gakuen heaven 2

Kuya route translation

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June 20 (continued)

Kuya: Yuki?
Kuya: Are you there? Yuki?
Kuya: ...Was it my imagination?
Kuya: But, I thought I heard Yuki's voice...
Wakasama: Meow.
Kuya: Hey, Wakasama. Have you seen Ninosuke around here?
Wakasama: Meow.
Kuya: Hm? It looks like you want to say something.
Kuya: Alright. I'll try going.

Wakasama: Meooow.
Kuya: Hmm...
Kuya: He's stopping at every point and looking back this way.
Kuya: He's clearly beckoning me.

Kuya: Wakasama. Do you know where Ninosuke is?
Wakasama: Meow!
cat 1: Meooow.
cat 2: Meooow.
Kuya: More of them?
Kuya: Hey, wait!
cat 1: Meow!
cat 2: Meoooow!
cat 3: Meoooow!

Kuya: There's... a lot more cats now.
Kuya: That's...
Wakasama: Meooow!!
Kuya: Up...?

CG: Yuki and Ninosuke on the bridge
Yuki: Ugh... I can't...
Kuya: Yuki!!
Ninosuke: Kuya...!?
Yuki: You... came. I knew it...
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Uwaaaaaaaaa!!
(Yuki: I, I fell... crap crap crap crap...)
(Yuki: No, there's still things I want to do, I... I...)
Yuki: Kuya-san...!

CG: Kuya catches Yuki
Kuya: Aaaaaagh!
Yuki: Ow...!
Kuya: *huff huff!*

CG variation: closeup of Kuya and Yuki
Kuya: Are you okay!?
Yuki: ...Kuya-san...
(Yuki: Amazing...)
(Yuki: He really came.)
(Yuki: He really saved me.)
(Yuki: Kuya-san... Kuya-san...)
Kuya: Are you hurt anywhere?
Yuki: No...
Yuki: Seems like I'm okay.
Kuya: Thank goodness...
Kuya: I'm so glad you're safe.
Kuya: I'm so glad...
Yuki: It's thanks to you, Kuya-san...
Kuya: But what were you doing up there?
Yuki: Hattori-san was...
Kuya: Ninosuke?
end CG

Ninosuke: Uwaa! You cats! L, let go!!
Ninosuke: I'm falliiiing!!!!!!
Ninosuke: ...*gasp*
Ninosuke: Damnit. Me, losing to the likes of cats...

CG variation: Kuya and Yuki look angry
Kuya: Ninosuke!
Ninosuke: ...Kuya.
Kuya: Give back the stolen armband!
Ninosuke: Urrrrgh...
Kuya: You must know how important that armband is!
Kuya: Give it back to Yuki right now! Ninosuke!!
Ninosuke: You...
Ninosuke: ...traitor!!!
Ninosuke: You know more than anyone how hard I worked as the student council president!
Ninosuke: And yet... and yet... even you say stuff like that!!!
Ninosuke: I always thought you were my friend!
Ninosuke: But you're not! He's more important to you than me!?
Kuya: That's right.
Ninosuke: Wha...!
Ninosuke: ...Damn you. You really are a traitor!
Ninosuke: I knew it, you're making fun of me as a hopeless wretch!!
Kuya: You're wrong!
Ninosuke: Wrong? What are you saying is wrong!?
Kuya: Ninosuke. You're in the wrong!
Kuya: So I'm stopping you. That's why I was looking for you!
Kuya: You're my friend.
Kuya: My dear friend.
Kuya: That's why...
Ninosuke: S, shut up! Urk...
Kuya: Ninosuke... You actually realized already, didn't you?
Kuya: Your dream of being the legendary student council president wasn't for others.
Kuya: It was a dream just for yourself.
Kuya: A sweet, sweet dream, where only you were chosen, nice only for you.
Ninosuke: T, that's not...
Kuya: I thought that was okay.
Kuya: If it made you happy, if that dream didn't make others unhappy,
Kuya: I thought it wasn't bad for you to have that dream.
Kuya: But it's over now.
Ninosuke: Ugh...
Kuya: You realize, don't you?
Kuya: You were afraid someone would tell you, weren't you...?
Kuya: I'm sorry...
Kuya: I should have said it sooner.
Ninosuke: W, why are you saying that...?
Ninosuke: Didn't you say it...?
Ninosuke: Don't give up.
Ninosuke: If you work hard, it'll happen someday...
Kuya: Yeah. I said that.
Kuya: I indulged you, telling you what you wanted to hear.
Kuya: I was protecting your dream.
Kuya: But...
Kuya: As a result... what did we gain?
Kuya: Nothing but regrets.
Ninosuke: Ugh...
Kuya: We have to accept it.
Kuya: Get a grip, Ninosuke. Wake up.
Kuya: Continuing to run away doesn't solve anything.
Kuya: Settle things properly by facing reality and everyone.
Ninosuke: I can't...
Ninosuke: I can't... do that... how could I...!?
Kuya: Ninosuke!
Ninosuke: But... but... I promised him...
Yuki: Promised...?
Kuya: What does that mean?
Ninosuke: ...I really wanted to return it.
Ninosuke: Losing to Joker, continuing to lose, having everything taken away...
Ninosuke: That's why I wanted to give everything up, and give the director back the plush, the armband, and everything...
Kuya: What did you say...?
Kuya: Hey, Ninosuke!? You never told me that!
Ninosuke: I didn't tell you... I couldn't tell you...
Ninosuke: If I told you, I knew you would definitely have stopped me. You would have told me, don't give up...
Ninosuke: That's why I went to the director's office alone...
Kuya: What are you saying...?
Ninosuke: When I did that, he was really sick... but he smiled when I arrived...
Ninosuke: He told me, when I tried to return the armband and the plush...

CG: Ninosuke
Ninosuke: "I believe you can become a great student council president, so I won't accept the armband..."
Ninosuke: "In the future, things may happen at the school, but I want you to work with everyone and protect the school..."
Ninosuke: "And..."
Ninosuke: "And since that bear is a good luck charm, it's protected me, so I'll give it to you..."
Ninosuke: That's what he said...
Ninosuke: That was... at the end...
Kuya: So that happened...
Ninosuke: I wish he hadn't given me the charm...
Ninosuke: I wish he had been angry and taken it away...
Ninosuke: He needed good luck more than someone like me...!
Ninosuke: I wish I had died rather than him...
Ninosuke: Even though he asked me to protect the school, I couldn't do anything, I wish I had died...!
Yuki: D, don't say that! The director wouldn't want that...
Ninosuke: Yeah, that's right. The director wasn't the kind of person who'd want that.
Ninosuke: He smiled, saying it can't be helped.
Ninosuke: He said "do your best."
Ninosuke: I'm the traitor.
Ninosuke: Kuya's right.
Ninosuke: I didn't want to let the dream to end.
Ninosuke: He didn't want to let my dream, my nice dream, end...!
Ninosuke: That's why I ran.
Ninosuke: I foisted it all on you and ran from everything...!
Ninosuke: That's why I... I...
end CG

CG: Yuki and Kuya
Kuya: Don't run, Ninosuke!
Ninosuke: Kuya...
Kuya: Cut it out.
Kuya: Blaming yourself and running is not what you should keep doing now!
Ninosuke: What I should do...
Kuya: That's right. You know it, don't you?
Ninosuke: Die...
Kuya: Don't be an idiot!!!
Kuya: No one wants that!
Ninosuke: What should I...
Kuya: Apologize.
Kuya: You have to apologize.
Kuya: That's what you have to do first right now.
Kuya: So that you don't have to run anymore.
Ninosuke: So that I don't have to run...
Kuya: That's right, Ninosuke.
Kuya: You didn't really want to run, did you?
Kuya: So, apologize.
end CG

CG: Ninosuke
Ninosuke: ...
Kuya: ...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: Please... Please, Hattori-san.)
(Yuki: Please listen to what Kuya-san is saying.)
(Yuki: Don't surrender.)
(Yuki: It'll be okay, so don't surrender...)
(Yuki: For Kuya-san, please...)
Ninosuke: ... I'm sorry...
Ninosuke: I'm sorry...
Yuki: Hattori-san...!
Ninosuke: Everyone, I was wrong...
Ninosuke: I said horrible things about Asahina in front of everyone...
Ninosuke: Even though all you did was listen to my request...
Ninosuke: I'm sorry...
end CG

Yuki: It's okay now.
Ninosuke: Asahina...
Yuki: To be honest, I was really angry.
Yuki: Even now, it's complicated.
Ninosuke: I see...
Yuki: But...
Yuki: It's okay.
Yuki: If I hadn't met you then, I'm sure my school life would have been completely different.
Yuki: I'm grateful for that.
Yuki: Besides...
Yuki: You were hurting.
Ninosuke: Asahina...
Yuki: Before, you said that the person you wanted to apologize to most wasn't here anymore.
Ninosuke: Yeah...
Yuki: And so you gave in to despair.
Ninosuke: Yeah...
Yuki: So, it's okay.
Ninosuke: I'm sorry...
Ninosuke: I'm sorry, Asahina...
Ninosuke: I'm sorry... Director...
Ninosuke: I was a coward...
Ninosuke: Weak... and ran away...
Ninosuke: I'm sorry...
Kuya: I forgive you!
Ninosuke: Huh...
Kuya: I'm sure that's what he'd say.
Kuya: Hattori Ninosuke-kun.
Kuya: You've repented enough. So stop crying and lift your face.
Kuya: Tomorrow's a new day.
Kuya: So do your best.
Kuya: You have the charm I gave you.
Kuya: Okay?
Yuki: Kuya-san...
Kuya: That's the kind of person he was.
Kuya: Right, Ninosuke?
Ninosuke: ...Yeah...
Kuya: Even though he's not here anymore...
Kuya: Your regret, repentance, and tears, I will accept it all in the director's place!
Kuya: So, Ninosuke, come back to school!!
Ninosuke: Kuya...
Ninosuke: ...Is it okay?
Kuya: What?
Ninosuke: You must really be appalled...
Kuya: Yeah. I'm appalled.
Kuya: At you, who kept silent, and at myself, who didn't realize.
Kuya: You made a lot of mistakes, and what you do about them from now on, you have to think about that for yourself.
Kuya: But it's the same for me.
Kuya: In the same way that you repent and do things over, I have to improve things too, I think.
Kuya: But anyway, you said you're sorry, that's a big step.
Kuya: The rest you should do at the school.
Kuya: Why, there's still a year left. There's lots of things you can do!
Ninosuke: Yeah... that's right...
Yuki: So, Hattori-san.
Ninosuke: What...?
Yuki: When you go back to the school, be in the student council with us!
Ninosuke: Wha...
Yuki: We don't have enough people. So I want you to help.
Yuki: I want your help with what I can't do.
Ninosuke: ...Really...?
Ninosuke: Really, I can go back?
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: ...If you like, you could be the student council president?
Kuya: Yuki!?
Ninosuke: ...No...
Ninosuke: I can't do that.
Ninosuke: I'll give back the armband...
Ninosuke: This isn't mine. ...It's yours.
Ninosuke: You desperately protected this school, you're the true Ace.
Yuki: Thanks.
Kuya: Lend it to me. I'll put it on.
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Ahh... it kind of calms me.
Kuya: Me too.
Kuya: You're finally the way you should be.
Ninosuke: Yeah...
Ninosuke: This armband is no longer mine...
Kuya: Don't brood, Ninosuke!
Kuya: You already worked plenty hard! Turn the rest over to your junior.
Ninosuke: ...That's right.
Ninosuke: But... you might not believe it, but I didn't steal the armband.
Kuya: Then how did you get it?
Ninosuke: It fell right in front of me...
Yuki: Fell?
Kuya: From where?
Ninosuke: The sky...
Yuki: Huuuh?
Ninosuke: That's why... I thought this was a chance that the lucky bear had given me...
Ninosuke: That the director was telling me to do my best again...
Ninosuke: That's what I thought, and I just...
Kuya: Could that really happen...?
Yuki: Umm...? Maybe someone dropped it to give it to Hattori-san?
Kuya: The one who had the armband at that point was Professor Sakaki.
Kuya: But he wouldn't give the armband to Ninosuke...
Yuki: Then, it was someone else?
Yuki: Maybe the person who stole my armband changed their mind and felt it was wrong or something...
Kuya: Then wouldn't they have given it back to you?
Yuki: Oh, that's right.
Yuki: Umm...
Ninosuke: ...After all...
Ninosuke: My tale of it falling is too convenient, you don't believe me...
Yuki: ...
Kuya: ...
Yuki: I believe you.
Kuya: I believe you too.
Ninosuke: Th...
Ninosuke: Thank you...
Okaken: Here he is!!
Yuki: Oh, it's everyone!
Ninosuke: Wha...!
Yuki: Heeey! Over here, over heeere!
Yuki: I got back the armband!
Arata: Oh! You caught Ace-san too!!
Yagami: Alright!! Beat him to a pulp!!
Ninosuke: Eek!
Kuya: Well then! You have to explain to everyone!
Ninosuke: I, it's impossible! They won't believe me!!
Kuya: It's okay! We're with you!
Ninosuke: No no no no noooo!!
Yuki: Hup! No more running!
Ninosuke: Ugh...
Yuki: It's okay. We'll explain together.
Ninosuke: Ace...
Yuki: Leave it to me!
Yuki: Everyone! Listen!!

-- time passes; evening --

Yuki: I'm glad everyone understood.
Kuya: Yeah. That was because of your persuasion.
Kuya: No one would have accepted Ninosuke's rambling explanation.
Yuki: Hahaha...
Yuki: Of course, the teachers didn't accept it so easily, though.
Kuya: It can't be helped. Even though you could say he was in the school, he hid himself for a long time and didn't come to class.
Kuya: It's only natural that there'd be consequences.
Kuya: Although I'm glad he wasn't expelled or suspended.
Yuki: Yeah. Really.
Yuki: He's still in the staff room, isn't he? I hope they're not too mad.
Kuya: Masatsugu is with him. It'll be fine.
Kuya: In the end, it won't be such a harsh punishment.
Yuki: Rather, Takato-san's lecture seems scarier...
Kuya: He looked like he had plenty to say...
Kuya: I was satisfied with everything I said before, but Masatsugu wasn't.
Kuya: I'm sure he'll get a lecture tonight.
Yuki: Takato-san is scary when he's angry...
Kuya: It's good medicine for Ninosuke.
Kuya: Like that, having someone get angry at you, then apologizing, you should move forward little by little.
Yuki: Yeah. That's right.
Kuya: More importantly, Yuki, is your hand okay?
Yuki: My hand, you mean where he stepped on it before? I guess it's fine.
Yuki: It doesn't hurt much anymore.
Kuya: I'm glad...
Kuya: Still, it's too awful, dropping you off the bridge.
Kuya: I shudder to think what would have happened if I made the slightest mistake.
Kuya: I wish he'd apologized more properly.
Yuki: It's fine already.
Kuya: If something irreversible had happened to you, I...
Yuki: I said it's fine.
Yuki: Besides, I believed you'd definitely come.
Yuki: That you'd definitely come if I was in trouble.
Yuki: So, it's fine.
Kuya: Yuki...
Yuki: Thank you, Kuya-san.
Kuya: No... me too...
Kuya: I'm really glad nothing happened to you...
Yuki: Besides,
Yuki: You were awesomely cool before.
Kuya: R, really...?
Yuki: Yeah. You were like a hero.
Kuya: It makes me happy that you praise me!
Yuki: R, really...?
Kuya: Yeah.
Yuki: I'm kinda embarrassed...
(Yuki: H, huh...?)
(Yuki: What is this...?)
Yuki: B, but, anyway...
Yuki: I'm glad everything went smoothly.
Yuki: The board recognized me as the student council president and accepted my vote of protest.
Yuki: Since Tomo protested too, with the two votes, the proposal to close the school is gone.
Yuki: Now we've successfully protected the school and the matter is settled!
Kuya: Yeah! All's well that ends well!
Kuya: It's all thanks to you.
Yuki: What are you saying?
Yuki: It was because you were with me.
Kuya: No. I may be exaggerating but...
Kuya: You saved us.
Kuya: Not just this school,
Kuya: But Ninosuke and me and Masatsugu... and probably the previous director too.
Kuya: Since I'm sure he was worried about the future of the school...
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: I guess I repaid my debt at least a little to the person who let me come to this school.
Kuya: Yeah, exactly!
Kuya: I'm sure he's feeling glad you came to this school.
Yuki: Really? I hope so.
Kuya: You're amazing.
Kuya: Truly.
Yuki: If you say it that seriously...
Yuki: Hahaha... it makes me blush...
(Yuki: Again...)
(Yuki: Haven't I been acting weird since before...?)
Kuya: It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
Kuya: You're awesome.
Kuya: I believe it from the bottom of my heart.
Yuki: Kuya-san...
(Yuki: Somehow it's different than usual.)
(Yuki: I wonder why... I feel like I'm floating...)
(Yuki: When Kuya-san praises me, I'm happy, I'm really happy...)
(Yuki: So happy I could float...)
Kuya: But now that we've successfully avoided the school closing, we can work in the student council together again.
Yuki: Yeah...
Kuya: There's a lot of things I want to do with you.
Yuki: In the student council?
Kuya: There's a lot of things in the student council too.
Kuya: Now that the ball tournament's over, next are the culture festival and the athletic festival. And it would be nice to think of new events too.
Yuki: Events, huh...?
Kuya: Planning it with everyone, and preparing... it'll be fun, I'm sure.
Yuki: Yeah.
(Yuki: Fun...)
(Yuki: Talking to Kuya-san like this is really fun.)
(Yuki: I guess it's because there's a load off my shoulders with the Bell One finished.)
(Yuki: Or...)
Kuya: Not just the student council!
Kuya: It wasn't possible with the Bell One until now, but let's go out somewhere.
Yuki: Go out, huh...?
Yuki: Come to think of it, I guess I haven't gone out very much since coming here.
Kuya: Right?
Kuya: So let's go out somewhere.
Kuya: It'll be summer break soon.
Kuya: Let's go out to lots and lots of places.
Yuki: Going out with you...
Kuya: Yeah! The ocean or the mountains or the pool or an amusement part or the movies, any place is good!
Kuya: Let's go to lots of places and do lots of things!
Kuya: I'll hang out with you every single day! It'll be fun!
Yuki: Yeah...
(Yuki: Fun.)
(Yuki: It's fun being with him.)
(Yuki: I'm happy.)
(Yuki: I always want to be like this.)
(Yuki: Like this, the two of us, talking about things, being together...)
(Yuki: But why...)
(Yuki: It hurts.)
(Yuki: It hurts and I can't really get my words out...)
Kuya: Yuki?
Yuki: W, what?
Kuya: You're kind of quiet.
Kuya: What's the matter? Are you tired?
Yuki: That's not it...
Kuya: No, you seem kind of gloomy.
Kuya: Now that the tension of the Bell One is gone, your exhaustion is showing, I'm sure.
Kuya: Don't overdo it, okay?
Yuki: That's not it...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Kuya-san...?
Kuya: Hm?
Yuki: I was wondering, why are you so nice to me...?
Kuya: ...Is it weird?
Yuki: It's not, but...
Yuki: It's kinda...
(Yuki: Why am I asking this?)
(Yuki: It's not like I want to ask about this.)
(Yuki: But...)
(Yuki: What do I want to ask?)
(Yuki: What do I want Kuya-san to tell me...?)
Kuya: If I'm nice to you...
Kuya: It's because I really like you.
Yuki: Huh..?
Yuki: Really like me...?
Kuya: Yeah.
Kuya: I really like you.
Yuki: Does that mean...?
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: You mean as a friend...?
Kuya: ...
Kuya: ...Of course.
Kuya: You're my dear, dear friend.
Kuya: You think so too, don't you?
Yuki: O, of course...

(decision #14)
We're friends.[note!]If you choose this, you are a bad person and you should feel bad. Also, you'll get a chance to reconsider, but if you press on and insist on friendship, you'll get ending #02.

(decision #14b: .........)
Yuki: You and I are each other's dear, um...
(Yuki: ...Huh... I can't get the words... out.)
(Yuki: Dear friend...)
(Yuki: Isn't that right?)
(Yuki: But, why...?)
Kuya: Yuki?
Yuki: ...
Kuya: What's the matter? You suddenly stopped.
Yuki: U, um. Kuya-san...
Kuya: Hm?
(Yuki: Kuya-san...)
Kuya: ...What is it?
(Yuki: He's looking at my face...)
(Yuki: He's worried about me...)
(Yuki: If I don't hurry up and respond, he'll think it's weird.)
(Yuki: But...)
(Yuki: I don't want to say it.)
Kuya: Are you okay, Yuki...?
(Yuki: Kuya-san and I are friends...)
(Yuki: Friends...)
Yuki: I...
Yuki: Do we have to be friends...?
Kuya: Huh...?

CG: Yuki kisses Kuya
Yuki: ...Mm...
Kuya: Mm...
Yuki: *pant*
Kuya: ...Yuki?

CG variation: Kuya and Yuki look at each other
Kuya: Wait... wait...
Kuya: Didn't you think of me as just a friend!?
Kuya: Over and over, I...
Yuki: I did think you were my friend.
Yuki: I don't know why I'm doing this...
Yuki: You're very important to me as a friend.
Yuki: If we were friends, I was sure, always always until forever, my whole life, I could be with you...
Yuki: But still... I didn't want that. I didn't want to say we were friends.
Yuki: I don't want to say you're just my friend!
(Yuki: What am I saying?)
(Yuki: I don't get it... I don't get it!!)
(Yuki: But...)
Yuki: I don't want to be friends!
Yuki: But I don't understand why I don't want to!
Yuki: But... but!
Yuki: I don't want to...
Kuya: Yuki...
Yuki: You being the most important in the world to me,
Yuki: Me being your best friend,
Yuki: For our whole lives,
Yuki: Always, always getting along,
Yuki: It should be enough... I know that, but...
Kuya: Then why are you crying?
Yuki: I... I'm not crying...
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: ...*sob*...
Yuki: *sobbing*
Kuya: Yuki.
Kuya: Do you like me?
Yuki: Like...
Yuki: I like you.
Yuki: I like you, Kuya-san...
Kuya: I see...

CG variation: Kuya kisses Yuki
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Kuya-san...?
Kuya: Geez...
Kuya: Even though I tried to tell you, nothing got through to you.
Yuki: Huh...?
Kuya: Sorry.
Kuya: I couldn't say it clearly when it counted. That was unfair of me.
Kuya: I'll give you the answer.
Yuki: Answer...?
Kuya: You're in love with me.
Kuya: And I'm in love with you.
Yuki: Love...
Kuya: That's right. It's love.
Kuya: Really liking someone, so that you want to kiss them.
Kuya: Even though you like them, that's not all. It makes your chest hurt and makes you cry. That sort of really liking is called love.
(Yuki: Love...)
(Yuki: I see...)
(Yuki: So this is how I liked Kuya-san...)
Kuya: Of course, friends are for life.
Kuya: I think so too.
Kuya: But I'm greedy, so I want lots of friends.
Kuya: That's why I want to make lots and lots of friends all over the world.
Kuya: But...
Kuya: If I could only choose one in the world, it would be you.
Kuya: No one else. It would be you.
Kuya: I want to make everyone happy, but if I could only make one person happy, it would be you.
Kuya: You're special to me.
Yuki: Special...
Kuya: Yeah. You're special.
Kuya: You're irreplaceable.
Kuya: So... I want to be special to you too.
Kuya: Yuki, I like you.
Kuya: Really like you.
Kuya: Of course...
Kuya: ...
Yuki: ...
Kuya: I really like you, and want to do things like this.
Yuki: ...Really?
Kuya: Yes, really!
Kuya: I wouldn't kiss you like this as a joke.
Kuya: Anyway, I told you over and over, didn't I?
Kuya: That I like you.
Yuki: You did, but...
Yuki: But, I didn't think it was like that...
Kuya: I've always liked you.
Kuya: Probably since the moment I met you. Since the moment you said you'd be the Ace, with no fear in your eyes.
Yuki: Since that long...?
Kuya: You were special from the beginning.
Kuya: But I've fallen in love more and more.
Kuya: I've come to love you.
Kuya: Your presence has grown in my heart...
Kuya: But...
Kuya: Since you said you were happy being friends...
Kuya: Since you said "we're friends" and looked troubled...
Kuya: I thought I shouldn't say I liked you.
Kuya: I thought I was being rejected.
Yuki: Huh? I didn't reject you.
Yuki: I never did that.
Kuya: But even though I said I really liked you so seriously, you said we were friends, didn't you?
Kuya: I couldn't help thinking that.
Yuki: Did I say that...?
Kuya: You don't remember!?
Kuya: Look, when I kissed your forehead...
Yuki: Huh!?
Yuki: You did say it, but...
Yuki: Is that what that meant!?
Kuya: What else would it mean?
Yuki: Well, I thought it was as friends or something...
Kuya: It wasn't that kind of mood...
Yuki: I didn't get that.
Kuya: But I kissed you.
Yuki: I thought it was a greeting...
Kuya: When have you ever been greeted that way?
Yuki: Well, you were raised abroad.
Yuki: I thought, I guess it could possibly be a greeting...
Yuki: Well, it was on the forehead. There's scenes like that in movies a lot.
Yuki: I guessed it was like that...
Yuki: ...I thought...
Yuki: ...Well, now that I think about it, it is weird...
Kuya: You...
Yuki: I'm sorry...
Kuya: No...
Kuya: I see... you were less used to this sort of thing than I imagined.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: Well... um...
Yuki: ...I was surprised.
Kuya: Haha, I see.
Kuya: Then, I'll say it in a way that's easier to understand.
Kuya: Yuki, I love you.
Kuya: So please go out with me.
Yuki: M, me too...
Yuki: I want to go out with you.
Yuki: Please!
Kuya: ...You're so cute.
Kuya: ...
Kuya: What'll I do... I'm so happy.
Kuya: I'm so happy I can't stand it!
Yuki: Me too...
(Yuki: I love Kuya-san.)
(Yuki: I see... so this is love.)
(Yuki: It's love. It's love...!)
(Yuki: My mind is so full, that's all I can think about.)
(Yuki: All I can think about is Kuya-san.)
Kuya: Yuki, I love you.
Yuki: Me too...
Yuki: Kuya-san, I love you.

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