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June 9

(school hallway)
Yuki: Mm. So peaceful.
Yuki: It's been a week since the first round of Bell One.
Yuki: A week where nothing has happened since then.
Yuki: It's peaceful.
Yuki: Although there may be students who are against me,
Yuki: Even though Joker-san made Chiba-san guard me, there's nothing especially dangerous.
Yuki: I'm glad it's peaceful, but...
Yuki: Is this really okay?
(Yuki: Even though it's a terrible time when the school might close, everyone seems calm as usual.)
(Yuki: The first round was an easy win, but after all, the number one reason was that...)
(Yuki: Joker-san is my partner.)
Yuki: But I feel like everyone ought to have more of a sense of danger...
Yuki: First, I have to get a hold of myself.
Yuki: Okay, I'll go make some sort of plans for the second round with Joker-san!
Yuki: Well, then.
Yuki: I wonder if Joker-san is in.
*knock knock*
Yuki: Hello. It's Asahina.
Sonoda: Come in.

Yuki: Hello.
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: It's just you, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: Yeah. Kiyo and Hayato didn't come.
Yuki: I see.
Sonoda: Did you need something with Kiyo?
Yuki: Yes. I was thinking we should make some sort of preparations for the second round of the Bell One.
Sonoda: But you struck out this time.
Yuki: Right...
Sonoda: So, what did you think of the first round?
Yuki: Just as I expected from Joker-san, it was an easy win!
Yuki: I really thought it would be a tougher battle...
Yuki: When I was in trouble, Joker-san answered for me and he was really dependable.
Yuki: It's thanks to Joker-san that I won the first round!
Sonoda: Hmm...
Yuki: I was really worried when the armband was stolen and I was told this place would close.
Yuki: To be honest, I wasn't confident that I could win the Bell One with my own strength.
Yuki: But with Joker-san helping, I might be able to protect the school.
Yuki: That's how I feel now.
Sonoda: Wow, really?
Sonoda: You really have a high opinion of Kiyo.
Yuki: Yes!
Sonoda: So, how well do you know Kiyo?
Yuki: Huh? You mean Joker-san...?
Yuki: Umm, actually, I don't know him very well...
Yuki: When I first met him, he suddenly pointed a gun at me and I was scared...
Yuki: But I realized he's the kind of person who amuses people by surprising them.
Yuki: And this time he's been helping me a lot.
Sonoda: Like how?
Yuki: After the Bell One was started, when he noticed I was worried, he gave me a charm.
Sonoda: A charm?
Yuki: Yes. A beresta shaped like a horseshoe, it's an amulet for good luck.
Yuki: And he had Chiba-san guard me so that the person who stole my armband can't sabotage me anymore.
Yuki: When I'd heard that he chased away the previous Ace from the student council, I made the mistake of thinking he was heartless.
Yuki: But now that he's teamed up with me in the Bell One, I think he's a really nice person.
Sonoda: A nice person? Kiyo?
Yuki: Right!
Sonoda: Seriously?
Yuki: ...Right...
Sonoda: You... Do you think his words and actions toward you are just out of goodwill?
Yuki: Huh? What do you mean?
Sonoda: Kiyo doesn't care about what happens to this school, right?
Sonoda: But you still trust him?
Yuki: I know that. When he teamed up with me, Joker-san told me that clearly.
Yuki: That he doesn't care what happens in the Bell One or to this school.
Sonoda: And yet you don't have any doubts about Kiyo teaming up with you and being friendly with you?
Yuki: Well...
Sonoda: I think it would be normal to think that he's planning something...
Sonoda: Maybe the merit in helping you is something else.
Sonoda: Maybe he's trying to do something by using you.
Yuki: Are you saying that Joker-san is deceiving me...?
Sonoda: When you consider Kiyo's personality, I think that's only natural.
Yuki: But Joker-san was with me in the Bell One.
Yuki: He really helped me in the first round.
Yuki: I didn't think that he was tricking me or planning something.
Yuki: That's why I trust Joker-san.
Sonoda: Trust...?
Sonoda: That word has nothing to do with Kiyo.
Yuki: That's...
Yuki: Sonoda-san, aren't you friends with Joker-san?
Sonoda: I guess...
Sonoda: That's how I know he's good at deceiving others.
Sonoda: That's not all. It's the same with Hayato.
Sonoda: Hayato would do anything for Kiyo, you can tell that by looking, right?
Yuki: Well, yes...
Sonoda: He adores Kiyo to a bit of an unnatural level.
Sonoda: If Kiyo orders it, regardless of whether it's right or wrong, he'll calmly make it happen.
Yuki: That does seem possible...
Sonoda: Before you said Kiyo had Hayato guard you.
Sonoda: Do you really think he's guarding you?
Yuki: Huh?
Sonoda: It could be that Hayato is staying close to spy on you...
Yuki: Spy...?
(Yuki: Come to think of it, before... he told me exactly what I did all day...)
Sonoda: Did that ring any bells?
Sonoda: Have you ever thought about why Kiyo formed Durak separately from the student council?
Yuki: Something like because Joker-san wanted to govern the school in his own way...?
Sonoda: Are you serious!?
Sonoda: Anyway, you know he's not interested in the school staying open.
Sonoda: Until now, Kiyo's never thought about improving the school.
Sonoda: He just judges by what will entertain him.
Yuki: But...
Sonoda: Before, he set up matches with the student council and cruelly defeated the ex-Ace, making him run away.
Sonoda: The one responsible was Kiyo.
Sonoda: You know that, don't you?
Yuki: Yes...
Sonoda: Still, you can say that you really trust him?
Sonoda: Just because he helped you a little bit?
Sonoda: Despite that, you don't think there's any room to doubt?
Yuki: Well... um...
Yuki: I...

I trust him.
If I was tricked, it's my responsibility.

(decision: If I was tricked, it's my responsibility.)
Yuki: Even if he's tricking me, I don't mind.
Yuki: It's my responsibility, since he's the partner I chose.
Sonoda: So you don't mind even if he uses you.
Yuki: If it's true, I'd be sad.
Yuki: But I chose Joker-san and decided to trust him.
Yuki: If that causes trouble to the school and everyone,
Yuki: That's my responsibility.
Sonoda: It wouldn't be Kiyo's fault?
Yuki: Right.
Sonoda: Wow, so you've even thought that far.
Yuki: Of course.
Yuki: Because I'm the student council president of BL School.
Yuki: I've been thinking about it a lot since Bell One was started.
Yuki: Who among the students is really the best person to bet the fate of the school on.
Sonoda: And that was Kiyo.
Yuki: That's what I thought, and I chose Joker-san.
Yuki: And if in the end that decision is a failure, I'm prepared to bear the responsibility.
Sonoda: I see, you're well prepared.
Yuki: Right.
Sonoda: I see.
Sonoda: Until now, you've only been surrounded by good people, haven't you?
Yuki: Right!
Sonoda: What a quick answer. Well, that may be due to your good luck.
Sonoda: Only, I say you can't trust people so easily.
Sonoda: And you shouldn't use the word trust so easily.
Sonoda: That's how I feel.
Yuki: But I...
Sonoda: You got that from Kiyo, didn't you?
Yuki: Huh?
Sonoda: That wooden ornament you're wearing.
Yuki: You mean this beresta? He said it was a good luck charm and it wards off evil.
Sonoda: Wards off evil... huh?
Sonoda: Nice way to put it... Let me see that for a minute.
Yuki: Huh? Oh, okay...
Sonoda: Take a good look. You can slide the side of it.
Yuki: Oh... There's some sort of device inside...?
Sonoda: A GPS or a bug, I guess.
Yuki: Wha!
Sonoda: Does this change your mind?
Yuki: Well...
Sonoda: I told you. You shouldn't trust people so easily.
Sonoda: That's why I don't trust anything but money.
Sonoda: Well, money, unlike people, won't betray you.
Yuki: *sigh*
Sonoda: Well, that's just what I think.
Sonoda: How you take this is up to you.
Sonoda: You're the one who makes the final judgement.
Sonoda: And you're the one who holds the fate of BL School.
Sonoda: So you should do what you want.
Yuki: Right...
Sonoda: Oh, that's right, you came to meet Kiyo, right?
Yuki: Oh, yes.
Sonoda: He said he was going to the staff room, so why don't you try going?
Yuki: Thank you. I'll go look.
Yuki: Then, excuse...
Sonoda: Oh, right. One last warning.
Yuki: Yes?
Sonoda: You should be careful of Kiyo's eye.
Yuki: What... does that mean?
Sonoda: Think about it yourself.
Sonoda: Here. Go, go.
Yuki: Right...

(school hallway)
Yuki: *sigh*...
(Yuki: Not just Takato-san, but even Sonoda-san is saying that...)
(Yuki: Sounding like they reject Joker-san...)
(Yuki: Well, Takako-san I understand because he's in the student council,)
(Yuki: But I never thought even Sonoda-san would say that.)
(Yuki: Those two seemed like best friends...)
Yuki: Umm...
Yuki: But I was surprised by the beresta that Joker-san gave me.
Yuki: It could be a bug or a GPS...
Yuki: Um, hello? Joker-san, can you hear me?
Yuki: Is this a bug?
Yuki: ...I guess saying that doesn't change anything.
Yuki: But how did Sonoda-san realize it?
Yuki: Besides, he was asking me things like he was testing me.
Yuki: Umm... I don't get it even if I think about it.
Yuki: Hm? Over there, that's...
Yuki: Joker-san... and Professor Sakaki?
Yuki: What are those two talking about...?
(Yuki: Alone with Professor Sakaki...)
(Yuki: Even though Professor Sakaki is the assistant director and on the side of the board...)
Yuki: ...

Sonoda: It could be that Hayato is staying close to spy on you...
Sonoda: Have you ever thought about why Kiyo formed Durak separately from the student council?
Sonoda: A GPS or a bug, I guess.

Yuki: Joker-san, it can't be...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: No, no, I'm being foolish...!!)
(Yuki: What am I thinking?)
(Yuki: Didn't I just tell Sonoda-san that I trust Joker-san?)
(Yuki: Still, thinking about that...)
(Yuki: Professor Sakaki is moving away.)
(Yuki: It looks like he's going back to the staff room... Are they done talking...?)
Yuki: Oh!
(Yuki: Joker-san's coming this way!)
(Yuki: I, I have to find somewhere to hide...)
Joker: There, you eavesdropping Ace-kun.
Yuki: Joker-san...
Joker: What, you have an excuse?
Yuki: I wasn't eavesdropping, I was just looking for you...
Joker: Hmm. Looking for me, huh...?

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