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June 22 (continued)

(old hotel)
Yuki: Huh? Even though I push the elevator button, it doesn't light up...
Joker: The freight elevator looks like it's working.
Yuki: Then let's get on that one.

Joker: You seem kind of happy.
Yuki: When I think that I can go back to school and everyone will be like before, I get happy.
Joker: You're simple.
*lights flash*
Yuki: Huh...?
*screen goes black*
Yuki: Uwah!?
Yuki: W, what?
Joker: Looks like a power outage. The elevator stopped.
Yuki: What'll we do? I don't have a flashlight!
Joker: It'll be fine. If we wait a little while...
*emergency lights come on*
Yuki: Oh, it's back on!
Joker: See, it's fine. The elevator has emergency lights for times like these.
Yuki: Thank goodness, I didn't know what I'd do if it stayed dark...
Yuki: As long as the elevator works, it'll be okay.
Joker: Hmm... I wonder if it'll go that well?
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: I knew it.
Joker: The floor buttons and the emergency button don't work.
Yuki: That's, no way...
Joker: Well, as you know, this is a condemned building.
Joker: It only has electricity to the freight elevator.
Joker: The demolition has actually already started, and no one comes in here except for workers or security.
Joker: And the manufacturer of this elevator went out of business a few years ago.
Joker: ...Naturally, it looks like there hasn't been any regular maintenance.
Yuki: So no one will notice that it stopped?
Joker: Probably not.
Joker: It would be nice if a security person noticed while doing rounds.
Yuki: ...Isn't... this really bad?
Joker: Yeah, I wouldn't say it's a very good situation.
Yuki: Umm... What should we do...?
Yuki: Oh...!!
Yuki: Let's call for help on the cell phone!!
Yuki: ...Out of range.
Joker: Mine too.
Joker: It looks like we're completely trapped.
Joker: And Eiji's probably already left the building...
Yuki: What are we going to do...?
Joker: Well...
Joker: There is the possibility that no one will notice we're here like this.
Joker: And then the two of us will slowly starve to death...
Yuki: Whaaa!!?
Yuki: I don't want that!!
Yuki: A lot of stuff has happened, but now that everything is going well, not being able to go back to the school...
Yuki: Not being able to see everyone at school anymore...
Yuki: I thought I was going to be able to eat Sonoda-san's food again...
Yuki: There were so many things I wanted to eat...
Yuki: Starving to death without even getting a last meal...
Joker: Heh, he, he, heh...
Yuki: Joker-san?
Joker: Haha, I was joking about starving to death...
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: You don't have to worry.
Joker: I told Hayato to come look for us if he doesn't hear from me within six hours.
Yuki: *siiiigh* ...Thank goodness, I was really imagining a future of starving...
Joker: You really are simple.
Yuki: But will Chiba-san realize we're trapped in an elevator?
Joker: Yuki-kun, do you have the beresta I gave you?
Yuki: Yes, I have it on my belt.
Joker: Then it'll be fine.
Joker: You noticed what was inside before, didn't you?
Yuki: There was some weird device inside.
Joker: It's a GPS.
Joker: As long as you have that, Hayato will be able to find where we are.
Joker: So we won't starve.
Joker: Anyway, let's just patiently wait for help to come.
Yuki: Let's do that.
Joker: Do you want to play cards until then?
Yuki: I think it's a bit too dark to play cards here...
*lights flash*
Yuki: Huh? Again...?
*elevator shakes*
Yuki: Uwaaagh!!
Joker: Yuki-kun, hold on to me!!
*screen goes black*

Yuki: U... ngh...
Joker: ...Yuki-kun, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: ...Hm...?
(Yuki: Someone's calling me?)
Yuki: ...Joker-san?

CG: Yuki sits on Joker's lap in the elevator
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: ...Are you awake, Yuki-kun?
Joker: You're alive?
Yuki: Oh... yes, somehow.
(Yuki: Did... I pass out?)
Joker: Thank goodness.
Yuki: Huh, um... What is this situation...?
(Yuki: Somehow Joker-san's face is really close...)
(Yuki: And his arms are around my body...)
(Yuki: ...Wait, am I sitting on Joker-san's legs?)
Yuki: ...Oh! I'm sorry!! I'll get off!!
Joker: Don't move!!
Yuki: No, but... this position is a bit...
Joker: It's best not to move too much.
Joker: If you value your life.
Yuki: Huh...?
Yuki: ...Um, what happened before?
Yuki: I remember that there was a lot of shaking, but...
Joker: To put it simply, the situation has gotten worse than before.
Yuki: What does that...
Joker: The cables supporting the elevator car that we're in have probably broken.
Yuki: Huh, broken!?
Joker: I say broken, but they're not all broken, I think one cable is still supporting the car.
Joker: Or the pulley that supports the cable suspending the car has broken.
Joker: Without going outside and confirming it, I can't say for certain.
Joker: Probably because of something like that, the car we're in lost balance and fell.
Joker: But the brake mechanism started working in the middle and barely managed to stop it.
Joker: And we're very precariously balanced.
Joker: This floor and wall where I am are lower.
Yuki: It's true...
Yuki: So did I pass out during the fall...?
Joker: I tried to cushion you and stop the impact, but it looks like I wasn't quite able to.
Joker: I'm sorry, you're not hurt, are you?
Yuki: There's nothing wrong with me. Are you okay?
Joker: I'm trained, unlike you. You don't have to worry.
Yuki: But what should we do?
Joker: The cell phones are still out of range.
Yuki: I know! How about we get out of the elevator from the ceiling, like in the movies?
Yuki: And then we can get out from the door to the nearest floor.
Joker: That's probably impossible.
Joker: We don't know if there's an emergency exit.
Joker: Even if there is one, since it's made for rescue from outside, it may not open from the inside.
Joker: Besides, judging from when it fell, this is the innermost part of the building.
Joker: Look at the floor buttons.
Yuki: Um... huh? There's some missing.
Joker: Because this is a high rise building, this elevator doesn't stop at the middle floors.
Joker: Which means that there's no doors to the other floors anywhere near this car.
Joker: So getting out won't help anything.
Yuki: Then this is a really bad situation...
*elevator shakes*
Yuki: Uwaaah!!
Joker: *urk*
Yuki: Oh, it stopped...
Joker: Just now, we fell a little more.
Yuki: Are we going to fall again...?
Yuki: Next time, all the way down?
Yuki: ...And Chiba-san is coming six hours after we left school...
Yuki: If we wait until then, it might not be in time...
Yuki: All we can do is stay still and wait for it to fall...
Joker: ...Yuki-kun?
Yuki: We have to escape... we have to get out of here somehow...
Joker: Yuki-kun, calm down.
Yuki: I can't calm down!!
Yuki: This elevator could fall right now!!
Yuki: Even if we force the ceiling open...
Joker: Yuki-kun!!
Yuki: Ngh...!!
Joker: ...*kiss*...
Yuki: Mph! Mm...!
Joker: ...Calm down...
Yuki: ...Mm...
Joker: It'll be fine... so...
Yuki: ...Mm...
(Yuki: Is Joker-san...)
(Yuki: ...kissing me?)
(Yuki: At a terrible time like this...)
(Yuki: ...I feel so relieved.)
(Yuki: The hands petting my back are so warm and gentle...)
(Yuki: The lips touching me, it's like they're sucking away my worry...)
(Yuki: It's completely different from the kiss before...)
Yuki: *sigh*... Oh...
Joker: Have you calmed down?
Yuki: ...*pant*...*pant*...
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: I'm sorry, I... fell apart...
Joker: It can't be helped. It's that sort of situation.
Joker: ...But I'm glad you calmed down with a kiss.
(Yuki: After all, that kiss was meant to calm me...)
Joker: If you were going to struggle more than that, I would have had to use a different method.
Yuki: Haha... Just that kiss was really effective...
Yuki: My fear has really faded...
Yuki: But...
Yuki: You're not scared, Joker-san?
Joker: Scared? Me?
Yuki: Yes.
Yuki: Well, when I think that this car might fall and we might die, anyone would be scared...
Joker: Hmm, I think that's a normal feeling...
Joker: But in my case, it's opposite.
Yuki: Opposite?
Joker: Yeah.
Joker: Since I was in that plane crash, I haven't really understood death...
Joker: My awareness of death itself is completely gone.
Joker: So since then, no matter what danger I'm in, I'm not afraid...
Joker: I don't even feel a psychological fear...
Yuki: So that's it...
(Yuki: So that's why I've never seen him be afraid...)
Joker: For some reason, it seems that's what Hayato respects about me.
Joker: But before, when I fell with you, I felt a certain thing strongly.
Yuki: A certain thing?
Joker: That I absolutely didn't want you to die.
Joker: I thought nothing of my own death, but when I imagined you dying, I felt my blood run cold.
Joker: I was afraid of your death. I was terrified... me.
Joker: And the moment I felt terror for your death, I remembered the fear of death that I had forgotten a long time ago...
Joker: Haha. It's been a really long time since I've felt this sensation.
Joker: It's like that obstructing wall that's been there for so many years has been cleared away, it's an exhilarating feeling.
Yuki: I'm not sure if I would call a fear of death exhilarating, but...
Joker: Well, even if it's a fear of death, I can share the same feeling with you.
Joker: I'm so happy I can't stand it.
Joker: It's really been such a long time since I felt the world was real like this.
Joker: I'm so excited that every game I've played until now doesn't even compare.
Joker: *laughing*
Yuki: U, um... Joker-san?
Joker: Hey, Yuki-kun. Am I weird?
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: Laughing in a situation where we might die, that's not normal, is it?
Joker: Am I crazy?
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Well, as you'd expect, I don't think this is a mood where I can laugh with you...
Yuki: But... that you're happy, Joker-san...
Yuki: Makes me really happy too.
Yuki: So if you're smiling with happiness, that's fine.
Yuki: That's what I suddenly thought, even in this situation.
Yuki: So I think I'm probably not normal either.
Yuki: So I can't say you're crazy.
Joker: I see.
Joker: Yuki-kun...
Joker: I love you.
Yuki: Huh...?
Joker: ...Mm...
Yuki: Oh...
Joker: Your feelings when you said you liked me, I finally understand them.
Yuki: Huh...?
Joker: You felt like this, didn't you?
Joker: My feelings when I told you I loved you before...
Joker: I loved you to satisfy myself.
Joker: It was different than the love that you know, where feelings are mutual.
Joker: When I was up in the tree, I couldn't understand the feelings you shared with me at all.
Joker: I didn't know the meaning of your tears and the feelings you spoke about...
Yuki: ...
Joker: But now I can understand.
Joker: What it is for feelings to be mutual.
Yuki: Joker-san...
Joker: Right now, I love you, in the same sense that you feel.
(Yuki: ...Oh, this is bad.)
(Yuki: Even though we're in a situation like this, I'm so happy.)
(Yuki: Even though we might die, I'm so happy I could cry...)
Yuki: ...I'm so... so happy about your feelings, Joker-san.
Joker: I feel the same.
Joker: That's really surprising.
Yuki: What is?
Joker: Well, just by feeling love for you, that I can feel this world being so real.
Joker: This is an incredible discovery.
Joker: So, will you listen to my request?
Yuki: If I can do it...
Joker: Let me love you.
Yuki: Yes.
Yuki: If you're okay with me, as much as you like!
Joker: I want to love you because it's you.
Joker: *kiss*...
Yuki: Mm... mm...
Joker: ...Ah... Yuki-kun...
Yuki: Mm... ah... Joker-san...
(Yuki: I'm so happy.)
(Yuki: Our feelings of love are getting through like this...)
(Yuki: That feelings being mutual could make me this happy...)
(Yuki: It's happier than I ever imagined...)
Yuki: ...Ah...
Yuki: Joker-san.
Joker: Hm?
Yuki: This isn't just liking my luck this time, is it?
Joker: That's right. I love all of you.
Yuki: Then, can I love you too from now on?
Joker: Of course.
Joker: I love you.
Yuki: Me too.
Yuki: Mm... *kiss*... *breathe*
Joker: Yuki... *kiss* ...kun... mm...
Yuki: ...Oh.
Joker: What's the matter? You suddenly got embarrassed.
Yuki: Yeah...
Joker: That's nice, even your embarrassed face is really cute.
Yuki: ...When you say things like that, I get embarrassed, and I can't look at you...
Joker: You can get more embarrassed.
Joker: Because I've also fallen in love with your blushing face.
Yuki: ...Joker-san.
Joker: What a nice mood.
Joker: I never imagined that the answer I'd been searching for was so close.
Yuki: The answer?
Joker: The most real thing in this world.
Joker: I tried everything in order to find it.
Joker: But it was loving you.
Joker: I feel like I've already reached the goal of life.
Joker: I could die happy right now....
Yuki: You can't do that!
Joker: Yeah, I know.
Joker: Because I also don't want you to die.
Joker: Hey, Yuki-kun, are our feelings mutual right now?
Yuki: Yes... I think so...
Joker: Then... right here, right now, I want to embrace you.
Yuki: Aren't you already embracing me?
Joker: Not in that sense.
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: Not just embracing you in my arms, I want to be connected to you in a much deeper way...
Yuki: ...Do you mean...?
Joker: It's probably what you imagine.
Yuki: ...Huh!!?
Joker: But you're the best.
Joker: And your face as you're frightened of death...
Joker: And your face turning red with just one kiss from me...
Joker: It's so tantalizing that I could come just looking at you.
Joker: Hey, please, Yuki-kun...
Yuki: P, please wait a minute! Joker-san!?
Joker: Hm? What's the matter?
Joker: You feel the same way as I do, don't you?
Yuki: Um, well... that's true, but...
Yuki: Right now... we're in a really bad situation, right?
Yuki: It's a situation where we could die at any moment and we don't know when help is coming...
Joker: What about it?
Yuki: No, well, um... Doing that sort of thing right now is...
Joker: Now's fine for me.
Yuki: Whaa!
Joker: Or rather, it has to be now.
Joker: Well, a situation like this where we'll die together is very rare.
Joker: This situation where we can feel life and death so close at hand, it's the most exciting.
Joker: And, what'll we do if it falls and we die?
Yuki: Well...
Joker: We finally have mutual love. Dying like this without having done anything, to me, would be inexcusable.
Yuki: B, but, before you said we shouldn't move too much...
Joker: It's fine. I'll do a good job.
Yuki: No, that's not the problem!
Joker: Yuki-kun. Are you really okay with not knowing anything like this?
Yuki: K, knowing what...?
Joker: The second level in romance.
Joker: Even you must know.
Yuki: ...Well, it's not... that I don't want to know...
*elevator shakes*
Yuki: Uwah! It shook again!!
Joker: It's fine.
Yuki: B, but...
Joker: It's okay. Leave it all to me...
Joker: I'll wipe away all your worry...
Joker: *kiss*
Yuki: *kiss*
Joker: Let me love you more... always... more deeply...
Yuki: ...Oh...
Yuki: I... want to be... connected to you too.
Joker: Yeah, let me mark you.
Yuki: Yes...
Joker: I love you, Yuki-kun...
*fade to black*
Yuki: Ah... Joker... san...

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