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June 5

Yuki: Eighth book, finished...
(Yuki: After that, under Takato-san's supervision, we racked up some fiercely intensive training for the quiz.)
(Yuki: First it was a curriculum to train our ability to think and our creativity.)
(Yuki: And then instant recall quizzes, and spatial comprehension quizzes, anyway, we solved various types of quizzes to death.)
(Yuki: And now...)
(Yuki: To polish it off, we're in the middle of cramming facts.)
Kuya: Alright. Yuki. It's a practice match.
Yuki: Okay!
Kuya: You give me a question.
student 1: What's that?
student 2: A quiz?
student 3: Oh, that. It's cramming for the Bell One.
Yuki: Then... what was the social system that was overthrown by the French Revolution?
Kuya: The Ancien Regime.
Yuki: That's right!
student 2: It feels kinda weird that the fate of this school is going to be decided by a quiz.
student 3: I guess. But the one making the quiz is Professor Sakaki, right? We don't know what he's going to do.
student 3: I wonder if they'll win, the student council.
Takato: We'll win.
student 1: Takato?
Takato: Our odds of winning are sufficient.
student 1: Hmm?
Kuya: Japan's currency is the yen. America's is the dollar. What is it for the Republic of Guatemala?
Yuki: Guatemala?
Kuya: Commencing countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7...
Yuki: Uh, um, uhh... lira!!
Kuya: Too bad. It's the quetzal.
Yuki: There's no way I'd know that!!
Takato: Asahina.
Yuki: Y, yes!
Takato: Next time that question comes up, please don't get it wrong.
Takato: Alright?
Yuki: Yes...
Kuya: Now, now, Yuki did a good job.
Kuya: Especially with the ones related to food, he was perfect.
Takato: Just this time, if you're not perfect in everything, it will be a problem.
Takato: Kuya. Of course, you too.
Kuya: Uh, yeah. I know...
Takato: Then, both of you, please do your best.
Takato: I'm going back to the student council room.
Yuki: Sorry. We're leaving all of the work to you.
Takato: It's for a victory in the Bell One.
Takato: Definitely win, and leave the board speechless. Understood?
Kuya: Hey, Masatsugu, that's the wrong goal...
Takato: What?
Kuya: N- nothing!
Takato: Well then.

-- Takato leaves --

Yuki: He's on edge, and all fired up...
Kuya: Really...
Kuya: Alright, Yuki! For Masatsugu too, we still have to keep working hard!
Yuki: Right!!

Kuya: Which is the longest among these French breads: parisienne, batard, baguette?
Yuki: A baguette!
Kuya: Yes, that's correct.
Kuya: You really are good at food questions.
Yuki: Because I like them.
Yuki: Besides, we have the baguette and the batard in my family's shop.
Kuya: That's right, your home's a bakery, isn't it?
Yuki: Well, next...
librarian: Excuse me...
Yuki: Yes?
librarian: It's already time to close...
Yuki: It's already that late?
Kuya: So it's 8.
Kuya: Come to think of it, at some point, everyone but us left.
Kuya: Sorry. We'll be going now.
librarian: Thank you.
Yuki: But we haven't finished with the questions that Takato-san gave us...
Kuya: We can do it when we get back to the room.
Kuya: Oh, can we still check stuff out?
librarian: You can. I haven't turned off the computer.
Kuya: Alright. We'll borrow the books on the leftover subjects and go back to the dorm.

Yuki: *munch* Mm...
Kuya: How about another one?
Yuki: I'll have one.
Yuki: This cookie's delicious!
Kuya: I'm glad I brought them. Since you get hungry quickly.
Yuki: Then you got these for me...?
Kuya: When you use your head, you want something sweet, don't you?
Yuki: It was hard.
Yuki: But I feel like I can be confident if I remember this much.
Kuya: That's right, me too!
Yuki: Then, I guess the Bell One will be okay.
Kuya: Yeah, we'll definitely win!!
Yuki: Yeah! Alright, I kind of feel like we'll win.
Yuki: No matter what, we'll do our best.
Kuya: That's right! We're working harder than before a test!
Yuki: Really, really. Even if I'm studying for an entrance exam, I don't go all out like this.
Kuya: Entrance exam?
Yuki: The high school entrance exam. You haven't taken one, Kuya-san?
Kuya: No.
Yuki: I see. Since I had planned to go to a local public school.
Yuki: Of course, it would have been terrible if I failed, so I worked hard, but...
Yuki: But I've never done it like this.
Kuya: How was the entrance exam?
Yuki: Before that, I got the admission papers from the school, so in the end, I didn't take it.
Yuki: Although I got as far as sending out the application...
Yuki: ...
Kuya: Yuki?
Yuki: That's right... normally, I should have gone to a local school.
Yuki: Along with my middle school friends, a lot of them went there.
Yuki: Going to the public school normally, and after graduating, working at the bakery with my father...
Yuki: Well, I was thinking that's how it would have turned out.
Yuki: But, the Platinum Paper suddenly arrived from Bell Liberty.
Yuki: I never imagined that I would be able to come to a school like this.
Yuki: And that I'd become student council president as soon as I arrived, and fighting with the board.
Yuki: Well, it feels strange even now.
Kuya: Like you're dreaming, huh?
Yuki: Mmm, it's realistic for a dream.
Yuki: With my environment changing so suddenly, maybe I'm still surprised, thinking, where am I?
Kuya: I see.
Kuya: ...You've stayed in the same place where you were born and raised the whole time, haven't you?
Yuki: Yeah, I guess.
Yuki: I moved once when I was little, but that was also nearby so I guess it's like I've always been in the same place.
Kuya: Yeah, that's how it seems!
Kuya: You really look like a local boy.
Yuki: What's that supposed to be?
Kuya: Like you believe that you'll always continue tomorrow and the day after tomorrow with the same kind of life you had yesterday. That sort of look.
Yuki: Even though you say I look like that, I don't get it.
Kuya: I like it. It's calming to look at.
Yuki: Is it not the same for you?
Kuya: No. Anyway, I switched schools a lot of times.
Kuya: Since I haven't been able to stay in the same place very much.
Yuki: Does that have to do with your father's work?
Kuya: Yes. My father is a diplomat.
Kuya: Because of that, we moved from country to country every year or two.
Kuya: Switzerland, France, Thailand, Finland, Italy, Rwanda...
Kuya: Thanks to that, now I speak 13 languages, including Japanese.
Yuki: 13 languages!?
Kuya: Amazing, isn't it?
Yuki: That many, how did you learn them?
Kuya: I threw myself into those places!
Yuki: Woooow...
Kuya: If you can speak the language, you can make friends.
Kuya: If you think that, you can manage it!
Yuki: Kuya-san, you're pretty tough.
Kuya: To me, it's only natural.
Kuya: That's why I don't understand what it's like to always live in the same place where you were born and raised, like you.
Kuya: To me, that's strange.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: And so, you've always wanted to try living in the same place?
Kuya: Yes.
Kuya: So, I decided to come to this boarding school.
Yuki: So what did you think of coming?
Kuya: Of course, I'm glad. It's awesome!
Yuki: Isn't it?
Kuya: Yeah.
Kuya: I like this school.
Kuya: In the three years I've spent here, I've made lots of memories.
Kuya: But if this school closes, it'll all be gone.
Kuya: That school building, the dorm, even this path...
Kuya: It'll all be gone.
Kuya: That's pretty sad.
Yuki: Yeah...
Kuya: So, Yuki. That I can do my best with you makes me really proud!
Yuki: Proud?
Kuya: Yeah!
Kuya: I can fight with you to protect the place I love.
Kuya: Being able to do something with my own power and not just silently waiting for someone to do something.
Kuya: That makes me wonderfully proud!
(Yuki: Proud...)
(Yuki: I never thought of it like that...)
(Yuki: I guess it is.)
(Yuki: That not anyone else, but I'm - I myself - am doing my best to protect this school.)
(Yuki: When I think of it that way, I get filled with a lot of determination.)
Yuki: I see... so this is honorable.
Yuki: Kuya-san.
Kuya: Hm?
Yuki: After all, I really am lucky.
Kuya: What is that all of a sudden?
Yuki: Not someone else, but if I do my best and win, I'll be able to protect this school.
Yuki: Even though was just by accident, thanks to becoming the student council president, I was given this chance.
Yuki: It was very lucky.
Kuya: Yuki, you...
Kuya: You... really are nice...
Yuki: Haha... although the problem is that I'm only lucky.
Yuki: I wish I were better at academics or sports.
Kuya: That's not true.
Kuya: You're fine the way you are.
Yuki: Kuya-san...
Kuya: Yuki.
Yuki: What is it, acting so formal?
Kuya: That's what I like about you.
Kuya: I really, really like it.
Kuya: I love it.
Yuki: ...
Kuya: ... urk.
Yuki: Hehe... thank you, Kuya-san.
Kuya: Uh...
Yuki: I'm really glad you're my partner too, Kuya-san!
Kuya: Uh... yeah...
Kuya: I... I see...
Kuya: Yeah, that's right!
Kuya: Then, I'm even more lucky that you chose me as a partner!
Yuki: Then, I'm even more more lucky that you agreed to be my partner!
Kuya: In that case... *giggle*
Yuki: Hee hee.
Yuki: We'll win.
Kuya: Of course!

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