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Chiba route translation

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June 4

Yuki: It's ten minutes to five.
(Yuki: I came in my uniform, but I'm surprised I don't stand out. There's other guys from our school...)

Key scene, unlocks Key 07 (Shinomiya Koji)
Happens only if Yuki asked Keita for advice and chose "a serious person" when he mentioned his MVP Battle partner.
(Yuki: Huh...? Professor Ito?)
(Yuki: What's he doing here?)
(Yuki: Is the professor waiting for someone too?)
(Yuki: No way, something like a lover...?)

??: Oh, Ace.
Yuki: Yuhara? What are you doing here?
Yuhara: I'm doing club stuff with my sempais in the kendo club. You too, what are you doing here?
Chiba: He's waiting for me.
Yuki: Chiba-san!
Yuhara: Captain, so you were waiting for the Ace?
Chiba: Yeah.
kendo club member: Wow, I was sure it was Joker or Sonoda.
Yuhara: Captain, you're a member of Durak, aren't you? So why are you waiting for the Ace, Asahina?
kendo club member: What, Yuhara, you don't know? The captain's going to be in the Bell One with the Ace, right?
Yuhara: He is? Asahina, you asked Captain Chiba to be your partner?
Yuki: That's right. So...
Chiba: Hey, let's go.
Yuki: Oh, right!
kendo club member: We're leaving now too.
kendo club member: Captain, good job today.
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Huh? Where's everyone going?
Yuhara: We're going to karaoke.
kendo club member: See you, Ace. Take care of the captain.
Yuki: Sure.
Chiba: Take care of what?
Chiba: Let's go.
Yuki: Riiight.
Yuki: But is it okay to not go with everyone?

Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Even though you're the captain?
Chiba: There's no captain for karaoke.
Yuki: Oh, is it that you don't like singing or something, Chiba-san?
Chiba: ...Shut up.
Yuki: Riiight.
(Yuki: Did Chiba-san go with me to get out of going to karaoke?)
(Yuki: Well, I guess that's fine.)
(Yuki: Thanks to that, I get to go hang out with Chiba-san. I'm so lucky.)
Yuki: So where are we going today?
Chiba: Ramen.
Yuki: Ramen??

(ramen shop)
employee: Welcome.
Yuki: Ohhh, it smells so good!
employee: What'll it be?
Chiba: The large special miso char siu noodles.
employee: Coming up! And your companion?
Yuki: Um... Then, I'll have the same.
employee: Two special miso char siu noodles, large!
employee: Coming up.
Yuki: Oooh, it's been so long since I've been to a ramen shop.
Yuki: Chiba-san, you seem kind of familiar with it. Do you come here often?
Chiba: I guess.
Chiba: ...Can you really eat the large?
Yuki: It's fine.
Chiba: It's big.
Yuki: Huh?
employee: Sorry for the wait.

CG: Yuki and Chiba eat ramen
Yuki: Wow! There's so much!!
(Yuki: So this the kind of restaurant with huge servings!)

Looks delicious!
There's too much...

(decision: Looks delicious!)
Yuki: Whoa! There's so many bean sprouts! And the char siu is huge!!
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: The fragrance of this rich soup, it smells like garlic!
Yuki: It's looks so delicious!!
Chiba: Let's eat.
Yuki: Here I go!!
Yuki: ...So good!
Yuki: This char siu is insanely delicious. It's infused with flavor and so tender!
Yuki: It makes such an impact.
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: These noodles are delicious too. They go awesomely well with the soup!
Chiba: I know.
Chiba: This one's the most delicious around here.
Yuki: Yeah, it's delicious!
*slurp slurp*
Yuki: Chiba-san, do you like ramen?
Chiba: I guess.
Yuki: Then you come here often.
Chiba: No, it's been a long time.
Chiba: Living in the dorm, it's hard to come here.
Yuki: That's true, it is a bit far.
Chiba: That's why I always come here to eat when I go off-campus.
Yuki: Wow. So you come here with Joker-san and stuff?
Chiba: No...
Chiba: Joker-sama likes Sonoda's cooking.
Chiba: I took him here once, but... he was amused by the huge serving, but he said it was a shame about the taste...
Yuki: Because Joker-san likes spicy food.
Chiba: Yeah...
(Yuki: Although I think that goes beyond liking spicy food.)
Yuki: Well, everyone has their own tastes.
Yuki: But what a waste for Joker-san. It's so delicious.
Chiba: *glare*
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Uh, um, I wasn't complaining about Joker-san.
Chiba: I see.
(Yuki: Scary! I was trying to make Chiba-san feel better, and he gave me an extreme glare.)
(Yuki: I guess his relationship with Joker-san is complicated...)
Chiba: ...So?
Yuki: Huh?
Chiba: You said you had something to talk about.
Yuki: Talk? About what?
Chiba: Don't play dumb. You called me out here because you had something to talk about.
Yuki: No, well, I just wanted to talk, I didn't really call you out here...
Chiba: What did you want to talk about? Spit it out.
(Yuki: Umm... Did Chiba-san mistake this for a challenge or something?)
(Yuki: But that wasn't what I was trying to do.)
(Yuki: Something to talk about, something to talk about... oh!)
Yuki: Then, I'd like to ask you something.
Yuki: Why do you like Joker-san so much?
Chiba: ...What's that supposed to mean?
Yuki: No, it's what I wanted to talk about.
Chiba: Did you call me here to talk about something so stupid?
Yuki: It's not stupid, it's important.
Chiba: What about it?
Yuki: We're fighting together in the Bell One, aren't we?
Yuki: So I thought we needed to get to know each other better.
Chiba: Why?
Yuki: I want to win the Bell One... I have to win it.
Yuki: For that, I have to know my partner.
Yuki: I think we need teamwork since we don't know what's going to happen in the Bell One.
Chiba: ...I see.
Yuki: So, speaking of Joker-san!
Yuki: If I want to know about you, I think I need to know about Joker-san first.
Yuki: Well, Chiba-san, you always put Joker-san first, don't you?
Chiba: Naturally.
Yuki: Why do you like him so much?
Chiba: Like?
Yuki: You like him, don't you? Joker-san.
Chiba: No.
Chiba: It's not a feeling you would call liking.
Yuki: Then what is it?
Chiba: Respect.
Yuki: Respect?
Chiba: He feels no fear.
Yuki: No way.
Chiba: It's true. I found out when I challenged him.
Yuki: You challenged him!? You? And Joker-san?
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: When?
Chiba: About this time last year.
Yuki: Which means it was right after coming to school.
Chiba: That's right.
Chiba: Until then, I'd always believed myself was strong.
Chiba: But... he made me realize it was just arrogance.
Chiba: Right, that time...
Chiba: In the face of death, I realized myself was afraid. My legs froze and I lost my composure.
Chiba: But, he wasn't fazed at all.
Chiba: He transcended even the fear of death and was far above me.
Chiba: He really is a magnificent person.
Yuki: Um... Chiba-san?
Chiba: What?
Yuki: Facing death, and transcending it, just what kind of challenge was it?
Yuki: No way, were you seriously duelling...?
Chiba: ...I'm not telling.
Yuki: Why?
Chiba: ...Bastard, are you trying to make myself embarrassed?
Yuki: N, no, that's not what I meant!!!
Yuki: Um, I was just asking casually. I wasn't trying to make you embarrassed or anything.
Chiba: ...
(Yuki: Eep! He's glaring at me! He's really glaring!!)
Yuki: Th, that's right! It doesn't matter what the challenge was!
Yuki: Anyway, what's important now is that Joker-san is amazing!
Chiba: I'm glad you understand.
Yuki: *sigh*...
(Yuki: That was scary! He was absolutely serious just now!!)
(Yuki: But, just what was that challenge that Chiba-san doesn't want to talk about...?)
Yuki: *glance*
Chiba: What?
Yuki: I, it's nothing. Nothing.
(Yuki: It's no good. If I asked, he'd kill me.)
Chiba: Well, whatever.
Chiba: Anyway, Joker-sama is a magnificent person.
Chiba: Myself respects... no, it's beyond that, myself is in awe of him.
Chiba: Just how should someone like myself reach that state, which is beyond me?
Chiba: I train and train every day but... there's still a ways to go.
Yuki: So is that why you decided to work for Joker-san?
Chiba: Yeah. At first I proposed becoming his apprentice, but he refused.
Chiba: But he allowed me to work for him.
Yuki: I see.

But, is that okay?
It's amazing you have someone you can respect so much.

end CG

(decision: It's amazing you have someone you can respect so much.)
(Yuki: It's amazing he can respect someone this much.)
(Yuki: He challenged him seriously and lost, but he recognized his opponent's strength and decided to work for him.)
(Yuki: I wonder what that's like...?)
Chiba: What is it?
Yuki: Oh, sorry. Hearing you talk, I got kind of jealous.
Chiba: Of what?
Yuki: I don't have the experience of getting caught up like you, talking about a person I respect.
Yuki: I was wondering what that felt like.
Chiba: What it felt like?
Yuki: Like I wondered if I'd feel happiness or enjoyment.
Chiba: ...I don't know.
Chiba: Respect is respect. There's no other emotion.
Yuki: So that's how it is?
Chiba: Yeah.
Chiba: But... that's right. I think someday I want to catch up.
Yuki: To Joker-san?
Chiba: Right. I want to train myself, becoming stronger, and someday catch up to him.
Chiba: I want to hopefully surpass him someday. I want to beat him.
Chiba: When I think about that, I get fired up.
Yuki: Fired up...
Chiba: I can't stop here. Myself has to become stronger.
Chiba: For that, I have to accumulate more training than I have now.
Chiba: That's how it makes me feel.
Yuki: Does that mean you feel determination when you look at Joker-san?
Chiba: Well, something like that.
Yuki: What a nice relationship.
Chiba: ...Really?
Yuki: Yeah. It's respect that makes you both improve.
Yuki: That's an awesome relationship, isn't it?
Yuki: I'm sure Joker-san thinks so too.
Chiba: R, really?
Chiba: Yeah, well, maybe. Myself hopes he does too...
(Yuki: Chiba-san is embarrassed.)
Chiba: *ahem* ...Asahina.
Yuki: Yes?
Chiba: Don't you have anyone you can respect?
Yuki: Umm... I respect my parents and stuff...
Yuki: But I feel like it's a little different from the way you respect Joker-san.
Chiba: In what way?
Yuki: In what way...
Yuki: Umm... I wonder in what way...?
Yuki: I respect them... but I don't aspire to be like them...
(Yuki: But, maybe it's the same as Chiba-san, since I want to someday be good at baking bread like my father?)
(Yuki: No, but, it's different. How is it different?)
(Yuki: The difference between the respect I have for my dad, and the respect Chiba-san has for Joker-san...)
(Yuki: Is it that I don't get caught up like Chiba-san when I talk about my parents?)
(Yuki: And, I think they have their good points, but they also have bad points, and stuff...)
(Yuki: My dad is awesome as a baker, but he leaves his clothes everywhere and he's always forgetting that he made plans with me.)
(Yuki: But is it something like that? I kind of feel like it's different...)
Chiba: ...Heh.
Yuki: Chiba-san?
Chiba: You're not a bad guy.
Yuki: Huh? What is that all of a sudden?
Yuki: Because I said the two of you have a nice relationship?
Chiba: That's not it.
Chiba: Guys who seriously listen to what others say aren't bad guys.
Chiba: And...
Chiba: You didn't leave any food.
Yuki: Because it was really delicious.
Chiba: I see.
Chiba: The spicy miso ramen here is good too.
Yuki: Then next time, I'll have that.
Chiba: Do that. I'll bring you again.
Yuki: Woohoo!

*time passes*
Yuki: That was delicious.
employee: Come again!

Yuki: Ah! That was delicious!!
Yuki: I'm sorry you ended up treating me.
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Next time, it's my treat.
Chiba: You don't have to.
Chiba: ...By the way.
Yuki: What is it?
Chiba: In the dojo before, I hit you in the stomach
Yuki: Excuse me?
Chiba: When you had just come to the school. You came to observe the dojo on a day off.
Yuki: Oh, I remember.
Yuki: You startled me that time. It was so sudden.
Chiba: I'm sorry.
Yuki: Oh... um...
Chiba: Honestly, I was venting my anger.
Yuki: Huh?
Chiba: Even though it was a ridiculous contest, you beat Joker-sama.
Yuki: Oh...
Chiba: And including what happened later, it was twice.
Yuki: No, that was due to luck...
Chiba: Luck is your specialty.
Chiba: If you won because of that, that's a win.
Chiba: ...I was annoyed.
Yuki: Sorry...
Chiba: What are you apologizing for?
Chiba: Since you won, you should be proud.
Yuki: I see.
Chiba: No...
Chiba: That's annoying too.
Yuki: Hahaha...
Yuki: Chiba-san, you're so honest.
Chiba: Look who's talking.
Yuki: Seriously.
Chiba: Anyway.
Chiba: I'm sorry I suddenly attacked you.
Yuki: Oh no, it's fine now.
Yuki: More importantly, I'm really happy that you said I'm not an enemy!!
Chiba: I see.
Chiba: ...You have guts.
Yuki: Really?
Chiba: Yeah.
Chiba: It's not bad.
Yuki: Right?
Chiba: Don't get carried away.
Yuki: Haha, sorry.
Yuki: Alright. First, I'll get through the first round with guts!!

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