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june 13

(Yuki: It's one week later...)
Yuki: The second round, huh. What kind of questions will there be this time...?
Yagami: What? You're nervous as hell.
Yuki: Well, we somehow managed in the first round, but I don't know what's going to happen this time...
Yuki: If we lose here, the school will end up closing.
Yuki: ...I'm nervous.
Yagami: You don't have to worry so much, it'll be fine, won't it?
Yuki: But...
Yagami: This Bell One is to see whether or not you're fit to be student council president.
Yagami: Then you should just do what you always do.
Yuki: What I always do.
Yuki: I may be student council president, but I wasn't chosen by a vote.
Yuki: Getting the armband and beating Joker-san was just luck.
Yagami: So what?
Yuki: Even I don't know if I'm fit to be to be student council president or not.
Yagami: Hah. Is that all?
Yuki: That all?
Yagami: Yeah. That's nothing.
Yagami: If you ask me, I've never seen an idiot who dotes on the school as much as you.
Yuki: Idiot who dotes on the school...
Yagami: Weren't you tending the flower beds before, even right after the end of the first round?
Yuki: Oh, yeah.
Yuki: Sorry about that.
Yagami: Hah?
Yuki: Well I thought we'd finish right away but it took a really long time, didn't it?
Yuki: Even though you were tired, I made you stay with me until late, I'm sorry.
Yagami: Idiot. I'm not telling you to apologize about that now.
Yuki: Huh?
Yagami: What I'm trying to say is you always do the student council work properly without goofing off.
Yagami: That's what you've done ever since you came to the school, built up the proper foundation.
Yuki: My foundation...
Yagami: That's why if you do the second round like usual, it will be okay.
Yagami: It's the same as an instrument.
Yuki: As an instrument?
Yagami: They can tell right away when you get on stage how much you're engaging with them.
Yagami: If you're half-assed about it and try to trick them with a performance of cheap tricks, the audience will definitely see through it.
Yagami: But if you keep practicing regularly, you can cover up any mistake, you can ignore it and play.
Yagami: It's the same.
Yuki: Ah...
Yagami: What's the matter? Why are you gaping like an idiot?
Yuki: Yeah. I'm surprised.
Yagami: Hah?
Yuki: That you said something so levelheaded.
Yagami: What's that supposed to mean?
Yuki: No, well, you know, you like metal, right?
Yuki: Like, I expected you to be more reckless, or unconventional...
Yuki: I didn't think you practiced properly like that.
Yuki: You're surprisingly reliable...
Yagami: Listen, you...
Yagami: Guys who don't put in slow and steady practice can't play instruments worth shit.
Yuki: Ow.
Yagami: Got it, you idiot?
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: That's right. Tending flowerbeds or cleaning might be humble activities...
Yuki: But by doing them over and over, that's how I can be student council president.
Yagami: Well, they might be too humble, though.
Yuki: It's fine. That's how things are for the student council right now.
Yuki: Thanks, Yagami. I feel confident now.
Yuki: Thanks for today too.
Yagami: Yeah.
Yagami: Then, let's go?
Yuki: Yeah.

announcement: The second round of the Bell One Grand Prix is about to begin...

Sakaki: The second round will test your strength.
Yuki: Strength...
Sakaki: First, an explanation of the rules.
Panda-san: Which means, it's Panda-san's turn!
Panda-san: As Sakaki-han says, the second round is a contest of strength!
Panda-san: I want ya to show me so much of yer youth and strength that Ah'm blown away.
Panda-san: It's called "Run! Run run run-fest♪"!
Panda-san: These are the rules!
Panda-san: Now, various words will stream down the path in front of ya.
Panda-san: Which means ya continue forward if ya type quickly, before they disappear from the screen.
Panda-san: It's very simple.
Panda-san: The time limit is just one minute.
Panda-san: How many should ya type, ya ask?
Panda-san: Look forward to the results after ya finish.
Panda-san: Anyway, ya should just concentrate on typin' a lot.
Panda-san: What, what? Yer not confident at typin'?
Panda-san: Ya don't have to worry. Ya have a partner for times like this.
Panda-san: By askin' for yer partner's help, it becomes a teensy bit easier.
Panda-san: If yer confident in yer abilities, ya can try by yerself as an option.
Panda-san: So, what'll ya do?

Collaborate with your partner (recommended)
Try by yourself
[note: Choose whatever you like, but collaborating makes the game easier.]

(decision: Collaborate with your partner)
Panda-san: That's good!

Panda-san: And which input method will ya use?

Romaji input
Kana input

(decision: Romaji input)
Panda-san: Ya want romaji input?


(decision: Yes)
Panda-san: Roger.

Panda-san: If you want to rest durin', press the escape key. Then ya'll pause.
Panda-san: So, are ya ready?

Yuki: Are you okay, Yagami?
Yagami: What are you worried about me for?
Yuki: No, it's kind of just your stamina...
Yagami: Idiot! Strength comes from willpower.
Yuki: That's right!

Panda-san: Alrighty, start!

*time passes, evening*

Yuki: We got through the second round! Now if we win one more time, there won't be any talk of closing the school.
Yagami: Yeah. Let's give that one everything we've got too.
Yuki: Yeah!
Student: Hey, Ace. Win the next one like that too.
student 2: Do your best on the next one too.
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: Hehe.
Yagami: Hey. Don't grin like that in front of everyone.
Yuki: But I'm happy.
Yagami: Geez. Even though you were all freaked out before it began.
Yagami: You looked pathetic, saying what should I do... all teary eyed.
Yuki: Don't keep mentioning that! I recovered thanks to you psyching me up.
Yuki: Thanks, Yagami!
Yagami: Hah! You're thanking me too much over every little thing!
Yuki: Whatever. It's no big deal.
Yuki: Still, the second round was fun.
Omi: Congratulations you two.
Yagami: Tch. You again.
Yuki: Umm... Omi-san, was it?
Yuki: Wah! That steak you have looks delicious!!
Omi: Hehe. It's to celebrate today.
Yuki: Amazing... It's the first time I've ever seen such a thick steak.
Yagami: Ugh... Celebrate what?
Omi: Of course to celebrate the Bell One. Congratulations on getting through the second round!
Yagami: It's freshly grilled. How did you...?
Omi: It was sent from home. I asked the RA and he grilled it special.
Yagami: Ugh...
Yuki: Awesome... it's sizzling. I can't stand this smell...
Omi: Asahina-kun, right? You can have it too.
Yuki: Can I!?
Omi: Yeah. Since you were the lead in the Bell One win.
Yuki: Woohoo! Thank you!!
Yagami: Ugh. Dammit...
Yuki: Come on, come on! You eat too, Yagami! If you don't hurry, it will get cold!!
Omi: Don't be shy, here you go.
Yagami: Wh, who's being shy!!?
Yagami: Let's eat! Asahina!
Yuki: Yeah!! Time to dig in!!
Yuki: ...*munch*!
Yuki: Delicious!!
Yuki: Even though it's tender, it has a firm mouth feel! There's overflowing juices and sweet fat with every bite!
Yuki: Ah... How delicious...
Yagami: Dammit, I can't stand it. This much meat... it's been a long time since I've had this much.
Yuki: It's a first for me!!
Omi: Hehehe. I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Yuki: It's really delicious!!
Omi: Do your best in the third round too.
Omi: With Yagami there, I'm sure it'll be fine.
Yagami: Hah, naturally.
Omi: Yeah. You absolutely have to keep the school from closing.
Omi: Since you're going to go on from BL School to become a violinist.
Yagami: Huh? What are you saying, dumbass?
Omi: I'm sick of it. Watching you waste your talent right in front of my eyes.
Omi: Yagami, you have to take better advantage of the talent you were born with.
Yagami: Shuttup. I'm taking plenty advantage.
Yagami: I'm the best shred guitarist in the light music appreciation group.
Yagami: Stop talking about stupid things and bring out the meat.
Yuki: Yagami. Don't talk like that.
Yuki: But you're really hardcore with your love of metal.
Yuki: I want to try seeing you play the guitar up on stage someday.
Yagami: Asahina, you get it. I'll let you see our show any time, so listen gratefully and be captivated.
Yagami: There you go, Meat. If you're gonna run your mouth, go away. Shoo, shoo.
Yuki: Calling him Meat... Yagami.
Omi: ...No.
Yagami: Huh?
Omi: It's not the time to be playing guitar.
Omi: You have to take up the violin again...!
Yuki: Omi-san...
(Yuki: So Omi-san really didn't want Yagami to quit the music club... the violin.)
(Yuki: But Yagami is completely into guitar right now...)
Omi: But you were wonderful with the violin.
Omi: Your fingering not even slightly off, your versatile bowing.
Omi: You played virtuoso pieces like a devil, and were even lauded as a young Paganini.
Omi: Supported by a perfect technique, that timbre tinged with passion went straight to the heart.
Omi: Sometimes surging like raging waves, sometimes falling like a gentle snow.
Omi: I... want to hear that timbre again...
Yagami: Forget that shit.
Omi: I can't forget it.
Omi: You quit playing the violin, ever since the day of that accident, I...
(Yuki: The day of that accident...?)
Yagami: I said forget it!! How damn long are you gonna keep talking about the past!?
Omi: But, your ear can be fixed with surgery, can't it?
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Yagami, I don't really understand what's been going on, but, accident, ear surgery...
Yagami: It's none of your damn business!!
Yuki: Yes it is! We're partners.
Yuki: What's going on!? Omi-san!
Omi: It happened last year. Yagami was in a traffic accident.
Yagami: Tch.
Yuki: A traffic accident!?
Omi: He was hit in the wrong place and lost hearing in one ear.
Yuki: Oh no...
Yagami: That's stupid. It's over and done with.
Yuki: You lost hearing in one ear as a result of a traffic accident... I didn't know...
Omi: That accident was the deciding factor in Yagami repeating a year.
Omi: He always skipped classes from the beginning... so his credits were already in danger, though.
Omi: Since he was in the hospital while things were like that, he didn't earn enough credits...
Yuki: So that's it...
Omi: We stopped being in the same class, but I always waited in the music club...
Omi: Yagami didn't even show his face in the music club and joined the light music appreciation group...
Yagami: Hah. You don't have a clue. That's big talk for an amateur who doesn't know shit about metal.
Omi: Metal isn't music!!
Omi: You just play that thing like you've given up!
Omi: That violent noise! I can't stand hearing it!!
Yuki: Omi-san, that's a bit...
Yagami: Just drop it. I'm not listening to this.
Omi: No! I'm taking this opportunity to tell Asahina-kun everything!
Omi: Yagami's talent isn't something that should be squandered on that nonsense!
Omi: Your expressiveness! The technique that supports it!
Omi: It's an innate talent that can't be acquired through just effort!
Omi: Why can't you understand that!!?
Yagami: Hah. Bullshit. Innate talent?
Yagami: I can use what I was born with however I want.
Yagami: I took up guitar.
Omi: Yagami... Why did you become so stubborn?
Omi: After all, you're still bothered about what happened to that kid's legs...
Yagami: ...*gasp*
Omi: Eek.
Yuki: Yagami!?
Yagami: What the hell did you say...?
Omi: Th, that's why you...
Yagami: It's none of your damn business!
Omi: Oh...
Yagami: Tch.
Yuki: Oh...
Yagami: Hey, move it!!
Student: Eek.
Yuki: ...
Omi: Ah.. wah wah wah... Um...
Omi: I, I'll be going...
Yuki: ...Yagami...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: That conversation just now... what did it mean?
Yuki: And, that one of Yagami's ears... can't hear...
Yuki: I didn't realize at all...
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Could it be, when I was messing around before and took off his headphones,
Yuki: The reason he was really angry then...
Yuki: He didn't want people to know about it? So he never takes off his headphones?
Yuki: And repeating a year, that it was just because he skipped class...
Yuki: That's all I thought it was...
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: It's the first time I've seen Yagami that seriously angry.)
(Yuki: The first time since meeting Yagami and being together as partners...)
(Yuki: Yagami... I still don't know him.)
(Yuki: I know so, so little...)

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