gakuen heaven 2

common route translation and notes

This is a translation of the common route of Gakuen Heaven 2, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice.

introduction arc: May 12 (A)May 12 (B)May 12 (C)May 12 (D)May 13May 14May ?? & 17May 20
ball tournament arc: May 22May 23May 24May 26May 27 (A)May 27 (B)May 28May 29
Bell One arc: June 1 (A)June 1 (B)June 1 (C)June 2

It's the end of the common route! Though the game defines the beginning of each character route a little differently, for the purposes of this translation, the common route ends with the Bell One partner decision.

june 2

if Yuki emailed Kuya or Takato on June 1

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: Alright! Nice weather!
Yuki: Today's the day I'll find the armband!
(Yuki: Although I got that weird email last night...)
(Yuki: That doesn't make it definite that it was stolen.)
(Yuki: I won't doubt others until I've searched to my satisfaction.)
(Yuki: As long as I find the armband, it'll be okay...)
*stomach growl*
Yuki: Before that, breakfast.

Kuya: Jambo, Yuki![note!]A Swahili greeting.
Yuki: Good morning.
Kuya: You seem really fired up. That's a huge portion!
Yuki: Oh, this. I thought I'd cheer up by eating plenty.
Kuya: Yeah. That's the spirit!
Kuya: Well, I was expecting your effort, and got this as a present to celebrate in advance.
Yuki: Oooooh!
Yuki: This is the special premium ice that costs 350 yen!
Kuya: And it's a new item that just arrived yesterday at the school store!
Yuki: Can I really have it?
Kuya: Of course!
Yuki: Delicious!
Kuya: Yeah. Eat up and do your best!
Yuki: Right!!
Takato: ...Then, this is from me.
Yuki: Waa!? It's cold...!
Yuki: Takato-san!
Takato: Good morning.
Yuki: Good morning. What is this creme caramel?
Takato: It's a gift. You like it, don't you?
Yuki: I do, I do, I love it!!
Takato: Although I never thought I'd do the same thing as Kuya.
Kuya: It's idea overlap!
Kuya: But mine was first! I win!
Takato: What contest was that?
Yuki: When it comes to delicious things, you can overlap as much as you like!
Yuki: Takato-san and Kuya-san, thank you!
Takato: You're welcome.
Kuya: Yeah!
Takato: Right, right. If you're going to look for the armband, I'll help too...
Yuki: Oh! About that...
Yuki: Actually, last night, someone sent this to my cell phone.
Kuya: Email?
Takato: It's a video.
Takato: This is...!
Takato: Who's the sender?
Yuki: It was blank.
Kuya: I see.
Kuya: How many people are there who know your email address?
Yuki: There's a lot. I haven't ever changed my email address.
Takato: What if you restrict it to people at this school?
Yuki: Even then, there's a lot. Since I don't try to hide it.
Yuki: But just who would send something like this to me, and why?
Kuya: That's right...
Yuki: Huh? An announcement?
announcement: Today at 8:30am, there will be a schoolwide assembly held by the board of directors.
announcement: All students please come to the auditorium, and not class, by that time.
announcement: I repeat. Today...
Kuya: It's started...
Takato: Apparently, we don't have time to make a leisurely search for the armband.

if Yuki emailed Joker on June 1

Yuki: Curry again today...
Yuki: it stimulates my appetite, but maybe I understand the feeling of getting tired of curry.
??: Yuki-kun!
Yuki: Hm?
Dora-chan: Good morning! Are you well today?
Yuki: Good morning. You seem to be having fun.
Dora-chan: Yes. I'm well today, and having fun.
Yuki: I'm glad.
Joker: You don't seem to be, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: Yeah. I guess...
Dora-chan: That's not good! Yuki-kun, please cheer up.
Yuki: Right...
Yuki: But too many things happened yesterday.
Yuki: When I think about what's going to happen from now on, of course I can't really feel happy...
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun, you look sad. Is there anything I can do?
Yuki: No...
Joker: Well then, I'll give you a thrill.
Yuki: A thrill. If you're going to surprise me, I've had plenty of that yesterday.
Yuki: Really, enough to be fed up with it.
Joker: Now, don't say that.
Joker: I'll give you an awesome thrill so you won't feel like being depressed.
Yuki: Wait... what is this? It's a meat-stuffed pepper?
Joker: It's meat-stuffed habanero.
Yuki: Habanero...?
Yuki: Oh! From the Gourmand Cup!
Joker: Yep. The ones Dora-chan and I missed out on adding to the cafeteria menu.
Dora-chan: It was a shame we lost that time.
Joker: Seriously.
Joker: So, this morning, Dora-chan made it special.
Yuki: Habanero, huh...?
(Yuki: What should I do...?)

(decision #1)
I'll pass.

(decision #1a: I'll pass.)
Yuki: Thank you. But I'll pass...
Joker: You're not going to eat it...
Yuki: Haha. I'm sure the thrill of a habanero would blow away my worries...
Yuki: But it seems like it would cause a problem elsewhere.
Yuki: I'm not as good with spicy things as you are, Joker-san.
Joker: Hmm. But it was specially prepared.
Joker: But, well, if that's what you say, I'll give you this instead.
Yuki: What is this drink...?
Dora-chan: Masala chai.
Yuki: Masala chai?
Joker: Chai. Indian milk tea.
Dora-chan: Right. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper.
Dora-chan: It has lots of spices and it's sweet. It's very delicious.
Yuki: Mmm, it smells sweet.
Yuki: Then I'll drink up without hesitation.
Joker: Go ahead.
Yuki: *gulp*
Yuki: ...!!
Yuki: Gaaaaah!!!!
Dora-chan: Oh my. Yuki-kun, what's the matter?
Yuki: S, s, spicy!! And sweet!!!!
Yuki: What is this!? It's different from any chai I know!!
Joker: It's a special chai made to my liking.
Dora-chan: Perhaps Joker-kun's chai is has too much sugar and and too many spices for Yuki-kun.
Joker: I wonder. Even though this much is delicious.
Yuki: I, it's not even at the level of too much! Water! Water!!

I'll accept it.

(decision #1b: I'll accept it.)
Yuki: ...Here I go.
(Yuki: I have kind of a bad feeling, but since this was made just for me...)
Joker: Are you okay? Your smile's getting strained.
Yuki: Haha. I'm fine.
(Yuki: Probably...)
Yuki: It smells really delicious!
Yuki: I'll eat it gratefully!!
Dora-chan: Please, eat up!
Yuki: Right! Time to eat!!
Yuki: *munch*
Yuki: Hm?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Delicious.
Yuki: Habanero... it's not as spicy as I thought, rather, it's sweet.
Yuki: And the savoriness of the meat...
Yuki: ...!!
Yuki: Gah!!
Yuki: It hiiiiiit!!!!!!
Joker: It hit?
Yuki: It hit it hit it hit ih hih ih hih!! Spicyyyyy! The heat hit laterrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Yuki: Water! W, water! My tongue... my tongue is dying...
Joker: I tried it before, but was it that spicy...?
Joker: Dora-chan, give Yuki-kun something to drink.
Dora-chan: Yes!! Here's a drink!

Dora-chan: Here you go.
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: *glug glug glug*...
Yuki: *pant pant* ...My tongue is still tingling...
Yuki: The inside of my mouth is numb...
Joker: Are you okay?
Yuki: Yes... Somehow.
Joker: That's good.
(Yuki: Good...? He's enjoying my reaction.)
(Yuki: Or does he seriously think it's delicious?)
Joker: Hm? What's the matter?
Yuki: No, it's nothing...
(Yuki: Well, it's true that the thrill just now obliterated my gloomy mood...)
(Yuki: I feel like even my worries were completely blown away from my memory.)
(Yuki: Somehow I felt I even saw a field of flowers I'd never seen before...)[note!]Implying that he just had a near death experience, probably referring to the flowers growing along the shore of the river that spirits must cross over in the Japanese Buddhist afterlife.
(Yuki: Was Joker-san trying to encourage me?)
(Yuki: Or was he just teasing me...?)
(Yuki: When it comes to Joker-san, I don't know how much is serious and how much is a joke...)
(Yuki: Seriously.)
announcement: Today at 8:30am, there will be a schoolwide assembly held by the board of directors.
(Yuki: ...It's started!)
Yuki: ...Alright. Let's go.

if Yuki emailed Sonoda on June 1

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: ...*mmm*...
Yuki: ...*gasp!*
Yuki: ...The sound of my stomach woke me up...
Yuki: *sigh*... Even when depressed, people get hungry...
Yuki: ...I'll go to the cafeteria and first have a good meal...

Yuki: Ugh... It smells like curry everywhere...
Yuki: After all, there's no food other than curry...
Yuki: Even though I wanted to eat something different for breakfast in order to change my mood…
*rattling dishes*
(Yuki: Huh, the plate right in front of me…)
(Yuki: Huh!?)
(Yuki: What is this delicious looking celebrity-type breakfast!?)
(Yuki: A dream!? Am I still dreaming!?)
(Yuki: If it's not a dream, then the person who's doing this for me is…)
Yuki: Sonoda-san!
Yuki: What is this!!?
Sonoda: It's a morning plate of eggs benedict and salad.
Sonoda: Since you sent that depressed email yesterday, I thought I would cheer you up.
Sonoda: Normally my policy is not to cook in the dorm kitchen, but just this morning, I borrowed it special.
Yuki: Thank you! Thank you...!
(Yuki: Somehow, Sonoda-san seems like a god.)
Yuki: Uwaaah! It looks delicious!
Yuki: This egg is all creamy, this is eggs benedict?
Yuki: …This sauce and the creaminess of the egg, it's perfect like a work of art of egg cuisine!
Yuki: And the dressing on the salad tastes so fresh, and it's so flavorful!!
Yuki: Sonoda-san, it's really delicious!
Sonoda: I made it, so of course.
Sonoda: How about it, are you cheered up?
Yuki: Yeah! Completely!
Yuki: This eggs benedict is especially awesome!
Yuki: I got so excited the moment I cut into the poached egg.
Sonoda: Right? When I was a kid, I often ate it on mornings when I wasn't feeling too cheery.
Yuki: You've been making your own breakfast since you were a kid?
Sonoda: Of course, I made it a lot by myself, but it was my father's specialty.
Yuki: Wow...
Sonoda: He always made it on days I was depressed, or the day after something bad happened.
Yuki: What a kind father.
Sonoda: ...I'm not so sure about that.
Yuki: If he was your father, he must have been really good at cooking.
Yuki: Is your father a cook too?
Sonoda: Who knows. I don't know what he's doing now.
(Yuki: Huh? His expression changed...?)
(Yuki: What does it mean, he doesn't know what he's doing now...?)
Sonoda: Well, hurry up and eat.
Yuki: Thank you, Sonoda-san! I don't know what I should say in thanks for encouraging me like this…
Yuki: ...Wait, he's gone?
Yuki: I wanted to give him my thanks.
Yuki: ...Wait, hm...?
Yuki: ...Huh? There's a letter under the plate...
Yuki: Maybe it's a letter from Sonoda-san to encourage me!
Yuki: He normally doesn't show it, but maybe he's actually really nice...
Yuki: Umm, what is it?
Yuki: ...For the morning plate.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...An invoice!
Yuki: Ugggh! This celebrity breakfast wasn't free...?
Yuki: Well, that's Sonoda-san...
Yuki: But, well, I did get a bit cheered up.
Yuki: ...Hm? It's the announcement chime…
announcement: Today at 8:30am, there will be a schoolwide assembly held by the board of directors.
Yuki: ...A schoolwide assembly... I'm sure it's about that...
Yuki: ...Alright. I'll try my best to do whatever I can.
Yuki: This delicious breakfast has cheered me up.
Yuki: Thanks, Sonoda-san!
Yuki: ...Though it did come with an invoice.

if Yuki emailed Chiba on June 1

(outside the dorm)
*rustle rustle*
Yuki: Ugh... It's not here after all...
Chiba: Are you looking for the armband?
Yuki: Oh, good morning...
Chiba: You're up early.
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: I just kind of woke up.
Yuki: And so, first I decided to search in the dorm...
announcement: Today at 8:30am, there will be a schoolwide assembly held by the board of directors.
announcement: All students please come to the auditorium, and not class, by that time.
announcement: I repeat. Today...
Yuki: Already...!
Yuki: Chiba-san, then I'm going to school!!
Chiba: ...
(Yuki: They're already making a move... Are they going to tell everyone else that they're closing the school?)
Yuki: I'll never let them...
(Yuki: By the way, I feel like someone's been with me for a while...)

(path to the school)
Yuki: Chiba-san? Why?
Chiba: I'm escorting you.
Yuki: Escort?
Chiba: Right.
Yuki: Ah...
Chiba: Let's go.
Yuki: Oh. Right.
(Yuki: Chiba-san is my escort?)
(Yuki: Why, all of a sudden...?)
student 1: Oh, it's the Ace...
Chiba: *glare*
student 1: Eek!
student 2: Mornin'! Asahina, about that homework...
Chiba: *sharp look*
student 2: ...Then, later.
(Yuki: Um. He's an excellent escort... maybe...)
(Yuki: To put it bluntly, it's a bit confusing, or rather, everyone's intimdated...)
Yuki: Um... Chiba-san? You don't have morning practice for kendo today?
Chiba: It's over.
Yuki: Huh? But it's still pretty early.
Chiba: I got up early.
Yuki: In order to escort me?
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Um, could it be that Joker-san asked you to escort me?
Chiba: ...
Chiba: ...We're here.

(path inside the school)
Yuki: The school...
Chiba: Are you going by the classroom first? Or are you heading straight to the auditorium?
Yuki: Oh, um. Then, the auditorium...
Chiba: Fine. Let's go.

if Yuki emailed Arata on June 1

Yuki: *sigh*...
Yuki: I tried coming to school early, but even so, I didn't find the armband...
??: Oh my. Ace-kun. Morning.
Yuki: Good morning. You have morning practice?
Arata: Right. It just finished.
Maro: Kuku.
Arata: You're up early. Could you be looking for the armband?

if Yuki did not receive a response to his email

Yuki: Yes. Sorry for the email out of nowhere yesterday.
Arata: Sorry I didn't reply. I looked at my phone this morning.
Yuki: No, I was too sudden.
Arata: I hope you find it.

Yuki: Yes. I thought I'd look for it up until the school assembly.
Arata: School assembly?
Yuki: Yes. It was announced this morning, wasn't it?
Arata: Uh-uh, I didn't hear it.
Yuki: Really? I heard it in the dorm, the board is holding it starting at 8:30, it said.
Yuki: I guess it wasn't broadcast in the school building?
Arata: I wonder? Maybe I didn't hear it because I was swimming.
Yuki: I see.
Arata: Still, you're really great, Ace-kun.
Yuki: Huh? Why?
Arata: Well, you know, you're working really hard as student council president.
Arata: Good job, good job.
Yuki: No... I didn't do anything praiseworthy. And I've lost the important armband...
Arata: It's fine, it's fine.
Arata: O-Sagi-san and O-Taka-san are exceptional. I'm sure they can help you.
Yuki: Yes... They're doing what they can..
Arata: See?
Arata: Everyone's on your side, Ace-kun! So hang in there.
Yuki: Ah...
(Yuki: Everyone, huh?)
(Yuki: Well, it's reassuring that Kuya-san and Takato-san are doing things for me, but...)
(Yuki: Yesterday, Arata-san offered me some ideas... I should be encouraged.)
(Yuki: But I wonder why... I feel a little sad...)

only if Yuki asked Arata to help search for the armband on June 1

Wakasama: Meow.
Yuki: Oh, Wakasama.
Yuki: Thanks for yesterday. You helped look too, didn't you?
Wakasama: Meow.
*tug tug*
Yuki: Huh? What is it? He's pulling on the hem of my pants...
Yuki: Could he have found the armband!?
Yuki: ...But it doesn't seem like it.
Arata: Wrooong. Wakasama's saying give me something.
Yuki: A demand...
Arata: It's his fee. Seems like food would be good.
Yuki: Haha, food.
Yuki: Oh. Then I have something nice.
Wakasama: Meow.
Yuki: Ta-daaa. An omelette dog.
Arata: What is that? That's the first time I've seen it.
Yuki: It's a ground meat omelette inside a hot dog bun.
Wakasama: Meow♪
Yuki: I thought I'd eat it as a snack, so I brought it with me. I wonder if he'll eat an omelette?
Wakasama: Meow. Meow.
Yuki: Haha. He's meowing really cutely.
Arata: Egg dishes are Wakasama's favorite.
Yuki: Alright. It's a fluffy omelette. Here.
Wakasama: Meow.
Yuki: He's eating it, he's eating it!
Yuki: There, there. Wakasama, let's work together again.

if Yuki emailed Tomo on June 1

Yuki: Oh.
Tomo: Hey...

if Tomo replied to Yuki's email

Yuki: Morning. What a coincidence, we're up at the same time.
Tomo: Really. Morning.
Yuki: Are you having breakfast now too?
Tomo: No, I have something to do, I'm going on ahead.
Yuki: Something...?
Yuki: Is it director work? You're busy so early--
Yuki: *mmmgh!?*
Tomo: Idiot! Shh!
Yuki: M, mmm...
Tomo: Don't talk about that in a place like this. You don't know who's listening.
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: S, sorry. You suddenly covered my mouth so I thought, what the heck?
Tomo: I'm the one who was surprised.
Yuki: Sorry.
Tomo: Despite how I look, I've been taking a lot of annoying pains so no one finds out.
Yuki: It must be tough.
Tomo: So you be careful not to say it unconsciously too.
Yuki: Yeah, I'll be careful.
Tomo: Bye, I'm going on ahead.
Yuki: See you later.
Yuki: Oh.
(Yuki: Damn. I missed my chance to say I wanted to talk about him being the director.)
Yuki: I should tell him next time...

if Tomo did not reply to Yuki's email

Tomo: Sorry.
Yuki: Huh? What?
Tomo: You sent me an email last night, didn't you? I was busy and didn't notice it.
Yuki: Oh, it's fine. If you were busy, it couldn't be helped.
Yuki: Then, are you having breakfast too? Let's go together...
Tomo: No, I have something to do, I'm going on ahead.
Yuki: Oh... I see.
Yuki: Then, see you at school later.
Tomo: Yeah, bye.
Yuki: It can't be helped. Then I'll go to the cafeteria by myself...

announcement: Today at 8:30am, there will be a schoolwide assembly held by the board of directors.
Yuki: The board...
announcement: All students please come to the auditorium, and not class, by that time.
announcement: I repeat. Today...
Yuki: It has to be that...
Yuki: Damnit. We absolutely won't lose.

if Yuki emailed Yagami on June 1

Yuki: Morning.
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Yagami!?
Yagami: Hey.
Yuki: Morning. Did something happen today that you're up early, even though you're always late?
Yagami: Shut up.
Yuki: Ow... You have a bad habit of kicking...
Yagami: Nothing fucking happened. You're looking for the armband, aren't you?
Yuki: I am...
Yuki: Oh, are you going to look for it with me?
Yagami: I wasn't really, but... What?
Yuki: ...
Yagami: What?
Yuki: Despite how you look, you're really nice, or rather, you care about people.
Yagami: S, shut up! You dumbass!!
Yuki: Owww.
Yagami: Ugh. Don't smile like an idiot.
Yagami: Geez... It's something important to you, isn't it?
Yuki: Yeah...
Yagami: Then let's check in the main places before class begins.
Yuki: Yeah, thanks.
Yuki: But now I have to go to the auditorium.
Yagami: Wha? The auditorium? What you gotta do over there?
Yuki: The announcement. Didn't you hear it?
Yagami: Announcement?
Yuki: This morning, didn't they announce that there's going to be a schoolwide assembly held by the board of directors in the auditorium?
Yuki: Didn't you hear it?
Yagami: I dunno. I had my headphones on until now.
Yuki: Hmm. Music is nice and all, but you should pay attention.
Yagami: Shut up. I can do what I want in my room.
Yuki: Come to think of it, I didn't see you in the dorm cafeteria.
Yagami: So what?
Yuki: Did you eat breakfast?
Yagami: Are you an idiot? Who eats curry in the morning!?
Yuki: But the morning curry... it's delicious, isn't it?
Yagami: I'm telling you.
Yagami: Anyway, I always skip breakfast.
Yagami: Don't lump me in with your rubber-like stomach that can eat huge amounts of curry early in the morning!
Yuki: Hmm, but you can't wake up if you skip breakfast.
Yagami: Shut it!!
*stomach growl*
Yagami: Urgh...
Yuki: That wasn't me just now.
Yagami: D, don't point out every little thing.
Yuki: Right, right.
Yuki: Here, I'll give you this.
Yagami: What's this sandwich?
Yuki: It's my snack, but you can have it.
Yagami: I don't need it!!
Yuki: But you're hungry, aren't you?
Yuki: You can't fight on an empty stomach. It's thanks, since you said you'd look with me.
Yagami: I said I don't need it!
Yagami: Anyway, what's the point of being given food by a perpetually hungry guy like you?
Yagami: I'll manage by psyching myself up.
Yuki: Psyching up, huh...?
Yagami: That's right! Psyching up, psyching up!!
Yagami: You're always hungry because you can't psych yourself up enough!!
Yagami: Hey! The auditorium!! Let's just go!!
*stomach growl*
Yagami: Damnit!
Yuki: Don't push yourself.

Yuki: Everyone's already gathered...
student 1: Hey, what's with having a student assembly so early in the morning?
student 2: Who knows? Maybe someone won a contest or something like that?
(Yuki: If only it were that...)

only if Yuki met Kuya and Takato in the morning

Yuki: Kuya-san, just what is the board trying to do...?
Yuki: Huh? Where's Kuya-san?
Takato: It seems he stepped out for a bit. More importantly, Asahina,
Takato: You go to the wings. If you're near the stage, you can act quickly when something happens.
Yuki: ...Right!

only if Yuki did not meet Kuya and Takato in the morning

Takato: Asahina.
Yuki: Takato-san.

only if Yuki met Chiba in the morning

Chiba: Bye.
Yuki: Thank you.
(Yuki: He really did escort me...)
Takato: Asahina, what was that...?
Yuki: Oh! He wasn't trying to pick a fight or anything. He was just escorting me.
Yuki: More importantly...

Yuki: What's the board trying to do? They wouldn't announce that all of a sudden...
Takato: Shh. Not here.
Takato: Let's go wait in the wings.
Yuki: Right...

(stage wing)
Yuki: Takato-san, is it okay to watch quietly from here?
Yuki: If the board is going to announce to everyone that they're closing the school, we have to stop them...
Takato: Then are you going to dismiss everyone who's gathered? What will you say?
Yuki: Well...
Takato: For now, anyway, let's wait for them to make their move.
Takato: And look...
??: Is everyone here?
Takato: It's beginning.
Yuki: Huh, the one who's over there is...
Sakaki: I'm assistant director Sakaki. I'll begin the schoolwide assembly now.
Yuki: Huh!?
Takato: What is it?
Yuki: Just now, Professor Sakaki said he was the assistant director...
Takato: Yes. He is the school's assistant director and a representative of the board.
Yuki: Whaa!?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki's the math teacher, isn't he? But he's a representative of the board?
Takato: He's both. It's not really a secret. All the students know.
Takato: Didn't you notice that his name was written on the proposal that arrived from the board yesterday?
Yuki: My head was too full with the idea that the school might close then, so I just couldn't.
Sakaki: Well then, I'll tell you the board's decision. Everyone, listen up.
Sakaki: The board has, as this time... decided to close Bell Liberty School.
Yuki: ...!
everyone: Whaaaa!!??
Yagami: Hey, seriously!? Did he just say close the school?
Arata: Yeah. That's what it sounded like.
Okaken: W, whaaat!!? This school can't close!
Keita: ...
student 1: Saying something like that all of a sudden, what's going to happen to the experiment I'm doing now!?
student 2: And I have a tournament coming up soon.
student 3: I mean, this sort of thing can't be possible.
Yuki: Damnit...! Of course they won't accept the school closing.
Yuki: This is definitely crazy!
(Yuki: All I can do as student council president is...)
Takato: Asahina...?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!!!

Sakaki: What, Asahina?
Yuki: As student council president, I oppose this decision!
Yuki: I'm raising an objection!
Yuki: Important decisions related to the school require the consent of the board, the director, and the student council president!
Yuki: It's wrong to decide this just by the will of the board.
Yuki: As student council president, I don't accept this tyrannical decision, and I'm sure the director has the same opinion.
Yuki: Above all, the students of this school don't accept having such a thing announced so suddenly!
Yuki: So you can't decide to close the school here!!
student 1: That's right!!
student 2: Yeah! You tell him, new Ace!
Sakaki: Hm... is that all you want to say, Asahina Yuki?
Yuki: Wha...?
Sakaki: I'm aware that the consent of the board, director, and student council president is needed for important decisions about the school.
Sakaki: You don't have to point that out to me.
Yuki: Then...
Sakaki: But that's only if the three are legitimately present.
Sakaki: Can you say you're the legitimate student council president right now?
Yuki: What's that supposed to mean...?
Sakaki: According to the rules, the rights of the school's student council president are conveyed by the armband, along with the recognition to exercise them.
Sakaki: In short, the person with the armband equals the person with the right to object.
Sakaki: Am I wrong?
Yuki: ...That's right.
Sakaki: But I don't see the armband that's proof of that on your arm right now, do I?
Yuki: ...W, well...
Arata: Oh, was it that important?
Yagami: Which means it's really bad if it's gone, doesn't it!?
Sakaki: Or did you simply forget to put it on today?
Yuki: ...!
Yuki: ...I'm sorry. I lost the armband.
Arata: Ace-kun...
Yagami: Geez, that guy, apologizing honestly...
Sakaki: Since you don't have the armband, I can't recognize you as student council president right now.
Yuki: But I'm sure the director will object to closing the school!
Yuki: Then, right now, the opinion is one against one so you can't decide to close the school!!
Sakaki: I see, I see. It's true that the votes for and against are one each, and a decision can't be handed down.
Sakaki: Then... what about this?
Yuki: T, that's my armband!! Why do you have it, Professor Sakaki!?
Sakaki: Why indeed.
Yagami: That bastard Sakaki!
Yuki: No way, you stole it...
Sakaki: Don't speak ill of people. Do you think you can act that way with a teacher, even as a joke?
Sakaki: The truth is, you threw it away, didn't you? Unable to handle the pressure of being student council president.
Yuki: I was entrusted with the armband! I wouldn't throw it away!!
Yuki: It was stolen.
Sakaki: Since you say that, you must have proof it was stolen.
Yuki: Proof, here it is... Please take a look at this movie!
Yuki: It clearly shows the hands of the person who stole my armband!
Sakaki: Oh... It does look like someone is stealing it.
Sakaki: But what kind of proof is this?
Yuki: What kind...? It clearly shows it.
Sakaki: It's difficult to prove that someone is stealing something with just a movie of hands.
Sakaki: It's possible that you fabricated this as an excuse for losing the armband.
Yuki: I wouldn't do that!!
Sakaki: Anyway, whatever the circumstance, the armband went from you to a third party.
Sakaki: Shouldn't you consider that the position and rights of student council president were transferred at that time?
Sakaki: Just like when you received the rights of the Ace.
Sakaki: In short, whatever you say right now is invalid.
Yuki: But I didn't actually let go of the armband of my own will.
Sakaki: Then for the sake of argument, let's say a student at this school did steal the armband as shown in the video.
Yuki: ...Okay.
Sakaki: In that case, even while naming yourself a representative of the students at this school, you're calling a fellow student a thief?
Yuki: I want to believe that's not true.
Yuki: But if it's true, I think it's necessary to give it properly as a fellow student.
Sakaki: What will you do if the thief is a student who doesn't want the school to stay open?
Sakaki: What if they want it to close, and entrusted me with the armband?
Sakaki: In that case, it would be two against one, and no matter how the director objected, he couldn't overturn the decision.
Yuki: Ugh...
Yuki: Damnit...
(Yuki: Isn't there anything I can do...?)
(Yuki: Isn't there any way to keep this school from closing!?)
(Yuki: I...)
??: Hold yer horses!
Yuki: Huh?
(Yuki: That was a kinda robotic voice...)
??: No, no. This is just too sad.
Yuki: Huh!? Where is it!?
??: Here, over here.
Yuki: ...A bear?
Panda plush: Tadaaa!!
Panda plush: Did y'all think Ah was a bear? Ah'm not a bear, Ah'm Panda-san![note!]Panda-san speaks in Kansai dialect, which is often rendered as a heavy Southern accent when translated into English. Sooo... that's also how we're handling it in our translation. Panda-san is particularly over-the-top, so the translation is too! :3
Yuki: P, panda!?
Sakaki: To be exact, it's a plush panda.
Panda plush: Tsk tsk tsk, Ah'm not a panda or a plush, Ah'm Panda-san.
Sakaki: That doesn't matter. Just what are you trying to do?
Panda-san: It does matter! Y'all gotta respect me even though Ah'm a plush.
Panda-san: Even though Panda's a panda, Ah represent the director!
Yuki: R, represent the director!?
(Yuki: Which means, this voice is Tomo talking...?)
Sakaki: ...
Panda-san: Well, don't sweat the details.
Panda-san: More importantly, Ah heard the story that this school might close!
Panda-san: Sakaki-han! What ya said is correct!
Panda-san: The student council president-han who lost the armband was careless, but...
Yuki: No, I'm telling you, I didn't lose the armband...
Panda-san: But since ya don't have clear evidence, it may have been stolen, or it may not.
Panda-san: No one knows if it's true or not.
Yuki: Well, that's true...
Panda-san: But Sakaki-han! Isn't closin' the school goin' too far?
Panda-san: It's true that without the armband, the student council president-han doesn't have the qualifications to call himself the Ace.
Panda-san: But to turn it around, if the student council president-han has a character worthy of receivin' the rights of the Ace...
Panda-san: Wouldn't it be fine even if the armband was transferred to someone else?
Panda-san: Look. This new Ace-han is still determined to be the student council president.
Yuki: Of course!!
Panda-san: ...Which means, as the representative of the director, Ah have a proposal.
Sakaki: Proposal...?
Panda-san: Let's find out if the new student council president-han is really fit to be the Ace or not...
Panda-san: How about holdin' an event to prove it in front of everyone?
Panda-san: It'll be called... the Bell One Grand Prix!!
Sakaki: Oh...
Yuki: To test whether I'm fit to be the Ace or not...?
Panda-san: Yep!
Panda-san: It was seven years ago...
Panda-san: A thing called the MVP Battle was held at this school, triggered by the issue of a certain student's expulsion.
Panda-san: Do y'all know about it?
Yuki: MVP Battle...?
Yagami: What is that? Do you know?
Arata: Um... I feel like I may have heard about it from one of the graduates, or maybe not...
Chiba: Isn't it just a rumor?
Panda-san: Of course, that person knows all about it.
Panda-san: Right, Professor Ito?
Keita: Oh...
Keita: Yes, of course.
Keita: I won that MVP Battle.
Panda-san: Back then, it was an event to decide the top person at the school and grant their wish.
Panda-san: We'll hold a similar thing again and ascertain if that student council president-han is fit to be the Ace of the school or not.
Sakaki: Hmm...
Panda-san: Right? Good idea, isn't it? Panda-san is a genius, isn't he?
Panda-san: The style of the MVP Battle that was held seven years ago was choosin' a partner and cooperatin' as a team of two.
Panda-san: The student council president-han challengin' the crisis of the school alone is too sad.
Panda-san: Like in the MVP Battle, this time too, ya should choose a partner and fight.
Yuki: Partner?
Panda-san: Yep.
Panda-san: Well, explainin' the details about that is too annoyin', so ask Professor Ito later.
Panda-san: Hey, assistant director-han, how about it?
Panda-san: Are ya goin' to go along with Panda-san's ingenious plan?
Panda-san: What do all y'all at BL School think?
Arata: I agree!
Yagami: Like we'd let you close the school!
Chiba: Do it!!
Panda-san: How about it? Seems like all y'all agree, right?
Sakaki: I know for a fact that the MVP Battle was held in the past.
Sakaki: But specifically, how do you intend to hold it?
Panda-san: Leave it to me.
Panda-san: Then, it's y'all's turn now.
Joker: Thank you.
Kuya: Hey.
Joker: I'm Jokawa, in charge of the game plan.
Kuya: And I'm one of the people in charge of the quiz, Sagimori Kuya.
Sakaki: I see. I thought it was a ridiculous idea for the director, but you guys were involved.
Joker: But how could we not be involved in something fun that will shake up the whole school?
Joker: Besides, since the old MVP Battle was such an interesting project, I had to take advantage.
Kuya: If possible, I wanted to participate too. In the MVP Battle!
Joker: And so, here's the game plan for the Bell One Grand Prix, put together by us and the director.
Sakaki: You're well prepared.
Joker: Of course, this way, we can end up arranging it in a way advantageous to us.
Joker: How about incorporating the ideas of the board as well, to make it fair?
Sakaki: Hmph...
Sakaki: Since you've gone so far to make arrangements, then fine.
Sakaki: It's true that there's a point to your complaints that you can't accept the decision of the board.
Yuki: Then...!
Sakaki: But I can't issue a decision here. It will be after the board examines your documents.
Sakaki: You'll have your reply today after school.
Yuki: After school, huh.
Sakaki: That's right. Then you're all dismissed for now!

(stage wing)
Yuki: *sigh*... Bell One Grand Prix, huh?
Yuki: Things have... gotten kind of incredible...
Kuya: Well done, Yuki!
Kuya: It was just as I anticipated! You really are the student council president! Good work!
Yuki: Kuya-san...! What is this Bell One? I didn't hear anything about it at all...
Kuya: Yeah! Thanks to the objection you made to Professor Sakaki, our strategy was a huge success!
Yuki: Strategy?
Takato: It was the Bell One Grand Prix that the panda from before proposed.
Takato: The focus was on how to make the board go along with it...
Kuya: It's because you created a good opportunity for us that it went so smoothly!
Yuki: So that's it...
Yuki: But it was so sudden, I was surprised.
Joker: Well, if we'd told you, other people would have found out.
Joker: Well, by raising the topic of holding the Bell One, we turned the conversation away from the blame of losing the armband, and the topic of closing the school immediately vanished.
Yuki: That is true.
Yuki: Was it related to this, when the two you stayed in the director's office yesterday?
Kuya: That's right!
Joker: After that, I proposed the idea of holding the Bell One. Isn't that right, Mr. Director Kasahara?
Tomo: Please stop calling me that.
Tomo: Just call me Kasahara.
Joker: Why?
Tomo: I'm not used to being called that, and I don't have the character or capacity...
Joker: Hmm, I see.
(Yuki: It's true that Tomo being the director doesn't feel real to me yet either...)
Tomo: Anyway, after that in the director's office, I investigated the board.
Tomo: I found out that before, this school revolved around one student and he had a confrontation with the board.
Tomo: In order to come to his aid, the then-director planned the MVP Battle.
Kuya: So, we started talking about redoing the MVP Battle that was held back then.
Joker: From the time I heard a rumor that there was the MVP Battle in the past,
Joker: I always thought I wanted to do something similar someday.
Yuki: I see, so that's it.
Joker: Well then, how will the board react now?
Joker: How many conditions will they add to the plan we submitted?
Kuya: We'll be able to gauge their intentions by that.
Joker: Heh heh, I'm looking forward to after school.
Joker: Then, see you after school.
Joker: Let's go, Hayato.
Chiba: Yes, sir!
Kuya: We'll meet later, you two!
Takato: You shouldn't be late to class either.
Yuki: Joker-san and Kuya-san kinda seemed like they were having fun.
Tomo: Those two like exciting things...
Tomo: Especially Joker-san, he doesn't care what it is as long as it entertains him.
Tomo: Well, but, this time their energy honestly helped.
Yuki: Oh, come to think of it, I was wondering what was going on with that panda.
Yuki: Since it said it was a representative of the director, were you the one talking?
Tomo: Oh, that...
Tomo: You could say it was me since I pretty much gave the instructions but...
Yuki: Pretty much...?
Tomo: There's always been a box in the director's office marked 'director's representative.'
Tomo: And there were a bunch of bear plushes in that box.
Tomo: And for some reason, they had devices for talking remotely.
Tomo: Since I couldn't really appear in front of people for this matter, I thought I'd use those.
Tomo: But if it talked with my voice, I'd be found out.
Tomo: So I modified it to talk using software that automatically read text I put in the computer.
Tomo: But Sagimori-san and Joker-san said just doing that was boring.
Tomo: They wanted to change the dialect of the voice system, and make the bear into a panda...
Tomo: And the result of them ganging up on me came out like that.
Yuki: ...So that's what it was.
Tomo: Well, I thought it was okay since doing that much would hide my identity.
Yuki: But I was a bit surprised.
Yuki: Your usual self and that panda character are just too different.
Tomo: Yeah, I was surprised by the way it talked too.
Yuki: You were surprised too!?
Tomo: The dialect program for the automatic voice was some random thing I found on the internet and randomly slapped together.
Tomo: And when that software was randomly made to self-learn...
Tomo: It very randomly came out terrible...
Yuki: Just how random are you?
Tomo: For example, let me try typing the word 'wrong' in here.
Tomo: And then try making it say it...
Panda-san: No no no, Ah don't accept it, try it again.
Yuki: T, this...
Tomo: Hey, terrible, isn't it?
Yuki: No, instead, maybe it's amazing...
Tomo: I did have a problem with it, but redoing it would be too annoying.
Yuki: Haha...
Yuki: Anyway, at least now I know the reason it talked like that.
Yuki: Oh no, it's the bell.
Tomo: Anyway, we've done what we can, let's patiently wait until after school.
Yuki: Right.

*time passes*

announcement: The board is holding a schoolwide assembly now.
announcement: All students please gather in the auditorium at once.
announcement: To repeat, the board...

(Yuki: Finally...)
(Yuki: Already, everyone...)
(Yuki: Is here...)
(Yuki: ...)
Sakaki: You're all here.
Sakaki: Then, I'm here to inform you of the decision I deferred to the board.
Sakaki: And the result of that deliberation is...
Yuki: ...
Sakaki: They approve the holding of the Bell One Grand Prix.
Yuki: Alright!!
Sakaki: The start will be in four days. It will take place in this auditorium Tuesday after school.
Sakaki: And once a week thereafter... Asahina.
Yuki: Right.
Sakaki: You and your chosen partner, as a team, will face a total of three matches that will measure your intelligence, strength, and luck.
Sakaki: If you win all the matches and prove you're qualified to be the Ace, I'll give you back the armband.
Yuki: All of them...
Sakaki: That's right. The moment you lose, the Bell One is over, and you'll be deemed unqualified to be the Ace.
Sakaki: We will arrange the contents of the matches based on the plan.
Sakaki: Are there any objections?
Yuki: None!
Sakaki: Then, I hope you strive to the utmost until then.
Joker: Hmm. That was decided surprisingly easily.
Chiba: Surprisingly, was it?
Joker: Sort of. Eiji, don't you think so too?
Sonoda: ...Right.
Takato: The board may have some ulterior motive.
Kuya: But even if they do...
Kuya: Now the future of the school is Yuki's hands!
Joker: Then let's support him, shall we?
Joker: Everyone! Give a cheer for Yuki-kun, who is competing in the Bell One for the fate of the school.
Yagami: Asahina! Don't let those bastards on the board do what they want! Get 'em!
Arata: Do your best, Ace-kun.
Keita: I'm supporting you!
Okaken: Choose a winning partner!
Yuki: Thanks, everyone! Leave it to me!

(stage wing)
Tomo: Good job.
Yuki: It's worked out for now.
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: Still, I didn't think the board would accept it so easily.
Yuki: Really?
Yuki: Maybe they accepted because they felt bad that the armband was stolen.
Tomo: Stolen, huh...?
Yuki: Tomo?
Tomo: No, it's nothing.
Tomo: Well, but now you've gotten into a mess too.
Yuki: But now we've gained some ground in keeping the school from being shut down.
Yuki: We'll definitely take advantage of this chance.
Tomo: Ah... yeah. Well, do your best.
Tomo: More importantly, you'll be competing in a team of two, right? Who are you going to team up with?
Yuki: A partner, huh...?
Yuki: Intelligence, strength, and luck, huh? Even if I'm fine with luck, the problems are intelligence and strength.
Yuki: Who should I rely on?
Tomo: Then why don't you try getting advice from Professor Ito?
Tomo: Since it seems he won the school MVP Battle.
Yuki: Come to think of it, he did say that.
Tomo: He may give you some sort of hint.

(decision #1)
I'll decide by myself.

(decision #1a: I'll decide by myself.)
Yuki: ...Umm, I'll pass.
Tomo: Why?
Yuki: It's like Professor Sakaki said...
Yuki: I think this Bell One is to prove whether or not I'm fit to be the student council president.
Yuki: Then I guess I have to think about it and choose by myself, without getting advice from someone else.
Tomo: Well, if that's what you think, then I guess you should do what you want?
Yuki: Yeah. Bye, Tomo!
Tomo: Where are you going?
Yuki: To be alone, I'm going to try thinking carefully about my partner!
Tomo: Understood. Do your best.

Go talk to him.

(decision #1b: Go talk to him.)
Yuki: Then I'll go ask him right now.
Tomo: ...That's sudden.

Yuki: Professor Ito, I found you.
Keita: Oh, Asahina-kun. I'm surprised you knew I was here.
Yuki: I tried going to the staff room but you weren't there, so I thought I'd try searching from the top.
Keita: I see. I'm glad you found me right away.
Yuki: No, I just got lucky.
Keita: Oh, come to think of it, you have good luck, Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Oh, yes.
Keita: Actually, I'm lucky too.
Yuki: Wow, you too, Professor?
Keita: Yeah. I don't like to boast, but I have really good luck.
Keita: Since I don't have any other special skills.
Keita: I think I got into BL School because of luck.
Yuki: That's the same as me.
Keita: Haha.
Keita: So, what did you need with me?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Professor, you were the winner of the MVP Battle before, weren't you?
Keita: That's right.
Yuki: Would you tell me in detail about that time?
Yuki: I can't make up my mind about how to choose a partner.
Keita: About when I competed in the MVP Battle, huh...?
Keita: But I don't know if what I say will be useful to you.
Keita: With the talk of the school closing now, the situation is really different from my time.
Yuki: That's not true. No matter what you say, I want to hear it if it might be a clue to protecting the school.
Keita: Then I'll tell you...
Keita: It was simply luck that I became the school MVP.
Yuki: Luck?
Keita: Right. On that point, it may be possible for you too.
Keita: But I don't think I won with just luck.
Keita: I guess the main reason I won was that I was blessed with a partner.
Yuki: A partner...
Keita: The panda plush mentioned me this morning in the auditorium.
Keita: That really brought back memories.
Keita: In my time too, a plush talked to me from up on the stage like today.
Keita: That time it was a bear plush, and it didn't talk like that, though.
Keita: But that silliness was the same.
Yuki: Haha...
Keita: The director at the time also had a rule of not showing his face to the students.
Yuki: Was that director the one who died recently...?
Keita: Uh-uh, the one who died was the third director. In my time, it was the second director, and right now he's working at the top of the Suzubishi group.
Keita: He was also fully on the side of us students.
Yuki: Wow, so that's how it was...
Keita: The trigger for the MVP Battle before was a problem with my enrollment.
Keita: My only special skill is good luck. I have no special talent.
Keita: I was informed by the board that it was strange that I was admitted to the school.
Keita: But the student council president back then said it was unforgivable, and he held an assembly condemning the board.
Keita: Back then, a bear plush came out as a representative of the director.
Keita: He announced the start of the MVP Battle, saying we should decide the school's best by having the students compete against each other.
Keita: The condition was that the person who became the MVP would have any wish granted.
Keita: If I became the MVP, I would be qualified to stay at the school and have my expulsion overturned.
Yuki: That's pretty similar to the situation in the assembly this morning.
Keita: Yeah... That's why I was happy seeing that scene.
Keita: I realized that the spirit of the school hasn't changed, and has been inherited by all you students.
Keita: Seeing everyone oppose closing the school, seeing you directly object to Professor Sakaki.
Keita: I thought this school hasn't changed at all since I was a student.
Keita: This school is a very precious place to all of you and to me too.
Keita: So I felt again that it's a place that absolutely must be protected.
Yuki: I think so too.
Yuki: I'll definitely protect this school!
Yuki: I won't let it close!!
Keita: I'm counting on you. I plan to help as much as I can, but you're the one who will decide its fate, Asahina-kun.
Keita: I absolutely want you to protect this school.
Yuki: Right!
Keita: I was able to stay at the school thanks to that MVP Battle.
Keita: I gained a lot of really important things at this school after that.
Keita: That's why I felt indebted to the school and became a teacher.
Keita: Still, it would be bad if the school ended up closing just when I finally became a teacher.
Yuki: That's right.
Keita: I don't know how many challenges the board will come up with after this.
Keita: But, I'm sure that with the Bell One Grand Prix, you'll be able to forge your own and the school's fate.
Yuki: Right!
Keita: It'll be fine if you believe you'll definitely win.
Keita: And if you choose a partner you can really trust, and believe in that partner.
Keita: I'm sure you'll forge a path.
Yuki: Believe... In myself, and in my partner...
Keita: Yeah, because it's a person you can act in concert with.
Keita: The person I chose as a partner back then is still very important to me.
(Yuki: Oh, somehow Professor Ito looks really happy...)
(Yuki: I wonder what kind of person Professor Ito chose as his partner...)

(decision #1b-1)

Note: This decision can unlock bonus scenes of Keita with the original GH boys. See the section at the bottom of this page for details.

A daring person?

(decision #1b-1a: A daring person?)
(Yuki: I bet it was the type to tug Professor Ito along.)

A beautiful person?

(decision #1b-1b: A beautiful person?)
(Yuki: If just remembering makes him this happy, I'm sure they're beautiful.)

A cool and collected person?

(decision #1b-1c: A cool and collected person?)
(Yuki: I'm sure it was a cool and collected, adult type.)

A suspicious person?

(decision #1b-1d: A suspicious person?)
(Yuki: Maybe someone suspicious.)

A classmate?

(decision #1b-1e: A classmate?)
(Yuki: After all, it must have been a classmate who was a good friend.)

A tennis player?

(decision #1b-1f: A tennis player?)
(Yuki: Someone athletic... like a tennis player or something.)
(Yuki: Professor Ito doesn't seem very athletic.)

A serious person?

(decision #1b-1g: A serious person?)
(Yuki: Maybe it was a serious person who kind of looked after Professor Ito.)

An artist?

(decision #1b-1h: An artist?)
(Yuki: Maybe it was a gentle, artist-type person...)

A person from Kansai?

(decision #1b-1i: A person from Kansai?)
(Yuki: A person from Kansai, yeah.)
(Yuki: Wait, Panda-san is having too much of an effect on me!)

A cute person?

(decision #1b-1j: A cute person?)
(Yuki: Maybe it was a cute person.)
(Yuki: With Professor Ito it would be a double cute combo. Yeah. That must be it.)

(Yuki: I hope I can find a partner who's that important to me...)
Yuki: Professor Ito, thank you!!
Yuki: I'll think carefully about choosing my partner!
Keita: Work together and do your best. That's the key to victory.
Yuki: Yes! Then excuse me!!
Keita: Teehee, what a promising boy.
*phone rings*
Keita: Oh, can you talk now?
Keita: Yeah... yeah...
Keita: Yeah. I think he'll be fine.
Keita: So don't worry.

Yuki: Hmm. A partner...

only if Yuki asked Keita for advice

(Yuki: He told me lots of things, but...)

(Yuki: It doesn't help to worry about it. I should choose the person I want to team up with.)
(Yuki: The person I want to compete with is...)
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Yeah, I've decided!

COMMON ROUTE END! Time to choose a character route! ♥

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