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June 9 (continued)

CG: Joker presses Yuki against the wall
Yuki: Uh...
Joker: Then why were you trying to run away?
Yuki: Well... because I felt like I saw something I shouldn't have...
Joker: I see...
Joker: Could it be you saw me having a secret meeting with the enemy, assistant director Sakaki...?
Joker: Did you think I was pretending to be your ally but I'm actually a spy for the board?
Yuki: Ugh...
Joker: Bull's-eye.
Yuki: W, well...

I don't think that!
I imagined it a little...

[Note: Pay attention to Joker's tone in this scene. He's teasing, but not maliciously.]

(decision: I imagined it a little...)
Yuki: ...I'm sorry.
Yuki: Actually, you're right, Joker-san. I imagined it a little bit.
Yuki: I doubted you.
Joker: I see.
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: ...But I only half-doubted you, I didn't think you were a spy or anything.
Yuki: I just got here, and I was surprised to see the two of you together, I mean...
Joker: Hehe... You're honest.
Joker: Even though it's better to make something up when you're questioned.
Yuki: That's...
Joker: Well, the part of you that confesses with such stupid honesty like that...
Joker: I really like it.
Yuki: Huh?
Joker: That sort of thing doesn't bother me.
Joker: I don't really mind if you doubt me.
Joker: Rather, I think you ought to have more doubts about everything.
Yuki: ...
Joker: You know that if I need something, I'll tell whatever lie the situation demands.
Joker: Actually, I'm aware that I've done suspicious things.
Joker: So go ahead and doubt me if you want.
Yuki: Really...?
Yuki: So what were you talking about with Professor Sakaki before?
Joker: I'm not telling you.
Yuki: ...Are you saying it's a secret?
Joker: Hehe.
(Yuki: After all, he won't tell me...?)
(Yuki: Even though I thought we'd become a little closer since becoming partners...)
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Even now that we've become partners in the Bell One, I still don't really know much about you.
Yuki: But you talking like this does worry me after all.
Yuki: You said you're not interested in the fate of the school, didn't you?
Joker: Yeah, I'm not. At all.
Yuki: But you're still helping me.
Yuki: Why is that? I can't accept the reason that it's fun!
Joker: Mmm, let's see.
Joker: It's simply that I want to know you more deeply.
Joker: Is that not a good reason?
Yuki: That seems fake... I don't believe it.
Joker: Then I'll put it more simply...
Yuki: *gasp*! Mm...
Yuki: J... just now, what...
Joker: What? It was a kiss.
Yuki: Kiss...
Joker: Heh. In short, this♪
Yuki: This...
Yuki: Th, that!! I don't know anything about that!!
Joker: Are you upset?
Yuki: Of course I am, if you do something like that!!
Joker: Hmm...
Joker: Okay, Yuki-kun? I'm interested in you.
Joker: You're always acting unexpectedly.
Joker: Unexpected things amuse me.
Joker: That's why I'm interested in you.
Joker: The more I get to know you, I can't help being interested in every single thing you do.
Joker: And that's why I want to watch you every day, no, around the clock.
Joker: I'm interested in you.
Joker: Do you think this is already love?
Yuki: L, l, l, l, love!?
Joker: Yeah.
Yuki: I, it's a joke, right...? One of your usual...
Joker: You think so?
Yuki: Well, Joker-san... You're making jokes and I can't tell if you're serious or not.
Yuki: And you just said it before, didn't you? That if you need something, you'll lie.
Joker: So you're saying I'm lying to you?
Joker: How sad, to have my words distrusted that much.
Joker: In that case...
Joker: I'll show you with my actions.
Yuki: Come again?
Joker: Mm...
Yuki: Mh, mmh...!?
(Yuki: What'll I do? This is different from that light kiss before...)
(Yuki: Joker-san's mood too...)
Yuki: Mm. ...Mh... hah...
(Yuki: He's more assertive and passionate...)
Joker: Ace-kun... mm...
Yuki: Mph... ah...
Yuki: Doing... this... I...
(Yuki: Being kissed like this... is making me melt...)
Yuki: We... can't... mm...
Joker: Why...?
Yuki: Well... because... mm... someone... might come...
(Yuki: And Joker-san's hand has been touching my body since before...)
Yuki: Mmm... mh, mph...
Joker: Are you excited...?
Yuki: There's... no way... I'd... be...
Joker: ...Really?
Joker: I don't think so...
Yuki: Mph...!
Joker: There hasn't been a boy like you at this school until now.
Joker: So I'm excited like I haven't been in a long time...
Yuki: Mph! Mphh!!
Joker: Don't resist so much. When you're being kissed, you should be more yielding...
(Yuki: But the hand that's touching me...)
Yuki: Mph!! ...Joker-san!! Wai...
Joker: Hm? What?
Yuki: This... isn't love...
Yuki: I'm sure it's because I'm normal and unusual.
Yuki: Aren't you just... caught up in that!?
Joker: That's not true.
Joker: You're special... extraordinarily so.
Joker: Mm...
Joker: And I think romance can start from simple interest...
Yuki: Hah... but, this... mh, mm...
(Yuki: Where he's touching me is hot...!! Is this Joker-san's heat...? Or mine...?)
Joker: Besides, I'm the type who eats the foods he likes first.
Yuki: Mh... mm...
Yuki: Uh... ah...
(Yuki: I can't, anymore...)
(Yuki: Like this... I'm feeling strange...)
(Yuki: I have to get away somehow...)
Yuki: Mmph...!!
Yuki: *pant*!!
Yuki: *panting*...
Joker: Hehe.
Yuki: Why are you doing this...?
Joker: Why?
Joker: Because I like you.
Joker: Because you wouldn't believe me with just my words.
Yuki: But that doesn't mean...
Joker: You don't believe me.
Yuki: But... I don't think this is love or anything like that...
Joker: Really? Even though I think it could be the start of love?
Yuki: But...
Joker: You're fixated on that. Or is your real reason something else?
Joker: Oh, are you maybe the type who's hung up on the gender of your partner?
Yuki: That's...
Joker: If you don't deny it clearly, I can't really ignore it.
Yuki: I don't like jokes like that...
Joker: You think it's a joke?
Yuki: Yes...
Joker: Then I'll say it to you clearly once again.
Joker: Yuki-kun. I like you.
Yuki: *gasp*...!!!
Joker: You're so cute. Your face is getting red.
Yuki: B, but you're making a face like that and saying stuff like this... from so close up...
Yuki: Well...
Joker: What's the matter?
Yuki: I don't know what I should say... or how I should react...
Joker: Then, there's no need for words.
Yuki: Mmph! ...*gasp*!!
Joker: ...Mm...
Yuki: Ah...
(Yuki: Joker-san's lips... are really warm...)
(Yuki: But that's not all, he's really... gentle...)
(Yuki: Like... I just want to stay like this...)
(Yuki: It doesn't seem like he's doing this to lie or trick me...)
Yuki: Mm...
(Yuki: He likes me... I wonder if can I believe his words...)
Yuki: Ah...
Joker: ...Heh...
Yuki: Ah...
Joker: This time, you didn't resist.
Joker: Which means that you didn't find it all bad?
Joker: Hey, how do you feel about me?
Yuki: Huh...
Yuki: N, no... Well... it's not that I thought it was okay or liked it or anything...
Joker: Then what?
Yuki: It's my first time doing that sort of thing. I kind of don't really know what I should do!
Joker: How was the taste of my kiss?
Yuki: The taste, um, how should I put it, it wasn't bad, I mean...
Yuki: Or rather...
Joker: It felt good?
Yuki: I, I, I didn't say that...
end CG

Chiba: Joker-sama.
Yuki: Gyaaaaah!!
Chiba: ...What?
Yuki: Ch, Chiba-san!? How long have you been there!!??
Chiba: I just got here.
Chiba: What is it? Your face is red. Do you have a cold?
Yuki: I, i, it, it's nothing!!
Chiba: I see, you're strange.
Chiba: Joker-sama, about that matter...
Joker: Yeah, got it.
Joker: Bye, Yuki-kun. I have to go.
Joker: See you.
Yuki: R, right!!
Joker: Let's go, Hayato.
Chiba: Yes.
Yuki: Ah...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...He left...
Yuki: What was that just now?
Yuki: Joker-san looked so calm...
Yuki: He kissed me...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Waaaaaah!
(Yuki: What the heck!!)
(Yuki: Being kissed by Joker-san...)
(Yuki: That enough is surprising, but...)
(Yuki: It was like I got carried away...)
(Yuki: Even though I was kissed by a man...)
(Yuki: It wasn't bad... or rather...)
(Yuki: Instead, I was happy, I mean...)
(Yuki: Or rather, it felt good...)
Yuki: That's not it!!
Yuki: No no no no.
Yuki: Ha, haha, ha...
(Yuki: I was probably just too shocked.)
(Yuki: Being suddenly kissed and told about love and being liked...)
(Yuki: I just got carried away by that.)
(Yuki: Yeah.)
Yuki: ...
Yuki: *siiiigh*...

(dorm cafeteria)
Yuki: *sigh*...
??: What's the matter, Yuki?
Yuki: Tomo, and Okaken.
Tomo: That's rare, you spacing out in the cafeteria.
Yuki: R, really?
Okaken: Of course, your enthusiasm when you're in the cafeteria is usually three times more than normal.
Tomo: Did something happen?
Yuki: Huh? Something? N, n, n, nothing happened!!
Tomo: ...It really doesn't look like nothing.
Okaken: Yeah, yeah. It's too suspicious, Asahina-kun. Confess what happened.
Yuki: I told you, it's nothing!!
Okaken: Getting flustered makes it even more suspicious.
Yuki: Urk...!!
Okaken: ...I see. I know!
Yuki: Huh?
Okaken: You found out about Hocus Pocus and now you're panicking?
Yuki: Hocus Pocus? What's that?
Okaken: Don't play dumb.
Okaken: Hocus Pocus. Of course it's the social site organized by Durak!
Yuki: Social... I remember, it's the social network service Joker-san set up for the students?
Okaken: Exactly!

CG: SD Joker and tiny casino :D
Okaken: At first, it started as an online casino that was Joker's idea.
Okaken: And the geeks who developed it kept adding games and communication tools.
Okaken: It's extremely useful as an information network within the school and as a communication tool.
Okaken: Even though it's by invitation of Durak only, a lot of people in the school use it.
end CG

Yuki: So? This Hocus Pocus has something to do with me?
Okaken: Do with you? You don't even know that?
Yuki: Huh, well, I haven't been invited...
Tomo: It can't be helped, since you're in the student council.
Okaken: It's really popular to bet on your performance in the Bell One in the online casino.
Okaken: Well, even though I say betting, it's virtual money that can only be used within Hocus Pocus.
Yuki: Betting!? That's the first I've heard of it!
Okaken: Hm. It looks like you really didn't know.
Tomo: Wasn't everyone trying to keep Yuki from finding out, since the bets were about him?
Yuki: Tomo, you knew?
Tomo: No.
Okaken: Kasahara-kun, you don't look at the bulletin board on Hocus Pocus?
Yuki: Could it be you weren't invited either, Tomo?
Tomo: Hmm, I feel like I got an invitation email as soon as I entered school,
Tomo: But it was annoying so I didn't do anything.
Okaken: What did you say!?
Okaken: Even though you could say it's a site that's necessary for school life...
Yuki: Um, I'm not on it either...
Tomo: It doesn't really bother me to not see it. That stuff's kind of a pain.
Tomo: I'll leave it to the people who want to use it.
Tomo: If I have time to look at stuff like that, I'd rather sleep.
Yuki: That's just like you.
Okaken: Geez, it's wasted on you guys.
Okaken. It even has strategies for topics and classes in school, you can get a lot of useful information.
Yuki: But it seems nice, being able to play games and stuff for free.
Tomo: As long as you're the student council president, shouldn't you give up on it?
Okaken: But since it's Asahina-kun, I don't think it would be strange for him to get an email invite.
Okaken: Recently, because of the fuss of the school closing, it seems like the distance between Durak and the student council has closed.
Okaken: Hmm, but if it becomes a partnership with Joker like now, I don't think it would be strange if you got invited...
Tomo: Well, that's true.
Okaken: Maybe he thinks that because you're so lucky, you'd mess up the casino.
Yuki: No way...
Yuki: So, please tell us what's on the bulletin board that we can't see.
Okaken: Heh heh, I'm glad you've asked! I, the one and only person who knows the situation, will explain to the two of you.
Yuki: It can't be that much of a big deal...
Okaken: This time, they're setting the odds depending on your decisions.
Okaken: Such as, who will Asahina-kun team up with?
Okaken: And in the first round, what kind of match will it be, and what percent will the score be, stuff like that.
Okaken: There's detailed odds for various situations!
Yuki: Something like that happening without me knowing. It's kind of...
Yuki: Even though the school is in great danger, something like that is popular...
Tomo: Are you annoyed?
Yuki: No... I'm kind of astounded that everyone is so easygoing.
(Yuki: Could it be that Joker-san teamed up with me because of these bets?)
(Yuki: No, it can't be...)
Okaken: Well, the students at this school love to party.
Okaken: And Joker loves to party the most. Isn't that why?
Tomo: Well, that's like him.
Tomo: If Joker can use his playfulness to distract everyone from their worries, I think it's worth it.
Yuki: I see.
Tomo: Actually, the other students may just be enjoying themselves in desperation.
Yuki: Haha.
Tomo: Whichever one it is, we don't know what Joker's thinking.
Tomo: The way he thinks is in kind of a different dimension from us normal students.
Yuki: You're right...
Tomo: Well, when it's someone where you don't know how much is serious and how much is a joke, there's no point in thinking about it, is there?
Yuki: Umm...
Tomo: Well, as long as he's having fun, this school will also be a merry-go-round.
Yuki: What does that mean?
Tomo: What does that mean...? Okaken, I'll leave the explanation to you.
Okaken: *grumble*...
Okaken: Well, I haven't seen it with my own eyes.
Okaken: It's just a rumor I heard from a friend of a friend...
Yuki: Yeah...
Okaken: Joker-san is not having fun. That is, his wrath is provoked.
Okaken: Who knows what would happen in a situation like that.
Yuki: Did something happen?
Okaken: That... it seems only students second year and above know.
Okaken: No matter how much I ask, no one will open their mouth about it.
Okaken: It's just a guess, but maybe it was really scary.
Okaken: Maybe it was erased from this school... no, its very existence was erased!!
Yuki: Whaa!?
Tomo: No no, that's not true. It's an urban legend.
??: Hey, what interesting thing are you talking about?
Yuki: J, J, J, Joker-san!
Okaken: Awah wah wah wah wah. Um, did you h, hear... our conversation just now?
Joker: Uh-uh, but it seemed really interesting.
Joker: Will you let me join too?
Okaken: O, oh, no. It's nothing you need to bother with, Joker-san...
Yuki: Joker-san! Do you need something?
Joker: Oh, that's right. I need to talk to you, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: Right, what do you need?
Joker: Lend me your ear for a bit.
Yuki: What is it?
*Joker gets close to Yuki*
Joker: I thought I'd invite you on a date.
Yuki: D, date!!??
Joker: Yeah.
Joker: It's to deepen our relationship, if that works for you.
Yuki: Deepen...? What does that mean...?
Joker: Are you free this weekend?
Yuki: I'm not really doing anything special...
Joker: Then it's set!
*Joker moves away*
Yuki: Huh, set...?
Joker: I'll send you an email with the details later.
Joker: Bye-bye.
Yuki: You can't just decide that on your own...
Tomo: You've really become close to Joker.
Yuki: C, c, close, of course not!!
Yuki: We're just hanging out together, t, t, there's no deep meaning!
Tomo: Wow, you're hanging out together.
Yuki: Oh, no, yeah... Well, we are...
Okaken: Well. You really are something too.
Okaken: This might be the first time he's invited someone outside of Durak.
Okaken: It seems like he likes you a lot. Hm, hm.
Yuki: T, that's, well... I'm sure it's just because he has fun seeing my reactions!
Yuki: Right! It has nothing to do with being close or anything!!
Yuki: Just because I got invited, that doesn't make it a d, date or anything!!
Tomo: Of course not. You're both guys, who would think that?
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Oh, right, that's... right.
Tomo: Yuki, why are you so upset?
Yuki: It's nothing!
Tomo: Whatever, isn't it good to be able to get closer?
Yuki: Yeah. That's right...
(Yuki: Crap. Even though they didn't really notice, I got too upset...)
(Yuki: This is all because of what Joker-san did before...)
(Yuki: But a date...)
(Yuki: Just how serious is he...?)
(Yuki: Or maybe it's all a joke...)

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: *sigh* ...I panicked before.
Yuki: Ah, I really did get an email from Joker-san.
Yuki: It's about when and where to meet.
(Yuki: After all, it wasn't a joke...)
Yuki: Outside the school...
Yuki: He called it a date, but it's simply going out, I'm sure...
Yuki: It's just that he's having fun because I got weirdly embarrassed.
Yuki: Purposely calling it a date and kissing me! I'm sure that's it!!
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Yeah, that's it! It's absolutely one of his jokes!!
Yuki: There's no other meaning!
Yuki: ...Probably.
Yuki: I'm sure...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Anyway, I'm a guy...
(Yuki: I had a weird reaction and... got into a bit of a weird mood, I'm sure it was just the surprise.)
(Yuki: I just got overwhelmed by Joker-san's unique mood...)
(Yuki: It's definitely different from romance...)
Yuki: But I... was kissed...
(Yuki: Because of that, my body got hot and I spaced out...)
Yuki: Ugh...
Yuki: Waaah!! Idiot, idiot! I'm an idiot!! What... what am I being all self-conscious about!?
Yuki: Forget it! Forget this!!
(Yuki: I can't be self-conscious about it!!)
Yuki: Calm down, self! Calm down!!

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