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June 12

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: ...*sigh*
Yuki: Tomorrow's finally the second round.
Yuki: I know I have to psych myself up, but...

Okaken: So there's a rumor that there's people who want to tempt you to lose, so they can transfer with good offers.

Yuki: After all, I've gotten worried about what Okaken said.
Yuki: Tomo said don't worry about it, but...
Yuki: Oh, geez...
Yuki: I wonder how Tomo feels...
Yuki: I wonder if he's worried too.
Yuki: Worrying about it won't help! I'll ask him directly!!
(Yuki: I wonder if he's next door...)

Yuki: Tomo, are you there?
Yuki: ...It's dark.

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: With the lights still off at this hour, I guess he still hasn't come back to his room...
Yuki: I wonder if it's director work.
Yuki: Umm...

Go back to the school and try looking for him.
Wait here.

(decision: Go back to the school and try looking for him.)
Yuki: I'll try going to the school!
Yuki: When I'm alone like this, I start thinking stupid things.

Yuki: It's shorter if I cut through the track...
Yuki: Hm? That's... there's someone still practicing this late.
Yuki: So dedicated. Even though club time's already over...
Yuki: ...Wait, huh? That's...
Yuki: Tomo...
Yuki: ...Wow, he's so fast. And he has really beautiful form.
Yuki: There's absolutely no wasted movement... It's like he's the wind...
Yuki: That's Tomo? I've never seen him look so serious...
Yuki: He kinda looks like a different person...
Yuki: ...How many laps has he run?
Yuki: Oh, it looks like he's finished running. I'll try going over.

CG: Tomo at the track
Tomo: *pant pant pant*...
Yuki: Tomo.
Tomo: ...Yuki?
Tomo: Did you see me?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: You're amazing, Tomo. It might be the first time I've seen you running seriously.
Tomo: ...Forget it.
Yuki: Why? You were really cool!
Yuki: You were really fast and your form was beautiful!
Yuki: You kinda seemed like an athlete!
Tomo: ...Hey. Flattery won't get you anything.
Yuki: It's not flattery!
Yuki: You really are a member of the track club.
Yuki: But why? Aren't you a phantom member?
Yuki: Is there maybe a competition coming up?
Tomo: Not really. It's not that.
Tomo: My running has nothing to do with the track club.
Tomo: I just felt like running...
Yuki: What do you mean?
Tomo: I do the 400 meters, that's the limit for short distance running.
Tomo: It's demanding on your breath and strength, and your mind stops thinking about anything but reaching the goal.
Tomo: So running is the only time I don't have to think about unpleasant things or worries...
Yuki: Huh?
Tomo: I just run like this sometimes when my thoughts get irritating.
Tomo: So keep it a secret from the club.
Yuki: Tomo...

Is there something you're worried about?
Practice properly and enter a competition.

(decision: Is there something you're worried about?)
Yuki: Is there something you're worried about?
Tomo: ...
Yuki: ...Don't have to think about anything, you feel that way because you're worried about something you don't want to think about, aren't you?
Yuki: Is there something you want to forget?
Tomo: ...*sigh*
Tomo: Well, I can't say there isn't.
Tomo: Ever since there was talk of closing the school, there's been all sorts of things.
Yuki: Yeah...
Tomo: Things like that.
(Yuki: It's true, there's the stuff about Nao-nii, and immediately after becoming director, the school closing...)
(Yuki: Compared to us normal students, Tomo's had it much, much harder.)
(Yuki: So much that I can't even imagine it...)
Yuki: I see...
end CG

Yuki: That's right, you have it hard, Tomo.
Tomo: I guess.
Yuki: Since we did become partners, isn't there anything I can help you with?
Yuki: You can tell me anything. I want to do something for you, the same way you've helped me!
Tomo: Thanks.
Tomo: But I can only appreciate the sentiment.
Yuki: But it's hard, isn't it...?
Tomo: It's okay. I'm fine.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: Tomo... Don't worry too much about it alone.
Tomo: ...I told you, I'm not worrying.
Yuki: We're friends.
Yuki: And we're not just friends, we're old friends.
Yuki: So you should rely on me more.
Tomo: Yuki. You...
Tomo: Friends... That's... right.
(Yuki: What's the matter...? I'm worried, but... maybe I shouldn't pry any deeper, I guess?)
Tomo: ...We should go back to the dorm now.
Yuki: Right, tomorrow's the second round of the Bell One. We have to get a good rest and get ready for tomorrow.
Tomo: Yeah.
Tomo: ...Hey, Yuki.
Yuki: What?
Tomo: No...
Yuki: What? Don't stop in the middle of talking.
Tomo: ...
Tomo: ...Aren't you worried?
Yuki: Worried?
Tomo: That the fate of the school is going to be decided by a game like the Bell One.
Yuki: Well, I...
Yuki: Feel like it'll work out somehow.
Yuki: There's no real reason, but somehow, you know?
Yuki: Everyone at the school would be angry if they knew I was talking about it so irresponsibly...
Tomo: Yuki...
Yuki: If you start off feeling like you're going to lose, you can't even win a winnable game.
Yuki: So, Tomo, let's be confident and do our best.
Tomo: ...Yeah. You might be right.

(dorm hallway)
Yuki: Then good night, Tomo.
Tomo: Good night.
Tomo: Oh, right. Absolutely don't tell anyone I was running.
Yuki: Why do I have to keep it that much of a secret?
Tomo: Well, it's embarrassing...
Yuki: Practicing seriously by yourself is?
Tomo: And if the track club found out about it, they'd tell me to come to practice.
Yuki: Alright, I'll keep it a secret.
Yuki: Tomo, let's do our best tomorrow.
Tomo: Yeah. See you. Good night.
Yuki: Yeah, good night.

(Yuki's room)
Yuki: ...*sigh*
Yuki: After all, I'm worried...
(Yuki: Before, Tomo looked pained coming back from the track...)
(Yuki: I feel like he really wanted to say something, but couldn't...)
(Yuki: Even though I think of Tomo as a friend... Uh-uh, a best friend.)
(Yuki: Tomo must be holding in more than I thought...)
(Yuki: If Tomo doesn't say anything, nothing can be done.)
(Yuki: After all, maybe I should have asked him more.)
(Yuki: But even if he told me, could I have done anything...?)
Yuki: ...
Yuki: ...*sigh* I can't sleep like this.
*lights turn off*
Yuki: Tomo...

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