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June 10

Yuki: Wooooow...
(Yuki: This is the first time I've come to a party like this...)
(Yuki: It's kind of amazing...)
(Yuki: It's all foreigners. And they're mostly old...)

Key scene, unlocks Key 02 (Saionji Kaoru)
Happens only if Yuki asked Keita for advice and chose "a beautiful person" when he mentioned his MVP Battle partner.
Yuki: Oh...!
(Yuki: What a beauty...!)
Yuki: ...Huh?
(Yuki: Huh? A suit? It can't be...)
Yuki: That's a man...?
(Yuki: And the person with him resembles Professor Ito.)
(Yuki: But Professor Ito wouldn't be in a place like this.)

Yuki: Kuya-san, Kuya-san.
Kuya: Hm?
Yuki: Aren't we out of place at this party?

CG: Kuya in a suit ♥
Kuya: You're right.
Kuya: But, well, don't worry about it! If we act dignified, no one will say anything.
Yuki: Uh, yeah...
(Yuki: Somehow...)
(Yuki: He doesn't seem out of place at all...)
Kuya: What's the matter, Yuki?
Yuki: ...Kuya-san, you seem used to this.
Kuya: Really?
Yuki: Wearing a suit, I guess you look cool...
Yuki: Kind of like... a different person.
Kuya: It's because I'm used to it.
Yuki: To a suit? Or to parties?
Kuya: Both of them.
Kuya: Since a long time ago, I was often taken to house parties and the like.
Kuya: Those sorts of private events with family seemed like they were essential for my father's work.
Yuki: Come to think of it, you said he was a diplomat.
Yuki: So there was this sort of thing after all...
Kuya: There was, there was. Constantly.
Kuya: And when I was a child, I was as cute as an angel.
Kuya: I was really popular at those sorts of places!
Yuki: Don't flatter yourself.
Kuya: But it's true.
Yuki: I'll just ignore that.
Kuya: But you're not bad yourself.
Yuki: Huh? Really?
Kuya: Yeah, you're really cute.
Kuya: The way you seem wearing a suit is innocent and very nice!
Yuki: That's not praise!
Kuya: Hahahaha.
Yuki: ...But, I see.
Kuya: What is it?
Yuki: Even though you look cool on the outside, inside you're just the usual Kuya-san.
Kuya: Hm!? Does that mean I'm not cool on the inside?
Yuki: No, I just meant I'm relieved.
Yuki: Yeah. I was a little bit intimidated, but it's okay.
Yuki: If I got cold feet, there'd be no point in coming here.
Kuya: That's right!
Kuya: Alright, Yuki? We came here because there's something we wanted to know.
Kuya: Don't worry about whether we're out of place or not.
Yuki: Yeah.
Kuya: Well. It seems like it's time.
Kuya: Look. He's over there.
Yuki: That's the president of MGN who let us in, isn't it?
Kuya: That's right. And the one he's talking to is the son of the president of Suzubishi, Suzubishi Kazuki-san.
Yuki: So it's him...
Kuya: He's calling. Let's go.
Yuki: Yeah!
end CG: Kuya in a suit ♥

Kazuki: Are you the ones who wanted to talk to me?
(Yuki: So this person is a head of Suzubishi...)
Yuki: Yes! I'm the BL School student council president, Asahina Yuki.
Kuya: I'm Sagimori Kuya. I serve as vice president.
Kazuki: I see. So what brings the student council staff to a place like this?
Yuki: Um... Do you know what's happening at BL School right now?
Yuki: The board of directors put out a proposal to close the school, they're trying to shut it down!
Kazuki: I've heard about what's happening at your school.
Kazuki: Since I'm the guardian of the current director.
Yuki: Tomo's guardian? You are?
Kazuki: Yeah. Isn't that why you came to see me?
Yuki: No... I didn't know at all.
Yuki: Why did the board suddenly announce that they're closing the school?
Yuki: We just came here wanting to know the reason.
Yuki: Someone like you, Suzubishi-san, must know the reason.
Kazuki: ...
Yuki: It can't be that the Suzubishi group no longer needs the school...
Kazuki: That's not it.
Yuki: Then, what is the reason?
Yuki: Tell us! Please!
Kazuki: ...Unfortunately, that's not something I can say.
Yuki: Huh...!?
Kazuki: I've left everything about the school to Kasahara-kun as the current director.
Kazuki: So I'm not in a position to interfere with the school now.
Yuki: Oh no...!
Yuki: But I just wanted to know the reason!?
Kazuki: If you really want to know, you should ask Assistant Director Sakaki.
Yuki: ...I already asked him.
Yuki: But Professor Sakaki said it's none of the students' business, and didn't tell us.
Kazuki: Then, that's how it is.
Kazuki: I'm sure it's a reason that you don't need to know.
Yuki: What do you mean that we don't need to know? But it's our school...
Yuki: Are there some circumstances you can't talk about?
Kazuki: ...
Kuya: Is it adult matters?
Kazuki: I don't mind if you think so.
Yuki: Hey... you're toying with us!
Kazuki: ...I'm sorry.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Me too... I was rude, I'm sorry...
(Yuki: This is bad...)
(Yuki: I must be causing trouble...)
(Yuki: That's right. We suddenly intruded on him, even though he's busy...)
(Yuki: Maybe we should leave now.)
(Yuki: But can we really go back like this, without having heard anything?)

(decision #7)
Give up. ← choosing this locks you into ending 03 (Bell One loss, friendship ending)
Be persistent.

(decision #7b: Be persistent.)
(Yuki: No...)
(Yuki: If I give up here, there would be no point in coming!)
Yuki: I know I'm causing trouble.
Yuki: But we want to know, no matter what.
Yuki: Why is this happening? What did we do?
Yuki: If we're going to be selfishly manipulated for the convenience of people like the board, even though we didn't do anything wrong...
Yuki: I think I have to do something as this school's student council president.
Yuki: We love this school. We treasure it.
Yuki: So, we want to protect it.
Yuki: I don't know what I can do, but I want to do everything I can.
Kazuki: ...Thank you.
Yuki: Huh...
Kazuki: You really treasure that school, don't you?
Kazuki: I'm very happy.
Kazuki: Since it's also a very important place to me.
Yuki: ...
Kazuki: But in this matter, I'm not one of the people involved, so I can't say anything.
Kazuki: My interjecting means that I don't trust those who are involved.
Kazuki: I'm sorry, but please forgive me.
Yuki: Forgive you, well...
Yuki: Same here...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: Now that he said that, I don't know what I should do...)
(Yuki: I understand what he's saying...)
(Yuki: But this doesn't change anything. I can't understand why this happened at all.)
(Yuki: But... what should I do? Isn't there anything more I can do?)
Kuya: Suzubishi-san. May I say something too?
Yuki: Kuya-san...
Kazuki: What is it?
Kuya: You said Bell Liberty is a very important place to you...
Kuya: Then why did you quit being director?
Yuki: Huh? Director?
Kuya: You were the director at the time when the MVP Battle was held, weren't you?
Kazuki: ...Yeah, that's right.
Yuki: Then, the director who was fully an ally of the students that Professor Ito mentioned...
(Yuki: If I remember correctly, he said that he was working at the top of the Suzubishi group...)
Kazuki: ...That Keita, he told you that?
Kuya: If you treasured the school, couldn't you have continued as director the whole time?
Kazuki: Of course, if I had been allowed, I wanted to continue being director.
Kazuki: But from the beginning, I had to enter the company business.
Kazuki: I was allowed to continue for six years due to my selfishness...
Kuya: But you couldn't really have your own way any more than that, could you?
Kazuki: That's right.
Kazuki: But I just stopped continuing, I didn't quit.
Kazuki: Since I met someone who loved the school and understood the school's ideals as much as I did.
Kazuki: That was the the director before Kasahara-kun, Suzubishi Nao-kun.
Kazuki: I thought he was reliable and I could leave it to him, and I entrusted the position of director to him.
Kuya: I also heard about you from the previous director.
Kazuki: What did he tell you?
Kuya: That you're an interesting person.
Kazuki: Ahaha... that's very like Nao-kun...
Kazuki: Because we had the same ideals.
Kazuki: It's truly a shame he died so young...
Kuya: I agree.
Kazuki: Of course, I trust Kasahara-kun who Nao-kun entrusted the rest to.
Kazuki: He's a capable boy.
Kazuki: I believe that he can overcome even this situation with his own strength.
Kazuki: Besides...
Kazuki: More than anything, I believe in the students of BL School.
Kazuki: You'll be able to overcome this crisis. You have the means.
Kuya: We should win the Bell One.
Kazuki: That's right.
Yuki: But will the board really keep their promise?
Kazuki: Assistant Director Sakaki promised that if you won all of the Bell One and proved that you were qualified to be the Ace, he would return the armband, didn't he?
Kazuki: Then it'll be okay. He's not the kind of person who would break a promise like that.
Yuki: You know Professor Sakaki?
Kazuki: In a way. But you've spent longer with him, haven't you?
Kazuki: Even though he speaks harshly, you know that it's not done out of hate, don't you?
Kazuki: If you show that you are fit for this school, he wouldn't do something so cowardly.
Kazuki: At least, that's what I believe.
Kuya: I see...
Kazuki: More importantly, can you show it?
Kazuki: A point to allowing the school to stay open that the board can accept.
Kuya: Of course, we can.
Kuya: We will get through the Bell One and show it indisputably.
Kazuki: Then, how about you? Student council president-kun?
Kazuki: Is there there enough meaning or value in us, the Suzubishi group, continuing to run that school for you?
Yuki: Well...

(decision #8)
There is.
I want there to be.
I can't answer.

(decision #8a: There is.)
Yuki: There is...!
(Yuki: Value? Meaning?)
(Yuki: I really don't know if there's stuff like that for me.)
(Yuki: But...)
Yuki: I don't know how my future self is going to turn out.
Yuki: But I...
Yuki: No, not just in myself, I believe in everyone in the school.
Kazuki: Right...
Yuki: I've just come to the school, and I've hardly spent any time there yet, but,
Yuki: Nevertheless, I intend to get a lot of experience there, and grow up a lot more than before.
Yuki: If there's a BL School, I can mature more.
Yuki: I might not be able to do anything right now.
Yuki: But someday, surely, there will be meaning to the time I spent here.
Yuki: It had to be BL School and not anywhere else,
Yuki: I want to become a person who feels that way.
Yuki: If a regular guy like me can become someone like that, then there is meaning and value to the school.
Yuki: I don't think that's going too far.
Kazuki: I see.
Kazuki: I look forward to seeing how you grow at that school.
Yuki: Thank you!

Kazuki: Well then. I can't be just talking with you guys.
Kazuki: Our conversation is finished.
Yuki: Suzubishi-san, thank you for talking with us today!!
Kazuki: I enjoyed it too.
Kazuki: Well, I leave the school to you.
Kazuki: Do your best in the Bell One.
Yuki: Yes, thank you!!

Yuki: Umm...
Yuki: In the end, we didn't find out why the board proposed closing the school...
Yuki: So we didn't accomplish anything.
Kuya: That's not true.
Yuki: Huh?
Kuya: Mr. Suzubishi said we should win the Bell One.
Kuya: And he said that Assistant Director Sakaki is not the kind of person who would break a promise to the students.
Kuya: As directed by Masatsugu, I've recorded the whole conversation.
Kuya: If the board complains even though we win the Bell One, then we should confront them.
Kuya: Those were the words of the son of the president of Suzubishi. Of course, we can't ignore them!
Yuki: That's true.
Kuya: Now we can concentrate on just winning the Bell One.
Kuya: That's a wonderful accomplishment.
Yuki: Then I guess it wasn't a complete waste.
Kuya: That's right.
Kuya: It's thanks to Suzubishi-san!
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Still, he was so nice. Even though he retired, even now he still seriously loves the school.
Kuya: That's right.
Kuya: Even though it wouldn't have been surprising for him to brush us off, he talked earnestly with us.
Kuya: He must have been busy, but he dealt with us honestly, to the extent that he could.
Kuya: Compared to that hard-headed board, he's someone who shows far more respect!
Yuki: Really.
Yuki: I thought we'd be treated more dismissively.
Kuya: Actually, me too!
Yuki: Oh, so you thought so too.
Kuya: But I'm glad we took on the challenge.
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: ...It's a shame that in the end, he didn't tell us the reason, though.
Kuya: Well, it can't be helped!
Yuki: But, hey, the circumstances he couldn't talk about, what is that? Is it something really bad?
Kuya: Who knows? I don't know either.
Kuya: It could be surprisingly mundane, or maybe it's national secrets.
Kuya: Whichever it is, in his position, there must be a lot of things he's not at liberty to say.
Kuya: With people in positions like his, one word has a lot of meaning.
Kuya: Responsibilities, authority, obligations, interests, because you're bound by those things, you can't say what you want to say.
Yuki: It must be hard being an adult.
Kuya: Seriously.
Kuya: The world would become more wonderful if everyone was simple and passionate like you!
Yuki: Huh?? I'm passionate?
Kuya: I think so!
Kuya: At any rate, your feelings for the school are worthy of the word passion.
Kuya: It's just like love.
Kuya: ...I want you to think of me that way too.
Yuki: What are you saying?
Kuya: You're not taking it seriously?
Yuki: Well, it's true that I like the school, but it's not really love.
Kuya: No, not that part...
Yuki: Or do you mean that sort of thing is love?
Kuya: ...You...
Yuki: Kuya-san?
Kuya: ...Well, let's ignore that!
Kuya: You're not an adult, but that's what's good about you!
Yuki: Huh?
Kuya: *ahem* ...Anyway!
Kuya: Your passion for the school got through to him.
Kuya: Probably, if it hadn't, I think he would have been a little more distant.
Kuya: You really are amazing.
Yuki: W, what is that all of a sudden...?
Kuya: Since you did a good job today.
Kuya: You wore a suit you weren't used to, and resisted the delicious-looking party foods.
Kuya: So I wanted to praise you!
Yuki: Oh, I didn't do anything big.
Kuya: You did.
Kuya: Far more than you think!
Yuki: I guess...
Kuya: Even though you say that your only redeeming quality is good luck...
Kuya: From my point of view, your best part is your heart.
Kuya: Honest and positive, and resilient.
Kuya: And more than anything, you can earnestly say what you think and get through to people.
Kuya: That's why you get along with Durak and got approval to hold the Bell One.
Kuya: Even though we were called the weakest student council in the history of BL School, now, everyone supports you.
Kuya: And they believe you can save the school.
Kuya: You're just like a superhero.
Yuki: You're exaggerating.
Kuya: It's not an exaggeration.
Kuya: I don't know what you think, but these are all your accomplishments.
Yuki: Me...
Kuya: Yuki. Before, you said it was good luck that you were given a chance to fight.
Yuki: Yeah...
Kuya: You were able to say that because you have hope.
Kuya: For yourself. And for the future.
Kuya: I think hope is most beautiful thing a person could have.
Kuya: So always having hope and sharing it freely, that makes you wonderful and cool.
Kuya: That's the you I see. Asahina Yuki.
Yuki: Kuya-san... you're praising me too much.
Kuya: Really?
Kuya: ...You're blushing, aren't you?
Yuki: Whose fault is that!?
Kuya: You're so bashful!
Yuki: Anyone would blush if they were told something like that to their face, wouldn't they!?
Kuya: I'd be fine.
Kuya: If you like, right here and now, you can praise me to the skies.
Yuki: I can't, I can't...
Kuya: You lose!
Yuki: Urrrg...
Yuki: Someday, I'm going to embarrass you so much that your whole body turns red.
Kuya: Alright, then I'll look forward to it.
Kuya: What incredible thing will you say to make me embarrassed? I can't wait!
Yuki: Don't set the bar so high!
Kuya: Hahaha. You're so cute.
Yuki: Right, right. Geez, Kuya-san, I'm no match for you...
Kuya: Alright, then let's go back.
Yuki: Before that, let's eat something.
Kuya: That's nice, a date. Then I'll treat you.
Yuki: Really!? Woohoo!
Yuki: I wonder what would be good! Ramen, or burgers, or beef bowl would be nice sometimes...
Kuya: In these outfits?
Yuki: Is that bad?
Kuya: ...No. That sounds fun, let's do it!
Yuki: Alright! Then, beef bowl!

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: After all, a track jacket is more comfortable!
(Yuki: I didn't think that when we went into the beef bowl restaurant in suits, everyone would stare like that...)
Yuki: Although Kuya-san enjoyed it.
Yuki: Kuya-san, huh...
Yuki: He praised me a lot today.
(Yuki: It's the first time I've been praised by a sempai like that.)
Yuki: He said I was cool.
Yuki: Ehehehe... it's embarrassing!
(Yuki: But the one who's really cool is Kuya-san.)
(Yuki: Today...)
(Yuki: Somehow that sort of stuff suits him.)
(Yuki: He said his father is a diplomat, and he's lived in various countries, and he speaks several languages.)
(Yuki: And he's good at academics, and he's amazing at fencing, isn't he?)
(Yuki: Just looking at his specs, he's perfect.)
(Yuki: ...Although he doesn't seem that way at all.)
Yuki: He's a weird guy.
Yuki: If he were cooler, he'd be more popular.
Yuki: He doesn't have a bad face.
Yuki: ...
Yuki: No, now that I think about it, maybe Kuya-san is beautiful...?
(Yuki: Since I'm always with him, I didn't really realize.)
(Yuki: But next time, I'll take a closer look.)
Yuki: Together, huh...
(Yuki: Since I joined the student council and I always do that after school, I see Kuya-san every day.)
(Yuki: Besides, now he's my Bell One partner.)
(Yuki: I feel like we'll be together forever.)
Yuki: Even though it's hardly been a month since we met.
(Yuki: The first one to welcome me when I came to school was Kuya-san.)
(Yuki: And not just at the beginning.)
(Yuki: When classes are over and I open the door to the student council room, Kuya-san always welcomes me.)
(Yuki: Since then, we've done student council work, eaten sweets, talked about things together...)
(Yuki: Stupid things, important things, lots.)
(Yuki: Kuya-san is always having fun, so it makes me kind of have fun too.)
(Yuki: That's every day for me...)
Kuya: It's just like love.
(Yuki: That's what Kuya-san said, but,)
(Yuki: ...This school is far more important to me than something like love.)
(Yuki: At this school, I enjoy doing my best with Kuya-san in the student council far, far more than love.)
(Yuki: I'm sure.)
(Yuki: ... As far as I know, since I've never been in love...)
(Yuki: Yeah, I think it's probably not.)
*email beep*
(Yuki: Email... it's from Kuya-san!)
sender: Kuya-san
subject: Let's go eat together again
text: Hey, good job today! I'm still full from the beef bowl I ate before. By the way, you really savor your food. Let's go eat again next time. There's some special food I want you to eat. It'll definitely make you say 'it's delicious!' so anticipate it!
(Yuki: Special, what could it be?)
(Yuki: I can't wait!)
(Yuki: ...I don't want it to end.)
(Yuki: I hope these days always continue.)
Yuki: I hope it's like this from now on...
Yuki: No. I'll make it be!

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