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Chiba route translation

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(student council room)
Yuki: I'm back! Are you two here?
Kuya: Welcome back!
Takato: How did it go with Joker?
Yuki: Perfect!
Yuki: When I talked to him about making a pep squad for the inter-high, he got excited.
Yuki: He said he'll make an incredibly huge banner and we'll inspire the people from the school.
Kuya: That's good! If we got Joker's cooperation, there will be a lot of people joining.
Takato: He's probably being cooperative because Chiba, from his group, is participating.
Yuki: I don't think it's only that though.
Yuki: Afterward, the light music appreciation group that Yagami is in said they'd write a cheer song and Sonoda-san said he'd make a pep squad bento...
Kuya: What about matching t-shirts?
Yuki: Umm, I wonder if they'd be ready in time.
Takato: More importantly, what about arranging a bus?
Takato: If we make it easy to get to the venue, more students will go to cheer.
Kuya: That's a good idea.
Yuki: Then, I'll discuss the budget for it with Joker-san!
Kuya: Please do!

Yuki: But, first, for just a little...

Yuki: Excuse me...
Yuhara: Oh, Ace! You need to see the captain?
Yuki: Uh-uh. I was just peeking in.
Yuki: Chiba-san is amazing...
Yuhara: Yeah, he's kind of intense.
Yuhara: I always thought he was strong, but since getting out of that slump, the captain has been kick-ass.
Yuhara: Even all the sempais are serious, saying this year we're aiming for the win.
Yuhara: Thanks to that, training has been beastly, though.
Yuki: That's rough.
Yuhara: Yeah, but it's really fun.
Yuhara: I never thought kendo was so fun.
Yuki: Chiba-san's effect?
Yuhara: Really.
Yuhara: I'm doing my best practicing too, I want to become strong like captain Chiba.
Yuhara: Although I wasn't chosen as a member of the team, I'll be seriously supporting my sempais.
Yuhara: So it may be impossible this year, but next year I'll be on the team with captain Chiba.
Yuki: Do your best, Yuhara.
Yuhara: Yeah. ...It's thanks to you, Ace.
Yuhara: I'm really grateful.
Yuki: No, it wasn't me. Chiba-san worked hard.
Yuhara: That's true, but I think it was because you were there.
Chiba: Asahina?
Yuki: Oh, sorry for intruding.
Chiba: You came.
Chiba: What is it?
Yuki: I came to watch you.
Chiba: I, I see...
Yuki: It looks like there will be a lot of people on the pep squad. And Joker-san said he'd help.
Chiba: Joker-sama did?
Yuki: Yeah. He said he's looking forward to it.
Chiba: I see...
Chiba: ...And you?
Yuki: Me? To cheer? Of course I'm going!!
Chiba: Not that.
Chiba: Um...
Chiba: ...
Yuki: ...
Chiba: Asahina.
Chiba: You said you wanted to see how strong I could get.
Yuki: Yes.
Chiba: I'll show you.
Chiba: I'll definitely win.
Yuki: Yeah. I believe in you.
Chiba: Yeah...!
kendo club advisor: Chiba! Yuhara! Stop goofing off!
Yuhara: Sorry!
Chiba: Bye, I'll see you later.
Yuki: I'll come back when club is over.

Yuki: Chiba-san really is cool.
(Yuki: I have to work hard too.)
(Yuki: First, I have to form the pep squad for the inter-high and cheer for the team with everyone in the school.)
(Yuki: Let's fire this up!)
sender: Chiba-san
subject: It's tomorrow
message: It's finally time for the inter-high. I'm in good shape. I'm focused, but not nervous. Tomorrow, I'll give it all my strength and I'll definitely win. If you believe in me, I'll win. This time for sure, like what happened before. So, believe that I'll win.
(Yuki: Yeah, do your best, Chiba-san...!)

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