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June 3

(student council room door)
(Yuki: Takato-san... I wonder if he's here...)
(Yuki: In the end, I didn't sleep well last night...)
(Yuki: What should I say if I see him...?)

(student council room)
Yuki: ...Hello.
Kuya: Hey, Yuki! What's the matter? Sneaking around.
Yuki: Just you, Kuya-san? What about Takato-san?
Kuya: If you're looking for Masatsugu, he went back to his room early today. Was it something urgent?
Yuki: Urgent, well, I mean...
Kuya: What is it? You look relieved. Did something happen with Masatsugu?
Yuki: Huh, n, no, nothing happened. Nothing at all.
Kuya: It doesn't look like nothing.
Kuya: Come to think of it, yesterday you were saying you were going to ask Masatsugu to be your partner.
Kuya: No way, he turned you down?
Yuki: Uh-uh. I have to ask before I can get turned down.
Kuya: Then, you haven't asked yet!? Why!?
Yuki: ...I was thinking about things, and just forgot.
Yuki: I know it's something I have to decide soon, though...
Kuya: Yuki...? This is really strange. If something happened, do you want to talk about it?
Kuya: If you're worried, I'd be happy to give you advice!
Yuki: Advice...

Try talking.

(decision: Try talking.)
Yuki: ...Kuya-san, you're good friends with Takato-san, aren't you?
Kuya: I guess.
Yuki: Do you know Takato-san's secret?
Kuya: Masatsugu's?
Yuki: It's not related to the Bell One at all, but it's something I'm a bit worried about...
Kuya: Why?
Yuki: Yesterday, Takato-san met with someone.
Yuki: And he was sneaking around.
Kuya: And then?
Yuki: And then...
(Yuki: When I asked him about it, he kissed me for some reason...)
(Yuki: But I can't say that.)
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Does Takato-san have a lover he's in a deviant relationship with?
Kuya: Huh?
Yuki: No, I thought, maybe that's why he was meeting them sneakily...
Kuya: Yuki! You have a surprisingly vivid imagination!
Yuki: Vivid imagination...
Kuya: Such imagination! You should try asking Masatsugu that directly!
Kuya: ...That's what I'd like to say, but even if you ask, he won't answer so easily.
Kuya: Masatsugu's a secretive person.
Yuki: No kidding...
Kuya: But you want to know no matter what, don't you?
Yuki: Yes...
Kuya: You're worried about that, so you're hesitating to ask him to be your Bell One partner.
Yuki: Yeah, pretty much... I guess that's what's happened.
(Yuki: It's actually a little different, but that's the gist of it, yeah.)
Kuya: Then, are you going to give up on Masatsugu and team up with me?
Yuki: Huh...!?
Kuya: You look like that never even crossed your mind.
Kuya: But, if it's me, I won't keep secrets from you and make you worry.
Kuya: I'll help you and definitely bring peace back to this school.
Kuya: I think I wouldn't be a bad partner!
(Yuki: Team up with Kuya-san...)
(Yuki: That's... right.)
(Yuki: I don't absolutely have to team up with Takato-san.)
(Yuki: I could team up with someone else...)

Team up with Kuya
Stay with Takato

(decision: Stay with Takato)
(Yuki: ...No.)
Yuki: I'm happy you offered, but...
Yuki: After all, I want to try asking Takato-san first.
Yuki: It's true that I don't trust Takato-san a little right now, or rather, I don't get him...
Yuki: But, I can't leave it like that.
(Yuki: I want to hear the reason he did that, and...)
Yuki: I... might start to not like Takato-san if I leave it like this.
Yuki: I'm afraid of that.
Kuya: Alright.
Kuya: If that's what you decided, then that's what's best.
Kuya: Good luck.
Yuki: Yeah.
Kuya: By the way, Yuki. What time is it now?
Yuki: Um... it's 2:13.
Kuya: Yeah. That's right. If you go now, I'm sure you'll be in time.
Kuya: Hurry back to the dorm.
Yuki: The dorm? Why?
Kuya: Soon, Masatsugu will be going to meet the person from the deviant relationship you just mentioned.
Yuki: Huh?
Kuya: Follow him! I'm sure you'll learn that person's identity and Masatsugu's secret.
Yuki: But... oh no... If I try to expose his secret, Takato-san will...
Kuya: Yuki.
Kuya: When you became student council president, we made you a promise.
Kuya: That we'd give you our full support.
Kuya: That no matter what happens, we'll be on your side.
Yuki: Yes...
Kuya: Then, it will be fine.
Kuya: Masatsugu would never try to act against your interests!
Kuya: If he upsets you or worries you, he definitely has a reason.
Kuya: I guarantee it.
Yuki: Kuya-san...
Kuya: Well, if he keeps worrying you by being secretive...
Kuya: Then you can choose me!
Kuya: I'll participate in the Bell One with you and definitely make you win.
Kuya: So, Yuki. First, don't worry and try zeroing in on Masatsugu's mystery.
Yuki: Thank you!

Yuki: Oh. He came out!
(Yuki: It's just like Kuya-san said. It looks like he's going out alone.)
Yuki: I have to follow him!

(school path)
(Yuki: So on Saturday evening, he leaves in casual clothes...)
(Yuki: Is it a date, after all?)
(Yuki: Even though Kuya-san said it was my imagination...)
(Yuki: Anyway, I'll definitely find out!)
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: Why am I being so gung-ho about this?)
(Yuki: I should be thinking about the Bell One first right now.)
(Yuki: The fate of the school is riding on me.)
(Yuki: I know that. I know that... but,)
(Yuki: I want to know Takato-san's secret so badly, even turning down Kuya-san's invitation...)

Takato: Is it your hobby to purposely dig up things other people are trying to hide?
Takato: If it is, I have to say it's a very poor hobby.

Yuki: Well... it might be a poor hobby, but...
Yuki: Since he kissed me...
Yuki: ...*sigh*
Yuki: I'm not really hung up on first kisses.
Yuki: But that doesn't mean it should be a man.
Yuki: And like that...
Yuki: Long, agonizing...
Yuki: I'm kind of... confused...
Yuki: Really...
Yuki: Wait! Takato-san!?
(Yuki: Oh no! I lost sight of him! I have to hurry and catch up!)
Yuki: Anyway...
Yuki: I'll definitely settle this today...!

(Yuki: Where is he going?)
(Yuki: He took the bus from the school and came to the station and now he's walking...)
Yuki: Oh.
(Yuki: He went into a cafe.)
(Yuki: Is this where they're meeting?)
(Yuki: Alright.)

waitress: Welcome.
Yuki: Oh.
(Yuki: Oh no, did he notice me?)
(Yuki: No, Takato-san isn't looking this way. I'm safe, I'm safe...)
waitress: Are you alone?
Yuki: Oh, yes. I'm alone...
waitress: Your seat is...
Yuki: Over there! Can I have a seat over there?
waitress: Go ahead.
Yuki: *panting*...
(Yuki: Somehow, I got a seat behind Takato-san.)
(Yuki: Thank goodness. Takato-san has been reading a book the whole time.)
(Yuki: It looks like the person he's waiting for hasn't arrived yet, so if I wait here...)
waitress: Welcome.
(Yuki: They're here...!?)
(Yuki: What are they like...?)

CG: Takato and older man
man: Sorry, I'm late.
Takato: No. I just got here too.
end CG

(Yuki: A man!?)
(Yuki: What... so it wasn't a married woman.)
(Yuki: Even though he called it a deviant relationship they were keeping out of sight...)
(Yuki: It's an average middle-aged man...)
(Yuki: ...A deviant relationship?)
(Yuki: That man and Takato-san have a deviant relationship...)
(Yuki: No way...)
(Yuki: No way, Takato-san is gay!?)
Yuki: Huh!?

CG: Takato and older man
man: Takato-kun. That's...
Takato: You noticed?
man: I guess. He's been looking at me with a weird expression on his face for a while now, hasn't he?
man: You know this boy? Is he your...
Takato: It can't be helped. I'll be right back.
end CG

Takato: Asahina. What are you doing?
Yuki: Huh!?
Takato: You're sneaking around here.
Yuki: Huh? What? How? Am I busted!?
Takato: You're busted.
Yuki: I'm sorry. I wanted to know no matter what, well...
man: What, do you know him? Does he go to the same school?
Takato: I'll introduce you.
Takato: Asahina. Over here.
Yuki: Yes...
Takato: This is Asahina Yuki. He's my junior and the student council president of BL School.

CG: Takato, Yuki, and older man
man: Wow. You're the student council president. Are you a second year?
Takato: No. He's a first year.
Yuki: ...Um, how long have you known I was there?
Takato: Since I headed to the bus stop at school.
Yuki: That long?
Takato: We were riding the same bus, how could I not notice?
Yuki: But Takato-san, you were sitting in the front, weren't you?
Yuki: I was in the last seat.
Yuki: So I thought I had followed you without being found out.
Takato: Well, clearly...
Yuki: ...You found out!?
Takato: It's only natural, isn't it?
Yuki: Sorry...
(Yuki: He realized.)
(Yuki: But I followed him all the way...)
(Yuki: How embarrassing.)
(Yuki: It's too embarrassing...)
Takato: Since you came all the way here, you're curious about him, aren't you?
man: Me?
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: Um, I didn't know...
Yuki: Well... that your lover is a man...
Takato: ...Excuse me?
Yuki: When I asked Kuya-san about you, he told me.
Yuki: That you were going to meet the lover you have a deviant relationship with.
Yuki: So...
Takato: Wait a minute.
Takato: Did Kuya say lover?
Yuki: He didn't, but...
Yuki: I guessed it was a lover...
Takato: What did Kuya tell you about this?
Yuki: What, well...
Yuki: That I was imagining...
Yuki: Huh!? Imagining!?
Takato: Exactly.
Yuki: Wh... whaaaaa!
Takato: To begin with, what are you calling a deviant relationship?
Yuki: What... you were the one who said it, didn't you!?
Yuki: That it was a deviant relationship you were keeping out of sight.
Takato: That's wrong.
Takato: I was just pointing out that you might be imagining something indecent.
Yuki: That's misleading!
Takato: You're the one who had the odd misunderstanding.
Yuki: Well, that's true, but...
Yuki: B, but, you seemed to be going out with someone older.
Yuki: Besides, you kissed a guy too.
Yuki: So I thought you were into that!
man: Huh? Takato-kun, you do that? With men?
Takato: This is becoming a spectacle.
Yuki: A spectacle!?
Takato: You please hush now.
Takato: We're drawing all the eyes in the cafe.
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Sorry...
man: Awesome, you're an interesting kid.
man: I see. A deviant relationship.
man: But I can imagine that Takato-kun is the type to be popular with the underclassmen.
man: He's like the idolized sempai in glasses.
Yuki: Huh, oh...
Takato: Won't you stop talking for a bit too?
Takato: If you keep interfering, Asahina will get even more confused.
man: Sorry, sorry.
Takato: I'll introduce you, Asahina. This is Fujioka Takashi from the Tsudoigawa Publishing editorial department.
Yuki: Editorial department?
Fujioka: Is it okay?
Takato: It's better than letting him make a strange mistake.
Takato: Besides, he's our school's student council president who I fully trust.
(Yuki: Fully trust... that's sarcasm!)
(Yuki: Well, it was my fault for following him...)
Fujioka: Pleased to meet you, student council president-kun.
Yuki: Hello...
Yuki: But why are you meeting with someone from an editorial department?
Takato: For work.
Yuki: Work...? Are you an amateur model or something?
Takato: ...Do I look like someone who does amateur modeling to you?
Yuki: But you're so cool. And you're tall.
Fujioka: Hehe... But, you know, Takato-kun.
Fujioka: Why don't you try it with us next time? Amateur modelling.
Takato: No, thank you.
Yuki: So you're not an amateur model.
Fujioka: Right. Takato-kun is a writer. We publish his books. I'm his editor.
Yuki: Books!?
Fujioka: Yeah. It's the so-called light novel genre. I wonder if you've at least heard the name?
Fujioka: It's a series published by Shingeki Books under the pen name Anzai Samatsu.
Yuki: Shingeki Books... Anzai Samatsu... It sounds kind of familiar...
Yuki: ...Could it be 'ZombieChan'!?
Fujioka: Right, right, 'The False Zombie's Gregorian Chant'. 'ZombieChan' for short.
Fujioka: Set in an elaborate and epic world, with fascinating characters that are introduced one after another.
Fujioka: Bold developments countering a pure emotional portrayal that's easy to empathize with.
Fujioka: And there's the contrast between the cozy daily life parts and the brutal and extreme battle scenes.
Fujioka: And, the scenes where the main character feeds the heroine 'meat' have an S&M eroticism and they're really popular!
Fujioka: Up through volume 4, on sale now with rave reviews! By Shingeki Books.
Fujioka: That's 'ZombieChan'.
Fujioka: Do you know it?
Yuki: I do! I'm a fan! I just read volume 4 and it was really interesting.
Yuki: Takato-san, you wrote that?
Takato: Well...
Yuki: Awesome! That's too awesome!!
Yuki: Takato-san, you're a genius!
Fujioka: No kidding, really.
Fujioka: Even though he's a high school student the same as you, he has such an ability to write. Even his looks aren't bad.
Fujioka: When there's autograph sessions, not just male, but lots of female fans come too.
Fujioka: But it's such a waste, this Mr. Anzai is a closeted writer.
Yuki: Closeted writer?
Fujioka: It's a writer who doesn't reveal his identity or profile.
Fujioka: Mr. Anzai is secretive. He doesn't reveal that he's a high school student or even his gender.
Yuki: Why not? But it's amazing that a high schooler is a professional.
Yuki: Do your parents oppose it?
Takato: Not really.
Takato: It's simply that I don't like needless publicity.
Takato: Like now...
Yuki: Sorry...
Fujioka: You're so cold.
Takato: So, Asahina, keep this matter to yourself.
Yuki: Understood.
Yuki: But, Kuya-san knows about this, doesn't he?
Takato: Yes. I've told people when I believe that their knowing would cause the least trouble.
Yuki: Who else knows?
Takato: My family and the editorial department. And the members of the student council, including you.
Yuki: That's all?
Takato: That's plenty, isn't it?
Yuki: So it's that much of a secret.
Yuki: That's why you were sneaking around like that...
Fujioka: Sneaking?
Takato: He saw you handing me the proof on the school island.
Takato: Thanks to that, his curiosity was needlessly piqued.
Fujioka: I see. So that's why he got interested.
Fujioka: But, that's because the deadline for the writer's proofread was approaching.
Yuki: Writer's proofread? Proof?
Fujioka: Oh, you don't know, do you?
Fujioka: A proof is something where the text size and spacing are printed in the same format as a book and is used for proofreading.
Fujioka: Do you know proofread?
Yuki: No...
Fujioka: Proofreading is checking for typos and factual errors in the manuscript.
Fujioka: Then, what was proofread from the publisher's side is returned one more time to the writer and their check is the writer's proofread.
Yuki: Wow...
Fujioka: Normally, I would send it by express delivery, but Takato-kun said that was no good.
Takato: It's because you sent it in an envelope with the publisher's name, isn't it?
Takato: The boys' dorm at a high school is full of people with more curiosity than they know what to do with, and too much time on their hands.
Takato: I had quite a fright, thinking someone found out that time.
Fujioka: Sorry, sorry.
Fujioka: Well, since no one found out, it all turned out okay, so forgive me.
Takato: It was found out this time, however.
Fujioka: Ahaha...
Fujioka: Well, I take great care on that point. I respect your privacy.
Fujioka: So, as for me, I'd definitely like to go back to what we discussed before, in order to make 'ZombieChan' even more popular...
Yuki: What you discussed before?
Fujioka: Can I tell him?
Takato: Go ahead.
Fujioka: Actually, we're meeting here today to discuss 'ZombieChan' becoming an anime.
Yuki: Becoming an anime!?
Takato: But I refused.
Yuki: Why!?
Fujioka: That's what I wanted to ask too. Why is it no good?
Takato: I'm sure I told you before that I hate publicity.
Fujioka: But if it becomes an anime, naturally, your popularity will increase. You'll get a lot more readers.
Fujioka: I want many more people to read 'ZombieChan'.
Fujioka: It's a good chance to do that. It would be a waste to let it get away.
Fujioka: Of course, we won't reveal your real name. We'll refuse all interviews and there won't be any exposure with things like autograph sessions.
Fujioka: Your work... may increase a little, but I'll support you too.
Fujioka: Anyway. I know you may be uneasy at first, but try challenging yourself to consider the possibility.
Fujioka: You won't know until you try, right? You can even leverage it to create other works later...
Takato: I refuse.
Yuki: Even with everything he said!?
Takato: Right now, I want to avoid trouble.
Fujioka: Please don't say that, come on.
(Yuki: I want to avoid trouble...)
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: Could it be...?)
(Yuki: Is Takato-san worried about the Bell One...?)
end CG

Takato: Well, then.
Takato: I'll excuse myself for today.
Fujioka: Huh?
Takato: According to my schedule, the subject is already closed.
Takato: There is a curfew at the dorm, so excuse me, I'll be going now.
Fujioka: Yeah...
Takato: I'll send you the writer's proofread before the deadline. And the plot for the next book.
Takato: Then, excuse me.

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