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Kuya route translation

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June 7

(school path)
Kuya: We've left the recorder to Masatsugu.
Kuya: We have to prepare suits for the dress code before the weekend...
Yuki: A suit!? I don't have anything like that!!
Yuki: I guess the uniform won't work.
Kuya: This red uniform!?
Kuya: You're pretty bold! You want to stand out more than the ladies?
Yuki: It won't work?
Kuya: That might be cute in its own way but... I don't recommend it...
Kuya: I'll lend you a suit. If it's one that I wore a long time ago, the size should work out.
Yuki: Thank you!
??: Why, if it isn't the student council president!
Yuki: It's the guys from my class... and Okaken.
Okaken: Hey hey, we heard, Asahina-kun. You seem to have gotten past the first round safely.
Okaken: Just as I'd expect from my best friend. It makes me proud too.
student 1: Hey, who is whose best friend? You...
student 1: "That he would choose someone from the student council, and Sagimori-sempai at that, instead of Durak or me as a partner...
student 1: Asahina-kun really has no judgment. What'll he do if he loses this important Bell One?" That's all you were saying.
Okaken: W, well...
Kuya: Hahahahaha. So you were worried I was his partner.
Okaken: N, no, that's...
Yuki: But, Okaken. I won because I was with Kuya-san.
Yuki: We studied really hard with materials that Takato-san prepared...
Yuki: It wasn't despite the student council, I won because it was everyone from the student council.
Yuki: So I want you to stop making fun of the student council.
Okaken: I, I wasn't really making fun...
Yuki: In return, I promise that we'll keep winning!
student 1: Yeah! So cool!!
student 2: That's our student council president!!
Okaken: T, that's right! I'm depending on you, Asahina-kun.
Okaken: Because right now, what happens to this school depends on you and Sagimori-sempai!
Yuki: Yeah!
Kuya: It'll be okay. We'll definitely win!
Yuki: We'll do our best, so leave it to us!
student: You go, you go!!
Yuki: Thank you, thank you.

-- rustling bushes --

??: ...urk...
Ninosuke: Why? Why just him...?
Ninosuke: I was the student council president. I was this school's Ace.
Ninosuke: But why does just that first-year noob-brat Ace get all the praise!?
Ninosuke: Why... Are he and I that different?
Ninosuke: Am I inferior to him!?
Ninosuke: No!
Ninosuke: I fought more bravely than anyone when trouble came to the school!
Ninosuke: But I didn't get a chance to show my strength!
Ninosuke: That's the only difference! I'm absolutely not inferior!
Ninosuke: ...Kuya too.
Ninosuke: Just paying attention to him and not worrying about me...
Ninosuke: If it were me, I wouldn't have been so clumsy as to have the armband stolen from me!
Ninosuke: Damnit, the armband.
Ninosuke: If only I had the armband, here and now...!
Ninosuke: W, what!? This is! Where did this fall from!?
Ninosuke: Just what is this...?

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