gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

Please NOTE: This day will not appear at all if you have not unlocked Sonoda's route. (In other words, you will not see this day on your first playthrough.) If you are not eligible, the game skips directly to May 24 - which is incorrectly labeled as May 23 by the calendar and window title bar, but correctly marked May 24 in the backlog.

may 23

(Durak room)
Yuki: Then I’ll make the flyers for the tournament with this information.
Joker: Yeah, please make them awesome so that everyone will want to participate.
Yuki: T, that's a lot of pressure...
Joker: The announcement and the PR are the crucial parts.
Joker: Merely changing the packaging makes even a candy you’re tired of eating taste new again, doesn't it?
Yuki: That's true... It’s a big responsibility, but it’s to attract lots of people.
Joker: Right now, the first floor classroom is empty, you can use that to work.
Yuki: Alright. Then, I'll go...
Joker: Oh, wait.
Yuki: Yes?
Joker: If you're going to the first floor, take that.
Yuki: That...? The cardboard box in the corner?
Joker: Right.
Yuki: It’s full of broken toys and weird machines. Does this have anything to do with the flyers...?
Joker: No.
Joker: Since you're going to the first floor, won't you take it to the storage room in the club wing?
Joker: Hayato's not here right now, so please, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: A, alright. Oof.
Joker: This box too.
Yuki: Wah. If you pile them up, I can’t see...
Joker: Thanks, Yuki-kun. I’m glad we're collaborating with the student council.
Joker: It's really helpful, reducing the amount of chores we have to do. Well, get going.
Joker: Be careful not to fall.

Yuki: Joker-san works people hard...
Yuki: But since they have their hands full with work, it can’t be helped.
(Yuki: But...)
Yuki: Since this was left to me, I have to do my best!
Yuki: I mean, does he always leave chores like this to Chiba-san?
(Yuki: ...Well, it does seem like Chiba-san’s in charge of the manual labor.)
Yuki: Then who normally does things like flyers and stuff?
Yuki: Oops... I need to keep my balance...
Yuki: Still, this junk... what is it used for? Is it related to Durak's work?
Yuki: There’s a purple rose, a transformation belt, a white silk hat... even a maid outfit!
Yuki: Who wears this stuff? It can’t be Joker-san... or as a long shot, maybe it’s Chiba-san?
Yuki: No way...
Yuki: I'll stop thinking about this... Umph! Just a little longer to the club wing.
Yuki: Whoops, it's the stairs... It's scary, not being able to see where I'm going.
Yuki: Gently, carefully...
Yuki: Oh, the transformation belt fell...
Yuki: ...!? Hyaa!
(Yuki: I lost my footing!!)
(Yuki: Like this, I’ll fall!)
Yuki: *ugh*...
(Yuki: ...)
(Yuki: ...Huh? I didn't fall.)
(Yuki: Someone’s arms are supporting me and the boxes...)
(Yuki: Who could it be...?)
Yuki: ...Sonoda-san!
Sonoda:: Are you okay?
(Yuki: Sonoda-san saved me!)
Yuki: T, thank you. You saved...
(Yuki: Wah. His face is so close...)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san's his hand is on my hip.)
(Yuki: We’ve never been so close. It makes me oddly nervous.)
Yuki: Y... you saved me.
Sonoda:: Watch where you're going. It's dangerous.
Sonoda:: ...Well, that's impossible. What's all this stuff?
Sonoda:: Oh, this is our stuff. Did Kiyo foist it off on you?
Yuki: Foisted... rather, he said to take it to the club wing along the way.
Sonoda:: Ahaha. This is too much for “on the way.”
Sonoda:: It can't be helped... oof.
(Yuki: Oh... Sonoda-san casually took half of it.)
(Yuki: Does he intend to help?)
Yuki: Um, those boxes...
Sonoda:: They should be taken to the storage room in the club wing, right?
Yuki: Are you going to help me?
Sonoda:: I don't want to see you fall down the stairs.
(Yuki: Sonoda-san is surprisingly nice!)
Yuki: Thank you!
(Yuki: Yay! Sonoda-san is friendly.)
(Yuki: Compared to weird Joker-san, and Chiba-san who seems to live for Joker-san.)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san is decent. Or rather, I can talk to him more normally.)
(Yuki: Even though he doesn’t work for free, he’s helping me like this.)
(Yuki: He seems like the kind who would be really attractive to girls.)
Sonoda:: What are you grinning about?
Yuki: Oh, um...
Yuki: That as student council president, I was so happy to be entrusted with the management of the ball tournament!
(Yuki: Oh, I ended up saying a random answer.)
(Yuki: It wasn't really a random answer, but that I was happy you were being so nice, Sonoda-san...)
(Yuki: If I said that honestly, I’d blush.)
Sonoda:: Call it entrusted, but what you're doing seems like a chore...
Yuki: Ugh...
Sonoda:: Are you okay? Has Kiyo foisted a lot of annoying things off on you?
Yuki: Are you worried about me?
Sonoda:: I guess. I'm very familiar with Kiyo's unreasonable behavior.
Sonoda:: Making unreasonable demands at a critical moment, I wonder if it's just to provoke people.
Yuki: Ahaha. He wouldn't...
Sonoda:: Recently, he made me send a survey to all the female high school athletes in the country for no reason.
Sonoda:: And immediately after that, he made me gather data on girls' school uniforms.
Sonoda:: Isn't that awful?
Yuki: Come to think of it, before... he wondered if carrots really make horses go faster.
Yuki: He asked me to send off for college research data.
Sonoda:: He's done it to you too.
Sonoda:: Or stuff like trying to make me order folk art used in regional festivals...
Sonoda:: Trying to make me rent special equipment used in a new movie.
Yuki: But, isn't there any point to the things Joker-san does?
Sonoda:: Well, mostly.
Sonoda:: Last year, thanks to that, he successfully drew a crowd of female high school students.
Yuki: Then, this deal with the horses and carrots, maybe there's some deeper meaning...
Yuki: ...Oh. Was he looking into the relationship between food and animals for the Gourmand Cup?
Yuki: Joker-san's amazing after all!
Sonoda:: I wonder about that. I think it’s plenty possible he was just teasing.
Yuki: But I'm having a lot of fun like this, being involved in a schoolwide event.
Yuki: Even today, I was asked to draw up the flyers that will be distributed to everyone. It's rewarding and I'm happy.
Sonoda:: You really are a sucker.
Yuki: Am I...?
Sonoda:: From my point of view, it’s an unprofitable disposition, but... well, it may be one of your charms.
Sonoda:: I mean, you so happily do any ridiculous thing, so it makes one want to help you.
Yuki: Like you today, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda:: ...I guess.
(Yuki: Was he not conscious that he was helping me?)
Sonoda:: I’d rather be helping a cute girl. Helping a boy is out of character.
(Yuki: Sonoda-san looks dissatisfied.)
Yuki: But, after all, you're helping me like this, so you’re kind at heart.
Sonoda:: If you say that, I’ll let go right now.
Yuki: Wawah, don't...!
Sonoda:: Just kidding.
Yuki: Ah... you startled me.
Sonoda:: Ahaha.
(Yuki: He teased me again...)
(Yuki: But after all, I think he’s a nice guy.)
Sonoda:: You're simple. I guess that's why Kiyo is amused by you too.
Yuki: Am I that amusing?
Sonoda:: Very. Don’t let yourself be manipulated. If it’s unreasonable, it's important to refuse.
Sonoda:: Kiyo makes demands according to his mood, so you don’t have to listen to all of them.
Sonoda:: Hayato is Kiyo's yes man, so he ends up obeying whatever he says.
Sonoda:: But I can’t stand Kiyo thinking we’re the same as Hayato.
Yuki: Ahaha... I really don't think I can become like Chiba-san.
Yuki: It must be hard for you, Sonoda-san.
Sonoda:: What is?
Yuki: Joker-san being unpredictable. And Chiba-san living for Joker-san.
Yuki: You’ve been with them so long, haven't you, Sonoda-san? It must have been pretty difficult.
Sonoda:: I guess. They’re not normal, so cleaning up after them isn’t easy.
Yuki: Ahaha... but you're a good combo... no. You're a good trio.
Sonoda:: Could you stop lumping us together? We're not really buddy-buddy.
Yuki: Really?
Sonoda:: That's right.
Yuki: Hmm...
(Yuki: They seem like friends. Maybe he’s just hiding his embarrassment.)
Sonoda:: Look, watch where you're going. I won't care if you trip again.
Yuki: Oh, sorry!

(club wing)
Yuki: Ahh... Somehow, we finished carrying everything!
Sonoda:: Good job.
Yuki: Thank you for helping me!
Sonoda:: After this, you're going to make flyers?
Yuki: Yes. Now the real job starts.
Sonoda:: If you like, do you want me to help?
Yuki: Huh?
(Yuki: Is it okay to let Sonoda-san help make the flyers?)

(decision #1)
That would be a big help, please!

(decision #1a: That would be a big help, please!)
Yuki: That would be a big help! Please!
Sonoda:: What are you putting on the flyers?
Yuki: I want to make something that draws people’s eyes and that’s cool, that will make them want to participate in the ball tournament.
Yuki: I don’t really have artistic sense...
Yuki: None of my friends are in the art club, and honestly, I’m not sure how I should it.
Sonoda:: Have you decided on a theme?
Yuki: Yes. Anyway, I tried making a rough sketch, but...
Sonoda:: Let me see.
Yuki: Here it is.
Sonoda:: I see... You really don’t have any artistic sense.
(Yuki: Urgh, how embarrassing.)
Sonoda:: Fine. Leave the drawing to me.
Yuki: Is that okay?
Sonoda:: Actually, this sort of thing is my specialty.
(Yuki: Oh, a relaxed smile! This might be promising.)

Sonoda:: Emphasize this, and make this over here smaller...
Yuki: Hm, hm...
(Yuki: There’s no one in the classroom, it’s just me and Sonoda-san.)
(Yuki: It’s quiet with no one in the classroom. All I can hear is the sound of Sonoda-san's pen...)
(Yuki: If a classmate came now, would they be surprised?)
(Yuki: ...Still.)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san has beautiful fingers.)
(Yuki: I wonder if all cooks have hands like this.)
(Yuki: I’ve ended up staring while I’m waiting.)
(Yuki: ...And his hair, I guess it’s wavy. Or maybe it’s a perm...)
(Yuki: Making such a serious face, he looks cool...)
Sonoda:: Done.
Yuki: Wah!
Sonoda:: What are you doing? Your face is so close.
Yuki: S, sorry.
Sonoda:: Well, you’re captivated, aren’t you? By my artistry...
Yuki: No!! I’m not captivated...
Yuki: ...Wait, artistry?
Sonoda:: My sketch of the flyer. Look, it’s done.
Yuki: ...Waaah! Awesome!!
Yuki: It pops and it’s stylish! And it’s cute and cool!
Yuki: Sonoda-san, you don’t just cook, you can even do this!
Sonoda:: Naturally. A cook needs design sense.
Sonoda:: Of course with plating the food, but it’s also better to decorate the restaurant and design the menu yourself.
Sonoda:: Women especially prefer that it has a pleasing appearance.
Yuki: It’s amazing... You designed it in such a short amount of time. It’s a hundred times better than I expected!
Sonoda:: Haha. Have you reconsidered me?
(Yuki: Wah... Those serious eyes, smiling happily.)
(Yuki: Somehow it makes me excited.)
Yuki: Yes, of course!
Sonoda:: Then it’s good. Next, let’s make a collage of suitable materials.
Yuki: Collage?
Sonoda:: It’s like making a different design by using various existing materials as decorations.
Sonoda:: Is there something we can use in the documents you brought?
Yuki: How about this?
Sonoda:: That’s good. Now let’s narrow down the theme color...
(Yuki: Amazing... He makes sense of my desires and keeps coming up with good ideas.)
(Yuki: Since we've been at odds with Durak until now, I didn’t know Sonoda-san very well.)
(Yuki: He’s surprisingly dependable.)
(Yuki: Somehow working with Sonoda-san is exciting.)
(Yuki: It’s like going to my favorite restaurant and having food made just to my tastes.)
(Yuki: He asks about what I want, and understands it, and makes it happen.)
(Yuki: I might be working with someone amazing right now...)
Yuki: Okay, it’s done!
Sonoda:: Yeah, it’s pretty good.
Yuki: It’s thanks to you!
Yuki: If I make color copies of these, I’m sure it will get people’s attention, and make everyone want to participate!
Sonoda:: I’m glad you’re happy.
Sonoda:: If there’s ever anything else, I’ll help you.
Yuki: Sonoda-san...
Yuki: Thank you. I thought you were hard to get close to because you’re in Durak...
Yuki: But I was wrong! For the sake of the school, from now on, let’s take on challenges togeth...
Sonoda:: Ahaha. You don’t have to worry about that.
Sonoda:: As long as I get this, I’ll do anything.
Yuki: Huh? This paper is...
Yuki: ...An invoice!?
Yuki: ...Um, the fee for designing the flyer!? You’re charging for this!?
(Yuki: After all, Sonoda-san is Sonoda-san...)
(Yuki: So he was being cooperative for the sake of money...)
Yuki: ...Hm? But the line for the total just has a cherry blossom mark. [note!]The word 'sakura' means 'cherry blossom' but also has a double meaning as 'shill' or 'fake buyer.' Oh, Sonoda, you crafty rat. :3
Yuki: This is...
Sonoda:: Next time you order the F set at the cafeteria, the proceeds will go toward this, and I’ll consider the debt even.
Yuki: The F set... Oh, it’s that luxury French set that costs four meal tickets!
Sonoda:: Recently the special dishes have squeezed people’s wallets too much, so that fewer people order the expensive lunch sets.
Sonoda:: So if you order it and you eat it like it’s so delicious, it’ll be good publicity.
Yuki: ...So in short, I’m going to be a shill?
Sonoda:: That’s right. Only, you’ll be paying the cost of your own meal.
Yuki: Ohhh, so that’s why there’s a cherry blossom mark...
Sonoda:: Then it’s decided.
Sonoda:: I’ll wait for your order tomorrow. Good job today.
Yuki: Right...
*Sonoda leaves*
(Yuki: Ordering the F set instead of paying for the design...)
(Yuki: I have the feeling that having to pay is never going to change.)
Yuki: *sigh*...
Yuki: But we were able to make a nice flyer, and I got to see the dependable side of Sonoda-san. Oh well!
Yuki: Alright, I’ll make the ball tournament a success!

I'm fine by myself.

(decision #1b: I'm fine by myself.)
Yuki: I'm fine by myself. Since the job was entrusted to me.
Sonoda:: I see. Then, do your best.
Yuki: Yes! Thank you!
(Yuki: Alright, just a little more, I'll do my best!)

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