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the next day

(school path)
Yuki: Shun-kuuun! Welcome!!
Yuki: That's the school building, and over there you can see the club wing.
Yuki: And then, there's the pool, the track, and the dojo... and stuff.
Shun: Wow. This place is bigger than I thought.
Shun: ...So, is Yagami in rehearsal right now?
Yuki: The rehearsal itself is over. Right now I guess they're in a briefing session.
Shun: Hmm, I see.
Yuki: By the way, how do you know Yagami? You're not relatives, are you?
Shun: Why? Are you curious?
Yuki: Well, you don't seem to have anything in common, so I was wondering how you became friends.
Shun: I wonder if we're friends.
Yuki: I think so. He invited you to the show today.
Shun: That's just because I begged.
Shun: I think it was also thanks to you asking with me.
Yuki: Hehe.
Shun: It's fine. It's nothing worth hiding, so whatever.
Shun: I met Yagami in the hospital.
Yuki: Hospital?
Shun: It seems that when I was in the traffic accident, Yagami happened to be nearby and tried to help me.
Shun: Unfortunately, he got involved too, and the two of us hit it off in the hospital.
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: So Yagami was in the accident because he tried to help Shun-kun...)
Shun: On my way home from school, I was walking down the sidewalk like usual, but a car suddenly came barrelling through.
Yuki: Huh!?
Shun: Don't be such a wimp. I avoided panicking, but it seems like I ended up in the road.
Yuki: And then...
Shun: I don't have any memory of that time.
Shun: Yagami happened to be passing by and jumped out to try and help me.
Shun: He tried to pull me to the sidewalk, but I was too scared to move, and my legs were broken by a car that came after.
Yuki: ...!
Shun: It was winter, so even in the late afternoon it was as dark as night and the road was really chaotic.
Shun: Even Yagami was hit by a car. He hit his head and that affected his ear.
Yuki: So that's what happened.
(Yuki: Because of that accident, Yagami's ear...)
Shun: That was from the eyewitness testimony I heard later from my parents and the police.
Shun: When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed.
Yuki: That's terrible.
Shun: I guess. You know, my parents are always thanking Yagami as their angel.
Shun: Since Yagami's family was abroad, they didn't come to visit him, so my parents took care of him as much as me.
Shun: They even got the hospital to change our rooms so that we were neighbors.
Yuki: So Yagami owes a lot to your parents...
Shun: Not really. I wouldn't say he owes.
Shun: If Yagami hadn't been there, it might not have been just my legs.
Shun: I guess it's obvious.
Yuki: Right...
Shun: Well, since I refused all visits from my classmates and stuff, I only talked to Yagami.
Shun: That's why I know Yagami pretty well. About his violin too, you know?
Yuki: I... see...
Yuki: That's why you get along so well...
Yuki: ...That's really terrible.
Shun: Hey. Do you feel sorry for me?
Yuki: Huh?
Shun: If that's how you feel, why don't you say so?
Yuki: Huh... how...?
Shun: 'That's terrible.' Bland stuff like that is irritating.
Shun: Weird sympathy is the most annoying.
Yuki: Ugh...
Shun: Anyway, Yagami's just as bad.
Shun: His ear could be fixed with surgery, you know? So why won't he get treated?
Shun: He couldn't keep me from getting hurt, so I don't know if he regrets it or whatever.
Shun: Like since he can't hear out of one ear, he quit playing the violin and started playing guitar.
Shun: That sort of sympathy is patronizing.
Shun: In that case, I'd rather he clearly said he felt sorry for me.
Shun: Then I could answer that he's an annoying idiot.
Yuki: I... sorry.
Shun: It's okay. I'm used to it.
(Yuki: But Yagami said he wasn't getting surgery on his ear because it's annoying...)
(Yuki: Could it be out of feelings of regret, like Shun-kun said?)
(Yuki: And quitting the violin and starting to play the guitar too...)

Yagami: But I can play an instrument.
Yagami: That's plenty.

(Yuki: Shun-kun, who lost his ability to walk because of the accident, is right in front of him.)
(Yuki: And maybe he could have even lost his ability to play an instrument.)
(Yuki: So it's not possible that he doesn't think or feel anything about it.)
(Yuki: But...)
Shun: ...What? You suddenly got quiet.
Yuki: Sorry. I was thinking a bit.
Shun: Hmm.
Yuki: ...Listen, it's true that Yagami quit the violin and is playing guitar now.
Yuki: But that's because he discovered metal while in the hospital.
Yuki: It was because he fell in love with the guitar, he said.
Yuki: I don't know what he thinks about his ear, or the violin, though.
Yuki: But he's not playing guitar because he doesn't have a choice.
Yuki: Yagami really does love the guitar.
Yuki: If you listen to him play, you can absolutely tell.
Yuki: I guarantee it!!
Shun: I see.
Shun: Whatever, that's fine with me.
Yuki: But it's true.
Shun: I didn't say you were lying.
Yuki: Oh... that's right.
Shun: Anyway, shouldn't we be going to the venue?
Yuki: Uwah, it's already so late!?
Shun: ...Since I came all the way here, I want a good seat.
Yuki: Right. Then, let's go.
(Yuki: Shun-kun thinks it's his fault that Yagami quit the violin.)
(Yuki: Yagami... I wonder if he feels guilty about Shun-kun?)
(Yuki: That he couldn't save him in time and his legs ended up hurt...)
(Yuki: I don't know, but...)
(Yuki: With Yagami, I feel like he would take Shun-kun's feelings seriously if he said he didn't want that.)
(Yuki: So, wouldn't it be better for them to find out each other's feelings?)
(Yuki: But, doing something about it would be meddling, I guess.)
Yuki: *sigh*...

Yuki: That all-male chorus before was really cool. It sounded so imposing.
Shun: ...
Yuki: Shun-kun, are you enjoying it?
Shun: I am. I wish it would be Yagami's turn soon.
Yuki: Haha. In a little bit.
Yuki: Then, since it's almost our turn, I'm going backstage.
Shun: Yeah, alright.
Shun: Do your best.
Yuki: Yeah! Look forward to it.
Yuki: Oh, I guess I'll go to the bathroom first.
Yuki: Hm?
Yuki: That's...

(behind the school building)
Yuki: Omi-san?
Omi: H, hey.
Yuki: Are you going to go practice? Carrying your cello case...
Omi: Y, yeah. Bye.
Yuki: What was that? He seemed flustered...
(Yuki: Still... it was kind of strange.)
(Yuki: He's nervous before his performance... but still, it's a little...)

Yuki: Sorry to keep you waiting... hm?
Yagami: I'm telling you, I put it right there!!
Yonezawa: I'm saying nobody moved it. It should be there.
Yagami: But it's not!
Tajima: Mine too... dammit!
Yuki: What happened?
Yagami: Asahina! Do you know where they are!?
Yuki: Huh!? What!?
Yonezawa: Hold on, hold on. Asahina-kun just got here.
Yuki: What is it? What's gone?
Yagami: The guitars! My guitar! And Tajima's bass!!
Yuki: Ah...
Yuki: Whaaaaaa!?
host: Thank you, everyone in the dance team Fire Up Seven!!
Yagami: Crap. There's two groups left before our turn.
Yuki: Just two!?
Yuki: Oh... um... then...
Yuki: I know! Some of the guests from other schools are bands, right!? Why don't we borrow a guitar and bass from them!?
Tajima: It's no good. They refused.
Yuki: Why!?
Yagami: They said they weren't lending their precious instruments to some guys they just met.
Yagami: Well, that can't be helped.
Yuki: Then, why not have them change the order of our performance!?
Yuki: The group after us is...
Yonezawa: We already asked that too, but it was no good.
Yonezawa: They weren't sure, being asked so suddenly. They needed to prepare too, they said.
Yuki: Oh no...
music club member 1: What are you guys doing!?
Yuki: The music club...
Yagami: When we're so damn busy.
music club member 2: It seems like their instruments went missing.
music club member 3: Hey now, what is this, at the last minute?
music club member 1: Yagami! You again? All you do is cause problems!
Yagami: What the hell did you say? Like someone would want to lose their instruments!!
Yonezawa: Right, right. We'd rather you not pick fights right now.
music club member 1: What was that!?
music club member 2: We're the ones who don't want trouble!
Yonezawa: You say that, but you're always picking fights with us.
Tajima: That's right. Oh... No way, did you guys...
Tajima: Hide our instruments...?
music club member 1: Huh!?
Yuki: Tajima-san!?
music club member 2: Ha, ridiculous.
music club member 3: Sorry, but we don't have time to deal with you.
Yagami: Huh?
music club member 3: Get it, Yagami? We're staking the future of the music club on this music festival.
music club member 3: You guys remember that and don't cause trouble.
Yagami: Assholes!! You're saying we lost our instruments on purpose!?
Yuki: Yagami! Calm down!!
Yagami: Shut up! How can I be calm!!?
Yagami: Hey, you. If you guys hid our instruments, bring them out right now.
Yagami: If you keep playing dumb... you know what'll happen!
Yuki: Yagami!
music club member 2: We can't bring out what we didn't hide.
music club member 2: Anyway, whatever happened, you've got to be crazy to lose your instruments.
music club member 1: Right, right!!
music club member 1: If you lose instruments, you're not qualified to be performers!!
Yagami: Urk...
Tajima: That's...
music club member 3: You're saying we hid them, but is that really true?
music club member 3: Didn't you just forget them somewhere out of simple negligence?
music club member 3: Why don't you search that little club room or your dorm rooms?
music club member 2: It's possible you were practicing somewhere and forgot them.
Tajima: Ugh... There's no way we'd forget them...
music club member 1: Then where's the proof!?
Yagami: Tch! We're the ones who want proof that our prized stuff got lost!
music club member 3: Anyway, it's almost your turn.
music club member 1: What are you going to do about this!?
Yagami: Urk...
Yuki: But, without instruments, the band...
music club member 2: Hah, this is awkward, Yagami.
music club member 1: That's what you get with associations...
Yuki: Huh...?
Yuki: Omi-san isn't here?
Yuki: The music club members... should all be here.
Yuki: Come to think of it, before...

Omi: H, hey.
Omi: Y, yeah. Bye.

Yuki: Before... Omi-san seemed really nervous... or rather, flustered.
Yuki: No way...
(Yuki: No way, was it really the music club that took the instruments...?)
Yonezawa: But what are we going to do? There's nothing we can do now.
Yonezawa: All we can do is give the audience an intermission during our turn...
Yuki: Oh no!!
Tajima: But there's nothing we can do.
Yuki: Please wait! Are you going to give up now!?
Yuki: It's the stage we've been waiting for, isn't it!? It would be a waste!
Yagami: But... it can't be helped. We don't have instruments...
Yuki: Yagami! Even Shun-kun came all the way here to watch!
Yagami: ...
Yuki: Shun-kun said he's moving!
Yuki: This might be the first and last chance for Shun-kun to hear your performance!!
Yagami: Urk...
Yuki: You didn't quit the violin out of sympathy for Shun-kun!
Yagami: Wh, what is that, all of a sudden...?
Yuki: It's what Shun-kun said before. He said it was his fault you quit the violin...
Yuki: He said you regret that you couldn't save him and won't get surgery on your ear... but he's wrong, isn't he!?
Yagami: He...
Yuki: Today is your chance to fix the misunderstanding!
Yagami: That's...
Yuki: So you absolutely can't give up!!
Yuki: I know!
Yuki: Yagami! Play the violin!
Yagami: Huh... the violin?
Yonezawa: Hold it, hold it, Asahina-kun?
music club member 1: The light music appreciation group with a violin?
Yuki: It's better than leaving a gap on stage at the music festival, isn't it!?
music club member 3: But...
Yuki: Hey, Yagami.
Yuki: Didn't you say that it's just that you like metal and the guitar more?
Yuki: It's not because you hate the violin. It's not because you can't play it anymore, right?
Yagami: Well... that's true.
Yagami: But... ugh...
Yuki: You're not holding yourself back from the violin because of Shun-kun.
Yuki: I at least want him to know that!
music club member 3: Hey. There really isn't any time until your turn.
Tajima: Yagami. Where is your violin...?
Yagami: It's in my dorm room.
Yagami: If I run both ways, I might be in the nick of time...
Yuki: Alright! Go!!
Yagami: Wait, this is really risky! What if I'm not in time!?
Yagami: The audience won't wait!
music club member 1: That's right! Are you telling us to announce a pause when it gets to your turn?
music club member 2: A development like this will call our management into question, won't it!?
Yuki: Then I'll go out there!
music club member 1: Wha...
Yuki: Yagami will be back in time. So until then, I'll take care of things on stage somehow!
Yuki: I'll sing, I'll dance, whatever.
Yuki: I believe in Yagami!!
Yagami: Asahina...
Yuki: Go, Yagami! Trust me!
Yagami: Y, yeah...
Yagami: Alright! I'm going!!
music club member 1: Yagami!
Yonezawa: ...I'm counting on you! Yagami!!
Yuki: It'll be fine, I'm sure...

*time passes*

Yuki: *sigh* There's not much time until our turn...
(Yuki: Yagami...)
Tajima: Damn. If only we hadn't lost our instruments.
Yonezawa: Now, all we can do is trust Yagami and Asahina-kun.
??: Mm. I hope you can.
Yuki: Joker-san!?
Joker: Hey.
Sonoda: We're here too, for what it's worth...
Chiba: ...Yeah.
Yuki: What are you doing here...?
Chiba: This event is being held with Durak's approval. It's only natural that we'd come to inspect.
Joker: So, we heard the story from the guys in the music club. Are things okay?
Joker: In case there's a gap in the performances, we can take care of it.
music club member: That would be a big help!!
Yuki: Please wait a minute!!
Joker: What?
Yuki: It's fine. I appreciate the offer, but the light music appreciation group will manage it.
Joker: Hmm.
Joker: Well, we're not really saying it out of kindness.
Joker: We don't want an event we're responsible for to get boring.
Yuki: That won't happen.
Joker: Right.
Joker: ...Well, since you're going that far, Yuki-kun, I'll leave it to you.
Yuki: Alright! Thank you!
Joker: The student council president himself is going to manage the situation, right?
Joker: If it doesn't go well, I think it'll become quite a spectacle.
Yuki: Wha...
Joker: If that happens, it will damage your reputation as student council president. Are you okay with that?
Yuki: Well...
Joker: Your face has gone rigid. Did you say you'll manage it without even being aware of that?
Yuki: ...
Yuki: Honestly, I'm scared.
Yuki: But I have to do it.

For Yagami.
For myself.

(decision: For Yagami.)
Yuki: For Yagami.
Joker: So not for yourself, but for Yagami.
Yuki: Yes.
Yuki: I want to let Yagami give his performance.
Yuki: That's all I was thinking of.
Joker: Even though you might fail?
Joker: At an event where students from other schools, not just BL School, have been invited?
Yuki: It's true... that as student council president, I think my first concern should be guiding this music festival to success.
Yuki: Maybe I should choose a way that will let the music festival carry on without problems.
Yuki: But I made a promise to Yagami. That I would do anything and manage things on stage somehow.
Yuki: Yagami has been really looking forward to the show today.
Yuki: Whenever he talks about the show, Yagami's face lights up like a child's. So much that I can't believe he ever looked scary.
Yuki: So I'm sure he'll have lots of regrets if he can't even stand up on stage.
Joker: That's why you said you'll manage it yourself somehow?
Yuki: I'll do it!
Yuki: Yagami cares about the light music appreciation group more than anyone.
Yuki: He's played a thankless role and put the band together.
Yuki: He chose the music that Tajima-san did his best to compose over his own tastes.
Yuki: He even gave a beginner like me vocal training.
Yuki: This is the first time I've realized there's that side of Yagami.
Yuki: So I absolutely can't give up without trying something on that stage!!
Yuki: As a member of the light music appreciation group, I'll handle the stage somehow.
Joker: Somehow, huh.
Joker: To be honest, I think this situation sucks.
Joker: It's possible that Yagami ran off and won't come back.
Yuki: That won't happen.
Joker: Oh my.
Yuki: I'm sure Yagami is getting his violin and coming back.
Joker: Hmm. We'll see how it turns out...
host: All of you in the Kaido School jazz club, thank you for your wonderful performance!
Yuki: *gasp*...
Joker: It looks like it's finally your turn.
Kaido School student: We're also very grateful to be given such a wonderful stage.
Kaido School student: When we received the invitation from Bell Liberty School...
Joker: Time to go. The guest's speech will be over soon.
Yuki: Right!
Joker: Do your best to entertain me.
Yonezawa: Asahina-kun, are you really going?
Yuki: I am. I promised Yagami.

Yuki: Uwah... It's packed.
student: Huh? Isn't that the Ace?
audience member: Next was supposed to be the light music appreciation group, wasn't it?
Yuki: Everyone is looking at me...
Yuki: ...*gulp*
(Yuki: ...This isn't the first time I've stood here.)
(Yuki: It's the same as before...)
(Yuki: That day I stood facing Professor Sakaki, getting carried away and objecting.)
(Yuki: Back then, I knew what needed to be said without thinking about it.)
(Yuki: I got across my feelings of objecting to the board's arbitrary declaration and not wanting the school to close...)
(Yuki: I just had to honestly put what was inside me into words.)
(Yuki: But now it's different...)
student: What's the matter, student council president?
(Yuki: What should I do, facing these people?)
(Yuki: Even if I told the truth, that the light music appreciation group lost their instruments, it won't help anything.)
(Yuki: I can't end it with something boring like just apologizing to the people who are looking forward to seeing us on stage.)
(Yuki: I'm standing on this stage alone, without having decided anything...)
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: That's right, alone...)
(Yuki: Unlike during the Bell One.)
(Yuki: When I was nervous and felt like backing out, Yagami always helped me.)
(Yuki: Yagami always encouraged me with honest words.)
(Yuki: He praised me, saying I worked hard.)
(Yuki: He told me my voice is my talent, even though I thought I didn't have any talent except for luck.)
Yuki: It's fine. I can do it.
(Yuki: I'm sure it will work out.)
(Yuki: I got through the Bell One.)
(Yuki: I have a foundation that supports me.)
(Yuki: I've changed since coming to this school.)
(Yuki: Before I came here, I never would have considered standing on stage like this now.)
(Yuki: I want to tell them.)
(Yuki: I want to tell everyone here how I feel now...)
Yuki: Pleased to meet you, everyone. I'm the student council president of Bell Liberty School, Asahina Yuki.
Yuki: Thank you for coming to the school today.
Yuki: Today, all of you from other schools were invited to this music festival.
Yuki: Today will become a special day to us students at BL School.
Yuki: We're not holding back, and having fun all day today.
Yuki: I want all of you to have lots of fun today too.
Yuki: What do you all imagine when someone says Bell Liberty School?
Yuki: That we have sharp minds, or have outstanding athletic abilities, or that we have incredible talents and skills?
Yuki: That it's a special school where nothing but those kinds of experts go?
Yuki: Maybe there are even people who think of it like an urban legend.
Yuki: Actually, until I came here, I myself couldn't imagine what kind of school it was.
Yuki: What I realized by becoming a member of the school was that everyone was surprisingly normal...
Yuki: Well, they were all students who weren't satisfied with being normal after all, so much that they couldn't be humble.
Yuki: I thought I had no talents, and surrounded by them, I worried that I didn't have anything to be proud of.
Yuki: No. I definitely do.
Yuki: I can become someone special.
Yuki: This school is a place that lets all the students believe that.
Yuki: I think there are a lot of you stepping foot in this school for the first time today.
Yuki: Everyone, I'm sure you'll discover something here.
Yuki: Something that will change you.
Yuki: Please fully enjoy what you discover for the first time today.
(Yuki: I said it...)
(Yuki: With no rehearsal. It was all-or-nothing... and it went well.)
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: Yagami hasn't come back yet...)
(Yuki: Any more is impossible.)
(Yuki: I have to do something...)
(Yuki: Sing? Dance?)
(Yuki: Even though Yagami said that, it's impossible to satisfy everyone here with just my singing or dancing.)
(Yuki: But, what can I do...?)

CG: violin
Yuki: Oh...

CG: Yagami holding the violin
Yuki: Thank goodness. He's in time...
Yagami: ...
Yuki: This...
(Yuki: It's Happy→GO☆Lucky→.)
(Yuki: The song I told Yagami I liked...)
(Yuki: The audience!)
(Yuki: Amazing. Everyone got excited all at once.)
(Yuki: It's a song everyone knows, but Yagami's arranging it...)
(Yuki: And on the violin.)
audience member: So cool!
student 1: Next is the light music appreciation group, isn't it? Why is there a violin?
student 2: And this song! I never thought I'd hear it on a violin...
student 3: But it's nice!!
Yuki: This is Yagami's violin.
Yuki: It's the first time I've heard it... I'm finally able to hear it.
Yuki: This is Yagami's violin. This is Yagami's music...
Yuki: Finally...
Yuki: Thank you, Yagami. For letting me hear your violin.
Yuki: I'd always wanted to experience this music.
Yuki: It's just like the bow is drawing across my heart and the sound is reverberating directly.
Yuki: It's so honest and strong... it's making my heart and body shiver.
Yuki: It kind of feels like I'm being proposed to passionately.
Yuki: Yagami... why did you choose this?
Yuki: This song that I said I liked.
Yuki: You're playing this song that connects us this way...

CG: Yagami
Yuki: Huh? Just now, Yagami... looked at me?
Yuki: His mouth is moving... sing?
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: Alright! Here I go!!

CG: Yuki singing, Yagami playing the violin
(Yuki: It's strange.)
(Yuki: It's my first time on stage, but I'm not nervous at all.)
(Yuki: Yagami's violin and my voice are overlapping...)
(Yuki: They're chasing each other, catching each other, and mixing with each other...)
(Yuki: It's so fun!)
Yuki: *gasp*...
(Yuki: Tears?)
(Yuki: Why? Why now?)
(Yuki: But I'm having fun. I'm having so much fun, why am I crying...?)
Yagami: ...Heh.
(Yuki: ...I see. I'm having too much fun so I'm starting to cry. It happens.)
(Yuki: Right now.)
(Yuki: Every moment is so bright, like a glittering light...)
(Yuki: Yagami and I are at the center of this flood of light.)
(Yuki: I can see everyone's smiling faces clearly.)
(Yuki: There's even people singing along.)
(Yuki: Lots of people are clapping their hands...)
(Yuki: Even the people standing in the back.)
(Yuki: Maybe it's a reflection of the light, but everyone's eyes are shining.)
(Yuki: What I feel now is like back then...)
(Yuki: I can see Shun-kun too.)
(Yuki: He's alone, looking bored.)
(Yuki: But... his eyes are definitely looking this way. He's not even blinking.)
(Yuki: I can tell just by his glance. He's watching us carefully. He's listening to our music.)
Yuki: ...
(Yuki: I understand, Yagami. The meaning of your obsession with music. Your feeling of treasuring it.)
(Yuki: The reason you continue with music, offering so much time to it, leaving marks on your body.)
(Yuki: I'm sure it goes far deeper than that and that I've kind of just touched a fraction of it.)
(Yuki: But I've found my own answer, Yagami.)
(Yuki: This song binds us.)
(Yuki: You and me.)
(Yuki: And Yonezawa-san and Tajima-san, the members of the light music appreciation group.)
(Yuki: And everyone here at this venue listening to our song!)
(Yuki: And the members of the music club who organized this music festival, and the people from other schools who participated.)
(Yuki: Everyone, everyone is moved by the music.)
(Yuki: We're here.)
(Yuki: Standing on this stage.)
(Yuki: And our power is moving everyone here.)
(Yuki: Enjoyment, happiness, those words don't fully express the feeling.)
(Yuki: I'm here with so many people.)
(Yuki: It's all, all thanks to Yagami.)
(Yuki: Yagami's violin. An incredible magical sound.)
(Yuki: This is a spell cast by Yagami.)
(Yuki: It's thanks to that!)
(Yuki: Hey, Yagami.)
(Yuki: If there's something preventing you from using this magic.)
(Yuki: I'll break it.)
(Yuki: If there is, I'll use all my strength to keep it from getting in the way of your music.)
(Yuki: From now on, I want to see your magic over and over again.)
(Yuki: I always want to be next to you like this.)
(Yuki: I want to hear your music.)
(Yuki: Closer to you than anyone...)
(end CG)

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