gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #10: Umino Satoshi

Keita: ...Secret information, huh. I wonder if Tonosama would tell me if I asked him.
Keita: (But after all, Tonosama is closer to Satoshi than me.)
Keita: Satoshi...
Keita: I want to see Satoshi... I wonder what he's doing right now. The time difference between here and America is eight hours, so it must be evening over there...
Keita: (He immediately gets lost in his work once he starts, so he might be doing an experiment, or putting together a report...)
Keita: I hope his experiment is a success.
Keita: We sure had fun that time. It was Satoshi and I, just the two of us.
Keita: Satoshi was really embarrassed when I told him I was using this picture as my wallpaper...
Umino: ...Is this how I make a heart with my hand?
Keita: Yeah, good. Now look at the camera.
Umino: Yeah.
*snap* Keita: Wah, look! You came out really cute!
Umino: R, really? I think you came out better, Keita...
Keita: Are you admiring me?
Umino: Y, yeah...
Keita: Satoshi, you're so cute!
Umino: Wah...
Keita: Why don't we both use this as our wallpaper? I'll use the side with you, and you use the side with me.
Umino: Oh no, someone might see.
Umino: Keita, you're going to be a teacher starting this spring... it will cause trouble if a student sees it!
Keita: No it won't.
Umino: B, but...
Keita: I love you sincerely. That doesn't cause anyone else trouble. If someone doesn't like it, too bad.
Umino: Keita...
Keita: The only thing that bothers me is not being next to you. If there's something that causes you trouble, we won't be able to worry about it together and help each other.
Keita: That's why I want to feel like I have you close by. I want to be able to see your smile whenever I want.
Umino: Geez... You're kind of too cool recently, Keita...
Keita: R, really?
Umino: Yeah. It kind of makes my heart pound... and I don't know what I should do...
Keita: I thought we would always be together even after I graduated from BL School.
Keita: But you were summoned to the research lab at Bell Pharmaceuticals in America.
Keita: (Because of that, we've been in a long distance relationship for years.)
Keita: It's far... so far. No matter how much we call every day, after all, I want to see you. I want to be with you.
Keita: I want to hold you.
Keita: But... you're working hard, Satoshi.
Keita: You were excited to do research in America that will help people.
Keita: And... You were really happy when I said I'd become a teacher and I was going back to BL School.
Keita: You asked me to look after the school, over and over...
Keita: I promised you I would take care of the school, so don't be sad.
Keita: And you said it seemed like you'd be back next year! So we just have to bear it a little longer.
Keita: Satoshi, I'll do my best.
Keita: I'm sad I can't see you much, but I'll do my best as a teacher at this school.
Keita: I'll become a teacher like you who treasures the students from the bottom of my heart.
Keita: Let's both work hard, Professor Umino.

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