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common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

This is a short "day" that really only exists to let you know which character Yuki is closest to. He'll receive an email about the ball tournament from his closest friend.

Note: It's possible to receive multiple emails if your affinity with two (or more?) characters is equal. We've only seen emails from Joker and Sonoda at the same time, but it is probably possible with other combinations as well.

may 26

Yuki: Ah, I'm so tired.
(Yuki: Tomorrow is finally the Gourmand Cup, but I wonder if this completes most of the preparation.)
(Yuki: The rest is stuff that can only be done on the actual day...)
(Yuki: Still, it was really hard.)

if Yuki's closest friend is Kuya

(Yuki: Well, since Kuya-san and Takato-san did most of it, it was more like I was helping...)
*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Kuya-san
sub: It's tomorrow!
text: Good job on the preparations! It's finally tomorrow. It seems most of the third years are participating. And they said they were looking forward to it! Well done, it's thanks to your idea. I'm sure it'll be exciting tomorrow. Let's have lots of fun!
(Yuki: Good job, huh? But didn't Kuya-san tire himself out getting things ready with me before?)
(Yuki: But there's people looking forward to it...)
Yuki: Hehehe.
(Yuki: Just a little more, let's do our best.)

if Yuki's closest friend is Takato

*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Takato-san
sub: Tomorrow's weather
text: It seems there's a 10% chance of precipitation tomorrow. If we're graced with good weather, it will be a fine ball tournament. Then, good night |ω`*)ノ
(Yuki: If it's 10%, I'm sure it'll be fine. Thank goodness.)
(Yuki: I'll send Takato-san a thank you email.)

if Yuki's closest friend is Joker

*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Joker-san
sub: I look forward to it☆
text: Finally, tomorrow is the ball tournament you planned. Since I've designed all the recent events, this time I'm really looking forward to it. Then, see you tomorrow♪
(Yuki: I was worried since it was my first plan, but since it seems he's enjoying it, I'm glad.)
(Yuki: I absolutely have to make it a success.)
(Yuki: I'll reply. "Please enjoy tomorrow.")

if Yuki's closest friend is Sonoda

*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Sonoda-san
sub: Good job on your chores
text: I'm impressed you properly handled the preparations for the ball tournament. If Kiyo seems like he's forcing another unreasonable demand on you, talk to me. I'll help you. Of course, I'll refuse if there's no compensation.
(Yuki: I'm happy he's worried about me, but turning it down if there's no compensation, that's just like Sonoda-san...)
(Yuki: I'm sure there must be a lot of hard things, being in Durak.)
(Yuki: I'll reply. "Thank you for worrying about me.")

if Yuki's closest friend is Chiba

*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Chiba-san
sub: (none)
text: Are the preparations complete? Don't make Joker-sama bored.
(Yuki: I guess this is about the ball tournament.)
(Yuki: Although I'm not really doing it for Joker-san's sake...)
(Yuki: Oh well.)
(Yuki: Since he emailed me, I'll reply.)
Yuki: "Chiba-san, please have fun too," there.

if Yuki's closest friend is Arata

*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Arata-san
sub: Finally
text: It's the ball tournament that you did so much work for. I look forward to it. I hope our team wins.
(Yuki: 'Our team,' he said. What kind of dish did Arata-san choose?)
(Yuki: I'm interested, but I'll look forward to hearing it tomorrow.)
(Yuki: Um, as a response, I'll put 'thank you' ...)

if Yuki's closest friend is Tomo

*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Tomo
sub: Tomorrow's ball tournament
text: Not sleeping properly is the cause of injuries, so sleep tight.
(Yuki: Sleep tight, that's a very Tomo-like email...)
(Yuki: But maybe it's a bit athlete-like to be worried about getting injured.)
(Yuki: "You sleep too much, so don't oversleep," I'll reply.)

if Yuki's closest friend is Yagami

*email sound*
Yuki: Huh, it's an email.
sender: Yagami
sub: The ball tournament
text: It seems the ball tournament is tomorrow. It was blah last year so I skipped it, but it seems there's a decent prize this year, so I'm participating. I won't allow half-assed efforts, so if we're on the same team, prepare yourself. Since I'm doing it, I'll definitely win.
(Yuki: Since Yagami is participating, it seems the prize this year is really good.)
(Yuki: But, if we're on a team together...)
(Yuki: Um, as a response, I'll put "anyway, let's have fun tomorrow.")

Yuki: *yaaawn*
(Yuki: I have to get up early tomorrow, so I'll go to bed now...)
(Yuki: May the ball tournament be a success!)

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