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June 20

(dorm cafeteria)
Yuki: ...It's finally the last round.
Yuki: First I should eat a good breakfast... oh!
Yuki: Sonoda-san!
Sonoda: Yuki-kun...
(Yuki: I'm glad I met Sonoda-san in the morning.)
Yuki: Good morning! Today's the end.
Sonoda: ...The end, huh? That's right.
(Yuki: Huh...? Somehow Sonoda-san's expression is hard...)
(Yuki: Like he's absent minded...)
Yuki: Sonoda-san, what's the matter?
Sonoda: No...
Sonoda: We can finally finish this.
Yuki: That's right! We'll absolutely win and protect the school!!
Sonoda: ...Yuki-kun.
Yuki: Yes? What is it?
Sonoda: ...See you later.
(Yuki: What's the matter? I feel like he looked sad somehow...)

Yuki: Alright, it's the last round! I'll do my best with all my strength!!
Yuki: Finally...
(Yuki: I guess Sonoda-san hasn't arrived yet. Or maybe he's already getting ready on stage...)
Panda-san: Welcome! To the final round of the Bell One Grand Prix!
Panda-san: Now, to the stage!
Yuki: R, right...

Yuki: Thank you!
(Yuki: Huh...? Sonoda-san's not here either...)
(Yuki: Come to think of it, there's no students gathered here to watch as usual...)
(Yuki: Or my sempais in the student council, or Joker-san and Chiba-san...)
Panda-san: This is the final round!
Panda-san: Whether ya cry or laugh, today's the end! The final round is a contest of luck!
Panda-san: The result of the final round will be broadcast to the students by the camera that is in Panda-san's eye.
Yuki: I... I see...
Panda-san: Well, it's finally time!
Yuki: Um, Panda-san! My partner hasn't gotten here yet...
Panda-san: This is the final round!
Panda-san: Whether ya cry or laugh, today's the end! The final round is a contest of luck!
Panda-san: The result of the final round will be broadcast to the students by the camera that is in Panda-san's eye.
Panda-san: Well, it's finally time!
Yuki: ...Huh?
Yuki: Is it just playing back pre-programmed words...?
Yuki: What's going on, Sonoda-san...?
(Yuki: Today is the final round, he must have known what time it begins...)
(flashback) Chiba: There may be someone trying to hinder your fight.
(Yuki: ...Could something have happened to Sonoda-san...?)
Sonoda: ...*sigh*
Yuki: Sonoda-san!
Yuki: Thank goodness! I was worried that something had happened.
Sonoda: ...Yuki-kun, are you prepared?
(Yuki: ...Sonoda-san. Why are you looking so scary?)

CG: Sonoda leans toward Yuki
Sonoda: Well, then, let's begin the final round.
(Yuki: ...Huh? Why is Sonoda-san taking the opponent's position...?)
Yuki: Start... but our opponent's not here yet...
Yuki: Our opponent is Professor Sakaki, isn't it?
Sonoda: No.
Yuki: Then is it another member of the board...?
Sonoda: It's me.
Yuki: Huh...?
Sonoda: I'm saying your opponent is me, student council president Asahina Yuki-kun.
Yuki: A, ahaha... Please stop joking...
Sonoda: It's not a joke. I'm a representative of Professor Sakaki.
Sonoda: In short, the person on the side of the board is standing right here.
Sonoda: ...As your enemy.
Yuki: W, what are you saying? You're my partner...
Yuki: Haven't we been fighting together until now...?
Yuki: ...That you're on the side of the board doesn't make any sense...
Sonoda: It's not particularly hard to understand.
Sonoda: Professor Sakaki and I are cousins, and I think you should have realized it when you found out that he was on the side of the board.
Yuki: ...No way...
Sonoda: That's why I told you before I accepted that I couldn't guarantee the result.
Yuki: ...
Sonoda: You should have thought about it more.
Sonoda: Why Durak was stealing the power of the student council.
Sonoda: Why the ex-Ace was driven away.
Yuki: ...Why? It wasn't just because Joker was challenging the student council to matches?
Sonoda: No, it was all my plan from the beginning to steal the authority of the student council president.
Sonoda: Originally the group called Durak was created to carry out the objectives of the board at this school where the students' right of self-governance is so strong.
Sonoda: Kiyo knew that and accepted the position at the top of Durak.
Yuki: ...No way...!
(Yuki: From the beginning, that was the goal!? Sonoda-san formed Durak as a pawn of the board!?)
Sonoda: Kiyo did a good job greatly weakening the power of the student council.
Sonoda: But you were outside of my calculations.
Yuki: I was...?
Sonoda: Kiyo, who had so far agreed with my intentions, took an interest in you.
Sonoda: Of all things, he didn't just stop opposing the student council, he also lost interest in taking the armband.
Sonoda: Geez, what a ridiculous change of heart.
Sonoda: That's why I was stuck having to use force.
Yuki: Using force?
Sonoda: I had to physically steal your armband.
Yuki: ...No way! The student caught on the security camera, it can't be...
Sonoda: Yeah. That was me.
(Yuki: Sonoda-san was the culprit who stole my armband...!?)
Sonoda: I never thought that the image from the security camera would be leaked.
Sonoda: Because of that, this ridiculous Bell One was held...
Sonoda: And I never thought you would so foolishly choose me as your partner.
Yuki: ...
Sonoda: But thanks to that, it saved me the trouble of having to spy on you...
Sonoda: And so now I can directly make you lose.
Yuki: Make me lose, we won't know that until you try.
Sonoda: No, you will lose. Well, I don't intend to have the third round be fair.
Yuki: What!?
Sonoda: Of course. I can't really have a direct match against someone like you who has such good luck.
Yuki: ...
Sonoda: The rules of the third round are simple. In one of these two boxes is your armband. If you choose the one that has your armband in it, you win.
Sonoda: ...But, unfortunately, neither of these boxes has your armband. You absolutely can't win.
Yuki: ...You can't...! That's cowardly!!
Yuki: I can't forgive this. Besides, everything we're saying is being broadcast to all the students...
Sonoda: No. What's being broadcast is just an image of our hands, there's no sound.
Sonoda: And so, whatever we're saying here, however dishonest, the students won't know.
Sonoda: Only the fact of your losing will be broadcast in front of all the students.
Yuki: ...It can't be.
(Yuki: Sonoda-san is on the side of the board. He's the culprit who stole my armband...)

You traitor!
But I trusted you, Sonoda-san...

(decision: But I trusted you, Sonoda-san...)
Yuki: ..I, I... I trusted you, Sonoda-san!!
Yuki: I thought we were doing our best together the whole time... I was really happy about that.
(Yuki: ...Did my feelings not get through to him even once...?)
Yuki: ...It's too much.
Sonoda: ...
Sonoda: ...If I had met you at a different place, at a different time,
Sonoda: I might have been able to accept your feelings.
Yuki: ...Sonoda-san...
Sonoda: Whatever you think of me, I absolutely can't let you win.
Yuki: Why...?
Sonoda: Just like you can't afford to lose this game no matter what...
Sonoda: I also have my reasons.
Sonoda: So... I'll use any means to win.
Yuki: ...That... I don't understand that...
Yuki: ...What reason do you have that you'd trade the school for!?
Sonoda: Money.
Yuki: ...Money?
Sonoda: Yeah. I need money.
Sonoda: What I earn doing a daily part time job at the cafeteria is chump change.
Sonoda: I need an insane amount of money!
Sonoda: For that, I don't care if I have to deceive everyone in the school, or make them my enemies, or be hated.
Sonoda: If you want to think of me as scum, then go ahead.
Yuki: ...
Sonoda: You look like you're hurt by my betrayal. It's your fault for trusting people so easily.
Sonoda: I told you from the beginning, I only have faith in money.
Sonoda: So I'm completely fine with what you and the other students think of me.
Yuki: Sonoda-san...
(Yuki: Money... Come to think of it, that's right... he's always been clinging to money...)
(Yuki: But how he is normally and what's happening this time are different.)
(Yuki: But... going this far for money, just what is it for...?)
Yuki: To you, money is... more important than the school, more important than us?
Sonoda: That's right.
(Yuki: ...Even though I called Sonoda-san my partner, I didn't realize his circumstances at all...)
(Yuki: ...Even though we were partners... no...)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san never thought of me that way.)
Yuki: ...Even a little bit... you never thought of me as a partner even a little bit, did you?
Yuki: Not even once during the Bell One...
(Yuki: Not after we went out together, or after I told him my feelings with all my strength...)
Sonoda: I never thought of you as anything but an obstacle to my goal.
Yuki: ...I... see...
(Yuki: ...Not even once did he understand my feelings...)
(Yuki: ...Still, when he teamed up with me, I was elated like an idiot...)
Sonoda: ...That ends here too. Everything ends.
Sonoda: You have two paths left.
Sonoda: To open an empty box knowing you'll lose, or admit defeat yourself.
Sonoda: Which will you do, temporary Ace-kun?
(Yuki: ...I... What should I do...?)
(Yuki: ...Is there really no other way left...?)

Open a box anyway.
Accept defeat.

(decision: Open a box anyway.)
(Yuki: If I'm going to lose opening either one... it's best to take some action rather than doing nothing!)
Yuki: I'll open a box.
Sonoda: Choose whichever one you like. ...The result will be the same, though.

-- Bell One, round three minigame --

Yuki: ...It's the armband. The armband was inside...!
Yuki: Woohoo! I won!!
Sonoda: Just what is the meaning of this...?
Panda-san: The winner of the Bell One Grand Prix is Asahina Yuki-kun!
Panda-san: The winner of the Bell One Grand Prix is Asahina Yuki-kun...
Sonoda: This... This can't be happening!!

CG: Sonoda reaches for Yuki
Sonoda: Why...? Just what did you do!?
Yuki: I just chose a box according to the rules.
Sonoda: I prepared the boxes to be empty, the armband couldn't be in there! What kind of trick did you use!?
Yuki: I really didn't do anything! It was in there normally!
Yuki: First of all, you were the one who was cheating...
Sonoda: ...This can't be happening... I can't accept this result!
Sonoda: Give me that armband!
Yuki: No...!
end CG

Yuki: Ugh... Sonoda-san...
(Yuki: I, it hurts...)
Yuki: Even if you do this... I'm definitely... not giving you this armband...
Sonoda: You will!
Yuki: N... no...!

CG: Joker grabs Sonoda's wrist
Joker: That's far enough, Eiji.
Sonoda: ...!?
Yuki: ...Joker-san!!
Sonoda: ...Kiyo... How did you get here?
Joker: Sorry, Yuki-kun, it took me a little time to come help.
Joker: No, I never imagined you would sabotage us like that, Eiji.
Joker: I didn't expect you to do something dangerous to get me and Hayato out of the way.
Joker: But it's just as I'd expect from you, Ace-kun. Without giving in to adversity, you gallantly acted and summoned a victory.
Yuki: Joker-san...
Sonoda: ...I knew it, Kiyo. Was this some plot of yours!?
Joker: It's true that it would be simple for me to tweak the result of the contest, but...
Joker: I would not make light of a sacred, serious contest.
Joker: Unlike you.
Sonoda: ...Urgh.
Joker: Eiji, give up your useless struggle. You lost to him in a contest of luck.
Joker: Gracefully accept your defeat.
Joker: Until now, I've pretended to go along with your crappy game, but that ends here.
Joker: It's game over.
Sonoda: ...Give me the armband.
Joker: The die that's already been cast isn't going to change.
Joker: If you're going to continue to shamefully resist, then shall I also take suitable measures?
Sonoda: Just try it. You live your life for fun. My determination is different from yours!
Sonod: What can you do against me without Hayato...?
Joker: My, my, there's no help for you.
Joker: I thought you knew why I normally use Hayato and not deal with things myself.
Yuki: ...Joker-san. ...Sonoda-san!
(Yuki: These two good friends are in such an explosive situation... just what should I do...!?)
end CG

Sakaki: That's enough, you guys.
Yuki: ...Professor Sakaki!!
Sakaki: Sonoda, you lose.
Sakaki: Asahina wins the Bell One and this school will stay open.
Sakaki: Good for you, Asahina.
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: But, is it okay for you to recognize my win even though you're on the board?
Sakaki: Yeah. Since you properly completed the Bell One contest and regained the title of Ace.
Sonoda: ...It wasn't proper, he cheated in the third round!
Sakaki: No, it was proper.
Sakaki: Because I was the one who returned the boxes that you tampered with back to a 50/50 chance, according to the original rules.
Yuki: ...You did, Professor Sakaki...?
(Yuki: But wasn't Professor Sakaki a member of the board who wanted to shut down the school?)
Sonoda: ...Why...?
Sakaki: And I'm also the one who sent Asahina the movie from the security camera.
Joker: I see. It is true that Professor Sakaki is in a position to obtain footage from the security cameras.
Yuki: So the board wasn't trying to shut down the school?
Yuki: If there hadn't been that movie, we may not have been able to hold the Bell One.
Yuki: So why did you do it, Professor?
Sakaki: It was all to test the students and the school.
Yuki: To test the students and the school...?
Sakaki: Yeah, I wanted to see what kind of reaction you students and the director would have to the pronouncement of the school closing.
Sakaki: And so the Bell One was to judge whether this school was fit to stay open.
Sakaki: I wanted to judge for myself the actions of the students.
Sakaki: It was not my goal to make you arbitrarily surrender for the convenience of adults.
Yuki: So you were watching our actions when we found out the school was going to be closing. It was to judge us...?
Yuki: In short, you were testing the entire school?
Sakaki: I guess. As a result, Asahina, as a representative of the students, you won the victory.
Sakaki: You should be proud of your win.
Yuki: ...Professor Sakaki...
Sakaki: Sonoda.
Sonoda: ...
Sakaki: Accept your defeat and give up. Since you lost, your wish won't be granted.
Sakaki: You actually knew, didn't you?
Sakaki: It's no longer possible for your wish to be granted.
(Yuki: ...Sonoda-san's wish...?)
Sakaki: Forget about it already.
Sonoda: Forget about it...? I can't do that!
Sonoda: ...Ugh!
Yuki: Sonoda-san! Where are you...!?
Joker: Don't. Even if you chased him now, it would have the opposite effect.
Yuki: ...Sonoda-san...
Yuki: ...Professor Sakaki, just what is the meaning of this?
Yuki: Wasn't Sonoda-san a pawn of the board?
Yuki: But you, Professor, who are also on the side of the board, you weren't trying to shut down the school. Honestly, I don't get it.
Sakaki: Well, to put it simply, the board is not a monolith.
Sakaki: It's true that I was sent as a representative of the board from the Sakaki group.
Sakaki: But my opinions are not necessary the same opinions as those of the people who sent me to the board.
Yuki: Does that mean you're opposed to the school closing, Professor?
Sakaki: Rather than opposed, I'd say I was neutral. I wanted to stop the proposal to close the school until I could judge with my own eyes the pros and cons of keeping the school open.
Sakaki: And I couldn't publicly disobey the will of the group.
Sakaki: So I needed a just cause as a reason to stop the school closing.
Sakaki: Just as the Bell One was the final means for you guys to have the school stay open,
Sakaki: For me, holding the Bell One made everything work out as I wanted.
Joker: I knew it.
Joker: Such an important thing as keeping the school open, the board would normally never decide that with the outcome of a game.
Joker: Nevertheless, I thought that there was something behind how easily they went with our proposal.
Sakaki: Yeah, well.
Sakaki: But, if you guys had taken a cowardly attitude...
Sakaki: Depending on the outcome, you may have seen the school close.
Sakaki: But in the end, you did well.
Sakaki: Especially you, Asahina, you did a good job in the main role of student council president.
Yuki: ...Professor Sakaki...
(Yuki: In order to protect the school, Professor Sakaki pushed us toward having the Bell One...)
(Yuki: I'm really glad that he wasn't our enemy...)
(Yuki: ...But... What about Sonoda-san...?)
Joker: Geez, adults are so underhanded.
Joker: From the beginning, you had no intention of letting Eiji win, but you manipulated him by getting his hopes up.
Joker: Poor Eiji.
Yuki: ...Manipulating him by getting his hopes up... What does that mean!?
Yuki: Anyway, why did Sonoda-san do that!?
Yuki: What is his wish?
Yuki: Please explain so I can understand!
Sakaki: What a menacing look.
Yuki: Of course! Even if he betrayed me, I'm Sonoda-san's partner!
Sakaki: I see...
Joker: If it's hard for you to say, shall I tell him?
Yuki: Joker-san...
Joker: Well, to put it simply, the professor dangled the wealth of the Sakaki group in front of Eiji to tempt him.
Joker: So that he would steal the authority of the student council.
Joker: And he had no intention of paying Eiji.
Yuki: ...Wha...!?
Joker: But Eiji took it seriously and proposed that I help him destroy the student council.
Joker: Well, I was bored, so I pretended to go along with his plan, and set up a game to ruin the student council.
Joker: But it seems like he thought that he was manipulating me into creating Durak.
Joker: Although anything's okay with me to kill time.
Joker: That's the gist of it, right, Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: It was a very blunt explanation, but that's close enough.
Yuki: Oh no...! That's terrible, taking advantage of him by tempting him with money with no intention to pay!
Yuki: Even though you knew Sonoda-san needed money...
Yuki: Anyway, why does he need money!?
Sakaki: You know that his mother remarried my uncle and he became my cousin, right?
Yuki: ...Yes.
Sakaki: His father, Sonoda Hiroyuki, was the chef and owner of a famous French restaurant.
Yuki: ...I heard that before from Sonoda-san. It was the famous Cuisine du Sonoda.
Yuki: He said that he started cooking because he aspired to be like his father....
Sakaki: Since he was young, he thought he would become a first class cook like his father and inherit the restaurant. He was raised believing that.
Sakaki: But while his father's talent in cooking may have been incomparable, he had no talent for management.
Sakaki: As he expanded the restaurant, banking on the reputation of his skill as a cook, he couldn't keep up the management.
Sakaki: Right before he was pushed into bankruptcy, the Suzubishi group made an offer to restructure the business.
Sakaki: As a condition of help, Suzubishi would copyright the name of the famous restaurant and use the recipes in their food division.
Sakaki: He, who took pride in his work, accepted the terms in order for the restaurant to survive.
Yuki: ...And so what happened...?
Sakaki: The result of the management being turned over to Suzubishi was that they came out with a lot of microwaved foods and collaboration goods crowned with the Sonoda name. ### add note about collaboration goods
Sakaki: And, taking advantage of the Sonoda brand, they opened bargain priced restaurants for the general public one after another, and turned it into a chain.
Sakaki: In the end, the Sonoda brand was grown into a fairly profitable property.
Yuki: That's incredible...
Sakaki: But, in that shadow, the original Cuisine du Sonoda was forced to close.
Yuki: But why...!?
Sakaki: Who knows? Maybe it was that there were fewer customers who were willing to pay a high price for the Sonoda taste that could now be gotten cheaply.
Sakaki: Maybe it was simply that people forgot about the existence of the original restaurant and the customers ended up leaving...
Yuki: ...Oh no... Even though he sold the recipes and the restaurant name to keep the restaurant open...
Sakaki: When the main restaurant closed, his father divorced his mother and disappeared.
Sakaki: Sonoda must have felt betrayed.
Sakaki: He couldn't forgive it and wished to buy back the Sonoda brand from Suzubishi.
Yuki: But that would be really expensive...
Sakaki: Yeah, it's not an amount that a single person could afford to buy back.
(Yuki: ...So that's why Sonoda-san wants money...)
(Yuki: In order to buy back the Sonoda brand... to buy an entire company, there's no way a single high school student could do it...)
(Yuki: But Sonoda-san still...)
Sakaki: ...Somewhere in that head of his, Sonoda must understand.
Sakaki: But he can't accept it as a real problem.
Sakaki: If he were to accept it, he would end up having to recognize that he'll never have his restaurant or his family back.
Joker: ...You knew that much, and you still used him as a dupe?
Sakaki: Even if he had an unattainable dream, it was better to have a goal than to stand still in despair.
Yuki: But... But that's cruel!
Yuki: You manipulated Sonoda-san with a promise that you couldn't grant!
Yuki: Even though for that, Sonoda-san made enemies of everyone in the school.
Sakaki: He was the one who weighed the merits of an imaginary reward and chose to deceive everyone in the school.
Yuki: It's true that it wasn't good to deceive everyone and betray us, but...
Yuki: Wasn't he only prepared to go that far because it was so important to him?
Sakaki: If you were to ask me, I wouldn't call that determination.
Sakaki: Clinging to a lost past is just running away from reality.
Yuki: ...
Sakaki: It's impossible to get back what's been lost. Sooner or later, he has to accept reality.
Sakaki: Betrayed by his father and in despair, he couldn't do that.
Sakaki: And so, I gave him a temporary goal and a refuge when he was crying.
Sakaki: That's all.
Yuki: That's... That's too cold!
Yuki: I'm going to find Sonoda-san! Even though I'm the person responsible for getting in the way of his goal...
Yuki: I can't calmly let Sonoda-san go like you and Joker-san!
*Yuki leaves*
Sakaki: ...Geez, that kid.
Joker: Professor, you're such an adult.
Sakaki: What is that?
Joker: You purposely took on the role of the villain.
Joker: Saying stuff like that, of course Yuki-kun would chase after Eiji.
Joker: That's what you were after, wasn't it?
Sakaki: ...Hmph. It's just that babysitting is annoying.
Sakaki: I'll deal with the board.
Sakaki: You should prepare a place for those annoying guys to come back to.
Joker: Right, right, got it, Professor.

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