gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #4: Nakajima Hideaki

Nakajima: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Keita: No, I just got here now too.
Keita: (Actually, I was so happy that we could go on a date that I got here an hour early.)
Nakajima: Oh, your 'now' is pretty long. You've been here for an hour.
Keita: Huh...? How did you know?
Nakajima: Heh, it's a trade secret.
Keita: Um, Nakajima-san, I know you're busy with work, so do you really have time for this?
Nakajima: Yes, it's no problem. I just finished up a big case.
Keita: Finished up, does that mean you won a trial? Did you win a 'not guilty'?
Nakajima: Keita, you... How many times have I explained this? My role isn't criminal cases, but corporate law. There's no guilty or not guilty when I win or lose.
Keita: Haha. Now that you mention it, you have explained that... When I hear the word trial, it always makes me think of guilty or not guilty...
Nakajima: Give me a break... You watch too many TV dramas.
Keita: But Nakajima-san, since you're a lawyer, when they mention trials, I get curious and just end up watching.
Nakajima: I see. But an actual court isn't as interesting as in a drama. Most of it is very impersonal. And the majority of corporate cases end in a settlement.
Keita: Wow, so that's how it is.
Keita: Still, you're amazing, Nakajima-san. You became a lawyer instantly after graduating university.
Nakajima: It's because I laid the groundwork to advance in the shortest time possible while I was still in school.
Keita: And the law firm you're at now is really famous, isn't it? That's really amazing. Not like me, who just finally got a job.
Nakajima: I have no intention of staying there forever. But since you mention it, have you gotten used to your work as a teacher yet?
Keita: I guess, somewhat. I was nervous at first, but I'm already familiar with BL School, so I got used to it quickly.
Nakajima: I see. Still, you really are a strange one, going back to BL School after graduating from there.
Keita: But that school is really important to me...
Nakajima: Anyway, are you able to teach the students properly?
Keita: You became a lawyer straight away, so I'm hopeless compared to you... Still, I studied hard to be able to teach students properly! Although I say that, BL School has lots of exceptional students, so it doesn't amount to much...
Nakajima: I'm sure. This is you we're talking about. You're not being too friendly with the students and getting pushed around, are you?
Keita: Haha. Of course not...
Keita: (I think...)
Nakajima: Well, even I'm the underling at the office right now. I'm in no position to talk.
Keita: Huh, is that true!? It's kind of weird imagining you as an underling. Even in school, when I met you, you were already important and student council vice president...
Nakajima: Everyone starts off at the bottom.
Keita: Well, that's true...
Keita: It's true I'm an underling, but the people at the school are all good people and help me a lot. My teacher sempais are nice to me and no matter what happens, the students face it with all their strength. They really are good students...
Nakajima: ...Was there some problem at the school?
Keita: Huh!?
Nakajima: I thought so...
Keita: How did you know!? I didn't say anything! Did you hear about it from someone?
Nakajima: No.
Keita: Then how...?
Nakajima: I know everything about you.
Nakajima: Your face is more eloquent than words.
Keita: My face...?
Nakajima: Just how long do you think we've been together since I first slept with you?
Keita: Oh...
Nakajima: When it comes to you, I don't just know what you're thinking, but I know all there is to know about every nook and cranny. If you doubt me, shall I describe in detail how you were in bed last night?
Keita: ...*gasp*!!
Nakajima: Or do you want to try reenacting it here and now?
Keita: N, Nakajima-san!? Y, you can't do that here!!!
Nakajima: ...Keita.
Keita: Y, yes!
Nakajima: Oh, come on... You'll never win a trial if you show every little thing on your face like that.
Keita: Trial, but there's no reason for me to go to court...
Nakajima: Oh? No one knows what may one day befall them. Even you, despite your good luck.
Keita: But I'll be fine.
Nakajima: Why do you say that?
Keita: Well, even if something happens, I'll be defended by you, the greatest, strongest lawyer! I'll be relying on you.
Nakajima: Just so you know, my retainer is very high.
Keita: Huh!? You're going to charge me!?
Nakajima: Of course.
Keita: Oh no...
Nakajima: ...Heh, I'm joking.
Keita: Joking...
Nakajima: If something were to happen to you, I'd use all my might to help you.
Nakajima: So don't worry.
Keita: .........
Nakajima: Does that bother you?
Keita: Of course not. Nakajima-san...
Nakajima: What is it?
Keita: I love you, Nakajima-san.
Nakajima: Yes, of course, I know.

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