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June 22

Yuki: *sigh*...
Yagami: Hey now. You okay?
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: ...What?
Yagami: Don't what me. Get a grip.
Yagami: Geez. You're always looking so wussy.
Tomo: Classes are over. It's lunchtime.
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: ...Are you really okay? You were out of it during class too.
Yuki: Out of what?
Tomo: Out of what...
Tomo: This is no good.
Yagami: Seriously.
Yagami: Anyway, when this guy doesn't move during lunchtime, it's over.
Yagami: Hey, Asahina. Get a grip.
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: I said I'm fine.
Yagami: You're not fine at all.
Yuki: ...Why?
Yagami: Don't ask us!
Tomo: This is kind of a waste of time.
Yagami: Tch...
Tomo: I guess it can't be helped. I'll treat you to lunch.
Yagami: Oh, good idea. I'll treat you too.
Tomo: Why?
Yagami: Whatever. Don't be stingy.
Yagami: It's the same whether one person treats, or two.
Tomo: So...
Yuki: Thanks, Tomo.
Yuki: But, I'll pass today.
Tomo: Pass on food?
Yagami: ...Are you serious?
Yuki: Thank you both for worrying about me.
Yuki: This is a nice school after all...
Tomo: Hey. Yuki?
Yagami: What are you saying all of a sudden?
Yuki: I'm... going to the student council room.
Yagami: Wait a minute, hey...!
Tomo: What's the matter with him?

(student council room)
Yuki: The student council room, huh...
(Yuki: At this hour, there might not be anyone here.)

CG: Takato reading a book
Yuki: Takato-san... Why are you here at this hour...?
Takato: This... is where I'm most relaxed.
Yuki: Oh...
end CG

Takato: ...I'll pour some tea.
Yuki: Thanks...
Takato: Here you go.
Yuki: Thank... you.
Yuki: It's... okay to continue reading your book.
Takato: ...I see.
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: It's warm.)
(Yuki: The tea Takato-san made. It's warm and as delicious as ever.)

CG: Takato and Kuya in student council room
(Yuki: This sort of thing hasn't changed.)
(Yuki: I came to the school, becamse student council president, and started spending time in this student council room.)
(Yuki: With me, Takato-san, and Kuya-san, even though he's not here now.)
(Yuki: All of us having fun, and even if we don't talk and just do what we want, we don't have to be careful around each other.)
(Yuki: I'm sitting in this spot and eating sweets while drinking tea, and Takato-san is reading a book...)
(Yuki: It really is just like usual.)
(Yuki: Takato-san is going to disappear from this room.)
(Yuki: Not just from the student council room, from this school even...)
(Yuki: It's kind of like it's not real.)
end CG

(Yuki: I wish it wasn't real...)
Takato: ...
Takato: I'm sorry, Asahina.
Yuki: Huh...?
Takato: I'm sorry...
Yuki: ...Why?
Yuki: Why are you apologizing?
Takato: I made you...
Yuki: There's nothing to apologize for, is there? You don't have to be sorry.
Yuki: You didn't do anything wrong.
Takato: But I'm hurting you.
Yuki: Don't look like you did something wrong!
Takato: Asahina...
Yuki: I'm happy you fell in love with me!
Yuki: So, I can't help wanting to be with you and I think of wanting to be with you...
Yuki: Is there something wrong with that?
Yuki: Or are you saying you're apologizing for falling in love with me!?
Yuki: That's not it, is it!?
Yuki: You didn't do a single thing wrong!
Yuki: Nothing, nothing at all!!
Takato: ...
Yuki: You didn't do anything...
Yuki: So apologizing...
Takato: My mother is coming tomorrow.
Yuki: *gasp*...
(Yuki: I know.)
(Yuki: I know that.)
(Yuki: Tomorrow is the third day she promised.)
(Yuki: I heard it with him in the assistant director's office, so I know that...)
Takato: You have to give me an answer by then...
Yuki: I know that...
Takato: Asahina!?

Yuki: Now I've done it...
(Yuki: I took my anger out on him, shouted, and rushed out.)
(Yuki: I guess Takato-san was shocked.)
(Yuki: But I didn't want him to say sorry.)
(Yuki: Because Takato-san and I didn't do anything wrong.)
Yuki: My mother is coming tomorrow, huh.
Yuki: That's...
Yuki: Like he's saying goodbye.
Yuki: What should I...?
Kuya: Yuki! Here you are!!
Yuki: Kuya-san... what's the matter?
Kuya: It's terrible! Masatsugu's left!!
Yuki: ...What do you mean?
Kuya: It seems he suddenly changed his plans! He just left the school to go see his mother!!
Yuki: Huh...
Yuki: No way!! Just a little while ago, he said that was tomorrow!!
Kuya: I'm telling you he changed his plans! Hurry!!
Yuki: Huh? Hurry...?
Yuki: Kuya-san!? Where are you going!?

(school path)
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun! Please get in!

CG: Dora-chan, Yuki, and Kuya in red convertible
Dora-chan: Masatsugu got on the bus. He is going to the station.
Kuya: Will we be in time?
Dora-chan: Yes. Probably, we will be in time at the station.
Dora-chan: No! I will make us be in time!!
Yuki: ...
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun. It is okay. I will definitely be in time.
Dora-chan: I will let you see Masatsugu again.
Yuki: But...
Kuya: What is it, Yuki?
Yuki: But I...
Yuki: When I see him, what should I do...?
Kuya: What are you saying!?
Yuki: What should I do? I... don't know what I should do.
Yuki: Even if I see Takato-san, what should I tell him...?
Kuya: You're an idiot! You should decide that when you see him!!
Yuki: But...
Kuya: Yuki! You love Masatsugu, don't you!?
Yuki: I do! Of course I love him!
Kuya: Then meet Masatsugu! Look at his face!
Kuya: When you see Masatsugu's face for yourself, you'll know your own feelings!
Yuki: But...
Kuya: What's this but!? What are you unsure of!?
Yuki: I love him! I love him, so I want to make him happy!
Yuki: Takato-san, and Takato-san's mother, and Dad and Mom, and everyone! I want to make them happy!!
Yuki: So, saying something selfish... is wrong...
Yuki: So... so, I...
Dora-chan: You and Masatsugu... both of you are too nice.
Dora-chan: Masatsugu also said.
Dora-chan: I want to make everyone happy.
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun and Saki-san, he does not want to make either sad.
Yuki: That's right. So I...
Dora-chan: But that is wrong.
Dora-chan: Everyone likes all of you.
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun, you like Masatsugu and Saki-san.
Dora-chan: Masatsugu also likes Saki-san and you.
Dora-chan: And Saki-san also likes Masatsugu.
Dora-chan: I am sure she likes you too.
Yuki: That's...
Dora-chan: As long as I am happy, I will make the other people sad. I will cause unhappiness. I do not care about that.
Dora-chan: No one is thinking that.
Kuya: He's right, Yuki!
Kuya: To heck with worrying and considerations!
Kuya: I'll set that sad self-denial on fire and burn it!
Yuki: Kuya-san...
(Yuki: Oh.)
(Yuki: Just like I'm trying not to make anyone sad, there are other people not wanting me to be sad.)
(Yuki: There are people who don't want me to have regrets.)
(Yuki: Then... then, I...)
Dora-chan: I can see the station.
Kuya: That bus! It's the bus that runs to the school, isn't it!?
end CG

Kuya: Go, Yuki! Shout out your feelings!
Yuki: ...Yes!
(Yuki: Takato-san. Takato-san. Where are you?)
(Yuki: Please still be here.)
(Yuki: Don't go.)
(Yuki: I have to tell you.)
(Yuki: I've chosen you.)
(Yuki: Takato-san, I...)
Yuki: There he is!!
Yuki: Takato-san!!
Takato: Asahina?
(Yuki: I'll shout out my feelings!)
(Yuki: Actually... actually, I...)
Yuki: Takato-san! I! I...

Don't go.
I'm going with you.

(decision: I'm going with you.)
Yuki: I'm going too!
Takato: Asahina...
Yuki: I'm going too! I'm going with you!
Yuki: I'll always, always be with you.
Yuki: I have a lot of things that are important to me.
Yuki: But I can't leave you all alone.
Yuki: I want to go with you!!
Yuki: That's my answer!
Yuki: So, take me...

CG: Takato kisses Yuki
Yuki: *gasp*!!
Yuki: Ungh...
Yuki: ...Takato...-san...
Takato: Hush.
Yuki: Ungh...
(Yuki: I love him.)
(Yuki: I love Takato-san.)
(Yuki: The fingers touching me. These lips...)
(Yuki: I really love him, everything, all of him.)
Takato: Asahina... I'm so happy...
Yuki: ...Takato-san...
(Yuki: I... what was I thinking... for so long?)
(Yuki: But I love Takato-san.)
(Yuki: I could never be separated from Takato-san.)
(Yuki: I love him.)
(Yuki: I really love him.)
(Yuki: As long as I have Takato-san.)
(Yuki: I don't need anything else.)
Yuki: Let's go together.
Yuki: I don't know if this is the right answer.
Yuki: But Dora-chan told me that what's right is not always best.
Yuki: Kuya-san told me to heck with being considerate or anything.
Yuki: So this is the real me.
Yuki: Whether it's right or wrong isn't the point.
Yuki: These are my, my very own, honest feelings.
Yuki: I think it's selfish, though, but still.
Yuki: I love you. That's all.
Yuki: Takato-san, I really love you...
Takato: ...
(Yuki: Takato-san.)
(Yuki: I don't want us to be separated.)
(Yuki: I'm yours, and you're mine.)
(Yuki: So... so let's never be separated.)
Takato: ... Thank you, Asahina.
Takato: For choosing me.
Takato: For loving me...
Yuki: Takato-san...
Takato: I'm sorry for hurting you.
Takato: But it's alright now.
Takato: I won't hurt you any more.
Takato: Since you're choosing me... I'll protect you, no matter what.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: I'll protect you too.
Yuki: It's fine no matter where we go.
Yuki: So...
end CG

Takato: No. I'm not going to India.
Yuki: Huh...?
Takato: Not yet.
Saki: What do you mean?
Takato: ...Mother.
Saki: Are you coming? Not coming? Which is it?
Takato: I was happy that you needed me.
Takato: I felt I wanted to help you.
Takato: So, I think I want to accept your proposal.
Takato: But... please give me a little more time.
Takato: He has both his parents. And he has many other things that are important to him.
Takato: I don't want to make him throw that away.
Yuki: Takato-san...
Takato: He's important to me.
Takato: And so, what's important to him, is important to me too.
Takato: I don't want to tell him to throw away what's important. I won't.
Takato: So I'm not going right now.
Takato: I'll make it all work. I'll go to India later.
Saki: You'll make it work?
Takato: I'll keep from causing Asahina sorrow.
Takato: I don't want to make Asahina sad. I don't want to make him endure anything.
Takato: So, for my own sake, I'll keep from causing him even one bit of heartache and worry.
Takato: The school, his parents, the future, everything.
Takato: I'll keep Asahina from being sad about those things that are important to him.
Takato: I'll manage it.
Yuki: Takato-san...
Yuki: Why are you saying that...?
Yuki: How can you know me so well...?
(Yuki: It really is just like he heard the voice of my heart.)
(Yuki: Takato-san realized everything I was worried about.)
(Yuki: Even though I didn't say anything, he considered it.)
(Yuki: He understood.)
Takato: It's because I love you.
Takato: I'm always, always thinking of you.
Takato: Of your happiness.
Yuki: Yeah...
Takato: So please believe in me.
Takato: I'll definitely manage it.
Yuki: Yeah...
Saki: Can you do it?
Takato: I will.
Takato: However many years it takes, definitely.
Saki: However many? Then are you saying you'll be slow?
Takato: I'm not.
Saki: That's an awfully easy assertion.
Takato: Was it wrong?
Saki: Oh come on...
Saki: Well, it's not wrong though.
Takato: That's the kind of person you are.
Saki: Ma-kun, you really are just like him.
Takato: Thanks.
Saki: Well, Asahina Yuki-kun, was it? Are you okay with it?
Yuki: Of course.
Saki: Even with a life of just following someone? Isn't that boring?
Yuki: I want to be with Takato-san too.
Yuki: He's what's most important to me right now.
Yuki: I can't think of anything else.
Yuki: Besides, I'm not following. I'm being with.
Yuki: If I'm with Takato-san, I don't have time to be bored.
Yuki: Right, Takato-san?
Takato: Yes.
Saki: Really. Could you get any cuter? Ma-kun, you're grinning.
Takato: ...Please stop.
Saki: Oh my, you're blushing, how unusual.
Saki: But, anyway, I get it.
Yuki: You get it...?
Saki: Yes. I'll wait. Until you're satisfied.
Saki: Once you agree, both of you please come see me.
Saki: Of course, it will help if it's as soon as possible.
Takato: Yes.
Saki: Only, Ma-kun. I'll just say one thing.
Saki: If, in the future, something happens and you don't come.
Saki: Don't let that make you believe you abandoned me.
Saki: You only get one life, so you should do what you want.
Saki: Like me.
Takato: But, both of you are important to me.
Takato: Asahina. And Mother, you too.
Saki: Geez... You really are a kind boy.
Saki: You really are just like him.
Takato: I am you and my father's child.
Saki: Heehee. Well, that's true.
Saki: Oh no! It's already so late! I have to get going.
Takato: Already?
Saki: I told you what time my flight was. Please e-mail me every once in a while.
Takato: What are you talking about? No matter how you look at it, I'm the one who's a good correspondent.
Saki: Oh, really?
Saki: Oh well. See you later! Ma-kun, Yuki-kun.
Saki: And Rajendra! Please come back for your Papa's birthday.
Saki: Papa's waiting with a frightening number of marriage interviews for you!
Dora-chan: I am never going back!!!
Saki: Teeheehee, bye!
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: ...She left. She's kind of like a storm.
Takato: She's always, always busy.
Kuya: And she truly is a fascinating woman.
Dora-chan: Yes.
Kuya: Come on, everyone. Now that all the problems have been taken care of, let's go back to the school!
Takato: Please don't try to take charge.
Takato: To begin with, what are you all doing here?
Kuya: Who do you think brought Yuki?
Kuya: Right, Dora-chan?
Dora-chan: That is right. Masatsugu, you should be more grateful to Kuya-kun and me.
Takato: You brought him?
Yuki: That's right. Kuya-san and Dora-chan brought me by car.
Kuya: Anyway, it's your fault, Masatsugu.
Kuya: Trying to go without saying anything to Yuki is inexcusable.
Dora-chan: I was very worried.
Takato: Go? Where?
Kuya: You were about to go to India together, weren't you?
Kuya: We all chased after you in a panic, thinking that you were selfishly leaving without saying anything.
Takato: You didn't check.
Takato: That was you jumping to the wrong conclusion.
Takato: My mother said she had changed her plans and was coming, so I just came to see her.
Takato: Because I wanted to speak to her alone.
Takato: To begin with, I wouldn't leave my dorm as-is so suddenly.
Kuya: ...I misunderstood?
Takato: That's right.
Yuki: Oh...
Takato: ...But, I'm grateful.
Takato: Because you jumped to conclusions, I was able to hear Asahina's feelings.
Takato: I was very happy to hear such a bold confession.
Yuki: Well, me too...
Yuki: Realizing that I could be with you from now on made me really... happy.
Yuki: I'm really glad!!
Takato: Asahina...
Kuya: And they all lived happily ever after!
Kuya: Hey, look. After all, it's all thanks to me!
Takato: Please don't be pretentious.
Kuya: I'm not being pretentious. I'm just pointing out the obvious.
Kuya: Which means, food would be a good reward!
Dora-chan: That is a very good idea. Let us all eat food.
Kuya: Treat us, Masatsugu.
Takato: Why do I have to?
Takato: Anyway, you all didn't consider that I was trying to be alone here, did you?
Kuya: Nope!
Dora-chan: I did not.
Takato: Seriously, you two...
Kuya: Whatever.
Kuya: You treat and we'll all have a meal.
Kuya: I'll be happy. And Dora-chan'll be happy.
Kuya: And even Yuki seems like he'll be happy.
Takato: Seems so.
Yuki: Yeah, maybe.
Yuki: Me and you and Kuya-san all having fun talking, and we've got Dora-chan with us today too.
Yuki: It'll be kind of a relief to be like usual.
Takato: I see.
Dora-chan: Then, Masatsugu says okay too.
Dora-chan: There is an Indian food restaurant right over there. I would like that.
Takato: I'll pass on Indian for today.
Kuya: Then, how about yakiniku?
Dora-chan: Then Genghis Khan barbecue would be good. I love lamb.
Yuki: Genghis Khan! I want Genghis Khan too!
Takato: You too...
Kuya: Then, let's all have Genghis Khan!
Dora-chan: Yeees!
Yuki: You come too, Takato-san.
Takato: But first.
Yuki: Yes?
Takato: Thanks.
Yuki: Huh...?
Takato: For thinking about me so seriously.
Takato: For telling me you'd come with me.
Takato: Your words truly made me happy.
Yuki: Yeah...
Takato: I don't know if it's the most correct one, but this is the conclusion I wanted.
Takato: The conclusion I always wanted.
Takato: I never thought this answer would be reality...
Takato: But, now...
Takato: Let's go back. To our school.
Yuki: Yeah.
(Yuki: Let's go back.)
(Yuki: We won't be separated.)
(Yuki: We both won't leave the school.)
(Yuki: Takato-san and I will go back together.)
(Yuki: To BL School.)
(Yuki: To our school!)

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