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June 6

Tomo: *yaaawn* It's finally lunchtime. Yuki, let's go to the cafeteria.
Yuki: Yeah.
(Yuki: Finally, today after school is the first round of the Bell One...)

Tomo: So did you discuss your strategy for today with Sonoda-san?
Yuki: Strategy?
Tomo: For the Bell One. Sonoda-san is your partner, right? Did you have a meeting or talk about strategy?
Yuki: ...We haven't really done anything.
Tomo: Is that really okay? ...Well, if it's Sonoda-san, it'll be okay.
Tomo: He doesn't really stand out because he hides in Joker's shadow, but,
Tomo: In academics and athletics, he's top class, and he's good at calculating, and good at negotiation, and he's a pragmatist who isn't swayed by emotion.
Tomo: And if there's trouble, you might also be able to count on Durak's support.
Yuki: Yeah, that's right.
Tomo: But that's only Sonoda-san.
Yuki: Ugh... you're worried about the result of the Bell One too?
Tomo: Due to my position, I am. But all I can do is entrust the rest to you two.
Yuki: Tomo...
(Yuki: That's right... there's also people who want to protect the school but can't with their own strength.)
(Yuki: I have to think about their feelings too.)
Tomo: But I feel like teaming up with Sonoda-san rather than with me, you're more likely to win.
Yuki: Why do you say that?
Tomo: More than anything, if there's food, it'll bring out your enthusiasm.
Yuki: Are you saying I'm like a horse with a carrot dangled in front of it?
Tomo: That's right. Well, look, it's packed today too, the cafeteria.
Yuki: There are a lot of people... The cafeteria auction is more exciting than usual.
Tomo: Probably, because if the school closes, they won't have any other way to use their meal tickets. Since they can only be used here.
Yuki: It's like a going out of business sale...
Tomo: For Sonoda-san, it may be a good opportunity to earn money.
Yuki: But I'm absolutely not letting the school close.
Yuki: I'm going to go greet Sonoda-san.
Tomo: You're going to get through this wall of people?
Yuki: I, I'll do it somehow! It involves the fate of the school.
Tomo: Okay. Do your best to not get crushed.
(Yuki: Ugh... It's more crowded than I thought...)
Yuki: Sonoda-san... So... Sonoda-san...!
Sonoda: Alright! I'm starting the bidding for this special dish at five ticket sets! ...Hm?
Sonoda: It's Yuki-kun. What do you need?
Yuki: I thought I would greet you... ow. Sonoda-san, I'll be relying on you today!
Sonoda: Oh, right, right.
Yuki: Should we make any preparations or have a meeting?
Sonoda: We don't really need to. Anyway, it'll go the way it goes.
(Yuki: I... I wonder if that's okay.)
Sonoda: Rather than thinking of unnecessary things, in your case, you can't fight on an empty stomach, right?
Sonoda: Here, a huge helping of katsudon.
Yuki: It looks sooo delicious... The katsu is a good omen for winning... Can I really eat this!? (note: Katsu is pronounced the same way as the word for winning.)
Sonoda: You have to be kidding, of course you have to pay for it with your meal tickets. The freebie is just the amount.
Yuki: Just the amount...
(Yuki: Well, that's true. I should be glad he's giving a freebie at all...)
Sonoda: Take that and hurry and go. I'm sure you can tell by looking, but I'm very busy right now.
Yuki: It's a good time for you to make a profit, sorry for interrupting...
(Yuki: Is this good as a conversation with my Bell One partner...?)
(Yuki: His strategy for the Bell One is just giving me a big portion of katsudon...)
Tomo: Were you able to talk to Sonoda-san?
Yuki: He gave me a big serving of katsudon...
Tomo: Was that all?
Yuki: ...Yeah.
Tomo: Well, for you, that may be the best strategy.
Tomo: It would be bad if you ran out of fuel during the Bell One.
Yuki: That's true. There's no point being flustered now, whatever happens will happen!
Yuki: I'll eat for the sake of winning the Bell One!! It looks delicious! Here I go♪
Yuki: *munch*...
Yuki: ...Hm...?
Tomo: What is it, Yuki?
Yuki: What is this...? It's delicious as usual, but...
(Yuki: ...It's like the flavor is missing its passion.)
(Yuki: ...Maybe it's just my imagination?)
Sonoda: Next, from a high class teppanyaki restaurant in the heart of the city, a Chateaubriand steak made from A5 rank Japanese black wagyu, for which there is a half year reservation waitlist...
student 1: Seven sets of tickets! Let me eat it as a final memory of the school!
student 2: I'll bid 10 sets! Please, I have yet to eat even one special dish!
(Yuki: I feel like steak is not a very Sonoda-san-like special dish, but maybe I'm overthinking it...)
(Yuki: Maybe he's just tired from being busy...)
(Yuki: I hope it's simply my imagination...)

(Yuki: Once I get to the auditorium, the Bell One will finally start.)
(Yuki: Ugh... I'm nervous, but all that's left is a cheer!)
Yuki: I'll win! I'll absolutely win!
Sonoda: That's a pretty amazing cheer.
Yuki: Oh, Sonoda-san!
Yuki: Let's do our best together! We'll absolutely win!
Yuki: You're not nervous, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: ...
Sonoda: Do you have a minute?
Yuki: ...Yes?
(Yuki: What is this, right before the match...)
Yuki: What is it, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: I'm going to ask you one more time, you really don't regret this?
Sonoda: Having me as a partner...
Yuki: I don't. What's the matter, are you nervous too?
Sonoda: You can still find someone cooperative, like Kiyo, or the guys in the student council...
Yuki: What are you saying? You're my partner.
Yuki: Besides, Joker-san said he'd enjoy himself as a spectator.
Yuki: Even if I asked him now, he wouldn't team up with me.
Sonoda: ...That Kiyo, saying he'll be a spectator, that's awfully smug.
(Yuki: Sonoda-san...?)
Yuki: What is it? You're acting weird, Sonoda-san...
Yuki: Is there something you're worried about?
Sonoda: ...No.
Yuki: Even though I said we'll absolutely win, whatever result we get, I won't blame you.
Yuki: If we lose, I'll blame myself.
Sonoda: I'm not worried about that...
Yuki: Then what are you worried about?
Sonoda: ...This is just an example, but,
Sonoda: How much do you know about the MVP Battle that was held at the school a long time ago?
Yuki: Not much... Except that it was fought with a partner.
Sonoda: At that time, it was a game where two people fought as one team, and the team that came out on top would be granted just one wish.
Sonoda: It seems the director said he would grant anything within his power.
Yuki: Wow, anything? That's amazing.
Sonoda: Do you really think so?
Yuki: Wha...?
Sonoda: Even though it's two people on one team, only granting one wish, I think it's a cruel game.
Sonoda: If you were participating in that game and you and your partner had completely opposite wishes, what would you do?
Yuki: Well...
(Yuki: Is he saying that his and my wishes are different?)
(Yuki: Normally, I would concede the right to Sonoda-san, but...)
(Yuki: This time, my wish is to protect the school, I can't concede that.)
(Yuki: In that case, it would result in one of us not getting our wish...)
Yuki: ...Um...
Yuki: It's difficult so I can't answer right away...
Sonoda: ...Right. I'm sorry I asked something weird.
Sonoda: This Bell One is to prove whether you're fit or not to be the Ace.
Sonoda: It's not a tournament to grant a wish or anything.
Sonoda: Forget what I asked.
Yuki: Oh... Okay.
Sonoda: Shall we go?
(Yuki: ...Sonoda-san...)
(Yuki: That question before, what did it mean...?)
(Yuki: After all, maybe he's not really interested...)
(Yuki: Maybe I just burdened him through my selfishness.)
(Yuki: Was it really okay for me to choose Sonoda-san as my partner?)
(Yuki: ...No no no!)
(Yuki: ...It's no good, I can't be feeling like this before the match!)
(Yuki: I'm not going to take it back now. I'll have confidence in my decision.)
(Yuki: The fate of the school rests on me... on us.)

announcement: The first round of the Bell One Grand Prix is about to begin. Will the student council president and his partner please come to the auditorium...
Yuki: Finally...

Yuki: Everyone's here.
(Yuki: They're supporting us...!)
Sakaki: You're both here.
Sakaki: Then I'll begin the first round of the Bell One Grand Prix.
Yuki: Right.
Sakaki: To begin with, the first round is a contest to measure your intelligence.
Yuki: What kind of thing will we be doing?
Sakaki: It will be a quiz to measure your memory and abstract reasoning.
Sakaki: As for the detailed rules, since they've been entered into that panda you prepared, I'll have it explain.
Panda-san: Alrighty, Ah'll explain the rules of this game.
Panda-san: Whether this school closes or not, rests on both y'all's shoulders.
Panda-san: Do yer best!!
Panda-san: As Sakaki-han said, the first round will be a quiz to measure y'all's intelligence.
Panda-san: Ah've even given it a name! "Brain Scramblin' Brains Quiz!"
Panda-san: How about it? Just hearin' the names makes yer head hurt, doesn't it.
Panda-san: Put yer brains into full gear and do yer best.
Panda-san: There are two types of questions. The "memory quiz" and "abstract reasonin' quiz."
Panda-san: Which are ya good at, student council president?
Panda-san: Well, wantin' to choose the one yer good at is human psychology.
Panda-san: But, guess what? Panda-san isn't that nice.
Panda-san: It's a brutal system where ya won't know which kind of questions there'll be until it starts.
Panda-san: Well, the point is, it will depend on y'all's luck.
Panda-san: However, Panda-san hates sneaky people who save and load over and over before the quiz.
Panda-san: If ya do that, Panda-san will hit ya. Hit ya over and over.
Panda-san: No, instead Panda-san might cry.
Panda-san: We don't want that. Then face the fate ya've been given!
Panda-san: There will be ten questions in all.
Panda-san: Ya win if ya get six questions right.
Panda-san: Do ya want to hear the detailed explanation of the rules?

Hear it.
Don't hear it.

(decision: Hear it.)
Panda-san: Alrighty, kind Panda-han will give ya a thorough explanation, so listen carefully.
Panda-san: First, when the question is displayed, ya decide who will answer it.
Panda-san: Ah don't mind if the student council president-han thinks about it himself, or relies on his partner.

(PC only) Panda-san: Choose who will do it with the mouse.
(PC only) Panda-san: When ya've decided who will answer, click on them.
(Vita only) Panda-san: Choose who will do it by moving left or right with the directional key and decide with the O button, or choose directly with a tap.

Panda-san: If yer partner was chosen, even if ya try to answer, they will answer by themselves.
Panda-san: Ya can leave them all to yer partner, but if yer confident in the answer, answerin' yerself is an option.
Panda-san: No matter how smart yer partner is, they're only human. They may make mistakes.
Panda-san: That's where yer partnership is important.
Panda-san: So, back to the quiz.
Panda-san: First, Ah'll explain the "memory quiz."
Panda-san: Well, to put it simply, it's a quiz where you memorize the numbers on playin' cards and answer.
Panda-san: There are two types, number matchin' and number sequencin'.
Panda-san: For the number matchin', the cards are displayed at the beginnin', then ya beat them into yer head so ya don't forget the numbers.

(PC only) Panda-san: Once ya've memorized it, press the "I've memorized it!" button.
(Vita only) Panda-san: Once ya've memorized it, press the O button or tap "I've memorized it!"

Panda-san: There is a time limit to memorize it, so be careful.
Panda-san: Then, from among the face-down cards, like the game Concentration, choose two cards at a time with the same number.
Panda-san: If ya've properly memorized the cards, ya should be able to answer.
Panda-san: For the number sequencin', the cards are displayed at the beginnin', so memorize the numbers so ya don't forget.
Panda-san: Then, from among the face-down cards, choose the cards in numerical order startin' from the smallest.
Panda-san: Alright? In order from the smallest.
Panda-san: For the number matchin' and number sequencin', if ya make any mistake, that's considered a wrong answer.
Panda-san: Since we scrambled the numbers, it might be a teensy bit difficult.
Panda-san: Then, ya can consult yer own brain, or rely on yer partner.
Panda-san: There will be ten questions in all, five number matchin' and five number sequencin' questions.
Panda-san: That's the explanation of the "memory quiz."
Panda-san: Next Ah'll explain the "abstract reasonin' quiz."
Panda-san: On the screen, shapes will be displayed in lined-up slots.
Panda-san: Among them, there will be a box with "?", so think about what to put there that lines up with the shapes to the left and right.
Panda-san: To make a comprehensive judgement of all the factors like color and shape, ya need flexible abstract reasonin'.

(PC only) Panda-san: If ya discover the rule, click the up and down triangles to choose the proper shape for the "?" part.
(PC only) Panda-san: When ya've decided the shape, click the submit button.
(Vita only) Panda-san: If ya discover the rule, tap the up and down triangles, or move the directional key up and down to choose the proper shape for the "?" part.
(Vita only) Panda-san: When ya've decided the shape, press the O button or tap yer selection.

Panda-san: Ya have exactly thirty seconds to answer.
Panda-san: Don't be impatient, think it over slowly.
Panda-san: That's all the explanation of the rules.
Panda-san: How about it? It's complicated, so did ya forget?
Panda-san: Ya wanna hear the explanation again?

That's enough.

(decision: That's enough.)
Panda-san: So, are ya ready?

Panda-san: Game start!

-- win Bell One, round one minigame --

Panda-san: Oh! Ya did it!!
Panda-san: It's y'all's victory in the first round of the Bell One Grand Prix!!
Panda-san: The second round is next week, the next match will be an evaluation of your strength.
Panda-san: Go all out and train.
Panda-san: Then, dismissed!

Yuki: ...We won.
(Yuki: And we won more easily than I thought...)
Yuki: We did it, Sonoda-san!! We got past the first round!!
Sonoda: That's why I told you we didn't have to prepare.
Sonoda: You were worrying too much.
Yuki: I may have gotten a bit overly excited.
Yuki: But the second round may be more difficult, so after all, why don't we have a meeting?
Yuki: Think of a strategy, and practice...
Sonoda: Kiyo was involved in making the template for the Bell One. In that case, it would be useless.
Sonoda: No matter what effort we made, it would be pointless. That's the kind of game he'd make.
Yuki: Really...?
Sonoda: He's the same as me in the essentials, amusing himself takes priority over the fate of the school.
Sonoda: Fun is all that matters.
Sonoda: Well, see you next week.
Yuki: ...Oh, Sonoda-san!?
(Yuki: See you next week... does that mean he won't see me at all until then?)
(Yuki: Is that okay...?)
(Yuki: ...No, no, it's not. I should have tried to stop him...)
(Yuki: ...But I didn't say anything.)
(Yuki: ...Maybe I've gotten cowardly since that time I was kissed by Sonoda-san and completely rejected...)
(Yuki: I wish I had stepped in and said something without thinking, like before...)
(Yuki: But when I think about him making that face again... I get sad and scared... and somehow hesitant...)
(Yuki: Could those feelings I realized for Sonoda-san then have just been my imagination?)
(Yuki: Was I just trying to influence him like he said...?)
(Yuki: ...Uh-uh, that's wrong.)
(Yuki: The sadness I felt at being kissed that time was because I wanted a gentle kiss.)
(Yuki: I wanted to spend a gentle time with Sonoda-san.)
Yuki: ...After all, I do love Sonoda-san.
(Yuki: I love Sonoda-san.)
(Yuki: I want to tell him properly... these feelings that are filling my chest...)
Yuki: ...But what should I do...?
(Yuki: Can I try talking to someone?)
(Yuki: But who could I tell something like this to...?)
Yuki: ...I know, I'll try talking to him!

(staff room)
Yuki: Professor Ito, are you here?
Keita: Asahina-kun.
Keita: Congrats on winning the first round, it was a splendid win.
Yuki: Thank you. So you were watching too, Professor.
Keita: Of course, it was an important match for the school.
Keita: Since it's you, I don't think there's anything to worry about, but how do you feel about your chances for the second round?
Yuki: Well... to be honest, I'm not really sure...
Keita: ...Did something happen?
Keita: Did you fight with your partner?
Yuki: We didn't fight or anything but...
Yuki: Somehow I feel that we're disagreeing...
Yuki: Um, Professor Ito. When you were in the MVP Battle...
Yuki: Is it true that it was two people to a team, and you only got one wish granted?
Keita: Yeah, it's true.
Yuki: Then what would happen if you two had different wishes?
Keita: In my time, in the end, my partner agreed with wanting me to stay at the school.
Keita: Even though there may have been another wish they wanted granted.
Keita: That's why I'm really grateful to my partner even now.
Keita: Asahina-kun, could it be, since you're talking to me about this, you're worried about something similar?
Yuki: Well, I'm not really worrying about that decision, but...
Yuki: I'm worried because I feel like my feelings and my partner's feelings are going in different directions.
Keita: Different directions?
Yuki: Our feelings and enthusiasm are different, or somehow disagreeing... I wonder if that's okay.
Keita: I see...
Keita: In that case, shouldn't you discuss your feelings honestly with your partner?
Keita: No matter how much you're worried, if all you do is think about it, your partner's not going to know.
Keita: Come to think of it, you have good luck, Asahina-kun.
Yuki: ...Right. It's baseless, so it may simply be my own impression.
Keita: It's okay, even if it is.
Keita: I think the strength of one's luck may be representative of the strength and purity of that person's feelings.
Yuki: Strength and purity of that person's feelings...?
Keita: I'm sure that your strong, pure feelings of wanting things to turn out a certain way draw good luck to you.
Keita: So I think if you're worried, luck won't be on your side.
Keita: The future of this school and your relationship with your partner depend on what you want to do.
Keita: So your worries and what you want to do, try talking about those with your partner.
Keita: If you do that, I'm sure your luck will open up a path to the future you desire.
Keita: That's advice from me, who has the same good luck.
Yuki: My feelings will open a path to the future, huh...
Yuki: ...I may have become a little bit timid with worry.
Yuki: I'll try telling my feelings properly to my partner!
Keita: Yeah, that's the spirit!
Keita: Do your best in the second round. I'm supporting you.
Yuki: Right! Thank you, Professor Ito!

Yuki: ...Tell my feelings to my partner...
(Yuki: That's right, if there's anything I can do, it's at least that much.)
(Yuki: Just being worried isn't going to help anything.)
(Yuki: In that case, I'll believe in myself. I'll believe that everything will go well.)
(Yuki: With the future of the school and with Sonoda-san.)
(Yuki: So I'll tell him my honest feelings.)
(Yuki: If I tell Sonoda-san my feelings, I should be able to get closer to him.)
(Yuki: If I do that, I'm sure I can close this gloomy distance.)
Yuki: I won't be worried. I'll believe in the future of the school that I desire.
Yuki: ...Okay, I'll email my feelings to Sonoda.
Yuki: 'To Sonoda-san...'
*time passes*
Yuki: ...Something like this?
Yuki: ...Alright! Send!

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