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(near the ocean)
Yuki: Ahh... The salt breeze feels nice, doesn't it?
Yuki: I'm glad the weather's gotten nice, aren't you? Right, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: You keep poking, but...
Sonoda: What are you trying to do, calling me out here? Are we going fishing?
Yuki: Just enjoy it, okay?
Yuki: Since you've stopped cooking, you've seemed bored, so taking a walk around the school is nice sometimes.
Sonoda: Well, it's okay. It's true I've been bored.
Sonoda: Shall we play lovers and run around on the beach, hand in hand?
Sonoda: Or do you want to continue the kiss from before here and now?
Yuki: I don't wanna do that.
Sonoda: Even though you said you loved me.
Yuki: That's right. I really love you!
Yuki: That's why... I don't like seeing you like this.
Yuki: You, not cooking...
Yuki: Everyone's asking too, come back to the cafeteria.
Yuki: Are you really not going to cook anymore?
Sonoda: ...Yeah. I'm not cooking anymore.
Sonoda: I appreciate the sentiment, but I've already decided...
Yuki: You're really not going to feel like doing it?
Sonoda: Since there's never been a day I haven't cooked, I am at a bit of a loss.
Sonoda: I'll get used to it soon...
??: Eiji.
Sonoda: ...
Sonoda: How...?
Sonoda: ...Dad...

CG: Sonoda gets a hug from his dad ;___;
Hiroyuki: ...Eiji, it's been such a long time... Have you been well?
Sonoda: ...How...?
Hiroyuki: Asahina-kun contacted me.
Hiroyuki: He desperately begged me to come to this school and see you.
Sonoda: ...Really?
Yuki: I'm sorry.
Yuki: I knew it was selfish, but I wanted you to see him no matter what...
Yuki: Professor Sakaki helped to find where he was.
Yuki: The professor was incredibly nice and helped look, using all of his connections.
Yuki: Like me, he thought it couldn't stay like this.
Sonoda: ...
Hiroyuki: It seems like Sakaki-san has helped you a lot.
Sonoda: Not really...
Hiroyuki: In all these years I haven't seen you, you've grown into a fine man, I didn't recognize you...
Hiroyuki: You've grown up, Eiji.
Sonoda: ...
Hiroyuki: That I left you and disappeared...
Hiroyuki: You must resent me. I never gave you anything useful.
Hiroyuki: I'm sorry.
Sonoda: ...Well... Dad, I...
Sonoda: Blamed you and chased you away...
Hiroyuki: Eiji, that's not true!
Hiroyuki: You did nothing wrong.
Sonoda: ...Dad?
Hiroyuki: Not being there and losing the restaurant and harming your future...
Hiroyuki: Back then, feeling responsible for that, all I could do is put distance between us...
Hiroyuki: I'm the one who wasn't brave enough to face your honest convictions toward cooking...
Sonoda: ...That's not...
Hiroyuki: I even threw away my duty as a father...
Hiroyuki: The name Cuisine du Sonoda became too big...
Hiroyuki: In order to become a cook who had the confidence to stand before you again...
Hiroyuki: I decided to start training from the beginning again.
Sonoda: Then...
Sonoda: Dad, you didn't stop being a cook...?
Hiroyuki: Yeah. Naturally.
Hiroyuki: This is the only way I can live.
Hiroyuki: You're the same, aren't you, Eiji?
Sonoda: ...
Hiroyuki: But as a result...
Hiroyuki: My decisions hurt you.
Hiroyuki: Eiji,
Hiroyuki: I'm truly sorry.
Sonoda: ...Dad.
Hiroyuki: If only I could have had the restaurant and been a family with you and your mother.
Hiroyuki: But I couldn't protect the restaurant and I couldn't protect the family.
Hiroyuki: ...I'm truly sorry...
Sonoda: ...Dad...
Sonoda: ...I'm... sorry too.
Sonoda: You were hurting, but all I could think of was myself, and I blamed you...
Sonoda: I said a lot of things that hurt you...
Sonoda: ...I always wanted to apologize.
Sonoda: ...I'm sorry, Dad.
Sonoda: I... I always wanted to...
Hiroyuki: It's okay, Eiji...
Hiroyuki: You don't need to apologize.
Sonoda: ...But, I...
(Yuki: Sonoda-san...)
(Yuki: Sonoda-san is crying...)
Hiroyuki: When I heard that you were trying to buy back the Sonoda brand, I was surprised.
Hiroyuki: Sorry...
Hiroyuki: When I sold the restaurant name, I didn't think that instead I'd be placing a burden on you.
Hiroyuki: You wanted to inherit the restaurant, didn't you...?
Hiroyuki: I thought I wanted that too, if possible.
Hiroyuki: But at the same time, I thought I didn't want you to be shackled by my name.
Hiroyuki: You have a greater talent than me. Some day, without being held back by someone like me, you can become an excellent cook.
Hiroyuki: I was convinced of it the first time I ate your cooking.
Hiroyuki: That this boy's future would be greater than mine, and he'll have a famous restaurant.
Hiroyuki: And that's why I accepted selling the Sonoda brand.
Sonoda: ...Dad...
Hiroyuki: I wasn't trying to throw away your future.
Hiroyuki: I ended the history of that restaurant in order to open up a path to your future.
Hiroyuki: But I didn't realize at the time that decision would deeply hurt you.
Hiroyuki: I'm sorry.
Hiroyuki: But I thought it was best.
Sonoda: But you allowed them to make completely different food with the Sonoda name on it...?
Sonoda: Those things didn't bear any resemblance to your flavors.
Hiroyuki: What about it?
Hiroyuki: Changing the flavor in order to popularize it...
Hiroyuki: It's natural to change the recipe according to the weather and location.
Hiroyuki: Customers are not as stupid as you think.
Hiroyuki: The customers know the difference between the flavors at the real restaurant and the franchises.
Hiroyuki: They're not mistaking which one is the real flavor.
Hiroyuki: The flavor that is correct is the one that the customer finds the most delicious.
Hiroyuki: If they're happy eating conveniently priced French food, then I think that's right too.
Hiroyuki: If they eat mass produced frozen food and think it's delicious...
Hiroyuki: Then the real thing must be even better. Imagining that, they may come to the actual restaurant.
Hiroyuki: Besides, that the restaurant closed is no one's fault. ...It's solely my responsibility.
Hiroyuki: You shouldn't feel hate or responsibility over the fact that I sold the Sonoda name.
Hiroyuki: Now, there's just one thing I cherish in my memories of that time.
Hiroyuki: It's not about me, and it's not about you...
Hiroyuki: Even now, it's our memories of making others happy.
Sonoda: ...! ...Dad...
Hiroyuki: That you've ended up hating something like that...
Hiroyuki: It's my responsibility as someone who chose the path of being a cook, without fulfilling my duty as a father...
Hiroyuki: ...Please forgive me.
Sonoda: ...No, as long as you've continued cooking...
Sonoda: That makes me happier than anything...
Hiroyuki: ...Thank you...
Hiroyuki: In order to make a fresh start, I'm training again from the beginning in the remote countryside of France.
Sonoda: In France...?
Hiroyuki: I've been worried about you the whole time I was there.
Hiroyuki: I should have contacted you sooner.
Sonoda: ...
Hiroyuki: Eiji.
Hiroyuki: Stop trying to cling to my former glory.
Hiroyuki: Don't chase after my flavors, find your own.
Hiroyuki: You have the talent and future in order to create it.
Hiroyuki: Not my restaurant, but your own new one.
Hiroyuki: Keep that in your heart, dream, and live.
Hiroyuki: A brilliant future awaits you.
Hiroyuki: And someday...
Hiroyuki: I want you to invite me to your restaurant.
Hiroyuki: The way that you were proud of me,
Hiroyuki: Next time, I want you to let me be proud of you.
Hiroyuki: As my son who has a talent surpassing mine.
Sonoda: ...Alright, Dad...
Sonoda: Thank you...
Sonoda: That you recognize me so much... that you forgive me...
Sonoda: ...I'll continue cooking from now on.
Sonoda: Someday I'll have a restaurant I can invite you to, so you can eat my cooking.
Sonoda: So that I can surpass you.
Hiroyuki: I look forward to that day.
Hiroyuki: At that time, I'll take you around to all the chefs that I know.
Hiroyuki: Let me boast, how about it, isn't my son amazing?
Sonoda: ...Haha. You're getting ahead of yourself.
Sonoda: We don't know if it's going to go well...
Hiroyuki: You'll be fine. Since you have very good friends who support you like this.
end CG

(Yuki: ...Huh?)
Hiroyuki: Asahina-kun, thank you.
Hiroyuki: Thanks to you, I was able to meet my son and tell him something important.
Yuki: No, I didn't do anything.
Yuki: I just acted as a representative for the feelings of all the people who love Sonoda-san's cooking.
Sonoda: ...Yuki-kun...
Hiroyuki: Eiji, treasure him. There's nothing so important as friends who will support you through adversity.
Sonoda: ...Yeah, of course.
Hiroyuki: Give my regards to Sakaki-san too.
Sonoda: Dad, you're going already?
Hiroyuki: Yeah. My return flight is soon.
Hiroyuki: I'm sorry to be in such a hurry, but... I have people waiting for my cooking over there.
Sonoda: I see, then you should hurry back. Thank you for coming to see me.
Sonoda: Take care...
Hiroyuki: Yeah, you too.
Hiroyuki: Haha... Don't cry like that, it spoils your handsomeness.
Sonoda: I'm not crying...
Hiroyuki: Oh, right, I thought I'd give you this.
Sonoda: ...A recipe book? Yours...?
Hiroyuki: Right. It don't know if it will be helpful to consult for your cooking.
Hiroyuki: I wrote that instead of letters while I was away.
Sonoda: Your letters are recipes, that's so like you...
Sonoda: Thank you for giving it to me.
Hiroyuki: Bye. Take care.
Hiroyuki: Asahina-kun, you take care too.
Yuki: Right. Thank you for coming all the way from France.
Hiroyuki: Please take care of my foolish son from now on.
Yuki: I, I will!
Yuki: From now on, I'll help so that Sonoda-san continues cooking!
Hiroyuki: Yeah, thanks.
Hiroyuki: Well, then.
Sonoda: Yeah.
Yuki: Take care! Thank you!
*time passes*
Sonoda: ...*sigh*
Yuki: Were you surprised?
Sonoda: That's beyond surprising.
Sonoda: What is this, geez, you and Professor Sakaki are too meddlesome...
Sonoda: ...But, well.
Sonoda: Thanks...
Yuki: Ehehe.
Yuki: Oh, please go say thank you to Professor Sakaki later too.
Yuki: He put up the money for a round-trip ticket from France.
Sonoda: Whatever, he completely tricked me and made me work for him...
Yuki: Still, I'm surprised. I never thought that you would end up crying...
Sonoda: I was not crying.
Yuki: You were crying! But I ended up crying along too.
Sonoda: Why are you crying seeing other people's reunions?
Yuki: But you're not other people.
Yuki: I told you I love you.
Sonoda: That's right.
Sonoda: Come to think of it, I haven't told you properly.
Yuki: Huh... Tell me what?
Sonoda: My feelings for you.
Sonoda: Do you want to hear?
Yuki: Yes! Of course!
Sonoda: Well, then confess to me one more time.
Yuki: Huh, why?
Yuki: But I've already done it a bunch of times.
Yuki: And every time I've done it, I've gotten the cold shoulder...
Sonoda: Well, those times, the mood and the place were different.
Sonoda: Now I think I can accept your words.
Yuki: ...Somehow you saying that makes me nervous...
Sonoda: What are you doing getting all embarrassed now? You're the one who kissed me before!
Sonoda: Was that a lie?
Yuki: N, no!
Yuki: ...That was... the flow of conversation, or the mood, or an accident...
Sonoda: I think the mood is plenty fine now...
(Yuki: Agggh... When he smiles such a handsome smile, I get even more nervous!!)
Sonoda: You've suddenly gotten timid, and your face is red.
Yuki: Well...
Sonoda: You're so cute.
Yuki: ...Um... well... I... Sonoda-san, I... love you...
Sonoda: ...Huh, what? Your voice was so low I couldn't hear you.
Yuki: Oh, geez! I love you, Sonoda-san!!
Yuki: So much that I want to always be with you, I want to kiss you, and do all the rest...
Yuki: I love you, Sonoda-san!!
Sonoda: Yeah, I love you too.
Sonoda: Thank you for having my father see me.
Sonoda: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to cook again.
Sonoda: Thank you for choosing me as your partner.
Sonoda: I'm really glad you weren't discouraged every time I refused.
Sonoda: You were too honest with me when I was trying to deceive you. All I could do was coldly push you aside.
Sonoda: But the reason I couldn't completely refuse was maybe I'd already fallen in love with you since that time.
Sonoda: Maybe I became your partner because I actually wanted you to stop me.
Sonoda: Thank you for coming to pick me up. Do you know how happy I was that time?
Sonoda: In that abandoned building, the words you told me really saved me.
Sonoda: I'm really grateful that you didn't abandon me at the end.
Yuki: ...Sonoda-san...
Sonoda: I can't apologize to you enough.
Sonoda: And so this may be too late now, but this time I have a request.
Sonoda: This time, won't you be my true partner?
Yuki: ...Yes, with pleasure.
Sonoda: I love you, Yuki.
Yuki: ...I love you too.
Sonoda: Ha, it's making me cry...
(Yuki: Ah... I'm so happy...)
Yuki: Please stop... If you cry, I'll end up crying.
Sonoda: ...I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble.
Sonoda: But I still intend to stay with you.
Sonoda: So prepare yourself. Here, my hand.
(Yuki: ...Sonoda-san's hand...)
(Yuki: Finally, we can walk hand in hand...)
(Yuki: A lot of things happened since the day I chose him as my partner.)
(Yuki: Finally, I feel like we have become real partners.)
Yuki: ...Okay.
Sonoda: Yeah.
(Yuki: This is the first time I've held Sonoda-san's hand...)
(Yuki: I'm absolutely not letting go.)
(Yuki: Even though the people around Sonoda-san say he's annoying...)
(Yuki: I understand now that it's because he's actually a really gentle person...)
(Yuki: He's gentle and easily hurt, my beloved...)
Sonoda: *sigh* Training over again from the beginning.
Yuki: It'll be fine.
Yuki: You have your father's recipe book, it'll be a big help.
Sonoda: And I also have reliable friends.
Yuki: Who? Professor Sakaki? Joker-san?
Sonoda: You're so dense...
Sonoda: I was totally putting the moves on you, and you ruined it by saying other people's names.
Yuki: Huh!? Me!?
Sonoda: And I thought I'd at least give you a kiss.
Yuki: Oh no...
Sonoda: Anyway, let's go back to the school.
Sonoda: I'll give you something that'll give you more pleasure than a kiss.
Yuki: What kind of thing?
Sonoda: Of course, it's getting the cafeteria ready for tomorrow.
Sonoda: I'm going to revive the cafeteria using my father's recipes.
Sonoda: That's what you wanted, isn't it?
Yuki: You're coming back to the cafeteria?
Sonoda: I promised my father and you.
Yuki: Woohoo!
Yuki: Sonoda-san, I love you!
Sonoda: I told you, I already know.
Sonoda: So let's get it ready right away.
Sonoda: You'll help, won't you, Yuki-kun?
Yuki: Of course, with pleasure!
Sonoda: But first there's something I want to do.
Yuki: ...What is it?
Sonoda: Lend me your ear.
Yuki: ...Huh? Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: Weren't you the one who said you wanted to do the rest?
Sonoda: Don't you want to?
Yuki: It's... not that I don't...
Yuki: ...Sonoda... san.
Sonoda: Call me Eiji. We're lovers, after all.

-- time passes, evening --

Yuki: *sigh* All done!
Yuki: It's already dark outside. Cooking really is hard.
Yuki: But I can eat Sonoda-san's food here from now on...
Yuki: Hehe, everyone will be so happy.
Yuki: And I'll be the happiest!
Yuki: Alright. I'll wash dishes until Sonoda-san comes back.
Yuki: Oh, I heard the door opening, is he back?
Yuki: Sonoda-sa...!
Yuki: Wah!

CG: Sonoda hugs Yuki from behind
Sonoda: You called?
(Yuki: Speaking with a voice like that right at my ear...)
Yuki: I... I called...
Sonoda: So you were washing dishes?
Yuki: Y, yes.
Sonoda: Thanks.
(Yuki: Ugh... I have to stop my heart pounding!)
(Yuki: Up against me like this, he'll end up hearing everything.)
(Yuki: I can feel his warmth against my back...)
(Yuki: It feels good.)
(Yuki: ...Kind of...)
Sonoda: Even your ears are red.
Sonoda: Were you thinking of something sexy?
Yuki: ...!
Sonoda: The heat from before hasn't cooled off, has it?
Yuki: T, t, that's not it...
Sonoda: You really are cute.
Yuki: It's because you suddenly came in with that handsome guy aura...
Yuki: It just made me blush a bit...
Sonoda: ...You don't like being held by me like this?
Yuki: No, I'm happy...
Sonoda: I'm glad.
Sonoda: But being like this...
Sonoda: The mood gets weird.
(Yuki: He's absolutely doing it on purpose!!)
Sonoda: How about you?
(Yuki: H, he's absolutely stirring things up on purpose!)
(Yuki: What's with this turnaround after crying before...?)
(Yuki: When he gets a relaxed smile... his charm's turned all the way up, isn't it!?)
(Yuki: ...Ahh, what should I do...?)
(Yuki: My heart's pounding too much, it's hard to breathe...)
(Yuki: ...I want to kiss him.)
Sonoda: You look like you want to kiss.
Yuki: B, b, but, we don't know when someone might come in...
Sonoda: Don't worry about things like that.
Sonoda: Close your eyes.
Yuki: ...!
Sonoda: There, good boy. Now open your lips...
Yuki: ...Mm...
(Yuki: Open my lips...)
(Yuki: Could it be an adult kiss...?)
(Yuki: Just as I'd expect, Sonoda-san is bold...)
Yuki: ...Mm...
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: He put something savory in my mouth...)
(Yuki: Huh? Savory?)
Sonoda: Here, a sample.
Yuki: T, thif... if really delifiouf!
Sonoda: Really?
Yuki: What is this!?
Sonoda: I consulted my father's recipe and tried combining it with my own.
Sonoda: I made the best of the good parts of both our ideas.
Yuki: Amazing!
Yuki: That it could become this delicious, it's really awesome!
Yuki: My excitement level is super high!!
Sonoda: Ahaha. I'm glad.
Yuki: It's amazing, everyone will be so happy!
Yuki: If it's this delicious, they'll end up getting addicted to the cafeteria.
Sonoda: Hahaha, you're exaggerating...
Sonoda: More importantly, I'm getting addicted to you. *kiss*
(Yuki: Wah...)
(Yuki: His lips just touched my ear.)
Yuki: A, addicted... that's an exaggeration.
Sonoda: Even though I haven't eaten you properly.
Yuki: ...You're right.
Sonoda: But I got a taste.
Yuki: A taste...?
Sonoda: Because I was doing my best to make something new.
Sonoda: Aren't you going to give me a reward?
Yuki: Well...
Yuki: Uh...
(Yuki: His face is coming close...)
(Yuki: When I see Sonoda-san from close up again, he really is cool.)
(Yuki: ...Wait, that's not it!)
(Yuki: I wonder if I should close my eyes.)
(Yuki: This time, for real.)
Yuki: ...*kiss*...
Sonoda: Mm...
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: We're kissing...)
(Yuki: I'm floating, I feel like it's a dream.)
(Yuki: It's so gentle, it feels good.)
(Yuki: His lips and his arms holding me, all of Sonoda-san...)
Yuki: ...*pant*...
Sonoda: Haha... How many times have we done this already?
Sonoda: You don't have to be so tense.
Yuki: But... the kiss just now felt like a first kiss...
Yuki: The first one where our feelings were mutual...
Sonoda: ...You're right.
Sonoda: I'm glad we could finally share a gentle kiss.
Sonoda: This time, I wasn't pushed aside.
Yuki: T, that was your fault...
Sonoda: I know.
Sonoda: ...I gave you a cruel kiss, I hurt you.
Sonoda: But honestly, the whole time I wanted to be with you like this so much I couldn't stand it.
Yuki: Huh?
Sonoda: You told me that you loved me. Since then, the whole time...
Sonoda: All I could do then was avoid you...
Yuki: ...Sonoda-san.
Sonoda: From now on, I'm not going to hesitate anymore. I'm going to love you lots. Prepare yourself.
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: Sonoda-san...
Yuki: Will you kiss me again...?
Sonoda: Yeah, as many times as you'd like.
Yuki: ...*kiss*
Sonoda: ...*kiss*
(Yuki: Kissing feels so good.)
(Yuki: Maybe it's because it's with Sonoda-san.)
(Yuki: Because I love him so much it's crazy.)
(Yuki: It's like a delicious candy, I can't stop...)
(Yuki: I don't want to stop...)
Sonoda: Yuki-kun...
Yuki: Ah...
Sonoda: I love you...
Yuki: That's not fair, saying it in my ear...
Sonoda: I want to eat you up.
Sonoda: May I?
(Yuki: If I were made into food by Sonoda-san,)
(Yuki: I wonder what would happen to me...?)
(Yuki: I'm sure I'd turn into a sweet candy, all sticky and fluffy...)
Yuki: Me too...
Yuki: I want to be eaten up by you, Sonoda-san...
Sonoda: Yuki-kun...
Yuki: I love you, Sonoda-san.
Yuki: Please eat me all up deliciously.
*screen goes white*
Yuki: Mm... Sonoda... sa...

Ending #09: The ingredient is you.

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