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June 20 (continued)

(nurse's office)
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: Huh? This is...?
Chiba: You've come to?
Yuki: Chiba-san? Where am I...?
Chiba: The nurse's office.
Yuki: Um... I... huh?
Yuki: ...*gasp*!
Yuki: That's right!! The Bell One!!
Yuki: I was in the final round of the Bell One... and Sonoda-san was there...
Yuki: The Bell One? What happened in the Bell One!?
Yuki: Did I lose!?
Chiba: Calm down.
Yuki: But!!
Chiba: Do you feel okay?
Yuki: Okay...?
Chiba: You collapsed on the stage.
Chiba: So myself carried you here.
Matsuoka: Oh, it looks like you've woken up.
Yuki: Dr. Matsuoka.
Matsuoka: It seems like you collapsed because you had a bit of food poisoning due to mistakenly eating a mushroom.
Yuki: Food poisoning...
Matsuoka: Are you nauseous right now?
Yuki: No, not at all.
Matsuoka: Then, no need to worry.
Matsuoka: You didn't eat much of it, and it wasn't a very poisonous type of mushroom.
Matsuoka: Don't overdo it today. If you go back to the dorm and rest, you'll be fine.
Yuki: Yes. Thank you.
Yuki: So Chiba-san, what happened in the Bell One?
Chiba: How much do you remember?
Yuki: In the final round, Professor Sakaki wasn't there, but Sonoda-san came and said he was my opponent...
Yuki: He said to lose if I didn't want you or Joker-san to be placed in danger...
Yuki: And when I opened the box that wasn't supposed to have the armband, the real armband was in it...
Yuki: And after that, I think Sonoda-san was about to hit me...
Yuki: ...I don't remember anything after that.
Chiba: Right before he hit you, Joker-san and myself stopped Sonoda.
Chiba: And at the same time, you passed out.
Yuki: So that's it...
Yuki: So the last voice I heard was Joker-san...
Chiba: You won the Bell One.
Chiba: The armband is officially yours.
Yuki: Then, now the school won't close.
Chiba: Yes. After that, Professor Sakaki also officially acknowledged it.
Yuki: I see. Good...
Yuki: I felt like I'd been driven into a corner, so it's a relief I was able to win...
Chiba: Forgive me.
Yuki: Huh, why are you apologizing, Chiba-san?
Chiba: Because myself wasn't strong enough, you were put in danger.
Chiba: Myself failed to protect you...
Yuki: No, that's not...
Chiba: From the beginning, Joker-sama eyed Sonoda with suspicion.
Chiba: And that's why immediately after they decided to hold the Bell One, he ordered myself to protect you.
Chiba: And Joker-sama himself always tried to stay with you.
Yuki: Huh? That means...
Yuki: The reason Joker-san was always stuck to me was to protect me?
Chiba: That's right.
Chiba: By having you under his supervision as much as possible, he was protecting you.
Chiba: That was the goal.
Yuki: So that's it...
(Yuki: I was a bit troubled by Joker-san's excessive concern for me...)
Yuki: It was all for me...
Yuki: Without knowing that, I...
Chiba: To avoid worrying you unnecessarily, Joker-sama and I did our utmost to keep you from noticing.
Chiba: It's only natural that you didn't know.
Chiba: But even though we'd gone that far, I made a bad decision at the most important moment.
Chiba: It's all my fault.
Chiba: I'm truly sorry.
Yuki: Oh no, please don't apologize!
Yuki: Joker-san was in danger so it couldn't be helped.
Yuki: Besides, I was surprised about Sonoda-san, but the school is safe so that's enough.
Yuki: That's right, are you two okay?
Yuki: Sonoda-san said he imprisoned you using a stun gun...
Chiba: Joker-sama and myself are not hurt.
Chiba: That Joker-sama was bested by Sonoda...
Chiba: No... It's not something for me to talk about.
Chiba: The responsibility this time is all due to myself's inexperience.
Chiba: Myself was deceived by Sonoda's words that he had Joker-sama hostage, and I fell into the trap.
Chiba: Forgive me...!
Yuki: No...
Yuki: So, what are Joker-san and Sonoda-san doing now?
Chiba: ...Who knows?
Yuki: Huh...?
Chiba: ...It's best that you not know.
Yuki: What does that mean?
Yuki: I'm part of this! Please tell me!
Chiba: ...
Yuki: Chiba-san...!
Chiba: *sigh*
Chiba: A while ago, Joker-sama took Sonoda somewhere.
Chiba: He's probably punishing him right now.
Yuki: Huh!? Punishing!!?
Yuki: W, wait a minute. What do you mean, punishing...?
Chiba: Just what it means.
Chiba: Not just Joker-sama, but Sonoda put you in danger as well.
Chiba: He must accept his atonement.
Yuki: You can't do that! We have to stop him right away!
Yuki: Chiba-san! Please come with me!!
Chiba: Where?
Yuki: We're going to stop them!

Yuki: Do you have any clue where they might have gone!?
Chiba: Yeah.
Yuki: Why didn't you stop Joker-san!?
Chiba: I had no reason to stop him.
Yuki: But don't you think punishing him is wrong?
Chiba: Myself obeys Joker's ideas and actions.
Chiba: That's all.
Yuki: No way...
Yuki: Chiba-san , why do you go along with Joker-san so much?
Yuki: It's not just listening to his unreasonable orders.
Yuki: But you feel that everything he says and does is proper, don't you?
Yuki: From my point of view, that's too blind...
Chiba: ...He has something myself does not have.
Chiba: That's why I obey him. That's all.
Yuki: Still!
Yuki: Sonoda-san's your friend, isn't he!?
Yuki: Then let's stop him!
Yuki: Punishing a fellow member of Durak, that's way too weird, and it's wrong!!
Chiba: Friend...?
Yuki: That's right!
Chiba: Myself doesn't consider my relationships in Durak to be friends.
Yuki: Huh...?
Yuki: What is with all you people in Durak...?
Chiba: What?
Yuki: No, that's enough...
Yuki: More importantly, we have to hurry and find them!!

??: What the hell!!?
Yuki: That voice!
Yuki: Over there!!
??: Eiji!!

CG: Joker beats Sonoda
Sonoda: Ugh...
Yuki: Joker-san!!
Joker: I'll never forgive you!
Joker: I don't really care that you betrayed me.
Joker: I don't care if the result would be the school closing.
Joker: As long as I enjoy the process, it's fine.
Joker: Your meddling with me, I could still forgive.
Joker: But I absolutely will never, ever forgive you for putting a hand on what's precious to me...
Joker: You dirtied my game that way!!
Joker: The most un-fun and boring way!
Sonoda: Heh heh... You're finally showing your true colors, Kiyo.
Sonoda: Is he that important?
Joker: ...
Sonoda: When did you realize what I was after?
Joker: I've known the whole time since you got close to me, trying to trick me.
Sonoda: Ha, from the beginning... you mean.
Joker: Going along with your crude plan was enjoyable in its own way.
Joker: That was plenty compensation for pretending to be used by you.
Sonoda: Then, you purposely acted like you were going along with me.
Joker: Yeah. But that's over now.
Joker: I don't feel like going along with your farce anymore.
Joker: So I don't need you anymore. It's game over...!
Sonoda: Urgh...!!
Yuki: Sonoda-san!! Joker-san!!
Joker: ...Why you...
Sonoda: Urk...!!
Yuki: Please stop it, Joker-san!!
Joker: Don't interfere! This has nothing to do with you!!
Yuki: It has everything to do with me!
Joker: ...
Yuki: What are you doing!? Aren't you two best friends!?
Joker: Ha, best friends?
Joker: I never thought of him that way even once.
Yuki: Joker-san!!
Joker: He's the one who's always hated me.
Sonoda: That goes for both of us.
Yuki: You too, Sonoda-san!!
Joker: Then we agree.
Sonoda: Yeah.
Sonoda: I've had it playing make-believe with someone who has no taste!!
Sonoda: It's refreshing to finally tell the truth.
Joker: Then disappear!
Yuki: Waaaah!! Stop it!!
Yuki: Don't you dare hit him!!
Joker: Why are you stopping me!? He's an enemy to you and the school!
Joker: He's the culprit who stole your armband and drove this school into the crisis of closing!
Joker: And he hurt you!
Joker: You should hate him!
Yuki: I'm telling you, taking revenge is wrong!
Yuki: I don't bear a grudge against Sonoda-san and I don't want this!!!
Joker: Your opinion is not interesting.
Yuki: Huh...?
Joker: As Ace and student council president, those words are too honor student-like.
Joker: But I'm different!
Joker: Whether you're angry or not, or bear a grudge or not, that has nothing to do with it.
Joker: He messed up my game.
Joker: And he hurt my precious pawn!
Joker: That's why I absolutely won't forgive him for interfering with my fun!!
Joker: ...*grunt*!
Sonoda: *cough*!
Joker: ...*growl*!
Sonoda: *cough*!
Yuki: Joker-san!!
Yuki: Please stop, Joker-san!!
end CG

(Yuki: Oh no...)
(Yuki: This isn't the Joker-san I know.)
(Yuki: This is...)
Joker: ...*grunt*!
Sonoda: *gasp*...
Yuki: Joker-san!!!
Joker: ...*grunt*!
Joker: ...You...!
Chiba: ...Joker-sama.
Chiba: Joker-sama!
Joker: Let go of me, Hayato!!
Chiba: Sonoda's passed out.
Chiba: Any more and your hand will...
Joker: Tch...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: ...It's wrong.)
(Yuki: ...This is wrong.)
(Yuki: This scary... Joker-san...)
(Yuki: This isn't the Joker-san I know...)
(Yuki: Today is the end of the Bell One...)
(Yuki: We safely avoided the closing of BL School, but...)
(Yuki: The curtain closed in the worst way...)

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