would make Chiba-san a little less scared.)
Yuki: But, man, I don't have any psychic ability.
Yuki: Ow!!
Yuki: W, who was that!? Suddenly hitting my forehead!!
Sakaki: You have a lot of guts, not paying attention in my class.
Yuki: P, Professor Sakaki...
Yuki: I'm sorry!!

*bell rings*
Yuki: *siiigh*
Tomo: It's been a long time since he got you.
Yuki: Mm.
Tomo: Were you spaced out thinking about the Bell One?
Yuki: That's not it...
Yuki: Tomo, have you ever seen something like this?
*ghost picture*
Tomo: What is this?
Yuki: A ghost.
Tomo: A ghost, huh... I'm not interested in stuff like that.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: Oh. Yagami, Yagami.
Yagami: Wha?
Yuki: Take a quick look at this.
Yagami: ...Wha's that?
Yuki: A ghost. I was wondering if you've ever seen something like this.
Yagami: Why the hell would I have seen that? So stupid.
Yagami: Don't waste my precious time with crap like that.
Yuki: Haha. Sorry.
Okaken: Asahina-kun! Did you say ghost!?
Yuki: Uwah!?
Okaken: Where, where? Show it to me too.
Yuki: Oh, yeah.
*ghost picture*
Okaken: Hmm, hmm. This is actually very interesting, this type.
Yuki: Okaken, you recognize it!?
Okaken: Of course! Without a doubt, this is...!
Yuki: What is it!?
Okaken: A little grey!!
Yuki: Little grey?
Okaken: You don't know it? The little grey is one of the most famous alien types.
Okaken: They are small, with delicate hands and feet, but giant heads. And they have large black eyeballs.
Okaken: You could say this picture fits all the characteristics of a grey type alien!
Yuki: No. This isn't grey, it's white.
Okaken: What!? Then it's a subspecies!?
Okaken: No, maybe it's the top secret rumored hybrid of a grey and an abducted earthling.
Okaken: If it is, it's the discovery of the century!
Yuki: No, no. Anyway, this isn't an alien, it's a ghost, I said.
Okaken: This is what makes it hard to deal with stubborn laymen.
Okaken: The truth is always discovered on a horizon far beyond common knowledge!
Yuki: Ah...
(Yuki: That's what I get for asking Okaken...)
Okaken: So, Asahina-kun? Just where did you encounter him?
Yuki: No, I didn't see it.
Okaken: Then, who did? You must introduce me to that person..
Yuki: Well, see you!!
Okaken: Aah! Asahina-kun!! Wait!
Okaken: Tell me, tell me more information about the grey!

Yuki: Good, I got away.
(Yuki: Well then, what should I do now?)
(Yuki: It's too early to go back to the dorm...)
Yuki: I guess I'll go to the student council room.

(student council room)
Yuki: Hello.
Kuya: Oh! Yuki.
Takato: Is something the matter?
Yuki: I have some free time today, so I thought I'd do something. Is there any work?
Kuya: You can leave the student council work to us.
Yuki: But, I have some time, and I don't think it's good to skip so much student council work.
Kuya: What are you saying? Aren't you in the middle of the Bell One that will determine the fate of the school!?
Kuya: Being victorious in that fight, isn't that the most important thing only you can do as the student council president?
Kuya: You achieved a splendid win in the second round. In short, you're doing excellent work!
Takato: Exactly. Please don't worry about the student council right now and focus on the Bell One.
Kuya: Yeah! Leave it to us so you can rest easy!!
Kuya: In return, we'll leave the Bell One to you and Chiba-sempai!
Takato: We trust you two will win.
Yuki: ...You guys...
Takato: Of course, when you come back after having a safely achieved victory...
Takato: There will be a mountain of work for you to do, so be prepared.
Yuki: Ahahaha... Please be go easy on me.
Kuya: More importantly, you sit there. I'll give you some delicious chocolate.
Yuki: Woohoo!!
Kuya: Which would you like?
Yuki: Then, the one in the middle.
Kuya: Here you go. It's a truffle with caramel creme.
Yuki: Wow...
Yuki: It's delicious!!
Kuya: I'm glad! Which do you want next?
Yuki: Aren't you guys going to eat any?
Takato: I prefer to watch you eat.
Kuya: Me too.
Kuya: Seeing you eat candy smiling like this is always relaxing.
Takato: Truly. The danger of the school closing seems like a joke.
Yuki: Me too...
Yuki: I feel that way too when I'm in the student council room like this.
Yuki: ...I hope it goes back to normal soon.
Takato: You're right.
Kuya: It's okay. It will definitely go back.
Yuki: I'll... do my best.
Yuki: No matter what happens, I'll never lose... I'll protect this school!!
Takato: We'll count on you, but now is the time you should relax.
Takato: While you're here, please forget about the Bell One and take it easy.
Kuya: Right.
Kuya: Yuki, do you want to eat another one?
Yuki: I'll take one.
Yuki: Oh, I know. I have something I want to ask you.
Takato: Something you want to ask? What is it?
Yuki: Have you ever seen a ghost?
Takato: A ghost?
Yuki: Oh. Umm, someone I know said they've seen one...
Kuya: A ghost!
Kuya: I want to see it too! I definitely want to be friends with that ghost!
Kuya: What was it like? Was it big? How scary was it?
Yuki: You don't care if it's scary?
Kuya: Of course not! It's a ghost's duty to scare people!
Yuki: That's our Kuya-san.
Kuya: So, what was it like?
Yuki: Like this...
*ghost picture*
Yuki: It's white, and not that big, it seems.
Kuya: I see. I wonder what it eats. Does it understand Japanese?
Kuya: Or will it not work unless I learn monster-speak?
Yuki: I didn't ask that much.
(Yuki: Or rather, I don't think Chiba-san talked to it at all.)
Yuki: So, what about you, Takato-san? Have you seen it?
Takato: Yes, I suppose...
Yuki: Huh!? You've really seen it!?
Kuya: Where, Masatsugu!?
Takato: No. I do recall having seen it somewhere, but when and where...
Yuki: Takato-san, you're psychic!?
Takato: No, not at all.
Takato: I may have seen it in a book or movie...
Yuki: In something like that? Then, this thing is famous?
Takato: No, it's probably not famous. Since even I can't remember.
Yuki: Takato-san, do you know anything about it?
Kuya: What, Yuki, didn't you know? Masatsugu knows all about monsters and zombies.
Kuya: And, he has an outstanding memory.
Yuki: But still, you can't remember it...
Takato: Probably, I only saw it once somewhere, or I'm mistaking it for something similar.
Yuki: Similar... like a little grey?
Takato: Possibly.
Yuki: I see...
(Yuki: Too bad.)
(Yuki: I was kind of hoping they'd know something, Kuya-san, who's gone all over the world, and Takato-san, the walking encyclopedia.)
(Yuki: But it would be better if I could tell him it might be printed in a book or something.)
(Yuki: No. Wait. If I tell him about a ghost, it might scare him.)
(Yuki: I can decide when I see him, whether to tell him or not.)
Takato: By the way, I'll be going now.
Yuki: Huh? Where are you going?
Takato: I have to go deliver these papers to Durak.
Yuki: Then, I'll take them. I have a little bit of business with Chiba-san.
Takato: Really? Then please take this envelope to Joker.
Yuki: Okay.
Kuya: While you're at it, take these papers too.
Kuya: Oh, and then give my regards to Chiba-sempai!
Yuki: Alright!

Joker: Right now? I'm the only one here.
Yuki: Chiba-san's not here?
Joker: Hayato has club. I'll take the papers.
Yuki: Oh, right...
(Yuki: I see. Club.)
(Yuki: This is perfect.)
Yuki: Joker-san, about before.
Joker: About what?
Yuki: Don't play innocent! It's about the fireflies, the fireflies.
Joker: Oh, that.
Joker: That was fun, wasn't it?
Yuki: It was not fun.
Yuki: You knew Chiba-san can't deal with ghosts, didn't you?
Yuki: But still, why did you tell me that?
Yuki: I was trying to make him happy, but it became a terrible surprise!!
Joker: Oh? It wasn't fun?
Yuki: There's no way it would be fun.
Yuki: If I knew that Chiba-san was that bad with scary things, I never would have released the fireflies.
Joker: But you became better friends with him because of that, didn't you?
Yuki: Well... maybe...
Joker: Then it all came out alright.
Yuki: Urgh...
(Yuki: I think watching Chiba-san be frightened was going too far, after all...)
(Yuki: If Joker-san knew that Chiba-san had actually seen a ghost,)
(Yuki: He wouldn't tease him like that, would he?)
(Yuki: No... I guess instead he would...)
(Yuki: I wonder if I should tell Joker-san about Chiba-san having seen a ghost?)
Joker: Hm? What is it?
Yuki: No...
(Yuki: But, well... I promised Chiba-san I would keep it a secret and not tell anyone.)
(Yuki: If I try asking, I have to make sure he doesn't find out it's about Chiba-san.)
(Yuki: But, can I manage that?)
Joker: Yuki-kun. Is there something you want to ask me?

Try asking.
Don't ask.

(decision: Don't ask.)
(Yuki: No! I won't ask!)
(Yuki: There's no way I could keep it hidden from Joker-san.)
(Yuki: He'd definitely realize it's about Chiba-san.)
(Yuki: Since I promised like that, I can't let him find out.)
(Yuki: After all, I'll keep quiet.)
Yuki: No. There's not really anything I want to ask.
Joker: Hmm.
Joker: By the way, Yuki-kun?
Yuki: What is it?
*ghost drawing*
Joker: What is this?
Yuki: Huh...?
Yuki: Owah!? Where did that come from!?
Joker: It was inside the envelope you gave me before.
Joker: It was in there along with the papers from the student council.
Yuki: Ah, ah...
(Yuki: Crap!! Did I put it in the envelope when I put the papers in there before!!?)
Joker: What this is, I wonder, student council president?
Yuki: Th, th, that's a doodle, obviously.
Yuki: Huh? That's weird. I wonder how that got in there.
Yuki: I, I, I wonder who drew it?
Yuki: H, how embarrassing, that doodle. When I bring it back to the student council room, I'll ask Kuya-san and Takato-san about it.
Joker: Really?
Yuki: Right! So will you give it back?
Joker: But before that, I'd like to ask a question.
Joker: First, to Hayato.
Yuki: Wh, why to Chiba-san!?
Joker: Oh? Yuki-kun?
Joker: I wonder why you look so unhappy about that?
Yuki: I, I don't look unhappy...
Joker: You look just like someone upset that something they're hiding is about to be found out.
Yuki: Ugh...
Joker: A secret between this picture, Hayato, and you.
Yuki: Are you going to talk? Or shall I make Hayato talk?
Joker: Choose whichever you like.
Yuki: Th, there's no secret...
Joker: So. What will you do?
Yuki: What will I do...
(Yuki: Oh no... I can't let him make Chiba-san say with his own mouth.)
(Yuki: I promised... I promised, but... but...)
(Yuki: Chiba-san...)
(Yuki: I'm sorryyyyy!!)

*time passes*
Yuki: Excuse me...
Joker: See you later.

Yuki: *siiigh*...
Yuki: Joker-san. Why was he having so much fun...?
(Yuki: Chiba-san, I'm really sorry!!)
(Yuki: Even though I promised I would keep it a secret, I talked about it.)
(Yuki: And to Joker-san, the person he most wanted to hide it from.)
Yuki: Aaaah, what will I do...?
(Yuki: Chiba-san will be shocked... He really, really didn't want that.)
(Yuki: Sorry, I'm sorry, Chiba-san...)
Chiba: Asahina?
Yuki: Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Chiba-san!? Y, you weren't at club!?
Chiba: I was about to go. ...What's the matter?
Yuki: Ah... uh...
Yuki: I'm sorry!
Chiba: Hm?
Yuki: Joker-san found about your story!
Yuki: Even though I promised not to tell, I couldn't dodge his questions very well, um...
Chiba: ...I see.
Yuki: Really! I'm sorry!
Chiba: It's fine.
Yuki: Huh...?
Chiba: It was an interesting, funny story, wasn't it?
Yuki: Of course not! I wouldn't do that!!
Chiba: Then I don't mind.
Yuki: But...
Chiba: It's fine.
Chiba: It's something I would have had to tell him soon.
Chiba: Besides, if you told him, it's a bit of a relief.
Chiba: So, it's fine.
Yuki: Chiba-san...
Chiba: More importantly, I'm going to club now...
Chiba: Will you come with me?
Yuki: Of course!
Chiba: I see.
Arata: Huh!?
Yuki: ? Arata-san?
Arata: Oh my my my my.
Yuki: What's the matter?
Arata: No. Because, because.
Arata: It's the first time I've seen Hayaya smile. Though, maybe Joker's seen it?
Chiba: Really?
Yuki: Really?
Arata: Wow...
Yuki: Arata-san?
Chiba: What's so funny?
Arata: Nothing, it's nothing.
Arata: Hmm. So that's it.
Yuki: So what's it...?
Arata: You're amazing, Ace-kun.
Yuki: Wait...
Chiba: What is?
Arata: It's nothing, it's nothing.
Maro: Kukuku, kukuku.
Yuki: Arata-san!?
Chiba: What was that?
Yuki: Dunno...

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