gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

Please NOTE: This day will not appear at all if Yuki is not friendly enough with Yagami. If you are having trouble getting this scene, be sure to visit Yagami on May 14 and join team yakiniku in the ball tournament.

may 28

Yuki: *sigh*...
(Yuki: I spent all day relaxing lazily, but I was exhausted by the ball tournament yesterday.)
(Yuki: I'll do my best in the student council again starting tomorrow!)

(dorm hallway)
Yuki: I'm kind of thirsty.
Yuki: Oh, it's Yagami.

(decision #1)
Talk to him.

(decision #1a: Talk to him.)
Yuki: Yaaagami!
Yagami: Huh?
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: There's someone standing there carrying kind of a big thing on his back.
Yuki: He's in front of your room, isn't he?
Yagami: Yeah.
Yuki: Oh, he turned this way.
(Yuki: The color of his necktie. So he's a second year.)
Yagami: Tch. That guy...
??: Yagami!
Yuki: Huh? He's someone you know?
Yagami: Shut up. It's none of your business.
??: Yagami. I was waiting.
Yuki: Is he... a friend of yours!?
Yagami: ...Hell no.
Yuki: That's... right. Your types are kind of different.
??: Huuuh? Really?
Yuki: Yeah... Wait, sorry. And you are...?
??: I'm Omi. A second year. Last year, I was in the same class as Yagami.
Omi: You're the new Ace, aren't you?
Yuki: Yes. I'm Asahina Yuki.
Omi: I see. You're the much talked about student council president.
Yuki: By the way, that big thing on your back...
Omi: Yeah, it's a cello case. It's a bit big because it was custom made.
Yuki: Cello!? You mean the stringed instrument?
Omi: Yes. I'm with the music club.
Yagami: Get out of the way, dumbasses.
Yuki: Yagami?
Yagami: What do you think you're doing, blabbing in front of someone's room?
Yagami: Get lost. It's time for all the kiddies to go back to bed!
Yuki: Kiddies...
Omi: Hahaha. You're one to talk.
Omi: But I brought something nice for you, Yagami.
Yuki: Hm? *sniff sniff sniff* ...It smells good!
Omi: I had it sent from home so I thought I'd eat it with Yagami.
Omi: Look, it's a yakiniku bento.
Yuki: Yakiniku bento!!
Yuki: Uwah! Uwah! Uwah!
Yuki: It's really big!! And it smells so good!!
Yuki: The sweet smell of meat and fat... Urgh... It seems so delicious...
Yuki: I'm honestly jealous you got sent something like this...
Omi: My family runs a yakiniku restaurant.
Omi: They're expanding into a chain, so you may have heard the name.
Omi: It's called Kourakuen...
Yuki: Kourakuen!!
Yuki: I know it! It's a high class yakiniku chain restaurant!!
Omi: Yup. That Kourakuen.
Yagami: Ha. There is no high class yakiniku. ...But it's not bad.
Yuki: A yakiniku bento from Kourakuen, huh...? I'm sure the meat must be gleaming...
Yuki: With a rich sauce coating the fragrant meat, the meat juices even soaking into the fluffy rice...
Yagami: Urgh... Asahina, you dumbass... You're even making me hungry.
Yagami: Geez... When a person was trying to hold back...
Omi: Hehehe. You don't have to hold back.
Omi: Look, the yakiniku bento. I have two.
Yuki: Two...
Omi: Yagami, you were on team all-you-can-eat yakiniku in the Gourmand Cup, weren't you?
Omi: So I thought you might want to eat meat.
Yagami: U, urgh...
Yagami: Damnit!! You made me remember!!
Yagami: Screw the Manchu Han Imperial Feast! To hell with the Gourmand Cup!!
Yagami: A man's food is meat, after all!!
Yagami: Damn! Omi, you dumbass, take responsibility!
Yagami: Only meat can soothe the frustration of losing meat!!
Omi: Yeah. Okay.
Yagami: Alright! Come in! But after we eat, get the hell out!
Omi: Okay. Okay.
Omi: In return, I want you to let me hear your guitar synthesizer and stuff again.
Omi: Since we're here, we can take our time, right?
Yagami: What's that supposed to mean? You've got a lot of nerve. Eat and get out!
Omi: Mm. Then I'll come back tomorrow.
Omi: I still have some yakiniku bento in the freezer.
Omi: I have some marbled sirloin steak bento and sukiyaki bento too.
Yagami: Urrrgh... Sounds really good...
Yuki: They left...
Yuki: Yakiniku bento, huh... I wish I had one...
Yuki: Asking someone I just met for a bite too...
Yuki: I couldn't say it...
Yuki: *sigh* Yakiniku bento...
Yuki: Urgh. It seemed so delicious...
Yuki: ...I'm going back.
Yuki: If I stay here, even just the lingering smell is making me hungry.
Yuki: *sigh*
Yuki: So Yagami is suprisingly well-liked by his friends.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: I wish I had a yakiniku bento.
Yuki: Yakiniku...
Yuki: *siiigh*

Don't talk to him.

(decision #1b: Don't talk to him.)
Yuki: Oh, well.
Yuki: I'll go buy a soda.

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