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June 7

*bell rings*
Yuki: All done! Time for lunch!
Yuki: Tomo! Let's go eat.
Tomo: ...I'm tired.
Yuki: So unenthusiastic!
Yagami: What's tiring is the way you talk.
Yagami: If you were a man, you'd just eat what's put in front of you without whining.
Tomo: I'm not complaining.
Tomo: So put food in front of me here.
Tomo: I'll sleep while I wait...
Yuki: What are you saying? You're hungry too, aren't you, Tomo?
Tomo: *siiiigh*...
Yagami: Stop being so lazy, let's go.
Tomo: Yukiii, buy something for me.
Yuki: Hey...
Okaken: Are you going to go buy lunch? Then please get mine too.
Okaken: I have to make preparations for my after school experiment during lunch today.
Yagami: Go buy your own damn lunches. Are you kids?
Tomo: Yukiii.
Okaken: Please, Asahina-kun!
Yuki: It can't be helped. So, what do you want me to get for you?
Yagami: Don't spoil them, dumbass.
*door opens*
Chiba: Asahina, are you here?
Yuki: Oh, Chiba-san.
Yuki: What is it?
Chiba: Thanks for last night.
Yuki: You came for that? You didn't have to.
Chiba: No...
Yuki: I was surprised when I woke up this morning and you weren't there. Did you have morning practice?
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: I thought so. Good job.
Chiba: No...
Chiba: ...
Chiba: Have you had lunch?
Yuki: I was just about to.
Chiba: Before, you said you wanted to eat Sonoda's special lunch.
Yuki: Special lunch!! It's my dream!!
Yuki: Just hearing about it, it seems really delicious!!
Chiba: I see. Then come with me.
Yuki: Huh...?
Yuki: I can eat the special lunch!?
Chiba: Yeah. I'll arrange it.
Yuki: Woohoo!! I'll go! Let's go eat lunch together!!
Yuki: Hey, you guys too.
Tomo: No thanks, you two go ahead.
Yuki: But...
Yagami: Just go.
Yagami: We won't be able to stand it, you eating the luxury special lunch next to us while we're eating the normal food.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: Then we'll be going!
*Yuki and Chiba leave*
Yagami: ...I mean, why did that Chiba guy come invite Asahina to lunch?
Okaken: And the special lunch? It's like he's baiting him! Why!?
Tomo: Because they're partners in the Bell One, isn't it?
Okaken: But Chiba-san is Joker-san's right hand man. You could even say that he's the most militant force opposing the student council.
Okaken: Besides, that conversation before, didn't it sound just like they'd slept together?
Tomo: ...
Yagami: ...
Okaken: Mmm... I smell some intrigue...!
Yagami: You don't.

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