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June 11 (continued)

(observation deck)
Yuki: Wow.... It's high...
Yuki: I can see really far!
Joker: We're over 200 meters up.
Joker: The scenery from the school rooftop is no comparison.
Yuki: I wonder if I can see the school from here.
Joker: The school's over there. Come closer to this edge.
Yuki: Wah... Joker-san, please don't push me so much.
Joker: It's fine, there's a railing, it was made so you don't fall.
Joker: Or are you afraid of heights?
Yuki: That's not it, but as you'd expect, being this high up, it's making my legs freeze, I mean...
Joker: Hmm...
Joker: It's comfortable being up this high, instead, it makes me want to jump off.
Joker: You don't think so, Yuki-kun?
Yuki: Haha... Stop with that sort of joke.
Yuki: You're the only one who would think that, Joker-san...
Joker: I wonder...
Yuki: Anyway, if you fell, you'd die.
Joker: Probably. Normally...
Yuki: Probably? You're not afraid?
Joker: Hmm... I forgot that sensation a long time ago...
Yuki: Ah...
(Yuki: Joker's jokes have crossed a line, they're honestly not very funny...)
Yuki: By the way, why did we come here?
Joker: I thought we could continue the conversation from before.
Yuki: Conversation?
Joker: You said you wanted to know about me.
Yuki: Yes, I do!
Joker: I think it's easier to explain to you here.
Yuki: What does that mean...?
Joker: You looked like you didn't dare to ask before...
Joker: Aren't you interested in what's under this eyepatch?
Yuki: Well...
Yuki: You said you'd tell me if we got closer, so...
Yuki: I thought I would wait until then.
Joker: Now that you mention it, I did say that.
Joker: I can tell you now.
Joker: I think we've gotten close enough for at least that.
Joker: Do you want to see what's under this eyepatch?
Yuki: Um...

(decision)[note!]According to various guides, the correct answer is 'I'm interested' but you get a more interesting conversation if you choose 'Is it something gross?' Choose whichever you like, it doesn't affect the game in any way. Except to make it cooler. 8D
I'm interested.
Not really...
Is it something gross?

(decision: I'm interested)
Yuki: Yes. After all, I am interested.
Joker: You're honest.
Joker: I like that you're honest with your feelings.
Joker: Well, it's a feature that sticks out so much. Maybe it would be weird if you didn't wonder about it.

(decision: Is it something gross?)
Yuki: Um... maybe... is there something gross under there?
Joker: Gross...? You mean grotesque?
Yuki: Yes...
Joker: Ahahahahahahaha!!
Yuki: Oh, I, I'm sorry. I said something weird...
Joker: Ahahahahaha!!
Joker: Ah, that's funny. You really are interesting.
Yuki: J, Joker-san?
Joker: Man, if that's what you were expecting, I wish I'd prepared something.
Yuki: Prepared something?
Joker: Some nasty special makeup under the eyepatch, so that with just one look, you would have nightmares every night.
Yuki: No, well, I'd rather not...
Joker: Don't worry, there's nothing that will worry you.
Yuki: R, really...?
(Yuki: Thank goodness...)
(Yuki: If he'd seriously prepared something, it wouldn't have been a laughing matter...)

CG: Joker at sunset
Joker: Then to commemorate this date with you, I'll show you.
Yuki: R, right...
Yuki: *gulp*...
Joker: It's off.
Yuki: Huh...?
(Yuki: ...There's nothing?)
(Yuki: I don't see anything like a wound or a disease...)
(Yuki: It's exactly the same as his left eye, it's a normal healthy eye.)
(Yuki: What does this mean...?)
Joker: Is it a letdown that it's so normal?
Joker: Or would you have liked it better if this eye had some big scar, or was a glass eye?
Yuki: That's not...
(Yuki: Well, it looks normal upon first glance, but, it seems kind of strange.)
(Yuki: What is it?)
(Yuki: Joker-san's right eye is looking at me, but...)
(Yuki: Somehow I feel uneasy...)
(Yuki: There's something clearly different than when he looks at me with his left eye...)
(Yuki: It's a weird sensation, like he's seeing right through to somewhere deep, deep inside...)
Yuki: ...
Joker: You're quiet. Are you that disappointed?
Yuki: No, not really...
Joker: As you can see, my right eye is uninjured and can see just fine.
Yuki: Then why do you hide it with an eyepatch?
Joker: Yuki-kun, can you see that building?
Yuki: Which one?
Joker: On that corner over there, it's a black and grey fancy apartment building with the top floor shaped like a triangle.
Yuki: Yeah, it's a strange shape, so even though it's far away, it stands out.
Joker: In the room on the top floor of those high-rise apartments, Akiyama Arina and Shaz are having a secret meeting.
Yuki: Huh!? That sexy actress Akiyama Arina, and Shaz from that popular visual band!?
Joker: I'm not lying. Right now, they're in the middle of hugging and kissing.
Yuki: No way!? It's really far away, isn't it? There's no way you could see in the window...
Joker: Then why don't you use that telescope over there and take a look?
Yuki: Right...
end CG

Yuki: Um, 100 yen, 100 yen...
Yuki: ...Hmm.
Joker: Do you see? The leftmost window on the top floor.
Yuki: Leftmost window... Oh, it's true! They're seriously kissing!!
Joker: See? It's just as I said, isn't it?
Yuki: Yeah... I saw something incredible...
(Yuki: Is Joker-san using some sort of trick on me again...!?)
Yuki: Joker-san, what kind of trick is this!?
Joker: This isn't magic.
Joker: My right eye sees a bit better than other people's.
Yuki: Sees better? Are you saying you have good eyesight?
Joker: Yeah, my right eye, naked without a telescope, can see one kilometer away.
Yuki: Wha!
Joker: As long as there's nothing in the way, I can see most everything within the island from the Durak room.
Joker: I can even recognize the faces of the passengers on the bus as they cross the bridge to the school.
Yuki: Amazing... that's beyond your eye being just a bit better...
Yuki: Oh! Could it be that when you told me everything I'd done all day, it was...
Joker: Good intuition.
Joker: That's the right answer. I simply watched you with this eye.
Yuki: ...I see. So that's why you knew even the details about me.
Joker: Did you really think I was a wizard?
Yuki: ...At the time, I kind of would have believed that.
Joker: But this right eye can be really useful, but also really troublesome.
Yuki: Troublesome?
Joker: I see a bit too much.
Joker: For normal life, I don't need this level of vision.
Joker: And using this eye, I get too much visual information and it's tiring.
Joker: That's why I normally hide it with the eyepatch. Except when I'm looking far away or shooting.
Joker: My left eye has normal vision, so there's no problem with that one in regular life.
Yuki: So that's it.
Joker: Yeah.
Joker: By the way, at the school, the only ones who know are Durak and the people in the shooting club.
Yuki: Um... So were you born with good vision in your right eye?
Joker: Uh-uh, a long time ago, a plane I was on crashed. Since then.
Joker: So, um, about six years ago...
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Did you just say something incredible in passing? The plane you were on crashed...?
Joker: Yeah, I did.
Yuki: Whaa! Really!?
Joker: Is it that surprising?
Yuki: Of course I'm surprised!! I can't believe you're okay!
Joker: Hmm, well, I'm not really okay.
Joker: When we were in the big bath, you saw the scar on my back, didn't you?
Yuki: Yes. The one time after the ball tournament...
Joker: It's a scar from that time.
Yuki: Oh...
Joker: When I was ten, I was going to visit my grandfather in Russia.
Joker: On the way, the plane crashed.
Yuki: I can't believe it...
Joker: Since it was within Russia, it seems like information didn't really get out to Japan.
Joker: I thought I had died.
Joker: Since I fell from much higher than this building.
Yuki: ...
Joker: But for some reason, I survived.
Joker: Well, I didn't die, but I wasn't completely unharmed.
Joker: I was pretty wounded...
Joker: I don't really remember, but it seems like my back was cut by a large piece of the airframe.
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: So that's why he has that huge scar on his back...)
Joker: It seems like my spinal cord was injured, and that messed up the various senses of my body.
Yuki: Messed them up...?
Joker: Eiji calls me taste-deaf, doesn't he? That's one.
Joker: It's not taste-deaf, it's a taste disorder from the spinal cord injury.
Yuki: Um, Joker-san...
Joker: Oh, just so you know, if you intend to say you pity me or feel sorry for me after hearing my story, don't, okay?
Joker: I didn't tell you this story for your sympathy.
Yuki: R, right...
Joker: I don't really regret or resent being in an accident.
Joker: So your sympathy is off the mark.
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: He warned me off of what I was about to say just now...)
Joker: That accident is just a thing that happened in my past.
Joker: How I feel about it won't change what happened in the past, so it's pointless to get emotional about it.
Joker: It's true that I lost a lot of things in that accident.
Joker: ...But I also gained things.
Yuki: Like your vision... and stuff?
Joker: This right eye is one, and if I hadn't had that experience, there are other things I wouldn't have gained.
Joker: So, to me it all balanced out.
Yuki: You mean you didn't really lose or gain anything?
Joker: If anything, I guess it's like I both lost and gained.
Joker: On top of surviving that accident, I'm in perfect health, so it could be worse.
Joker: The problem isn't that the plane crashed.
Joker: It's that I changed.
Yuki: Changed?
Joker: Because of my spinal cord injury, the sensations of my body were messed up.
Joker: My vision and my taste, and other things like my sensation of pain, all sorts of sensations did a 180 from what they were.
Joker: Things that I thought were delicious until then tasted completely different...
Joker: Scenes that I was used to appeared as completely different scenes...
Joker: Even the pain of my injuries was a completely different sensation than what I had felt before.
Joker: Everything became different, like a completely new sense of values was forced on me.
Joker: It was like there was a thick glass wall separating me from the world, so everything was far away and indirect...
Joker: The world doesn't feel real like it did before.
Joker: It's just like everything that's happening in the world is happening on a game board, and I feel separated from reality.
Joker: My wounds may have healed, but now I'm in a world where I can never gain any of the satisfaction I got from things before. It's very boring.
Joker: Even though I was supposed to have survived that accident, I don't feel alive.
Yuki: Joker-san...
Joker: Alright, a question from me!
Yuki: Y, yes!?
Joker: Just what did I do, since I can't feel the world like I did before?
Yuki: What did you do...? I don't know that...
Joker: You're going to give up without thinking about it? Try to imagine a little bit.
Yuki: Even though you say that...
Yuki: I can't imagine it at all.
Yuki: Nothing terrible like that has ever happened to me.
Joker: ...I knew it.
Joker: It can't be helped. Then I'll tell you the answer.
Joker: I was at a loss, so I experienced the world in my head.
Yuki: Your head?
Joker: To be accurate, my brain... I guess.
Joker: Hehe.
Joker: The sensations of my body changed. Nothing can be done about that fact.
Joker: But the excitement I felt in my head didn't change from before.
Joker: So if all the things that happen in the world are like events on a game board, then...
Joker: I wouldn't lament, instead, I'd enjoy it.
Joker: After that, whether something can amuse me or not is my only morality.
Joker: That became the whole world.
Yuki: I see. That way of thinking is very like you.
Joker: To be accurate, that personality that you think is 'like me' started then.
Yuki: Oh, I see. So...

So that's why you like games.
So is that why you chased out the previous Ace?

(decision: So that's why you like games.)
Yuki: So that's why you like games.
Joker: Exactly.
Joker: Especially games you play seriously and risk important things, those excite me the most.
Joker: Just at those times, I can taste a sensation that hasn't changed from before the accident...
Joker: To put it the opposite way, if I didn't play games, I might not feel that this world is real.
Joker: So to me, playing games is the same as living.
Joker: That's why the situation now is awesome.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Joker: If you lose the Bell One, the school will close.
Joker: Some of the students will be left out in the cold, and they may lose their promised shining future...
Joker: Since you have a sense of responsibility, the despair would wipe the smile from your face.
Joker: The Bell One is the ultimate game where the lives of others are at stake.
Joker: You don't meet with circumstances like this every day, where you can play a game where the stakes are so high.
Joker: I've gained such an opportunity to be excited, I can't not enjoy it.
Joker: The Bell One itself is my greatest stage.
Joker: Why are you in the Bell One?
Yuki: Because I don't want the school to close!!
Joker: Just as I'd expect from the student council president. That's an honor student answer. Good boy, good boy.
Yuki: Please don't tease me...
Joker: It's true that right now, you may be acting because you're spurred on by a sense of duty to protect the students of this school.
Joker: But I'm different.
Yuki: ...
Joker: I have no attachment to the package that surrounds us that you call BL School.
Yuki: So why are you helping in the Bell One?
Yuki: Even in the first round, you helped me a lot!
Yuki: I think it's thanks to you we beat it!
Joker: Of course, since I'm helping, I have no intention of doing a shoddy job.
Joker: But the reason I'm fighting alongside you is extreme self-interest. It simply coincides with something advantageous to you.
Joker: Well, I'm just helping you to entertain myself.
Yuki: You mean it's for yourself?
Joker: Yeah, that's right.
Joker: Right now, that miniature garden of a school is providing me entertainment.
Joker: As long as that place offers me entertainment, I intend to seriously fight with you.
Joker: Of course, anyone who interferes, no matter who they might be, will receive no mercy.
Joker: So, you don't have to worry.
Yuki: Thank... you...
Joker: Besides, you're also a pawn in the miniature garden to entertain me.
Joker: Of all the pawns, you're an outstanding talent who excites me the most.
Yuki: Me?
Joker: Yeah.
Joker: That crazy good luck that you showed me before fascinates me.
Joker: That's why I don't want to lose that stage yet.
Joker: That's the reason that I have special feelings for you, becoming affectionate.
Joker: There, that ends my story.
Yuki: Oh... right...
Yuki: Thank you for telling me...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: But can I really say that with this, I understand Joker-san?)
Joker: Even though you say thanks, you're making a face like you can't accept it.
Yuki: Sorry... It was an incredible story, it's like it hasn't quite gotten through to me yet...
Joker: It's fine that way.
Joker: This is my personal problem, so it may be something that you can't understand...
Joker: I told you at the beginning. Even if you knew, it wouldn't help.
Joker: You can't share my circumstances and you can't change the way I live from now on.
Joker: That's why I'm not looking for you to accept or understand my story.
Joker: Well, understanding it is basically impossible.
Joker: Since you've never had an accident, it's not something you can imagine.
Yuki: ...
Joker: Are you unhappy?
Yuki: In that case, why did you tell me such an important story?
Joker: Simply because you wanted to know.
Joker: And because you accompanied me all day and entertained me.
Joker: It's sincerity toward you in my own way, along with thanks.
Joker: There's no deeper meaning.
Yuki: ...I... see.
Joker: Then, it's about gate closing time. We should be going back.
Yuki: Yes...

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: ...*sigh*
(Yuki: Joker-san's eyepatch.)
(Yuki: And the plane accident in his past, and the talk about sabotage...)
Yuki: ...I did understand it... but, well...
(Yuki: Joker-san's situation is something that I can't imagine...)
(Yuki: And Joker-san's way of thinking, as long as something entertains him...)
(Yuki: I've been wondering the whole time about why he's taken an interest in me, and why he so easily teamed up with me.)
(Yuki: But it was simply that my good luck entertained him.)
(Yuki: It was all to entertain Joker-san...)
(Yuki: And I'm nothing more than a pawn to entertain him...)
(Yuki: And the reason that he thinks that way is because he doesn't feel the world is real, ever since the accident...)
(Yuki: There's nothing I can do and Joker-san doesn't want me to.)
(Yuki: Joker-san said he loved me.)
(Yuki: At the time, I was just flustered, not knowing if that was a joke or serious...)
(Yuki: It was embarrassing, but being loved didn't bother me...)
(Yuki: But I think Joker-san's love and the love I'm familiar with might be two different things...)
Yuki: Love, huh...?
Yuki: *siiigh* I don't really get it anymore.
Yuki: I feel like Joker-san is even more distant than before we talked...
*email beep*
Yuki: ...An email.
sender: Joker-san
subject: A fun secret
text: I had fun today. Come to think of it, we saw a scoop up there on the rooftop. You should keep that a secret. Anyway, probably no one would believe it. Besides, it's fun sharing a secret that the world doesn't know. Let's go on a date again. Think of somewhere you want to go.
Yuki: He's inviting me on another date...
Yuki: But I don't feel embarrassed like before...
Yuki: I thought if I heard about his situation, I could understand Joker-san better...
Yuki: But it wasn't anything that I could understand. All I learned were things I couldn't understand.
Yuki: What is this...? My chest really hurts.
(Yuki: Why do I feel like my chest is so tight?)
(Yuki: Why...?)

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