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June 22 (continued)

CG: Joker sitting in a tree
Yuki: ...Joker-san!?
Yuki: What are you doing there!?
Joker: What...? I'm reading.
Yuki: Chiba-san and I have been desperately looking!!
Yuki: For you!
Joker: Why?
Joker: But I don't have any business with you.
Yuki: No business...?
Yuki: I heard from Chiba-san, you may have quit Durak.
Yuki: Is that true!?
Joker: Whether it's true or not, it doesn't concern you, does it?
Yuki: It does concern me!
Yuki: Even though the school is safe, it would bother me if Durak was gone!!
Joker: Though it doesn't bother me at all...
Joker: The game is already over.
Joker: I'm not interested in the school when it's peaceful.
Joker: Honestly, I've gotten tired of it, so I don't care.
Yuki: Oh no...
Yuki: Please don't say such reckless things, and anyway, please come down from there.
Joker: Nooope.
Yuki: Why not?
Joker: That's my line.
Joker: Anyway, didn't you dislike being manipulated by me and having me concerned about you 24/7?
Yuki: Well...
Yuki: Back then, I didn't realize it was to protect me...
Joker: If you're bothered by Durak not existing, then do whatever you want.
Joker: You have your splendid sempais.
Joker: It doesn't bother me, abandoning my duty.
Joker: This school will function even without Durak.
Joker: It wasn't a group that originally existed at the school.
Joker: So it'll simply be going back to the way it was.
Joker: Shouldn't you welcome it, since the student council will be getting back its full rights without any effort?
Joker: So I leave the rest to you, genuine, official Ace-kun.
Yuki: It bothers me, you saying you leave it to me!!
Yuki: I absolutely don't want that!!
Yuki: I don't know this school from when the previous Ace was student council president...
Yuki: So to me, BL School is a place that has both the student council and you guys in Durak!
Yuki: Even if we're sometimes at odds, when we're cooperating, it's fun like a party...
Yuki: That's the BL School I know!!
Yuki: I fought in the Bell One because I wanted to protect that school!
Yuki: So I'm absolutely not okay with Durak being gone!
Yuki: I don't want a school without you and Sonoda-san and Chiba-san!!
Joker: ...
Joker: That has nothing to do with me.
Joker: That's nothing but your personal desire.
Yuki: Joker-san!!
Joker: I don't care what you think.
Yuki: You don't care...
Yuki: What about Sonoda-san? He left the school, didn't he?
Joker: So?
Yuki: ...*gasp*!!
Yuki: Don't you feel at least a little bit of responsibility for beating him!?
Joker: Me, feel responsibility for Eiji?
Joker: Huh? I'd never do that.
Yuki: So you don't feel sad and want to go find him?
Joker: No way.
Joker: Well, I was just having fun, playing make believe with him.
Joker: It was just a clever act against someone who was trying to trick me.
Joker: I was only doing that sort of role play as a game.
Joker: He's the one who ruined the game.
Joker: Even though I was seriously having fun.
Joker: So why do I have to go look for him?
Yuki: It may be true that you were both tricking each other.
Yuki: But even if it was just an act, you two were friends the whole time, weren't you!?
Yuki: To my eyes, you looked like best friends.
Yuki: Like you had fun being in Durak together...
Yuki: Weren't there times that you put in effort together to accomplish something?
Yuki: You're going to throw all that away?
Joker: That's right.
Joker: Well, it's over.
Yuki: No way...
Joker: Even if I bring Eiji back as you say, we'll play the same roles as before.
Joker: Now that the game has failed, it won't be the same as before.
Joker: It's just a continuation of awkward, boring days...
Joker: If I can't regain the same enjoyment, then reviving that relationship is useless.
Joker: Doing something worthless like that, whether I do it or not, it's the same.
Joker: And that's not just limited to Eiji.
Joker: I don't need anything that doesn't spark my interest.
Yuki: Do you mean... me too?
Joker: That's right.
Joker: I'm tired of you since you have the armband back and don't need my help anymore.
Joker: I don't care about anything anymore.
(Yuki: Don't care...)
(Yuki: Then, even when you told me you liked me...?)

Was everything you told me a lie?
I misjudged you.

(decision: Was everything you told me a lie?)
Yuki: Then was everything you told me a lie!?
Yuki: Even when you told me you liked me...?
Joker: Maybe.
Joker: I thought I did back then, but, anyway, it looks like I was mistaken.
Yuki: ...
Joker: Anyway, the game is over.
Joker: I'm not concerning myself with you anymore, so do whatever you like.
Yuki: ...I can't do that.
Yuki: ...That's not fair, Joker-san.
Yuki: Suddenly getting close to me and saying things about love, and then suddenly losing interest...
Yuki: That's too selfish!
Joker: ...
Yuki: That may be fine with you.
Yuki: But what should I do about my feelings that you've manipulated?
Yuki: Just what was I to you?
Yuki: Was I just a pawn for you to enjoy your game?
Yuki: Was I just something interesting because I have a bit better luck than others?
Joker: That's right.
Joker: You were just a pretty interesting pawn.
Yuki: ...Putting it like that, it's cruel...
(Yuki: Joker-san is acting so distant...)
(Yuki: Before, I thought it was just a joke to tease me, but now it's different...)
(Yuki: He's not enjoying his conversation with me.)
(Yuki: It's like he's really lost interest in everything in the world...)
(Yuki: It's not just his words, I think Joker-san himself seems very distant...)
Joker: You've always had good luck, haven't you?
Yuki: ...Yes.
(Yuki: What's this all of a sudden...?)
Joker: You told me that you realized you had good luck because you were told you were lucky.
Yuki: ...That's right.
Joker: I was also told a long time ago.
Joker: When I was in the plane accident.
Joker: 'You were really lucky to survive such an accident.'
Joker: It's true that I may have been lucky compared to those who were on the plane at the same time and didn't survive.
Joker: Do you know the odds of a plane crashing?
Yuki: No...
Joker: It's around a million to one.
Joker: A lottery is ten million to one, so that's higher, but it's odds that most people won't hit even once in a lifetime.
Joker: Hitting such amazing odds, even though I nearly died, would you say I had good luck?
Yuki: Well...
Joker: I didn't think so at all.
Joker: Calling that situation good luck.
Joker: If that's good luck, then I was abandoned by luck.
Joker: So since then, I've stopped believing in luck.
Joker: If it's a game with established rules, then as long as you have tricks and probability, then you can control whether you win or lose.
Joker: I started to think that people who rely on something undefined like luck are idiots.
Joker: Since there's no such thing as luck, there's no problem...
Joker: I proved it in many contests.
Joker: But then someone who denied that appeared...
Joker: A student whose only special talent was good luck, and has no other skills.
Yuki: Me...?
Joker: Right. Asahina Yuki. You, with your ridiculous good luck.
Joker: At first I felt something like hatred toward you, grinning in front of me and blabbing about good luck.
Yuki: ...
Joker: So I challenged you to a match to try and deny it.
Joker: But you proved your good luck right before my eyes.
Joker: Over and over again...
Joker: You showed me good luck that I'd never imagined.
Joker: The more I tried to deny it, the more the good luck that you exhibited charmed me...
Joker: By the time I realized it, I was completely lost in it.
Joker: You had the one thing I couldn't get.
Joker: That's why I couldn't forgive Eiji for hurting you.
Joker: ...But with the ending of the game called the Bell One, I realized.
Yuki: What...?
Joker: I wasn't attracted to you, I simply longed for your good luck.
Joker: Thinking about it now, my feelings back then weren't love for you, it was just a longing for something I didn't have.
Joker: And I realized that just because I was with you, it wouldn't make that good luck mine.
Joker: And when I realized that, I lost interest in you.
Joker: It's completely gone, as if it never happened in the first place.
Joker: So I don't feel anything for you anymore.
Joker: I take back everything I ever said to you.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...*sniffle*...*sob*...
(Yuki: ...Huh... I'm crying...?)
Yuki: ...*sob*...*sob*...
Joker: Why are you crying?
Yuki: Why...? I... don't really... know myself...
Joker: I didn't intend to say something that moving...
Yuki: No...
Yuki: You telling me... you don't feel anything for me... it suddenly made my chest hurt...
Yuki: ...I'm just... really sad... *sob*...
(Yuki: Even though crying doesn't help anything, I can't stop my tears...)
Yuki: Why is this happening to me...?
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: I see, so that's it.)
Yuki: I've been a fool...
Joker: ...About what?
Yuki: ...When you first told me that you loved me, I didn't take it seriously at all.
Yuki: I thought you were just teasing me with your usual jokes...
Yuki: And when I heard the story of your past on the observation deck, you said I didn't need to understand you.
Joker: Come to think of it, I did say that.
Yuki: Hearing such a private story, I thought we'd get closer, but instead I felt like I was pushed away...
Yuki: I was really sad and my chest hurt...
Yuki: But that time I didn't understand why it hurt.
Yuki: And after that, you were so nice to me...
Yuki: Coming to wake me up in the morning at the dorm, since then, the whole time...
Joker: It looked like I was just causing you trouble.
Yuki: But back then, I didn't know your reason...
Yuki: More than anything, since the day I heard the story of your past, I've felt pained...
Yuki: I know that I wasn't able to honestly accept your kindness.
Yuki: And after the final round when I saw you beating Sonoda-san...
Yuki: You looked like someone else who I didn't know, and I was scared.
Yuki: ...At the same time, I was really sad.
Yuki: There were too many shocks at the time, so I didn't think about it deeply...
Yuki: But now that you've pushed me away, I've realized my true feelings.
Joker: ...Your true feelings?
Yuki: You having affection for me, I've been so happy the whole time I can hardly stand it!
Yuki: ...But your affection and the affection that I consider romantic were completely different.
Yuki: So I think that's why I was sad...
Yuki: But now I realize my feelings for you...
Yuki: I've really been a fool...
Yuki: ...I love you, Joker-san!
Yuki: So please come back!
Joker: ...I understand your feelings.
Joker: But my feelings won't change.
Yuki: ...*gasp*...!!
Yuki: ...I know that, but... *sob*...
(Yuki: Crap... why am I crying again?)
(Yuki: I understand but, being bluntly rejected is painful...)
(Yuki: Crying won't help anything.)
(Yuki: Even though I came here to persuade Joker-san...)
(Yuki: Like this, I can't stop him.)
(Yuki: Then how can I persuade him?)
(Yuki: No matter what I say, he's not going to listen.)
(Yuki: But if I don't do something here, he'll just become more distant...)
(Yuki: It's like he's in a different world that's cut off from the one we're in.)
(Yuki: No matter what I say here, I'm simply digging myself into a hole and not reaching him.)
(Yuki: Joker-san is in a world cut off by a thick glass wall...)
(Yuki: Just how can I reach him?)
Yuki: ...!
(Yuki: ...I know.)
(Yuki: If I do this...)
Yuki: Joker-san!!
Joker: Hm?
Yuki: ...I probably can't say anything to persuade you!
Yuki: But the one thing I can say is, my luck is not something that simply happens unexpectedly!
Yuki: I don't think it's simply believing that something will happen!
Joker: That's a very conceptual way to put it.
Yuki: I'm simple, so I don't understand difficult things!
Yuki: I'm not smart or clever enough to predict what you're going to do.
Yuki: But that's why I believe in one thing.
Yuki: It's just my opinion, but you haven't been abandoned by luck.
Yuki: Maybe you just don't believe in luck.
Joker: ...
Yuki: Coming to the school and meeting you...
Yuki: And fighting in the Bell One together, I think they were all really good luck!!
Yuki: So Joker-san, have a match with me!!
Joker: A match? You and me?
Yuki: That's right!!
Yuki: If persuading you is impossible, then this is the only thing I can do.
Yuki: So, will you have a match with me?
Yuki: About whether my strength of belief is stronger. Or yours is.
Yuki: I'll stake my armband. So if I win, please listen to what I have to say!
Joker: No.
Yuki: Wha!
Joker: Well, I don't need that armband.
Joker: You know I'm not interested in the position of student council president or the rights.
Yuki: Well, that's true, but...
Joker: To me right now, that Ace armband is trash not worth betting.
Yuki: Calling it trash is cruel...
Joker: You'll have to prepare better bait if you want to draw me into a match.
Yuki: Better bait...
(Yuki: Even though he says bait, he doesn't mean food... I guess...)
Yuki: Umm...
Joker: You don't have any ideas?
Yuki: No...
Joker: Then, for instance...
Joker: How about... your chastity?
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: If you stake that, then I might think about it.
Yuki: Chastity, you mean... that thing that gets stolen from princesses in fairy tales?
Joker: That's one way of putting it.
Yuki: Fine, if that sort of thing is okay with you, I'll bet it!
(Yuki: Although I don't really understand what I'm betting...)
(Yuki: If it makes him interested, I'll do anything!!)
Joker: Wooow. You're brave.
Yuki: Then, will you accept a match with me?
Joker: I guess...
Joker: It'll annoy me if you cry any more...
Yuki: ...Haha, sorry.
Joker: Besides, I don't feel like reading anymore...
end CG

Joker: Hup...
Joker: Fine, if those are the conditions.
Yuki: Really!?
Joker: Yes, I'm going along with your plan.
Yuki: Woohoo!!
Joker: What will the match be?
Yuki: Then, a card game!
Joker: Okay.
Joker: Let's make it a simple high and low.

-- win high and low card game --
[Note: Sorry, it's literally impossible to lose this one. Believe me, I tried!]

Yuki: Woohoo! I won!!
Joker: Ahhh, too bad. I lost.
Joker: After all, I can't win without cheating...
Joker: But I wanted your chastity.
Joker: I could have done all sorts of things...
Yuki: Haha...
(Yuki: ...I'm glad I won.)
Yuki: So as promised, will you listen to what I have to say?
Joker: Of course, the loser obeys the winner.
Yuki: Right!!
(Yuki: Thank goodness, it seems like he's gone back to being the usual Joker-san.)
(Yuki: He's truly come back.)
(Yuki: He's not on the other side of the glass wall.)
(Yuki: He's in our world...)
Joker: So? What do you want me to do?
Yuki: Of course! It's obvious!
Yuki: I want you to come with me and help bring Sonoda-san back!!
Joker: Bring Eiji back... huh.
Joker: I personally don't feel like doing that at all, but if you say so, I'll help you.
Joker: But it's not that simple.
Joker: He probably hasn't gone back home...
Yuki: I know it'll be hard. That's why I need your help.
Yuki: Do you have any clue where he might have gone, apart from his home?
Joker: Let's see... It's not that I don't have any clue, but...
Yuki: Where?
Joker: Even if you meet him, I'm sure it'll be useless.
Joker: Well, he betrayed us.
Yuki: Well, that's true...
Joker: Ever since he entered the school, he's been deceiving almost everyone related to the school this whole time.
Joker: To go that far, he had to have been more than a little determined to betray us.
Joker: He must have left with no intention of coming back.
Joker: So I don't think you'll be able to persuade him just by saying you want him to come back.
Joker: Or are you going to play a card game with him?
Joker: In my case, I liked those stakes, but it won't be the same for Eiji.
Yuki: Ugh...
Yuki: But we won't know that until we meet him!!
Yuki: I think so even more, if he acted out of serious feelings!
Yuki: Maybe he's waiting for us to come find him!
Joker: I wonder...
Joker: Although I think no matter how good your luck is, you can't change people's feelings.
Yuki: I don't think it's a matter of luck.
Yuki: But I can't not do anything!
Joker: ...I see.
??: Here you are.
Joker: Hm?
??: Joker-sama!
Yuki: Dora-chan and Chiba-san!
Chiba: You're safe.
Joker: Looks like I worried you too, Hayato.
Dora-chan: I was looking for you two. I'm glad I found you.
Yuki: Did something happen?
Chiba: Well...
Dora-chan: I had a request from Sonoda-kun.
Joker: From Eiji?
Dora-chan: Yes.
Dora-chan: I was asked to give this to the three of you, Joker-kun, Yuki-kun, and Chiba-kun.
Yuki: This... A dome-covered plate?
Joker: Looks like it's some sort of food.
Dora-chan: Yes. There's some for each of you.
Dora-chan: It's windy out here, so you should take it somewhere inside.

Yuki: Wow, it smells good...
Dora-chan: It's a light meal as a snack, from Sonoda-kun.
Dora-chan: Here, this is yours, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: This... what is it?
Yuki: It's bacon and salmon on a muffin with egg and covered in sauce, it looks really delicious, but...?
Dora-chan: Eggs benedict. It's one of Sonoda-kun's specialties.
Dora-chan: And these crab cakes are for Chiba-kun.
Chiba: Crab cakes...? What's that?
Dora-chan: It's like a hamburger patty with crab mixed with panko.
Joker: Come to think of it, Hayato, when Eiji made them before, you thought they were delicious and ate a lot of them.
Chiba: Oh... those?
Dora-chan: This is for Joker-kun.
Yuki: These pancake-looking things, if I remember...
Joker: ...Blintzes.
(Yuki: Come to think of it, before, I ate one that was just for Joker-san...)
Yuki: Today it has caviar and salmon roe.
Yuki: Wow, they all look really delicious.
Yuki: Can I eat this?
Dora-chan: Of course!
Dora-chan: I saw Sonoda-kun making these with all his might.
Dora-chan: He said it was a sign of apology, so, did you have a fight?
Yuki: That's... well...
Dora-chan: It's not good to not be friends. Eat this, and be friends again.
(Yuki: I see, Dora-chan doesn't know Sonoda-san's situation...)
Yuki: A, anyway, let's eat!
Joker: Right.
Chiba: Yes...
Yuki: Here I go!!
Yuki: *munch*...
Yuki: ...Wooow, delicious!!
Yuki: The egg and the sauce are melting on my tongue!!
Yuki: The thick cut bacon inside, and the salmon, and the asparagus, the compatibility between them all is perfect!!
Yuki: Amazing... Sonoda-san really is a genius...
(Yuki: Although he did betray us in the Bell One...)
(Yuki: After all, I can't believe someone who makes such delicious food is bad person...)
Yuki: Chiba-san, is yours good too?
Chiba: Yes, it's good...
(Yuki: He's eating quietly. I'm sure it's really delicious.)
Yuki: And Joker-san...
Joker: ...
(Yuki: Huh...? His hand has stopped...)
Yuki: You're not going to eat? Mine is really delicious.
Joker: ...I bet.
Joker: ...*siiigh*
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: Agh, geez!! He really is so annoying!!
Yuki: Um... what do you mean?
Yuki: The blintzes... they're not good?
Joker: You ate the blintzes that Eiji made for me before.
Yuki: ...Right.
Yuki: I didn't know that they were made to suit your tastes and I had a bad experience.
Joker: Try this.
Yuki: Huh!?
Yuki: ...I kind of want to pass.
Joker: Just do it.
Yuki: R, right...
Yuki: Ugh... *munch*
Yuki: ...This is!
Yuki: Wooow, it's delicious!!
Yuki: This blintz is crazy delicious!!
Yuki: What's the problem with... oh!!
Yuki: Could it be, that if I find it delicious, then...
Yuki: To you, it's really gross...?
Joker: That's right.
Yuki: Maybe he wanted you to taste the proper flavor, at least at the end?
Joker: No, it's the opposite.
Joker: Geez... stupid Eiji. I thought he had been more determined when he left.
Joker: He's full of regrets and he wants us to pay attention to him!!
Yuki: Huh, wants us to pay attention...?
Joker: That's right.
Joker: Making this, of course I'd have complaints! He's waiting for that!!
Joker: Like you said, he can't stand how much he wants us to come and bring him back!
Joker: ...Agh, he's seriously annoying. I should give him another beating.
Yuki: Haha...
Yuki: Um, Dora-chan! Did Sonoda-san make these today?
Dora-chan: That's right. He borrowed the dorm kitchen and made them.
Dora-cahn: When the food was done, he asked me to give it to everyone, and went off somewhere.
Dora-chan: After that, I went to look for you with Chiba-kun and met you in the courtyard.
Yuki: Then it hasn't been that long!!
Yuki: My food is still warm...
Chiba: This one too...
Joker: Which means it was made less than an hour ago.
Yuki: In that case, maybe he's still in the school!!
Joker: I wonder.
Joker: If he left immediately after making this, then it wouldn't be impossible for him to already be outside the school.
Yuki: But maybe he's still near the school!!
Yuki: So let's go find him!
Joker: Right, right.
Joker: Ahhh, since it turned out like this, it can't be helped.
*Joker removes his eyepatch*
Joker: For you, I'll pitch in and help.
Yuki: Oh, Joker-san. Your eyepatch...?
Joker: I told you that from this room I can see most everywhere within the school island.
Yuki: Which means...!
Joker: Oh, I found Eiji.
Yuki: Where!?
Joker: Right now, he's on a bus leaving the school. He's sitting in the third row from the front.
Yuki: We have to follow him!
Joker: It's impossible. When he reaches the bridge, he'll be outside the school.
Yuki: Oh no... Then, do you know where he's going?
Joker: That's no problem.
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: The bus he's on is going to the harbor.
Joker: If he's heading that way, then his destination is probably that place.
Yuki: You know where it is!? Then let's follow him!!
Joker: Right, right.
Dora-chan: You're going out?
Joker: Yeah, we'll be going out for a bit.
Chiba: Joker-sama, let myself accompany you.
Joker: This time, you don't have to, Hayato. You stay home.
Joker: Do the rest according to the usual manual.
Chiba: Understood.
Joker: Then let's go. Call a taxi.
Yuki: Yes!
Chiba: Take care.
(Yuki: We'll absolutely bring Sonoda-san back.)
(Yuki: I don't want things to stay like this!)

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