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Takato route translation

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June 5

(Yuki's room)
Takato: ...Hmm.
Yuki: ...
Takato: 67 questions correct out of 100. I'd say that's just barely passing.
Yuki: I got that many wrong?
Takato: You seem to be weak in the sciences, particularly chemical symbols and chemistry.
Yuki: Oh.
Yuki: Alright, then, one more time...
Takato: No. Let's stop for today.
Takato: Tomorrow is the first round. You should sleep well before the real thing and cement your memory.
Takato: It wouldn't be good to tackle it without enough sleep.
Yuki: But...
Takato: It will be fine.
Takato: You made an effort. It has only been two days, but it's better than I expected.
Takato: Honestly, I didn't think you would work this hard.
Yuki: Me either...
Yuki: This is the first time I've studied so desperately.
Takato: Your effort will definitely be rewarded.
Takato: And I will be sure to compensate for the parts you lack.
Takato: So please rest easy.
Yuki: Takato-san...
Yuki: Yeah. You're right.
Yuki: Thanks.
Takato: It's nothing.
Takato: Then, good night.
Yuki: Good night!
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...*sigh*
(Yuki: These two days. Anyway, I did my best. Takato-san and Kuya-san were kind and taught me.)
(Yuki: I feel like I kind of got a little smarter thanks to them making it really easy to understand.)
(Yuki: When I got tired of memorizing textbooks, they would give me a quiz or puzzle as a change of pace.)
(Yuki: When I started to get exhausted, they'd make me sweets or even a late-night snack.)
(Yuki: And, they've been encouraging me like now...)
Yuki: But... a 67, huh.
(Yuki: It's not enough. I can't say we'll definitely win.)
(Yuki: If we lose...)
Yuki: If we lose because of me...
(Yuki: Takato-san is perfect. I'm sure he'll help me.)
(Yuki: But...)
(Yuki: If we lose because of me and the school closes...)
Yuki: No.
(Yuki: I can't ever let that happen.)
Yuki: It's 10. ...I'll keep going for a little longer.
(Yuki: Anyway, it's in one day.)
(Yuki: There's no time left...)

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