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June 6

announcement: The first round of the Bell One Grand Prix is about to begin. Will the student council president and his partner please come to the auditorium...
Yuki: Finally...

Yuki: Everyone's here.
(Yuki: They're supporting us...!)
Sakaki: You're both here.
Sakaki: Then I'll begin the first round of the Bell One Grand Prix.
Yuki: Right.
Sakaki: To begin with, the first round is a contest to measure your intelligence.
Yuki: What kind of thing will we be doing?
Sakaki: It will be a quiz to measure your memory and abstract reasoning.
Sakaki: As for the detailed rules, since they've been entered into that panda you prepared, I'll have it explain.
Panda-san: Alrighty, Ah'll explain the rules of this game.
Panda-san: Whether this school closes or not, rests on both y'all's shoulders.
Panda-san: Do yer best!!
Panda-san: As Sakaki-han said, the first round will be a quiz to measure y'all's intelligence.
Panda-san: Ah've even given it a name! "Brain Scramblin' Brains Quiz!"
Panda-san: How about it? Just hearin' the names makes yer head hurt, doesn't it.
Panda-san: Put yer brains into full gear and do yer best.
Panda-san: There are two types of questions. The "memory quiz" and "abstract reasonin' quiz."
Panda-san: Which are ya good at, student council president?
Panda-san: Well, wantin' to choose the one yer good at is human psychology.
Panda-san: But, guess what? Panda-san isn't that nice.
Panda-san: It's a brutal system where ya won't know which kind of questions there'll be until it starts.
Panda-san: Well, the point is, it will depend on y'all's luck.
Panda-san: However, Panda-san hates sneaky people who save and load over and over before the quiz.
Panda-san: If ya do that, Panda-san will hit ya. Hit ya over and over.
Panda-san: No, instead Panda-san might cry.
Panda-san: We don't want that. Then face the fate ya've been given!
Panda-san: There will be ten questions in all.
Panda-san: Ya win if ya get six questions right.
Panda-san: Do ya want to hear the detailed explanation of the rules?

Hear it.
Don't hear it.

(decision: Hear it.)
Panda-san: Alrighty, kind Panda-han will give ya a thorough explanation, so listen carefully.
Panda-san: First, when the question is displayed, ya decide who will answer it.
Panda-san: Ah don't mind if the student council president-han thinks about it himself, or relies on his partner.

(PC only) Panda-san: Choose who will do it with the mouse.
(PC only) Panda-san: When ya've decided who will answer, click on them.
(Vita only) Panda-san: Choose who will do it by moving left or right with the directional key and decide with the O button, or choose directly with a tap.

Panda-san: If yer partner was chosen, even if ya try to answer, they will answer by themselves.
Panda-san: Ya can leave them all to yer partner, but if yer confident in the answer, answerin' yerself is an option.
Panda-san: No matter how smart yer partner is, they're only human. They may make mistakes.
Panda-san: That's where yer partnership is important.
Panda-san: So, back to the quiz.
Panda-san: First, Ah'll explain the "memory quiz."
Panda-san: Well, to put it simply, it's a quiz where you memorize the numbers on playin' cards and answer.
Panda-san: There are two types, number matchin' and number sequencin'.
Panda-san: For the number matchin', the cards are displayed at the beginnin', then ya beat them into yer head so ya don't forget the numbers.

(PC only) Panda-san: Once ya've memorized it, press the "I've memorized it!" button.
(Vita only) Panda-san: Once ya've memorized it, press the O button or tap "I've memorized it!"

Panda-san: There is a time limit to memorize it, so be careful.
Panda-san: Then, from among the face-down cards, like the game Concentration, choose two cards at a time with the same number.
Panda-san: If ya've properly memorized the cards, ya should be able to answer.
Panda-san: For the number sequencin', the cards are displayed at the beginnin', so memorize the numbers so ya don't forget.
Panda-san: Then, from among the face-down cards, choose the cards in numerical order startin' from the smallest.
Panda-san: Alright? In order from the smallest.
Panda-san: For the number matchin' and number sequencin', if ya make any mistake, that's considered a wrong answer.
Panda-san: Since we scrambled the numbers, it might be a teensy bit difficult.
Panda-san: Then, ya can consult yer own brain, or rely on yer partner.
Panda-san: There will be ten questions in all, five number matchin' and five number sequencin' questions.
Panda-san: That's the explanation of the "memory quiz."
Panda-san: Next Ah'll explain the "abstract reasonin' quiz."
Panda-san: On the screen, shapes will be displayed in lined-up slots.
Panda-san: Among them, there will be a box with "?", so think about what to put there that lines up with the shapes to the left and right.
Panda-san: To make a comprehensive judgement of all the factors like color and shape, ya need flexible abstract reasonin'.

(PC only) Panda-san: If ya discover the rule, click the up and down triangles to choose the proper shape for the "?" part.
(PC only) Panda-san: When ya've decided the shape, click the submit button.
(Vita only) Panda-san: If ya discover the rule, tap the up and down triangles, or move the directional key up and down to choose the proper shape for the "?" part.
(Vita only) Panda-san: When ya've decided the shape, press the O button or tap yer selection.

Panda-san: Ya have exactly thirty seconds to answer.
Panda-san: Don't be impatient, think it over slowly.
Panda-san: That's all the explanation of the rules.
Panda-san: How about it? It's complicated, so did ya forget?
Panda-san: Ya wanna hear the explanation again?

That's enough.

(decision: That's enough.)
Panda-san: So, are ya ready?

Yuki: The first round... I have to win no matter what.
Chiba: You're fired up.
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: Chiba-san, you're pretty calm.
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Just as I'd expect, it's that mental strength you've trained through kendo.
Yuki: Piece of cake!
Chiba: Because myself doesn't understand difficult questions.
Yuki: Huh?
Chiba: I'm leaving them to you, Asahina.
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: Amazing. He just declared that he doesn't understand...!)
(Yuki: Really, Chiba-san is honest or something...)
(Yuki: But I chose Chiba-san knowing that I couldn't rely on him in the first round.)
(Yuki: As long as I get through the first round, Chiba-san can manage the second round somehow. Absolutely. So...)
Yuki: First, this one win! I'll win no matter what!!
Panda-san: Game start!

-- win Bell One, round one minigame --

Panda-san: Oh! You did it!!
Panda-san: It's y'all's victory in the first round of the Bell One Grand Prix!!
Yuki: We did it, Chiba-san! We won!!
Chiba: Yeah.
Panda-san: The second round is next week, the next match will be an evaluation of your strength.
Panda-san: Go all out and train.
Panda-san: Then, dismissed!

Arata: Ace-kun, congratulations.
Yuki: Everyone, thanks!
Okaken: I never thought you would get through the first round, I'm so surprised!!
Tomo: Hey, hey, saying 'never thought' is mean, isn't it?
Okaken: You say that, but did you guys believe in him, Kasahara-kun!?
Okaken: Asahina-kun's and Chiba-san's intelligence combined can't possibly match my intelligence!
Yuki: Well, excuse me.
Kuya: But no matter what you say, the end justifies the means!
Yuki: Oh, Kuya-san.
Kuya: Well done, Yuki.
Kuya: It was a splendid match!
Yuki: Thank you!
Yuki: But I wasn't the only one who worked hard.
Yuki: Right, Chiba-san?
Yuki: Huh? Chiba-san? He's gone?
Takato: If you're looking for him, he went off that way a little while ago.
Yuki: I wonder if he went to report to Joker-san...
Kuya: No, that's the wrong direction.
Yuki: Well, it is the opposite direction from the school building.
Takato: Might it be the martial arts hall?
Yuki: I see, so it's the club.
Yuki: I'll be right back.
(Yuki: It's quiet, but... I wonder if Chiba-san is here.)
Yuki: Excuse me.

Yuki: There he is!

CG: Chiba practicing
Yuki: ...How cool.
(Yuki: All by himself, he seems serious and totally absorbed.)
(Yuki: The atmosphere seems tense.)
Chiba: What do you want?
end CG

Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Oh, no, I don't really need anything.
Yuki: ...Am I in the way?
Chiba: Not really.
Yuki: Then can I watch from close up a little longer?
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Thank you.
(Yuki: I've never observed kendo, should I sit formally?)
(Yuki: But I'm not good at sitting formally. My legs get numb really quick.)
(Yuki: But standing around is kind of creepy, what should I do...?)
Chiba: Just do whatever.
Yuki: Huh?
Chiba: Sitting formally. It's fine if you don't like it.
Yuki: Oh, thank you.
(Yuki: That means it's okay to sit hugging my knees. That helps.)
(Yuki: ...Even while Chiba-san is doing practice swings, he's being considerate of me.)
(Yuki: It's completely different from before.)
(Yuki: The first time I came here, no matter what I said, he completely ignored me, but now he's properly responding.)
(Yuki: It kinda makes me really happy.)
Yuki: Hey, Chiba-san.

CG: Chiba
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: It's thanks to you, Chiba-san, that I won the first round without a problem.
Yuki: Thank you.
Chiba: No need to thank me.
Chiba: The win was due to your luck.
Yuki: That's not true.
Yuki: I didn't say it before, but I was really nervous right after it started.
Yuki: But when I saw your face and your expression hadn't changed at all from usual,
Yuki: Then I kind of felt relieved and the nervousness let up a little.
Yuki: That's why the win is thanks to you. I'm grateful.
Chiba: ...I see.
Yuki: Still, you're the only one here. There's no club activities today?
Chiba: There were, but they're already over.
Yuki: So that's it.
(Yuki: Could it be that he couldn't go to club because he was in the Bell One?)
(Yuki: That's why when it ended, he immediately came to the dojo to practice alone like this.)
Yuki: Sorry...
end CG

Chiba: What is it?
Yuki: No, I was kinda thinking, you stayed with me in the Bell One, even skipping club...
Chiba: Missing once a week isn't a big deal.
Chiba: Besides, Joker-sama told me that during the Bell One, I need to give the matches my undivided attention and escort you.
Chiba: My time to train has instead increased.
Chiba: It's nothing you have to worry about.
Yuki: I see. Then I'm glad.
Yuki: Still, does the kendo club practice every day?
Chiba: That's right.
Yuki: Even Saturday?
Chiba: For now.
Yuki: For now... does that mean there's a tournament coming up?
Chiba: Yeah. On Sunday, there was a district qualifier competition.
Yuki: Do you mean this past Sunday?
Chiba: That's right.
Yuki: So that's why everyone was out together.
Yuki: So what kind of qualifier was it?
Chiba: For the championship.
Yuki: Championship... you mean an inter-high!? You won the district qualifier?
Chiba: Of course.
Yuki: Then next will be nationals?
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Then if you win that, you'll be the best in Japan!?
Chiba: For high school kendo.
Yuki: Amazing! That's so cool!!
Yuki: Please do your best! I'll support you 100 percent!!

CG: Chiba
Chiba: I'll win.
Chiba: This year for sure, I'll be the champion at nationals.
end CG

Yuki: ...
(Yuki: Amazing.)
(Yuki: Chiba-san is really amazing.)
(Yuki: He declared he'll win... and be the champion at nationals.)
(Yuki: And it really seemed like it was only natural.)
(Yuki: He seriously, sincerely thinks he can become the best in Japan.)
(Yuki: He has confidence that he won't lose to anyone.)
(Yuki: So cool...!)
(Yuki: I won't lose either.)
(Yuki: Whatever happens to the school, the inter-high is once a year. Just once.)
(Yuki: Chiba-san is taking the inter-high so seriously.)
(Yuki: Not just Chiba-san.)
(Yuki: I'm sure it's the same for everyone in the kendo club.)
(Yuki: And there's other students who are working really hard for the things they like or are obsessed with.)
(Yuki: This is a school with a lot of people like that.)
(Yuki: But, if the school closes, the tournament is out of the question.)
(Yuki: He might not be able to participate, let alone win.)
(Yuki: All the effort he's made so far might be for nothing.)
(Yuki: I can't allow it.)
(Yuki: Absolutely not.)
(Yuki: I'll do my best too.)
(Yuki: Far, far more than up till now...)

*time passes*
(Yuki: It's gotten dark outside.)
(Yuki: Right now... uwah. It's already past seven!)
(Yuki: Chiba-san has been doing practice swings the whole time... isn't he tired?)
(Yuki: If it was me, I would have gotten hungry a long time ago...)
*stomach rumble*
Yuki: Oh...
Chiba: ...What?
Yuki: Haha. My stomach growled.
Chiba: That was your stomach? Just now?
Yuki: Oh, no, well... yes.
Yuki: I get hungry quickly, and I ate plenty for lunch, but it's already evening, so it's growling...
Chiba: Asahina. You should go back now.
Yuki: No! I wanted to watch you practice a little longer!
Chiba: Just go, eat something and come back.
Chiba: It's pathetic, seeing someone so hungry.
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: Chiba-san... Is he worried about me?)
(Yuki: ...Hehe!)
Yuki: You're right. Sorry.
Yuki: I'll go on ahead. Please don't overdo it, Chiba-san.
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Please come back if you get hungry. The dorm cafeteria is open until nine.
Chiba: Alright, alright.
Yuki: Then, excuse me for leaving first.

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