gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #8: Iwai Takuto

Keita: Sorry I kept you waiting. Shopping took a while.
Iwai: No, I don't mind. I was sketching...
Keita: Is it a new piece!?
Iwai: Yeah. I've been working on a lot of big pieces recently, so I thought this time I'd do a small one...
Iwai: There's a lot of people here, so it's not bad for people watching.
Keita: You're doing it at Omotesando next time, right?
* Iwai: ...Yeah.
Keita: Uwah. I'm looking forward to it!
Iwai: I see...
Keita: Not just me, but your many fans look forward to your paintings too.
Iwai: ...I'm happy to hear that.
Keita: Keep up the good work. I'll help too.
Iwai: No, I'm fine. You have work too... Besides, you've been far too kind to me. You even went shopping alone just now. Since I don't like crowded stores like that...
Keita: That's true... You especially made the right decision not to go today. They were having a promotion of Hokkaido foods in the grocery section so it was really crowded.
Iwai: ...Sorry.
Keita: Please don't worry about it. But thanks to that, I got a delicious looking seafood set cheap. And some limited sweets too! There are really huge strawberries on the special creme caramel. Let's eat it together when we get home.
Iwai: Yeah.
Keita: But is that okay, since we came all the way downtown?
Iwai: What is it?
Keita: It's been a long time since I've been out with you, I'm not sure if you're really okay with food at home instead of eating out.
Iwai: That's fine. I just came here to get a preview of the solo exhibition. I'm happier spending a relaxing time at home with the just the two of us than going to shops with lots of other people. But if there's somewhere you want to go...
Keita: No. Home is better for being alone with you and being able to act naturally.
Iwai: Really? You're not just forcing yourself to go along with me out of kindness?
Keita: I'm not forcing myself at all. If there's something I want to do, I'll tell you, don't worry.
Iwai: Keita... You really are kind.
Keita: You're the kinder one, Iwai-san. I feel the happiest when I'm with you. When I'm in the same place and spending the same time with you. Making a happy time and space together makes me happier than anything.
Iwai: I see... I'm really glad you're my lover. You always say such kind things to me. Every time I hear your words it makes me really happy. I think I'm truly lucky to have you by my side...
Keita: Iwai-san...
Iwai: Only...
Keita: What's the matter?
Iwai: ...I wish I was a little better at cooking and daily chores...
Keita: That's not true. You made cold soba noodles with mountain vegetables before. It was really pretty!
Iwai: ...But it didn't taste very good.
Keita: Haha... It was a good effort for the first try. It just needed a little more broth. Besides, I can't make it look that pretty.
Iwai: On the other hand, the oyakodon you made was really delicious.
Keita: Ah, that... It certainly tasted like oyakodon, I think, but it looked awful...
Iwai: That's true, the look was impressive like a Mizuta painting...
Keita: Mizuta... That's the famous abstract artist you compete with for prizes sometimes, isn't it? Um, he makes very unique paintings...
Iwai: ...Yeah... I feel the same passion in his paintings as I do in your cooking, it's impressive. After all, you're amazing, Keita...
Keita: Hahaha... I'm kind of grateful you say that.
Keita: (Even if I can't make normal food... I'm sure Iwai-san is praising me in his own way, I guess...?)
Keita: Oh. I know! Why don't we learn to cook together next time?
Iwai: Learn to cook? You and me?
Keita: Yes! Whenever you have the time, but we can add your artistic sense to my flavor. Then I'm sure we'll be able to make food that tastes good and looks okay too. And I get to spend the whole time with you.
Iwai: I think that sounds really nice...
Keita: Doesn't it? Anyway, let's start right away when we get home!
Iwai: Yeah.
Keita: As for what we can cook with the ingredients I bought today...
Keita: Um...
Iwai: .........
Keita: ...L, let's look it up on the internet later.
Iwai: Right...
Keita: That reminds me, there's a student who's a really good cook at the BL School cafeteria right now. I'll try asking him for recipes we can make next time.
Iwai: That's a good idea.
Keita: I'm kind of really looking forward to it. Iwai-san, let's hurry home.
Iwai: Yeah, to our home.
Keita: Right!
Keita: Iwai-san, let's always be happy together from now on.
Iwai: Yeah. ...*gasp*!
Keita: What's the matter?
Iwai: ...A new theme for another new solo exhibition just came to me.
Keita: I can't wait to see it when it's ready.

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