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In case it wasn't obvious, Sakaki is the "secret" character of GH2. After completing Sonoda's route, Sakaki's route will be unlocked on the "this and that" menu, where all the other bonus content is kept. Well, technically, you can attempt his route at any time, but he'll tell you to GTFO until you're ready to know the truth.

This is a complete translation of his character route, including the variations in the text that appear for each choice. This translation can be used to reach either of his endings.

Script was last updated on October 13, 2015.
It is considered complete. Any additional updates or changes will be minor corrections or typo fixes, etc.

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Accessing Sakaki's route:

Route construction:

June 21

Sakaki: Alright, that’s it for class today.
student #1: That was tiring.
student #2: Good job.
student #3: Oh no, I’m preparing the court today.
Sakaki: Don’t forget your assignment next week.
student #2: Right.
Sakaki: ... *sigh*

(school building, hallway)
Sakaki: The usual school scene.
Sakaki: The usual days... huh.
Sakaki: ...Geez, they bounce back so quickly.
(Sakaki: Just yesterday, they overcame the danger of the school closing...)
(Sakaki: The Bell One Grand Prix that the whole school was dragged into, that started with the proposal to close the school...)
(Sakaki: Yesterday's win signaled the end of the festival-like hustle and bustle.)
(Sakaki: This BL School is a unique school...)
(Sakaki: The students have the right of self-government and bear a portion of the school management.)
(Sakaki: It’s a deep connection, and important decisions involving the management of the school...)
(Sakaki: Are decided by a majority between the board, the director, and the student council president.)
(Sakaki: It’s hardly conceivable that the student council president, as a representative of the students, would normally be given the authority to decide on matters of management.)
(Sakaki: But, the second director, following the will of the founder who respected the independence of the students, established that structure.)
(Sakaki: As proof that he has the authority to vote, the student council president, called the Ace, possesses an armband.)
(Sakaki: Only when he has the armband is he allowed to use his authority....)
(Sakaki: On the other hand, the Sakaki group, which holds substantial influence on the current board, proposed to close the school.)
(Sakaki: I was sent to this school as a representative of the Sakaki Group, and ordered the student Sonoda to steal the armband.)
(Sakaki: Stealing the student council president’s authority to vote was done to try and force through the proposal to close the school presented by the board.)
(Sakaki: But the students who objected to that proposed to hold the Bell One Grand Prix.)
(Sakaki: And so Asahina, who won the Bell One and proved he was qualified to be the student council president, formally got back the armband.)
(Sakaki: At the board meeting which was held afterward, the student council president and the director declared their opposition, and the proposal to close the school was formally rejected.)
(Sakaki: And so, since I wasn’t able to force through the proposal, I’ll probably have to take responsibility in some form.)
(Sakaki: Since I only assumed the position of assistant director to push the interests of the Sakaki Group, it’s only natural...)
Sakaki: *sigh* It’s time.
Sakaki: ... I guess I’ll go.

(assistant director's office)
Sakaki: Come in.
Tomo: Excuse me.
Sakaki: Kasahara.
Sakaki: Good job at the board meeting.
Sakaki: You successfully voted down the proposal to close the school.
Tomo: Yes...
Sakaki: I entrust the school to you from now on.
Tomo: But, the rest...
Sakaki: You mean my dismissal as assistant director?
Tomo: Yes.... I wasn’t strong enough, I’m sorry.
Sakaki: Why are you apologizing? That wasn’t your responsibility.
Tomo: But....
Sakaki: It was so much of a mess. Not everything could go back the way it was before.
Sakaki: It couldn’t be helped that someone had to take responsibility.
Sakaki: Just that you kept me as a teacher was plenty to fulfill your duty as director.
Sakaki: Besides, my dismissal is deferred a full week.
Sakaki: With this matter, the intentions of the Sakaki Group side on the board have been made clear.
Sakaki: Probably the next selection of board members will be rough.
Tomo: From now on, someone who is prejudiced against the existence of the school won’t be selected.
Sakaki: Yeah.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group won’t be able to avoid a loss of influence on the board.
Tomo: Yes.
Sakaki: But, until the board is replaced, you have to manage in the middle of a lot affiliated with the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: In that time, I can’t deny the possibility that the Sakaki Group side will take new measures.
Tomo: Right. Since their aim isn’t to the close the school...
Tomo: As for that, I have a plan...
Tomo: If possible, I’d like your help, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What is it?
Sakaki: Whether I help or not depends on what it is.
Tomo: Right...
Tomo: No matter how much we talk in the meeting room, or work behind the scenes, I think something like before might happen again.
Sakaki: That’s right.
Tomo: So we need to let the adults know more clearly that it’s better to keep their hands off the school.
Tomo: So this time, I thought we’ll attack...
Sakaki: So what specifically do you intend to do?
Tomo: I’ll hack into the network the Sakaki Group uses and hijack it.
Sakaki: Oh...
Tomo: And, using it as a hostage, I’ll make them promise to never touch the school again.
Sakaki: That’s a pretty extreme plan for you.
Tomo: At first, I thought I would destroy the research data for Sakaki Pharmaceuticals.
Tomo: Of course, if I did that, I’d be a hypocrite...
Sakaki: I’m sure they’d be expecting that sort of outcome.
Sakaki: But is that okay?
Tomo: What is?
Sakaki: That’s an illegal method. Before, you...
Tomo: ...To be honest, I don’t want to take such measures.
Tomo: But, Yuki and everyone at the school worked so hard for the school to survive.
Tomo: I think I have to be prepared to take at least this much risk.
Tomo: More than anything, this was the only thing I could think of to resist the adults with my own strength.
Sakaki: I see.
Tomo: It’s possible that if I implement it, it will cause all sorts of trouble.
Sakaki: So, I’d like you back me up afterwards.
(Sakaki: Apparently, he’s serious.)
(Sakaki: In the past, Kasahara’s hacking ability was used by his adoptive family to commit a crime...)
(Sakaki: Although he didn’t do it of his own volition, he wouldn’t want to use that ability which caused him such misfortune.)
(Sakaki: He’s probably substantially determined if he’s gone so far as to choose this measure.)
(Sakaki: Does this mean he’s grown enough to have this determination...?)
(Sakaki: Compared to that time...)

-- flashback --

CG: Kazuki and Tomo
(Sakaki: When I first met him, it was right after the previous director died...)
(Sakaki: The second director, the heir of Suzubishi, introduced me to the next director...)
Kazuki: Kasahara Tomo. He’s assuming the directorship.
Sakaki: This brat is the next director? What kind of joke is this?
Kazuki: It’s not a joke.
Kazuki: His last name is different, but he’s the biological younger brother of the previous director, Suzubishi Nao, and he’s scheduled to go to this school starting this spring.
Sakaki: No matter what, he’s too young. The previous director was young, but he’s even younger.
Sakaki: No way, are you going to make him work as the director while going to school?
Kazuki: Coexisting as a student and the director is surprisingly doable.
Kazuki: I have experience.
Sakaki: Though I heard that in your case, you were somewhat older?
Kazuki: Well, back then, taking on that appearance was convenient for various things.
Sakaki: Just what are you planning?
Kazuki: I’m not planning anything. The director is appointed by his predecessor, you know that, don’t you?
Kazuki: The one who appointed him was definitely the previous director, his older brother.
Kazuki: Besides, he consents to assuming the directorship.
Tomo: ...Yes.
Tomo: It’s Brother’s dying wish...
Sakaki: But I don’t think that assuming the role of director in these circumstances blindly is going to go well.
Kazuki: It’s true that right now he’s still feeling the shock of his brother’s death, but when the new school term starts, it won’t be a problem.
Sakaki: Even if he was directly appointed, he’s just a young boy whose blood relative just died.
Sakaki: Doesn’t it hurt your conscience dragging him into this?
Kazuki: No.
Kazuki: Rather, I think it’s good for him right now to give him a goal to carry out.
Sakaki: That’s some cold support.
Kazuki: It’s not my duty to heal him.
Sakaki: And there’s a bit of a problem in his personal history before getting here?
Kazuki: As for that, it isn’t his responsibility.
Kazuki: Besides, I think he satisfies the requirements of ability and talent to perform the job of director.
Kazuki: When I left here, I appointed Nao-kun because I had confidence that he would inherit the ideals of this school.
Kazuki: His brother appointed him because he felt a brilliance that could lead this school in a good direction.
Kazuki: That’s what I think.
Kazuki: Besides, his brother didn’t choose him as the next director just out of compassion or nepotism....
Kazuki: I think you, of all people, know that, don’t you?
Sakaki: Heh, you’re a shrewd man...
Kazuki: I’ve also gone through a lot since I was young.
Kazuki: There’s no need to worry about the handicap of Kasahara-kun’s age, and his external problems.
Kazuki: Since I became his guardian, those trivial faults will work out somehow.
Sakaki: The person who is the candidate for the next president of the Suzubishi Group can’t always be supervising him.
Kazuki: Yes, that’s why I’ve already requested support for him in the school.
Kazuki: From the person I trust the most.
Kazuki: But, I’d like to ask you, since you’re the assistant director and would be the best advisor.
Sakaki: Me an advisor? Rather, I’m his opposition.
Sakaki: I might trick him and discreetly use him. Are you okay with that?
Kazuki: I don’t think you’re serious, but if you want to, go ahead.
Kazuki: Only, you shouldn’t underestimate him too much.
Kazuki: He’s even more stubborn than me....
end CG: Kazuki and Tomo

-- end flashback --

(Sakaki: Maybe just by virtue of being his younger brother, Kasahara at least had the ability to manage his duties.)
(Sakaki: But, like an emotionless machine, all I saw was him dealing with things in a matter-of-fact way.)
(Sakaki: That’s right, until just a month ago...)
(Sakaki: Of course, I did confirm that he was stubborn.)
(Sakaki: As a result, he may have taken advantage of me...)
Sakaki: Hehe...
Tomo: ... Professor Sakaki?
Tomo: Did I say something weird?
Sakaki: No... Kasahara, I was thinking that you really looked like a director.
Sakaki: Compared to back then.
Tomo: Back then?
Sakaki: When you were brought by the heir of Suzubishi.
Tomo: Haha... It’s true that I’ve changed compared to back then.
Sakaki: If your transformation is the result of the party-loving lot at the school and that spectacle....
Sakaki: Then there may have been a bit of a point to that Bell One.
Tomo: ...I don’t deny it.
Tomo: To me, it didn’t feel very much like a spectacle.
Tomo: When I had just gotten here, honestly, I felt like I didn’t have the capability to be the director.
Tomo: If it wasn’t Brother’s dying wish, I never would have done it.
Sakaki: Oh? And now it’s different?
Tomo: I’m still doubtful whether I’m fit or not, but my attitude has changed.
Tomo: This is all thanks to Yuki and everyone.
Tomo: The student council, Durak, and the other students helped me.
Tomo: If not for that, I think I would have run away a long time ago.
Tomo: Of course, I’m also grateful to you too, Professor.
Sakaki: I don’t remember doing anything you have to thank me for.

-- a knock on the door --

Yuki: Um, it’s Asahina.
Sakaki: Come in.
Yuki: Oh. So here you are, Tomo.
Sakaki: What? Do you have business with Kasahara?
Yuki: No, I heard the board meeting was today, so I was wondering about the results...
Yuki: I called Tomo’s cellphone, but it was off.
Tomo: Oh, I forgot it was off during the meeting.
Sakaki: And so you came here.
Yuki: So, how did it go?
Sakaki: It ended successfully. The proposal to close the school was revoked. Good for you.
Yuki: *sigh* Thank goodness.
Tomo: I told you not to worry.
Yuki: But, I was worried until I heard the result.
Yuki: Oh, but...
Sakaki: Are you dissatisfied with something?
Yuki: No... The problem this time isn’t solved just by revoking the plan to close the school.
Yuki: Tomo said it wasn’t so simple...
Sakaki: Yeah, that’s right.
Yuki: Although I only heard the simple version of the story from Tomo.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki. After all, what was this fuss about closing the school?
Yuki: Even hearing the story I don’t really get it... Won’t you explain the details?
Sakaki: Let’s see...

(decision #1)
It's not necessary to explain.

(decision #1a: explain)
Sakaki: Well, I can’t blame you for not understanding.
Sakaki: Since it involves some complicated circumstances. This is a good opportunity. It’s a bit long, but I’ll explain.
Yuki: Thank you.
Sakaki: To put it simply, the start of this mess was that the Sakaki Group run by my family targeted this school.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Sakaki: Even though it’s within the Suzubishi Group, the business doesn’t have much influence on BL School.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group took advantage of that and tried to make a profit.
Yuki: Hm...?
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group is a group of corporations that has expanded into diverse businesses...
Sakaki: Like service sector food services and temp agencies, private schools, and medicine, focused on pharmaceutical companies.
Sakaki: But, within the last ten or so years, the Group has been losing money and some divisions have gone into debt.
Sakaki: Then the Suzubishi Group came to the rescue.
Sakaki: Since then, the Sakaki Group has had a business partnership with the Suzubishi Group.
Sakaki: Since Suzubishi also has a deep connection to private schools and medicine, there was merit in it for both of them.
Sakaki: Especially when it comes to private schools, the Sakaki Group are professionals. And so, since the business partnership...
Sakaki: They began by referring teaching staff to the school and offering placement services for jobs for the students, and became involved in the management of the school.
Yuki: Why would they try to close this school despite that?
Sakaki: Of course, at the beginning, the Sakaki Group was sincerely cooperating.
Sakaki: But the Sakaki Group didn’t intend to always be in the shadow of Suzubishi.
Sakaki: They were waiting for a chance to someday get away from Suzubishi.
Yuki: Oh no... Even though Suzubishi helped them?
Sakaki: Suzubishi and Sakaki are similar family owned company groups.
Sakaki: The pride of the people at the top wouldn’t allow them to always bow to Suzubishi.
Sakaki: Then they came across an opportunity.
Yuki: Opportunity?
Sakaki: The change of director.
Sakaki: Before, a direct descendent of Suzubishi worked as the director of this school.
Sakaki: He was a man named Suzubishi Kazuki, the son of the current president of the Suzubishi Group. He's probably closest in line to become the next president.
Yuki: So someone that important was doing it...
Sakaki: Yeah. You could say it was unique.
Sakaki: That change was three years ago.
Sakaki: The one who assumed the position of director in his stead was Kasahara's older brother.
Sakaki: Although he was connected to Suzubishi, he was a distant relation, and adopted, and so the influence of Suzubishi on the school weakened.
Sakaki: There, the Sakaki Group found a vulnerable chink.
Sakaki: Beginning with me, they sent people under their backing to the board, one after another...
Sakaki: Little by little they increased their influence on the board.
Sakaki: Then, the previous director fell ill.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Group planned to make me the next director.
Sakaki: But the previous director noticed those movements and designated his younger brother Kasahara as director.
Sakaki: Designating a completely unknown person was outside of the Sakaki side's expectations.
Sakaki: But they thought Kasahara was better than a talented person on the Suzubishi side being brought in as the director.
Sakaki: It if was an underage, unproven child, they could use him as a puppet and walk all over him.
Sakaki: Because of that, they board consented to have him take the role of director.
Sakaki: That's the drift of what's happened from this spring until now.
Yuki: I understand the details how Tomo became the director...
Yuki: But why is the Sakaki Group trying to close the school?
Yuki: I don't think closing the school has anything to do with the Sakaki Group making a profit.
Sakaki: Then I'll explain that next.
Yuki: Right...
Sakaki: You must know that the Bell Pharmaceuticals research facility is on the school grounds.
Yuki: Yes. It's written in the school entrance pamphlet.
Sakaki: Bell Pharmaceuticals is very distinguished in the pharmaceutical industry.
Sakaki: Due to the number of patents for new drugs they've developed and their effectiveness, they're renowned for having one of the world's leading records of achievement.
Sakaki: This school was originally established with the goal of returning profit to Bell Pharmaceuticals.
Sakaki: And so, in order to cut off the research division from the corporate profits and for security reasons, the research lab was established on this school island.
Yuki: Wow... If I remember correctly, our RA Dora-chan is one of those researchers, right?
Sakaki: Yeah, that's right.
Sakaki: Besides Rajendra, there's several other people at this school who work as both teachers and researchers.
Yuki: I see...
Sakaki: Even within the Sakaki Group, in the division that my older brother manages, there are private schools and a separate pharmaceutical group.
Sakaki: Sakaki Pharmaceuticals hasn't delivered a result in developing a new drug in many years and it's in a lot of debt.
Sakaki: Due to the funds they got from Suzubishi, they were able to somehow continue research, but they don't have any prospects of selling a new drug yet.
Sakaki: They ought to give up on it at some point, but considering the money they've invested, they're in a situation where they can't.
Sakaki: At the same time, someone in Sakaki Pharmaceuticals obtained top secret information from the Bell research lab.
Sakaki: It was that Bell Pharmaceuticals was developing a drug that had the same effect as the drug that Sakaki Pharmaceuticals was researching.
Sakaki: And that research was at the clinical trial stage. In short, it was already at the stage of a safety check in order to sell it.
Sakaki: When they learned that, Sakaki Pharmaceuticals panicked.
Sakaki: Since you could say that research was Sakaki Pharmaceuticals' trump card to recover their losses.
Sakaki: Even though they received funds from Suzubishi, Sakaki and Suzubishi weren't collaborating on research.
Sakaki: Sakaki Pharmaceuticals and Bell Pharmaceuticals remain rival companies.
Sakaki: If that drug ends up being approved first, then they won't be able to gain the enormous profit that comes from developing a new drug.
Sakaki: Even worse, they won't be able to recover the money that has already been spent on research.
Sakaki: The Sakaki Pharmaceuticals side, which was backed into a corner, thought of something.
Sakaki: To destroy the Bell Pharmaceuticals research data using the authority to access the server that only the director of this school has.
Sakaki: Since the data from the Bell research lab is included in the database that is in the server building where the director's office is.
Sakaki: And so, the Sakaki Group, who held control of the board, threatened the director, Kasahara, using the proposal to close the school as blackmail.
Sakaki: If he didn't want the proposal to go through, he was told to access Bell research lab's new drug data and destroy it.
Sakaki: That's the background up to the point that the board submitted the proposal to close the school.
Yuki: So, this talk of closing the school was to threaten Tomo?
Tomo: Yeah... Professor Sakaki's explanation is right.
Yuki: Oh no...
Yuki: But why is there such important data for the research lab at the unrelated school?
Tomo: The director before Brother was a direct descendent of Suzubishi, so it seems he was also the head of the Bell research lab.
Tomo: That's why it's held in the servers here along with the school's information.
Tomo: But I'm not in such an important position right now.
Tomo: Even though I can access the server, I can't even touch the research lab's data.
Yuki: Then, isn't there no point to threatening you?
Tomo: Yeah. That's why nothing happened for a while after I took the position.
Tomo: But, a little bit after you got here...
Tomo: The board found out about me...
Yuki: About you...?
Tomo: That I have the knowledge to do high level hacking.
Tomo: And so they realized that if they could only make me act, even if I didn't have access rights to the research lab, I could still do something about the data.
Tomo: The Sakaki Group took advantage of the incident with my adoptive family and threatened me with the proposal to close the school.
Tomo: When I became the director, my past was kept hidden from the board, so that was enough as a reason to dismiss me.
Tomo: If I was fired and Professor Sakaki took the position of director, the proposal would be accepted and this school would close.
Tomo: I was told that if I didn't want that, I should obey quietly.
Tomo: Still, I resisted, but then your armband went missing.
Yuki: Urgh.... Sorry.
Tomo: It's not your fault.
Tomo: But it really felt like a desperate situation....
Sakaki: Since the right of the student council president was an obstacle to getting the proposal to close the school pushed through.
Sakaki: So on my orders, Sonoda stole your armband.
Sakaki: Actually, as for the armband, the plan was to set up Jokawa as the student council president and steal it via Sonoda...
Sakaki: But Jokawa is not so easily manipulated...
Sakaki: From the school's reports, my older brother has been the author of the plot thus far.
Yuki: In short, it wasn't your desire, you were just obeying your brother's instructions?
Sakaki: Mostly.
Sakaki: Because, in my position, I owe a debt to the Sakaki Group for letting me work as a teacher as I've wanted up to now.
Sakaki: To an extent, I had no choice but to obey.
Sakaki: Nevertheless, even I'm reluctant to lose my place of employment.
Sakaki: And so I created a spark, and I thought I'd see what you students would do.
Yuki: A spark...?
Sakaki: You received a movie of your armband being stolen, didn't you? It was that.
Yuki: Oh!
Tomo: I'm sure that if it hadn't been for that movie, we wouldn't have managed to hold the Bell One.
Sakaki: It got the Bell One held, didn't it?
Yuki: Oh!
Sakaki: Everything since then, you already know.
Yuki: So that's what happened...
Sakaki: With the way this school got dragged into the affairs of adults, that Bell One wasn’t a complete farce.
Sakaki: Since I was also in the position of being on the Sakaki Group side.
Sakaki: That you guys proposed the Bell One and fought in it served the purpose of withdrawing the proposal to close the school.
Yuki: I see, then it was worth it doing my best.
Sakaki: However, it doesn't end everything.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: As I explained before, the Sakaki Group hasn't achieved their goal yet.
Sakaki: Just because they failed this time, I don't think they'll give up so easily.
Sakaki: There's a good possibility that they'll think of another method to threaten the school.
Yuki: Oh no!
Tomo: That's why I came here too.
Tomo: To think of some countermeasures for the future with Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: So that's it.

(decision #1b: It's not necessary to explain.)
Sakaki: No, it's not necessary to explain.
Yuki: Huh!? Please tell me.
Sakaki: You heard the simple explanation from Kasahara, didn't you?
Sakaki: Then I have nothing to add.
Yuki: Aww, man...
Sakaki: That's all I have to say about that. Alright?
Yuki: Yes...

Yuki: Then please let me help too!
Sakaki: Hm?
Yuki: Well, I'm the student council president of this school.
Yuki: As student council president, isn't there anything I can do for this school?
Tomo: Yuki, it's fine.
Yuki: But I want to help!
Tomo: You've already done more than enough.
Tomo: Leave the rest to me and Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: No, he's right...
Tomo: Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: Since he's here and he says he'll help.
Sakaki: Then I won't hesitate to have him help.
Yuki: Please tell me anything!
Sakaki: Anything? Then, take care of these.
Yuki: Huh? These are... printouts?
Yuki: There's an awful lot of them...
Sakaki: Sort these by student ID number and put them in order.
Yuki: Huh? But, aren't these math problems?
Yuki: ...Um, is this your personal work as a teacher...
Sakaki: That's right, is there a problem?
Yuki: Well, when I said I wanted to help, it was to protect the school from the Sakaki Group...
Sakaki: If you help with that, then I can devote that time to school-related work.
Sakaki: Don't you think that's plenty of reason to help with my work?
Yuki: But...
Sakaki: Besides, it's not like classes stopped because the Bell One happened.
Yuki: Well, that's true...
Yuki: But, is it okay to let a student see homework printouts?
Sakaki: No need to worry. Those are for the hard and ultimate classes.
Sakaki: There's no problem with you seeing, since you're in the regular class.
Sakaki: Anyway, you wouldn't understand it.
Yuki: Urgh... Well, I guess you're right...
Sakaki: Then, please take care of it.
Yuki: Riiight.
Sakaki: Kasahara. Let's continue the conversation.
Tomo: Yes.
Sakaki: About the hacking you mentioned before, just taking control of the network and threatening them is too mild.
Sakaki: They might just strengthen their security.
Tomo: I'm aware of that.
Sakaki: And, if they got proof of our unauthorized access, it might become even more blackmail material.
Tomo: I think I can at least not leave any trace of access.
Sakaki: In that case, while you've got control of their network, strike their Achilles' heel.
Sakaki: You should at least do that.
Tomo: Achilles' heel...?
Sakaki: Yeah.
Sakaki: If you got some information that, if revealed outside of the Sakaki Group, would cause trouble, it would put us at an advantage.
Tomo: But, could I find something so convenient right away?
Sakaki: No problem. I have a guess as to where to aim, and I'll guide you.
Tomo: Thank you.
Tomo: But is it okay for you to go that far?
Sakaki: Hm?
Sakaki: That's not something for you to worry about.
Tomo: But...
Sakaki: I've already opposed the will of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: It's a little late to be worrying.
Sakaki: Besides, unlike you and your brother, we're not that close.
Sakaki: So don't worry about it.
Tomo: ......
Sakaki: Let's leave it here for today.
Sakaki: As for the matter before, I'll tell you another time.
Tomo: Alright. I'll also continue my preparations.
Sakaki: By the way, your hands have stopped moving, student council president.
Yuki: Oh. Right...!!
Yuki: Somehow, you're so director-like, Tomo...
Tomo: What. You don't have to look so surprised.
Tomo: Is that that rare that I do my work properly?
Yuki: Yeah, very!
Tomo: Now see here, you...
Yuki: Oh, but I don’t mean it to tease you.
Yuki: Rather, I admire you, or I found it impressive.
Tomo: How should I take that?
Yuki: It’s praise.
Tomo: ...Oh well.
Tomo: Anyway, I may need help from the student council and Durak later.
Tomo: I’ll rely on you then.
Yuki: Yeah! Leave it to me.
Tomo: Thank you, Yuki.
Tomo: Then, Professor Sakaki. I’ll be going now.
Sakaki: Yeah.

-- Tomo leaves --

Sakaki: He’s finally looking like a director.
Yuki: You’re right.
Yuki: But during class, he still skips and sleeps as usual.
Sakaki: But if he’s doing what he has to do, there’s no problem.
Yuki: It seems like it’s Tomo’s nature to just make a half-effort.
Yuki: So, if he’s doing his best on his director work, maybe the rest can’t be helped....
Yuki: But, you know... I think it would be best if he did things properly after all...
Yuki: But, Tomo doesn’t looked pained anymore, like at the beginning of the Bell One...
Yuki: So, I think maybe it’s okay the way he is now.
Sakaki: I see.
Yuki: Nevertheless, I’m really glad...
Sakaki: About what?
Yuki: Well, I found out you didn’t really want to close the school...
Yuki: When I found out you were an ally of the school, I was happy.
Sakaki: An ally...?
Sakaki: I don’t know about that.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: This time, I played the role of informing you about the school closing, as a representative of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: But it’s simply that I didn’t agree with the Sakaki Group, so I was just on your side by chance.
Sakaki: So it was just in hindsight that I was your ally.
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: It's true that I also opposed raising the proposal to close the school, threatening Kasahara, and trying to make a profit.
Sakaki: But it was different with the fate of the school.
Yuki: Different...?
Sakaki: During the Bell One, depending on how you students reacted, I might have decided to reluctantly close the school.
Yuki: But, in the end, you let us win.
Yuki: That must have been because the actions of us students reflected our desire to protect the school, in your eyes.
Sakaki: Who knows...
Sakaki: But if that’s what you want to think, go ahead.
Yuki: Right!
(Sakaki: It’s a little bit different than being an ally of the school or wanting to protect it...)

-- time passes --

Yuki: Professor Sakaki, I’ve finished sorting the printouts!
Sakaki: Yeah, good job.
*stomach rumble*
Yuki: Oh...
Sakaki: That’s a very impressive sound.
Yuki: Hahaha, it looks like I got hungry...
Sakaki: I see, it’s already this late.
Sakaki: Let’s go. Come with me.
Yuki: R, right! Wait, come with you, where...?

Yuki: Professor Sakaki. Is this...?
Sakaki: As you can see, it’s an oden stall.
Yuki: Huh! Then, are we...?
Sakaki: I’ll treat you, as thanks for helping.
Yuki: Woohoo!!
Sakaki: It makes you that happy?
Sakaki: It’s only oden.
Yuki: Of course I’m happy! Well, this stall is off-limits to us students!!
Yuki: Every once in a while, I passed by and enviously watched the teachers eating.
Sakaki: I see.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, this place is off-limits to students unaccompanied by an adult...
Yuki: Why can’t students go...?
Yuki: I think if lots of customers came, the stall would be more profitable...
Sakaki: Because this place serves sake.
Sakaki: Besides, it would be bothersome if you students swarmed the place and then the original customers, the teachers and staff, couldn’t get it.
Sakaki: Unlike the students at the dorm, there is no cafeteria for teachers and staff.
Yuki: I see...
Sakaki: So I’m only bringing you this time. Don’t tell the other students.
Yuki: Of course I’ll keep it a secret!
Sakaki: It would be annoying if it got out and other students sponged off me.

owner: Welcome!
Sakaki: It’s two. Do you have seats?
owner: They’re free.
Sakaki: I’ll take sake and an assortment of your choice.
owner: Coming up.
Yuki: Oh. Professor Ito and Dr. Matusoka!
Matsuoka: Oh my, that’s an interesting combination.
Keita: True. Both of you, over here, sit, sit.

CG: Sakaki, Yuki, Keita, and Dr. Matsuoka at the oden stall
Yuki: Woohoo! Let’s eat!!
Yuki: Hot. Munch munch... Mmm, this fried fishcake is awesome!
Keita: It’s delicious, isn’t it? The other ingredients are also pretty good.
Yuki: Yes! I want to try them all!
Keita: So, Professor Sakaki. What brings you here so late?
Keita: It’s rare that you bring someone.
Sakaki: Because of the Bell One, my class preparations piled up.
Sakaki: He helped me. So this is in thanks.
Keita: I see. So it’s a reward for helping. You’re surprisingly kind, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: “Surprisingly” is uncalled-for.
Keita: Ahaha...
Yuki: What about you, Professor Ito and Dr. Matsuoka?
Matsuoka: I ran into Professor Ito just as I was coming back from work.
Matsuoka: The conversation turned to “why don’t we eat dinner here?”
Keita: It was still bright when we got here, but I got deep in talk with Dr. Matsuoka.
Yuki: What were you talking about?
Matsuoka: Seeing your efforts in the Bell One, we were remembering things about when Professor Ito was a student.
Keita: It was fun reminiscing.
Sakaki: Were you drinking?
Keita: Of course not, this is oolong tea.
Yuki: Professor Ito, so you don’t drink.
Keita: It’s not that I don’t drink, but I’m not really good with alcohol. Dr. Matsuoka also has oolong tea.
Matsuoka: Because I commute by motorcycle.
Yuki: Wow, so you ride a motorcycle. I can’t really picture it.
Yuki: Huh, but, Dr. Matsuoka, you’re wearing a doctor’s coat.
Matsuoka: Yeah, I still have work left to do, so after this, I’m going back to the school.
Yuki: I see.
Keita: Come to think of it, wasn’t it hard helping Professor Sakaki?
Yuki: Yes, well, in its own way...
Keita: Since Professor Sakaki prepares individual homework for the students in his classes.
Yuki: That’s right. Before when I saw the printouts I was sorting, I learned it for the first time.
Yuki: For the hard and ultimate classes, the problems that appear are different depending on the student.
Yuki: Since I’m in the regular class, I didn’t realize it until now, but why is that?
Sakaki: I don’t teach anything but the basics for regular. A standard lesson is plenty.
Sakaki: But, for hard and ultimate classes, I have students who are relatively serious about learning.
Sakaki: In order for them to level up, it’s more effective to focus on their individual weak points.
Sakaki: If you want to solve personalized problems, advance to the hard class.
Sakaki: It’s not boring in that class.
Yuki: N, n, no! It’s all I can do to just follow the lesson in the regular class.
Yuki: Advancing to the hard class on top of that would be impossible.
Sakaki: It would.
Yuki: Urgh... Agreeing so quickly is kind of depressing...
Keita: It’s okay. When I was in school, I was all regular.
Keita: The top rank at this school is students chosen from the whole country. Even if you don’t advance, you don’t have to be depressed.
Yuki: You’re right.
Keita: Besides, you’re amazing, Professor Sakaki.
Keita: Just the preparations for the regular class lessons are all I can handle.
Keita: Making separate questions at an individual level, or to match weak points, would be impossible for me.
Keita: Although I know it’s for the sake of the students...
Matsuoka: Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Professor Sakaki's care is getting through to the students very much.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Matsuoka: I often hear complaints about Professor Sakaki’s class from the students who come to the nurse’s office.
Matsuoka: Of course that the class is hard, but they also often say that the tests are even worse, at a savage level.
Yuki: Huh, are they that hard?
Sakaki: Don’t worry, the regular class doesn’t get anything more than the level of the lesson.
Keita: Come to think of it, Professor Sakaki is famous for making tests that no one can get 100% on.
Yuki: That no one can get 100% on...
Yuki: Does that mean it’s too hard? Or are there questions that can’t be answered or something?
Keita: That’s not it. This year is special, but normally, only the hard and ultimate students take Professor Sakaki’s tests, right?
Yuki: Yes. Everyone is really smart.
Keita: He puts problems that are easy to miss for those sorts of bright students.
Keita: He makes problems with the approach that’s hardest for the students to conceive.
Yuki: Amazing...
Keita: Isn’t that right, Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: It’s simply that I like to take the lot that think they’re smart down a peg.
Sakaki: There’s a lot of guys at this school who overestimate their abilities and get cocky...
Sakaki: Through my tests, I let them taste frustration and the harshness of the world.
Keita: Professor Sakaki... It’s because you talk like that the students criticize you behind your back.
Matsuoka: As a result, the students learn precisely in a way that really stretches their abilities...
Matsuoka: If you don’t properly explain that intention, they’ll stay with their misunderstanding.
Yuki: That’s right.
Yuki: Even around me, everyone calls him a sadist and slavedriver.
Sakaki: Hmph, let them say what they like.
Sakaki: I didn’t really become a teacher to be liked by the students. It’s fine.
Keita: But, I think being friends with the students is important, don’t you?
Sakaki: I’ll leave scoring points with the students to you.
Keita: Saying things like that again...
Yuki: Umm.
Sakaki: What is it, Asahina?
Yuki: You might not mind it but...
Yuki: But I think, I wish you would tell us what you were thinking more.
Sakaki: And then what?
Yuki: Well, as a teacher, you take into consideration the school and the students.
Yuki: Not just in class, but even in the Bell One and stuff.
Yuki: I want to let everyone know that more.
Keita: I know. I agree with Asahina-kun too.
Keita: Although, when a student is in trouble, I end up treating them with kid gloves...
Keita: That may not necessarily be right.
Keita: You have to think carefully about how to best deal with each student.
Keita: I think how you deal with the students is a form of kindness.
Yuki: I see...
Keita: That’s why I think Professor Sakaki takes far better care of the students than I do.
Sakaki: You’re giving me too much credit.
Keita: That’s not true.
Sakaki: Anyway, that sort of thing is annoying, so I leave the class to Professor Ito.
Sakaki: I have my hands full with lessons and my work as assistant director.
Keita: Well, didn’t you bring Asahina-kun here today?
Keita: I think you are nice after all.
Sakaki: My bringing him here isn’t kind like you’re talking about.
Sakaki: I just felt pity because Asahina’s stomach growled so loud I was astonished.
Yuki: Ahaha... haha...
Sakaki: But, there is some truth to what Professor Ito says.
Yuki: So, from now on are you going to show more kindness?
Sakaki: No. As a teacher, that’s the wrong way to thank a student.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: Teaching you, and preparing special personalized homework would be more for your sake.
Yuki: No, thank you!!
Sakaki: Don’t be shy. Even without that, you came to school a month late.
Yuki: That’s true, but thanking me with oden makes me much happier!
Yuki: Munch munch munch...
Sakaki: That’s right, don’t hold back. I’ll teach you as much math as you like.
Keita: In that case, I’ll teach you history.
Yuki: You too, Professor Ito!
Matsuoka: Then, for me...
Yuki: You too, Dr. Matsuoka!
Yuki: I’m fine with oden!!
Yuki: Oh, mister! I want more radish and fried tofu and chikuwa and mochi-stuffed tofu and egg!
owner: Coming up!
Sakaki: Asahina, you’re asking for too much.
Sakaki: I did tell you I was treating you, but there’s a limit to things.
Yuki: But it’s really delicious!
Sakaki: But the stuff here just tastes normal.
Yuki: It may be normal to you teachers, but to me, it’s special.
Yuki: Since you said it was just this time, didn’t you?
Yuki: Then this might already be the last time I come here.
Yuki: Besides, this stall feels like I’ve come to a secret adult place.
Yuki: So maybe it’s like it tastes more delicious than usual.
Keita: Oh, I know what you mean.
Keita: This stall was here when I was a student at BL School too.
Keita: Even back then it was off-limits to students.
Keita: And so I always longed to come to this stall back then too.
Yuki: Come to think of it, Professor Ito and Dr. Matsuoka, you’re graduates of this school.
Keita: Yeah. What about it?
Yuki: When you were students... What was it like?
Matsuoka: Well...
Matsuoka: Even though we’re both graduates, Professor Ito and I didn’t go to the school at the same time...
Matsuoka: Next time you come to the nurse’s office, I’ll show you some old pictures of Professor Ito and his friends.
Yuki: Really? I want to see them!
Keita: Huh, Dr. Matsuoka, you have pictures?
Keita: Please don’t. If you show him the old pictures, I’ll lose my dignity as a teacher...
Sakaki: Ito, when did you ever have dignity?
Keita: Professor Sakaki, that’s mean.
Matsuoka: Teehee...
Matsuoka: Oh... Seeing you like this, you two are similar.
Yuki: Similar?
Keita: Me and Asahina-kun?
Matsuoka: Yeah.
Keita: Wait a minute. I’m not a glutton like Asahina-kun.
Yuki: Professor Ito! I’m not really a glutton...
Sakaki: No, that’s not what it looks like to me...
Yuki: It’s true! I just get hungry fast!
Sakaki: That’s called gluttony.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!
Sakaki: But I’m glad.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: If you’re similar, even you can at least become like Professor Ito.
Keita: Professor Sakaki!!
Yuki: Haha...
Keita: Nevertheless, Asahina-kun, thank you.
Yuki: Huh?
Keita: The Bell One. You worked hard, didn’t you?
Keita: Thanks to that, BL School isn’t going to close and I’m really glad.
Yuki: Professor Ito...
Keita: I wanted to show my gratitude and that’s why I decided to become a teacher.
Keita: I studied as hard as I could, and I was able to get a job as a teacher at this school.
Keita: And yet, I could have lost the job after only having it for two months.
Matsuoka: I feel the same.
Yuki: You too, Dr. Matsuoka?
Matsuoka: Yeah. I’m also here as a doctor because of BL School.
Matsuoka: My feelings are the same as Professor Ito’s.
Sakaki: Is that how it is?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki... you sound indifferent.
Sakaki: Sorry. Anyway, I didn’t graduate from here.
Sakaki: That’s why I can’t understand this talk of... because it’s BL School.
Yuki: ...Professor Sakaki.
Rajendra: Good evening. Please let me join too.
Yuki: Oh, Dora-chan.
Keita: Good evening.
Rajendra: Mister. Everything looks delicious today too.
Keita: Did you come to eat chikuwabu today?
Matsuoka: Or konnyaku?
Rajendra: I can't decide which.
Yuki: Wow...
Yuki: Dora-chan, you're friends with Professor Ito and Dr. Matsuoka.
Yuki: It's kind of surprising.
Rajendra: Is it? We're good friends.
Yuki: Yes. Well, I never see teachers at the dorm.
Rajendra: I became friends with them here.
Yuki: At this stall?
Rajendra: That's right. Oden is really delicious.
Rajendra: If you eat delicious food together, you're soon friends.
Rajendra: I really like the flavor of Japanese broth.
Rajendra: That's why I come to this stall sometimes.
Keita: Although Dora-chan is always early to bed, early to rise.
Keita: The days you come here, you're up late.
Rajendra: Yes, when I'm up late, it's a flavor I want to eat.
owner: It makes me happy to hear that.
Rajendra: It's true.
Rajendra: At first, I was surprised by the unfamiliar food.
Rajendra: Konnyaku, konnyaku noodles, fish dumplings, kelp rolls.
Rajendra: When I learned that that paste products in oden were made from fish, I was very shocked.
Yuki: You don't have those sorts of things in India?
Rajendra: No. Paste products in India are mostly wheat flour.
Rajendra: Mister, chikuwabu please.
owner: Coming up.
Yuki: So you like chikuwabu.
Rajendra: Yes. I especially like chikuwabu. I really enjoy the flavor of the broth.
Yuki: Then, I'd like chikuwabu too!!
Sakaki: You still feel like eating?
end CG: Sakaki, Yuki, Keita, and Dr. Matsuoka at the oden stall

Yuki: Ah! I'm so full!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki! Thank you for the meal!!
Sakaki: Don't stray on the way back to the dorm.
Yuki: Okay!
Rajendra: It's fine. I'll go with him.
Yuki: Then, good night!
Keita: Good night, Asahina-kun.
Matsuoka: See you tomorrow.
Sakaki: I guess we're also leaving. Ito, you commute from outside the school island, don't you?
Keita: Yes.
Keita: Professor Sakaki, you're at the faculty dorm on the school island, aren't you?
Sakaki: Yeah.
Keita: Um, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Hm?
Keita: ...About Kasahara-kun. Thank you.
Sakaki: What is that, all of a sudden?
Matsuoka: Let me tell you my gratitude too. Thank you.
Sakaki: What is it with both of you?
Keita: Actually, Dr. Matsuoka and I were asked by the second director to support him.
Sakaki: Second... you mean the heir of Suzubishi?
Keita: Yes.
Keita: We've been friends with him for a long time.
Sakaki: I see.
Matsuoka: And not just him, his older brother Nao-kun also entrusted us with Kasahara-kun.
Matsuoka: Only, Kasahara-kun isn't the type to complain or talk to others.
Keita: I can't really say I've helped him much other than be worried about him.
Keita: So, it's a real help that you're on Kasahara-kun's side.
Keita: Thank you.
Sakaki: Hey, hey. Wasn't I the one who cornered Kasahara?
Keita: But at the end, you helped him, didn't you?
Matsuoka: Thanks to that, he seems to have gotten over things.
Sakaki: That's not my achievement.
Sakaki: I just tested Kasahara.
Sakaki: If he changed, it's thanks to the students around him like Asahina.
Matsuoka: Nevertheless, you, as an adult, understood him, and since you're in the same position, you supported his work.
Matsuoka: That must have been a big help to him.
Matsuoka: Besides, Asahina-kun has really become a good student council president.
Keita: I think so too.
Keita: He's energetic, and no matter what happened, he didn't give up.
Matsuoka: That's right.
Keita: And Asahina-kun always works his very hardest for the sake of others.
Keita: When I see him like that, I think I'm really glad he's student council president.
Matsuoka: He faces things directly, makes an honest effort for those around him, and steers things in the right direction.
Matsuoka: That's not something just anyone can do.
Sakaki: That's too much praise.
Keita: No it's not.
Keita: I think Asahina-kun did a really good job.
Sakaki: Hmm...
Matsuoka: Before, when I said that Professor Ito and Asahina-kun resembled each other, it's true.
Matsuoka: Especially in how they are straightforward and earnest.
Matsuoka: When I see Asahina-kun, it's like I'm seeing Professor Ito from seven years ago.
Matsuoka: And both of you have good luck.
Matsuoka: I'm sure you might resemble each other in the fundamentals.
Matsuoka: That's why I think he can do special things.
Keita: Hmm. I guess...
Matsuoka: Professor Sakaki, what do you think?
Sakaki: About Asahina...?

(decision #2)
He's just an ordinary student.
Maybe he's special.

(decision #2a: He's just an ordinary student.)
Sakaki: He's just an ordinary student.
Matsuoka: Is that how it is?
Sakaki: Yeah. I don't have any special attachment to any particular student.
Keita: Really, Professor Sakaki, you're so businesslike.

(decision #2b: Maybe he's special.)
Sakaki: Maybe it's true that he's special.
Keita: Huh?
Sakaki: What?
Keita: Oh, no. I just thought it was unusual that you'd call a particular student special.
Sakaki: Is it?
Keita: Yes.
Sakaki: Ability-wise, he's as ordinary as he could be, but he might have something that other students at this school don't.
Sakaki: Seeing him this past month, I sense it too.
Sakaki: Besides, he was the catalyst.
Keita: Catalyst?
Sakaki: That's right.
Sakaki: If it hadn't been for Asahina and the group gathered around him, the Bell One wouldn't have been held.
Sakaki: And, I didn't think I would side with the students in the end.
Sakaki: Asahina coming here has been very meaningful.

Keita: Oh, it's already so late! The bus is going to arrive.
Keita: Well then, I'll be going now.
Sakaki: Yeah.
Matsuoka: Thanks.
Keita: See you tomorrow.
Sakaki: I guess I'll go too.
Matsuoka: Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Hm? Is there still something else?
Matsuoka: What are you going to do from now on?
Sakaki: ......
Matsuoka: Siding with the students is damaging your relationship with the Sakaki Group, isn't it?
Matsuoka: Depending on the situation, you might not even be able to remain as a teacher.
Sakaki: Possibly.
Sakaki: Well, whatever happens, happens.
Sakaki: I came to this school for my family's convenience after all.
Sakaki: I don't feel any obligation to this school, or have any reason to be attached to it.
Sakaki: Even if I leave here, with no attachment to the place called BL School, it's all the same to me.
Sakaki: Let me ask you in the same vein, even though you're qualified to a be a doctor, why do you stay here?
Matsuoka: Let's see.
Matsuoka: Unlike Professor Ito, it's not gratitude, but maybe a debt...
Sakaki: A debt...?
Sakaki: You mean to the previous director?
Matsuoka: As a doctor, I was in a position to monitor his condition, so there might be that too...
Sakaki: That wasn't anyone's fault. You don't need to feel responsible, do you?
Matsuoka: I know that, but I listened to his desires.
Matsuoka: If possible, I wanted to have the brothers reunite at this school.
Sakaki: I see...
Matsuoka: But my real reason for being at this school might simply be that I'm too comfortable here.
Matsuoka: Well then, I'll be heading back now.
Sakaki: Yeah. Thanks.
Matsuoka: Professor Sakaki.
Matsuoka: If you end up leaving, I'm sure the students will be sad.
Matsuoka: Bye, see you tomorrow, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: ... *sigh*
Sakaki: Geez...
(Sakaki: Maybe I've stayed here a little too long...)

June 22

(staff room)
Sakaki: You want tutoring?
Yuki: Yes!
Sakaki: You're paying good attention to your studies. When did you develop such enthusiasm?
Yuki: At the oden stall, you said you'd teach me anytime, didn't you?
Yuki: So I came to take you up on your kind offer right away.
Yuki: What we did in last week's class, I thought I understood it during class.
Yuki: But when I tried to do the workbook on my own, it looks like I didn't...
Sakaki: Hm...
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, please.
Sakaki: Fine. Anyway, wait in the classroom.
Yuki: The classroom?
Sakaki: The classroom is empty right now. So I'll tutor you there.
Yuki: Yes! Thank you!
(Sakaki: Besides, that Asahina... did he get attached to me just for feeding him oden?)
(Sakaki: Or is it that he decided I wasn't an enemy?)
(Sakaki: He's gotten friendly all of a sudden.)

CG: Sakaki tutors Yuki
Sakaki: So it's because you substituted the value of Y there that you can't derive the answer.
Yuki: But that’s how I solved the last problem...
Sakaki: It’s using a different formula than the last problem. Switch your thinking.
Sakaki: Then, next try solving this one. You must understand the difference between the two.
Yuki: Umm... Since this is the same formula as the last one...
Yuki: I get it! I see, so this is it...
Yuki: Oh!
Sakaki: What?
Yuki: I was thinking I heard a whistle from the track just now.
Sakaki: What about it?
Yuki: The track club is probably practicing.
Yuki: Come to think of it, Tomo was a phantom member of the track club until now.
Yuki: The older members recently found out he was practicing in secret.
Yuki: So next time, they’re making him participate in a track meet.
Sakaki: Oh, that’s rough for him.
Sakaki: Asahina. Don’t just talk, get your head and hands to work.
Yuki: Right.
Yuki: I solved it. How is this?
Sakaki: Then, next, try solving this with another formula.
Yuki: Umm, this one... That’s right, did you know Sonoda-san started a mystery lunch in the cafeteria recently?
Sakaki: What are you talking about?
Yuki: Instead of the high priced auctions, he’s offering concealed dishes for students to get rid of their food aversions.
Yuki: It’s interesting.
Yuki: Speaking of interesting, Joker-san said he found the Bell One interesting so we should do the same again.
Yuki: It seems he has all sorts of ideas for a more exciting game tournament next time, with all the students participating.
Yuki: I can’t wait...
Yuki: And he said he’d make it so the teachers can participate too, so you should enter then.
Sakaki: As usual, Jokawa has too much free time.
Yuki: Oh, I understand a lot more. This problem...
Yuki: After the Bell One ended, it seems a lot of people started new things.
Yuki: Kuya-san made a fund for the stray cats of the school recently.
Yuki: He was really enthusiastic, saying that he’d make it so the cats wouldn’t have any trouble even when he graduates.
Yuki: Yagami is going to be in the music festival and I’m singing with Yagami’s band, so we’re practicing now.
Yuki: Please come listen too, Professor.
Sakaki: ...Asahina.
Yuki: Yes!
Sakaki: Do you want to chit-chat?
Sakaki: I thought you came for tutoring, or did I mishear?
Yuki: Of course, tutoring!
Sakaki: Then concentrate on the problems.
Yuki: But, since I have the chance to talk to you like this, I want to talk too.
Sakaki: You mean trivial chit-chat?
Yuki: It’s not trivial!
Yuki: It’s about the students who all protected the school.
Yuki: I want you to know too.
Sakaki: ......
(Sakaki: Geez, this guy... he’s chatty and friendly...)
(Sakaki: Rather than liking to gossip, he likes to involve himself with others.)
(Sakaki: He empathizes with others as if they were himself...)
(Sakaki: He's the type who gets fulfillment from doing things for others, not for his own sake.)
(Sakaki: His personality has probably always been like that.)
(Sakaki: He must have been raised lovingly among people who listened even to his idle talk with interest.)
(Sakaki: In a good environment, without malice.)
Sakaki: Look. You skipped over this problem.
Yuki: Oh, you're right... I'm always accidentally skipping problems.
(Sakaki: And, he's aware he's an ordinary person.)
(Sakaki: Maybe because of that, he doesn't have any weird pride or hunger for fame.)
(Sakaki: He can freely trust, admire, and praise what other people say.)
(Sakaki: His type is rare at this school.)
(Sakaki: The students at this school are narrow-minded due to pride, because the majority are elite.)
(Sakaki: Maybe that's why this guy can be friends with anyone.)
(Sakaki: Even within the school, he's well-liked by most, and in the blink of an eye, became the focus of the school.)
(Sakaki: I guess it's all due to his nature.)
Yuki: Come to think of it, the second year, Chiba-san, got a really good achievement in the recent inter-high.
Yuki: And the other second year, Arata-san, too, in the swim club...
Sakaki: Arata...? You mean Minase?
Yuki: Oh, yes, right.
Yuki: Arata-san has been through a lot, but it seems he’s going to continue swimming...
Yuki: I’m cheering for both of them. I want everyone to do their best in the school’s athletic clubs.
Sakaki: And? Why did you substitute that variable there?
Yuki: Huh? Is it wrong?
Sakaki: Compare it carefully. What was the right formula to use there?
Yuki: Uh, um... in this case, it was...
(Sakaki: In his honesty and lack of hostility towards others, he's similar to Rajendra...)
(Sakaki: But Rajendra, due to his own principles and indifference, has nothing more than a philanthropic spirit.)
(Sakaki: But in Asahina's case...)
(Sakaki: He deals with people more actively, with no regard to himself.)
(Sakaki: Rajendra doesn't have that part.)
(Sakaki: And when it comes to that...)
Yuki: Uwah. I made a big mistake!
Yuki: Then, this is... um...
(Sakaki: He might be pretty interesting.)
Yuki: Ehehehehe.
Sakaki: What's with that creepy laugh all of a sudden?
Yuki: Well, Professor Sakaki, you look like you're having fun.
Sakaki: I'm having fun?
Yuki: Yes, at least you look like it.
Sakaki: It's your imagination.
Yuki: What? And I thought you were smiling because my conversation was interesting...
Yuki: By the way, Professor Sakaki, do you have someone you like?
Sakaki: What are you asking all of a sudden?
Yuki: Ehehe. Actually, I've been wondering for a long time.
Sakaki: You...

(decision #3)
Are you interested in me?
Don't think about things that aren't your business.

(decision #3a: Are you interested in me?)
Sakaki: Are you interested in me?
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Me, interested in you...?
Yuki: No!! Th, that's now how I meant it!?
Sakaki: Then, how did you mean it?
Sakaki: As simple curiosity?
Yuki: I was just, simply wondering, so I tried asking...
Yuki: I, I didn’t think so deeply about any other meaning or anything...
(Sakaki: Geez. Students at this age, they're overly interested in the love lives of anyone and everyone.)
(Sakaki: I guess he's no exception.)
Yuki: That's why... well... uh... um...
(Sakaki: Maybe naive, or earnest.)
(Sakaki: He has more innocent charm than I thought.)
Yuki: Um, you're a nice person who treated me to food, and I thought I wanted to get along with you better...
Yuki: How should I put it, I wanted to get to know you more, and there's lots of stuff I wonder about...
Yuki: Huh... Could it be, does that mean I like Professor Sakaki...?
Yuki: ...I wonder. Umm, no, no way, it can't be...
Sakaki: Hehe... you're a funny guy.
Yuki: Funny?
Sakaki: Yeah, I feel like I understand the reason that the guys at this school have crowded around you.
Yuki: ......
Yuki: Ehehe...
Sakaki: That makes you happy?
Yuki: Well, I feel like you praised me somehow...
Sakaki: That's not how I meant it...
Sakaki: You have a considerably positive way of thinking.
Yuki: Oh, I get told that all the time. And that I'm happy-go-lucky.
Yuki: But, I guess it's better than being negative.
Sakaki: That's true.
(Sakaki: Geez, this guy...)
Yuki: Oh. You smiled again.

(decision #3b: Don't think about things that aren't your business.)
Sakaki: Are you an idiot? Don't think about things that aren't your business.
Yuki: But...
Sakaki: Don't talk so much and work your head and hands.
Yuki: R, right!
Sakaki: Have you properly thought about this problem?
Yuki: ...Tch.
Sakaki: You don't look happy.
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: Why did you ask me something like that?
Yuki: Actually, it was Sonoda-san...
Sakaki: Sonoda?
Yuki: Yes.... He told me to try asking you.
Yuki: He said he was sure you'd tell me something interesting...
Sakaki: So you were misled by something stupid.
Yuki: Haha...
(Sakaki: That damn Eiji... Is this revenge against me?)
(Sakaki: Geez...)

Sakaki: Asahina. I know you're interested in other people's love lives.
Sakaki: But now is not the time to discuss romance.
Sakaki: Don't forget I'm spending my precious time to tutor you.
Yuki: Riiight.
Sakaki: If you understand, then do the next problem.
Yuki: Yes.
Yuki: Um...
(Sakaki: Asahina's imagination is extremely average.)
(Sakaki: But, in his honesty, his understanding is high.)
(Sakaki: That's valuable, but that honesty could be his ruin, he's weak to trick questions.)
Sakaki: ......
(Sakaki: It's been a long time since I've individually taught an average student like this.)
(Sakaki: Since I've hardly done it since I came to this school...)
Sakaki: Alright. The next problem.
Sakaki: Since you're so motivated and came to ask for tutoring.
Sakaki: Today, I'll tutor you intensively.
Yuki: Uwah. Professor, please go easy on me.
end CG: Sakaki tutors Yuki

(courtyard, evening)
Yuki: Thank you for today!!
Sakaki: You worked hard.
Yuki: Thank you, Professor. I didn't think you would stay with me so late.
Yuki: Thanks to you, I feel like I've leveled up a lot.
Yuki: Please don't be discouraged from teaching me again.
Sakaki: Yeah. If I have time.
Sakaki: You did a good job today. If you don't hurry, you won't be in time for dinner, right?
Yuki: It's already that late!? I have to hurry back.
Yuki: Oh, that's right! We're going to have a party!
Sakaki: A party?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: Although we already had the celebration to congratulate us for the Bell One.
Yuki: This time, since the board officially decided that the school is going to remain.
Yuki: There's talk of having a celebration for the school surviving.
Yuki: Then, we're going to invite not just students, but all the teachers and staff too.
Yuki: When the day is set, please participate too, Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: Well then, good night.
Sakaki: *sigh*... He really is happy-go-lucky.
Sakaki: Inviting me to a celebration for the school surviving.
(Sakaki: Geez, that guy...)

June 24

(school building, roof)
Sakaki: It's about time for Kasahara's counterattack to start...
Sakaki: I hope you pull it off...
(Sakaki: Kasahara is accessing the Sakaki Group's network...)
(Sakaki: And buying time by playing the PR movie of the school that the students made.)
(Sakaki: He's using that opening to seek out the hidden information...)
(Sakaki: There's no margin for error, but it's Kasahara. I'm sure he'll pull it off.)
(Sakaki: I told him the hint about the hidden file.)
(Sakaki: The rest will depend on the negotiations, but with the way he is now, he'll get through it somehow.)
(Sakaki: As long as that goes well, my brother will stop meddling with this school.)
(Sakaki: I have all of this week until I'm dismissed as assistant director, but I should clean up before then...)
(Sakaki: Nevertheless, it's ironic...)
(Sakaki: On the one one hand is a younger brother inheriting the dying wish of his older brother to protect the school...)
(Sakaki: On the other hand, as for me...)
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!!
Yuki: *pant pant* I finally found you...
Sakaki: Why are you in such a panic?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!! Is it true you quit being a teacher!?
Sakaki: Huh?
Yuki: Before, I heard from Joker-san!
Yuki: He said that 'Professor Sakaki was dismissed as assistant director and fired from the school!'
Yuki: It has to be a lie!!
Yuki: After all, it's because I won the Bell One, isn't it!?
Yuki: I don't want you to end up leaving the school because of that!!
Yuki: What should I do!? I only wanted to protect the school!
Yuki: I wanted to protect the school... and everyone... so...
Yuki: That this would happen... by protecting the school...
Yuki: I never considered it...
Yuki: Still, because of that, that you'd have to quit being a teacher, I had no idea...
Yuki: *sob sob* What will I do... What should I do...
Yuki: I... I...
Sakaki: Ah. Calm down, Asahina.
Yuki: *sob sob sniffle*
Sakaki: *sigh*...Asahina.
Sakaki: Don't cry, Asahina. I'm fine.
Yuki: But... you've been fired... it's not fine...
Yuki: Even though you're... such a good, kind... teacher...
Yuki: I know... this isn't the time to cry... *sniffle*
Yuki: Why am I... so...?
(Sakaki: It's no good. He's not listening to me at all...)

split: Sakaki kisses Yuki
(happens only if you've chosen BOTH Maybe he's special and Are you interested in me?)

(Sakaki: It's too annoying to persuade him while he's like this...)
Sakaki: Asahina, lift your face.

(CG: Sakaki kisses Yuki)
Yuki: Mmmph!!
Sakaki: ......
Yuki: Ngh, nngh! Ngh!
(Sakaki: This guy... he didn't have to get so out of control. Geez...)
Yuki: Mmmph... mph...!
(end CG: Sakaki kisses Yuki)

Yuki: *pant pant pant*
Yuki: Uh... um... Professor... Sakaki...?
Sakaki: ...Have you calmed down a little?
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: ... *sigh*
(Sakaki: I'd say he's stunned. Well, it's understandable.)
Yuki: Professor...?
Yuki: Um, that just now...
Sakaki: It was a kiss. What about it?
Yuki: ...A kiss...
Sakaki: Do you want me to do more of it?
Yuki: No... um...
Yuki: Why...?
Sakaki: If I didn't do that, you weren't going to calm down.
Sakaki: In fact, you've calmed down, haven't you?
Yuki: I'm calm... or rather, surprised...
Sakaki: In the first place, don't jump to conclusions.
Yuki: Jump to conclusions...?
Sakaki: It's true I was dismissed as assistant director.
Sakaki: But that doesn't mean I was fired as a teacher.
Sakaki: So don't panic.
Yuki: Huh... then, Professor, you're going to be staying at this school from now on?
Sakaki: ...For now.
Yuki: Really!?
Sakaki: Do you think I would lie?
Yuki: I do...
Yuki: Well, you're an adult...
Sakaki: Because I'm an adult, I lie?
Yuki: But, you're good at lying, aren't you?
Yuki: During the Bell One, you pretended to be our enemy...
Yuki: Even from now on, if you seriously lied, I wouldn't be able to see through it...
Sakaki: Well, that's true.
Sakaki: I wouldn't tell a lie that you would find out.
Sakaki: Because I'm an adult. I do unfair and underhanded things, even lie.
Sakaki: Actually, I'm the one responsible for plunging this school into a crisis.
Sakaki: But it doesn't mean I'm a bad adult that would go so far as to even deceive you with a kiss, does it?
Yuki: Oh...

split: Sakaki pinches Yuki's nose
(happens only if you've chosen He's just an ordinary student and/or Don't think about things that aren't your business)

Sakaki: You idiot, don't go jumping to conclusions.
Yuki: Ngh!!
Yuki: Ow, p, pleez don pinge my nobse!!
Sakaki: Will you listen to me?
Yuki: Yez!!
Sakaki: Fine.
Yuki: Mmph...
Sakaki: I was just fired as assistant director. That doesn't mean I quit being a teacher.
Yuki: Huh...? Really?
Sakaki: That's right.
Sakaki: Geez. Jokawa was teasing you by saying gibberish.
Yuki: Ugh.... Joker-san...

Sakaki: Alright, Asahina? I've stepped down from the position of assistant director.
Sakaki: That's simply that I was taking responsibility for the matter this time.
Sakaki: There wasn't really any way I could be blameless for that.
Yuki: Is that how it is...?
Sakaki: That's how it is.
Sakaki: Although I do regret losing the big private office.
Sakaki: That much can't be helped.
Sakaki: Since you've already come all the way here, you can help me.
Yuki: Huh? With what?
Sakaki: Cleaning up my things in the assistant director's office and carrying them to the staff room.
Sakaki: If you're worried about me, you can at least do that much.
Yuki: Yes!

(assistant director's office)
Yuki: There's less stuff than I thought.
Sakaki: It's my personal things, so that's how it is.
Sakaki: Besides, I'm moving to a desk in the staff room, aren't I? I couldn't manage with much more.
Yuki: Oh.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, how did Jokawa know about my dismissal as assistant director?
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: It shouldn't have been announced publicly yet... Did he hear it from Kasahara?
Yuki: Come to think of it, Joker-san talks about wondering if there is anything interesting, and having an information network throughout the school.
Yuki: And so, he said he knows not just about the students in the school, but even the board and teachers.
Yuki: He wouldn't tell me what kind of information network though...
Yuki: But, since it's Joker-san, I'm sure it's amazing!
Sakaki: That Jokawa...
(Sakaki: Has he even put surveillance cameras or listening devices throughout the school?)
(Sakaki: Geez, I don't know what someone so cunning does...)
Yuki: Huh? What's this...
Sakaki: What is it?
Yuki: There's a picture that fell under the desk.
Yuki: Is this yours...?
Yuki: A student? Where's this uniform from?
Yuki: A girl and two boys... oh, this is...!!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!?
Sakaki: ......urk!
Yuki: The one on the right is you, isn't it! You're young, but you haven't changed much.
Yuki: Is this a picture from your school days?
Yuki: Oh.
Yuki: Please don't take it away so suddenly. I wanted to look at it more...
Sakaki: This is my picture.
Sakaki: From about third year middle school.
Yuki: I knew it!
Yuki: Hey, hey. What was it like when you were in school?
Sakaki: Nothing special.
Yuki: Don't you at least have nostalgic stories?
Sakaki: No.
Sakaki: It was just ordinary school days with nothing worth mentioning.
Yuki: But, Professor, you're smart enough to teach the ultimate class, aren't you?
Yuki: Didn't you receive a Platinum Paper?
Sakaki: ...Asahina.
Yuki: Yes.
Sakaki: You may have received it through something like the whim of the previous director, but...
Sakaki: They are not something delivered so simply.
Sakaki: Maybe you've become oblivious, being at this school and getting used to the exceptional people...
Yuki: Oh...
Yuki: ...Now that you mention it, you're right. Until I came here, I thought it was an urban legend...
Sakaki: Come on, don't chit-chat, take and carry.
Yuki: Right!

(school building, hallway)
Yuki: This box is heavier than it looks.
Sakaki: Because it's just books and papers.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What?
Yuki: You're really not going to leave?
Sakaki: You're persistent.
Yuki: Well, I'm worried...
Sakaki: Let me ask you instead, why do you not want me to quit?
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: Unrelated to this affair, it's not unusual for teachers to transfer at some point, is it?
Yuki: That may be true, but...
Sakaki: Or is it simply that you don't want it to be your responsibility that I'm fired?
Yuki: That's not it.
Sakaki: Then, what is it?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, you may be my homeroom teacher, but somehow, a bit... I feel like you're more distant than the other teachers.
Sakaki: Distant?
Yuki: Yes...
Yuki: I feel like you keep your distance with us students, and like we shouldn't get too close...
Yuki: And, when I heard you were trying to close the school as assistant director, you seemed really distant.
Yuki: I wondered why you were trying to close it, and didn't understand it at all, and I was confused...
Yuki: I didn't understand it, and at the same time, I was really sad...
Yuki: So, when I found out you were on our side, I was really happy.
Yuki: Because I realized that it wasn't that you disliked the school.
Yuki: So, I want to be better friends with you.
Yuki: I thought, I want you to teach me lots more and get closer.
Sakaki: And so, thus this sudden love of learning?
Yuki: Not just studying!
Yuki: It's lots of stuff besides that!
Yuki: That's why, when I heard that you may have quit...
Yuki: I thought I couldn't just stand there and do nothing.
Yuki: I started running before I even considered why this was happening...
Sakaki: I'm honored you care so deeply.
Sakaki: But, Asahina, I don't have such noble intentions toward this school as you think.
Yuki: Really?
Sakaki: It's true that I opposed this school being used.
Sakaki: But that doesn't mean I foolishly like this school like you do.
Yuki: ...But...
Yuki: Well, I don't think that's true...

(staff room)
Sakaki: Put the things down here. Thank you.
Yuki: It was nothing.
Sakaki: You should go already. Shouldn’t Kasahara be fighting about now?
Sakaki: Come tell me how you liked it.
Yuki: Oh, that's right. Professor Sakaki! Excuse me!
Sakaki: Yeah.
Sakaki: Well then...

-- cell phone buzzes --

(Sakaki: Is it my turn so soon?)
Sakaki: Yes, this is Sojiro.
Sakaki: ...Understood.
(Sakaki: Good grief, I have to backtrack to the assistant director's office.)
Sakaki: I guess it's time to take final responsibility.

(assistant director's office)
Sakaki: You're already here, Yuichiro-niisan.
Yuichiro: Sojiro! Just what do you think you're doing!?
Yuichiro: I know you helped give that brat director a hint!
Yuichiro: Explain yourself!!
Yuichiro: To begin with, do you understand your position!?
Yuichiro: Why do you think you were sent here three years ago?
Yuichiro: Have you forgotten you bear the Sakaki name?
Yuichiro: What was your original goal!?
Yuichiro: It was to use that brat and make him access the Bell Research Lab data!
Yuichiro: If Suzubishi gets ahead of us because of this affair, not just the pharmaceutical division, but the entire group might be swallowed up by Suzubishi!
Yuichiro: You must know at least that!
Sakaki: ......
(Sakaki: To an extent, I'd imagined this, but he seems angrier than I thought...)
(Sakaki: Well, since I told Kasahara where the information about the Sakaki Group's fraudulent settlement of accounts was, it's only natural...)
Yuichiro: Sojiro! Why don't you say something!?
Sakaki: Even though you tell me to say something, I have nothing to say.
Sakaki: So? What are you going to do with me now?
Yuichiro: What's with that attitude?
Yuichiro: If you weren't my little brother, I would hand you over to the authorities and make you take responsibility.
Yuichiro: Your actions until now have been overlooked because you've acted in accordance with the will of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: Overlooked? What has been?
Yuichiro: Even though you're a Sakaki, you've continued this ridiculous job of teaching!
Yuichiro: Don't always be so childish!
Yuichiro: If you're just going to do whatever you want, then quit this place already!
Yuichiro: And come back home and work for the Group!!
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: ...*sigh*
Sakaki: I respectfully refuse that request.
Yuichiro: What did you say?
Sakaki: As you might expect, I'm no longer at the age where I readily obey my parents' orders.
Sakaki: It's true that up until now, I cooperated out of a debt of gratitude for being allowed to take up teaching at the Group's school.
Sakaki: But I've had enough.
Yuichiro: What are you... saying?
Sakaki: If my teaching job and familial obligations can't coexist...
Sakaki: I'll take the teaching job.
Yuichiro: *urk*...You!! Have you been bribed by Suzubishi?
Sakaki: Bribed?
Yuichiro: It's true that you seem to be an excellent teacher,
Yuichiro: But what does it matter? Can you advance to top a ranked school?
Yuichiro: Just how much value is there in that?
Sakaki: It wouldn't bother me to be reemployed as a teacher.
Yuichiro: It can't be, were you promised a position within the Suzubishi Group!?
Sakaki: That's unlikely.
(Sakaki: ...Geez, this guy never changes.)
(Sakaki: He can't consider a reason for a person to work besides money and position.)
Yuichiro: Then what is the reason!? Answer me! Sojiro!
Sakaki: I may not be much of a teacher, but,
Sakaki: I at least understand what's right and wrong.
Yuichiro: Huh...?
Sakaki: Using the students' futures for personal profit...
Sakaki: A company with that way of thinking shouldn't have anything to do with this school.
Sakaki: To begin with, it's wrong for a person who thinks like you to be involved in education.
Yuichiro: What madness are you spouting...?
Sakaki: Madness?
Yuichiro: You weren't someone who thought that way.
Yuichiro: From the beginning, you must have known that you came to this school for sake of the profits of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: People's thoughts change.
Yuichiro: What did you...
Sakaki: If you're angry at me, feel free to disinherit me or sue me.
Sakaki: Since I was prepared for that much when I took action this time.
Yuichiro: *urk*... How dare you, so impudent...
Yuichiro: Fine, Sojiro! Since you've made an enemy of the Sakaki Group, you won't get away with this!
Yuichiro: Don't think you can escape blame and continue being a teacher!!

-- Yuichiro leaves, slamming the door --

Sakaki: ...... *sigh*
Sakaki: Good grief... he's so immature, even doing that...
(Sakaki: He mostly spit out the words I expected...)
(Sakaki: Geez, he's too easy to understand...)
(Sakaki: Even though he's my brother, since our ages are so different, we didn't associate with each other much.)
(Sakaki: So we didn't have any feelings beyond being blood relatives...)
(Sakaki: As I expected, today, he despises me...)
(Sakaki: I anticipated this day would come eventually...)
(Sakaki: So I don't feel guilty about cutting ties with family or worsening the relationship.)
(Sakaki: Maybe I should be happy at the opportunity to be free of those annoying shackles...)
(Sakaki: But since my brother went so far as to say that, he definitely won't leave it at a threat...)

(school building, roof)
(Sakaki: Besides...)
(Sakaki: I never thought I would go this far to support this school.)
(Sakaki: It wouldn't have occurred to me three years ago, when I came to this school.)
Sakaki: Heh...
(Sakaki: In a way, this was exactly what he wanted.)
Sakaki: Suzubishi Nao...
Sakaki: Just what were you thinking...?
(Sakaki: I used to talk here with him.)
(Sakaki: That was about half a year ago...)

-- flashback --

CG: Sakaki and Nao on the roof of the school building
Nao: The view from here is nice.
Nao: Especially the scene at the end of the school day is the best.
Nao: It's like 'the school life.'
Sakaki: What does that mean...?
Nao: Just being able to look at this makes becoming the director here worth it, I think.
Nao: Don't you think so? Professor Saka... *cough*
Sakaki: Do you have a cold...?
Nao: Yeah, a bit.
Sakaki: This sort of thing. All I see is a mundane scene.
Nao: I see. Mundane.
Nao: Maybe.
Nao: But, it's different for me. Since I didn't go to school normally.
Nao: Maybe I think so even more.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, if I remember correctly, you got your degree by correspondence.
Nao: Right. Because this body was a piece of junk.
Nao: Well, even now too.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: So, that's why I think,
Nao: No matter what happens, I have to protect this scene.
Nao: I feel it strongly, from the bottom of my heart.
Sakaki: Is it something that has to be protected that much?
Nao: Of course.
Sakaki: The guys at this school have already been given plenty of a privileged environment.
Sakaki: Do they really need any more done for them?
Sakaki: They should manage for themselves.
Nao: But...
Nao: Just because they're privileged, doesn't mean it's okay for them to be influenced by the interests of adults.
Nao: Because this school belongs to them, the students.
Sakaki: That's idealistic.
Nao: Maybe it is.
Sakaki: Yeah, it is.
Sakaki: No matter what you wish, this school is tainted by corporate interests.
Sakaki: No matter how strong willed you are, or how you try to improve the school, that won’t change.
Sakaki: Besides, even if that were to change, it wouldn't matter to but the small portion of privileged people at this school.
Sakaki: In this country, there are far more people who were passed over by this school.
Sakaki: Trying to improve the school is nothing but a wasted effort.
Nao: That's not true.
Nao: The students who graduate from the school eventually become influential people in society.
Nao: They cover a wide range, politics, economics, arts, and sports.
Nao: I'm sure the influence they exert can change the world.
Nao: Outside the school they're not just students.
Nao: They can change the whole world.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: That's what I believe.
Sakaki: ...Heh, that's a very director-like opinion.
Nao: Isn't it?
Nao: Nevertheless, Professor Sakaki. Don't deny all of my opinions as usual.
Sakaki: I just said what I think.
Nao: I was just thinking maybe you've gradually fallen in love with the school... *cough*
Sakaki: I was sent to this school simply as a representative of the Sakaki Group.
Sakaki: I don't particularly like or hate this school. I don't have any special feelings for it.
Nao: I wonder. I don't think so.
Sakaki: You're mistaken.
Nao: Well, a teacher-like type wouldn't transfer to this school just on family's orders.
Sakaki: Why do you think so?
Nao: Because you're the type who thinks, then acts. I don't think you would do something you thought was useless.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: I think you wouldn't transfer if there was no personal merit in it or you had no goal.
Nao: And there's one more thing.
Sakaki: You still have more?
Nao: I think a person who only came here under orders couldn't teach students so passionately.
Sakaki: I don't remember teaching passionately, however.
Nao: Although, I think, just raising your voice and asserting your own opinions isn't really passionate teaching.
Nao: Is my opinion wrong?
Sakaki: Geez... you just say whatever you want, Mr. Director.
Sakaki: You talk of nothing but idealism, and honestly, it's annoying.
Nao: Really?
Nao: A-ah, I'm thoroughly on Professor Sakaki's bad side.
Sakaki: You just noticed?
Nao: But, I think this sort of thing is nice.
Sakaki: What is?
Nao: That you're directly opposite and antagonistic towards me makes work worthwhile.
Nao: Instead, I feel the challenge of reform.
Nao: That why I want you to always stay at this school.
Nao: And I want you to look at this school from a different viewpoint, as an adversarial auditor.
Nao: Besides, I really enjoy debating education with you like this.
Sakaki: Geez, you... have strange tastes, liking being disliked.
Nao: I think it's true, I do have strange tastes. ... *cough cough*
Sakaki: ...Are you okay?
Nao: That's right! Next year, my little brother is coming to the school.
Sakaki: Through your connections?
Nao: No. He was properly in the selection.
Sakaki: This is the first I've heard that you have a little brother.
Nao: I haven't seen him for a long time now, and since we were adopted out to different families, our last names are different.
Sakaki: I see. Does he fool around like you?
Nao: No. He's very diligent.
Nao: He's too diligent, a fine little brother who is wasted on me.
Nao: He's a kind boy who gives me priority over himself.
Sakaki: I see. So you were the only one with the foolish personality.
Nao: That's right.
Nao: My little brother is really too kind...
Nao: I thought that as long as I was there, he wouldn't do what he wanted, so I sent him out to be adopted before me.
Nao: But instead, he met with disaster.
Sakaki: ......
Nao: That's why, when he comes to the school, I want to do as much for him as I can.
Nao: Since I was adopted by Suzubishi, I've had it so good. I want to match it.
Nao: With this, we can finally be together.
Nao: I'm really looking forward to spring.
Nao: ...Professor Sakaki. If something were to happen to me, take care of my little brother.
Sakaki: What is that?
Nao: You won't?
Sakaki: Don't be ridiculous. I refuse that.
Sakaki: I didn't become a teacher to babysit.
Sakaki: Anyway, I was summoned to this school not to devote myself to it,
Sakaki: Suzubishi Nao. But to drag you down from the position of director.
Nao: Don't say that... *cough cough*
Sakaki: If you have time to ask for such ridiculous things, then hurry and get over that cold.
Nao: Yeah, that's right. Somehow, I can't really get over it...
Sakaki: Anyway, someone who catches colds shouldn't be in a place like this.
Nao: But I want to talk to you, Professor. You don't really come to the director's office.
Nao: Besides... I want to sear this scene into my eyes as much as possible...
end CG: Sakaki and Nao on the roof of the school building

-- end flashback --

Sakaki: ...Geez.
Sakaki: Talking nothing but glib idealism, then up and dying...
Sakaki: Put yourself in the shoes of the person who has had everything forced on him...
Sakaki: Did you even foresee this?
Sakaki: Suzubishi Nao. You...

June 26

(staff room)
Okaken: And so, if only you used this expression, you could even prove the motionlessness of the aether in absolute space!
Okaken: With this solution I discovered, under all conditions...
Okaken: Aaargh, my god! How could no one have noticed this before!
Okaken: If only this mystery had been unlocked, with my new theory of spaceflight I could have already flown off into the cosmos...
Sakaki: ... *sigh* Hey, Okazaki.
Sakaki: Did you come here to talk about mathematics solutions?
Sakaki: Or did you come here to tell me your extreme occult theories?
Okaken: Oh, no, that's not what I...
Sakaki: Okazaki.... It's true that your viewpoint isn't bad.
Okaken: Right, right!
Sakaki: But, your conclusion is fundamentally wrong.
Okaken: Huh?
Sakaki: Until you can consider things separately from the occult, I'm not listening to you anymore.
Okaken: But, I haven't finished explaining...
Sakaki: If you understand, then go back to the classroom.
Okaken: R, right!
Okaken: Excuse me!!
Sakaki: *sigh* ...
(Sakaki: He's smart, but...)
(Sakaki: He tries to tie everything to his own occult theories...)
(Sakaki: Well, maybe the people who have made great discoveries are all like that.)
Sakaki: Still...
Keita: Huh? Professor Sakaki.
Keita: It's rare that you're in the staff room.
Sakaki: Is it?
Keita: You look tired.
Sakaki: Yeah. From hearing Okazaki’s ridiculous story.
Sakaki: Thanks to that, my precious lunch break is ruined.
Keita: Haha, Okazaki-kun, huh. He's pretty amazing.
Keita: Oh, that's right. Today after school, are you going to attend too?
Sakaki: Attend what?
Keita: The students are having a party as a celebration of this school officially staying open.
Keita: Of course the students, but also the teachers and people who work at this school can all participate.
Sakaki: Oh...
(Sakaki: Come to think of it, Asahina said something about it.)
Keita: I’m looking forward to it....
Keita: As teachers, we don’t really have opportunities to participate in student events, do we?
Sakaki: ... Really?
Keita: Oh, here. It’s a flyer about it. I’ll give one to you too.
Keita: It starts at 6pm in the cafeteria. It’s being jointly organized by the student council and Durak.
Keita: If you’d like, please attend too.
Keita: Well then, I’ll be going.
Sakaki: Yeah.

-- beep of email arriving --

Sakaki: Hm? An email?
(Sakaki: From Naitou...? That’s rare. Since he’s a fellow teacher from my previous school.)
Naitou: I heard a bad rumor about you.
Sakaki: ...... *urk*
Naitou: That when you were at our school, you leaked the problems on the entrance exam, and that you gave guidance for backdoor admissions.
Naitou: I’ll come right out and ask. Is it true?
Naitou: I don't want to believe that someone as diligent as you would do something like that.
Naitou: But I’ve heard inquiries from several schools on this matter.
Naitou: If this is a false rumor, I wanted to let you know.
Sakaki: I see... So this is how it’s going to be.
(Sakaki: It’s probably my brother’s doing...)
(Sakaki: Spreading slanderous rumors about me, significantly hurting my reputation outside this school...)
(Sakaki: Regardless of whether it's true or not, teachers with those sort of rumors circulating about them don’t get hired by anyone... is what it means.)
(Sakaki: I didn’t think there wouldn’t be any revenge, but...)
(Sakaki: I never thought he would do something so childish.)

-- desk phone rings --

Sakaki: This time it's the inside line?
Sakaki: It’s Sakaki.
Tomo: It’s Kasahara. Sorry, but could you come to the nurse’s office right away?
Sakaki: Nurse’s office?
Tomo: Yes. As soon as possible.
Sakaki: Alright.
(Sakaki: Just what could it be, calling me over there...?)

(nurse's office)
Tomo: Sorry for asking you to come so suddenly.
Sakaki: I don't mind, but what's the matter? Summoning me here, are you sick?
Tomo: No, that's not it...
Sakaki: Come to think of it, you did a good job in the matter last week.
Sakaki: By going that far, the Sakaki Group won't be able to threaten you, using the school as a shield.
Tomo: Are you going to be okay, Professor Sakaki...?
Sakaki: Don't worry about me.
Sakaki: The rest is a family matter. It has nothing to do with you.
Tomo: But... actually, since this morning, it seems there's some slanderous talk going around about you.
Sakaki: Wow. As expected, you have sharp ears.
Tomo: Professor, did you already know?
Sakaki: Somewhat.
Sakaki: Who did you hear it from?
Tomo: Just now, from Dr. Matsuoka.
Matsuoka: An acquaintance of mine at another school contacted me. I hurried to tell Kasahara-kun.
Matsuoka: We thought it would be rather inconvenient even mentioning it in the staff room.
Matsuoka: So we called you here.
Sakaki: I see.
Tomo: Of course, Dr. Matsuoka and I don't believe the rumors, but...
Tomo: Somehow, it seems like this rumor has spread to several people related to schools.
Tomo: It seems that a number of emails have been circulating, so I can identify the sender.
Sakaki: That's not necessary.
Tomo: Huh?
Sakaki: I already know the sender.
Sakaki: Most likely, it's my brother's doing.
Tomo: ......
Sakaki: Anyway, it's just a baseless, made-up story. Leave it alone.
Tomo: At least, taking measures to keep it from spreading anymore would be...
Sakaki: That's also not necessary. I already had a bad reputation.
Sakaki: Being called a fiend and a slavedriver didn't start at this school.
Tomo: But in this case...
Sakaki: It's not for you to worry about.
Sakaki: It's what I expected my brother to do.
Sakaki: If my brother buries the hatchet with this level of harassment, it's cheap.
Tomo: But won't leaving it like this hurt your reputation?
Sakaki: My reputation doesn’t matter.
Sakaki: They don’t take away teaching licenses because of groundless rumors.
Sakaki: If I had to say, it might make it hard to get a job at an outside school that was passionate about education.
Sakaki: If, by any chance, I end up adrift on the streets, you should employ your authority as director.
Tomo: As long as I'm director, definitely...
Tomo: Professor Sakaki... I'm sorry. It's because you helped me...
Tomo: If I had been stronger, maybe I could have taken some measure...
Sakaki: I volunteered. Don't worry about it.
Sakaki: If you feel sorry, then attend class more diligently.
Tomo: Huh...?
Sakaki: That's far better than apologizing.
Sakaki: Anyway, get full marks on the next test. I'll consider us even.
Matsuoka: Oh, that's a good idea.
Tomo: Oh no...

(school building, hallway)
(Sakaki: With this, he'll be more diligent, at least a little...)
Sakaki: Well then.
(Sakaki: Hm? Over there is...)

(decision #4)
(We recommend viewing these all in one playthrough. Just use the back button to return to this choice in order to view them all. If you are wary of spoilers, do not play/read Yagami's scene until finishing his route.)
Jokawa Kiyotada
Chiba Hayato
Takato Masatsugu
Yagami Reon
Sonoda Eiji
Sagimori Kuya
Minase Arata

(decision #4a: Jokawa Kiyotada)
Sakaki: Jokawa.
Joker: Hello, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Jokawa. Don't tell Asahina nonsense.
Joker: Huh? What do you mean?
Sakaki: Don't play dumb. You fed him a lie about me quitting teaching.
Jokawa: Oh.... Come to think of it, I may or may not have said something like that.
Sakaki: Asahina told me he heard it from you.
Joker: Ahaha. But it was a false rumor. So it was alright.
Sakaki: That's not the point.
Sakaki: Anyway, that information hadn't been announced to the outside yet, had it?
Sakaki: How did you know about it?
Joker: We have our own ways of gathering information.
Sakaki: I expect you're planting bugs and hidden cameras?
Joker: Oh no, I wouldn't plant a camera.
Joker: I can see most everything if it's not behind locked doors.
Sakaki: So that means you are planting bugs?
Sakaki: *sigh*...You're too much...
Joker: But, you could selfishly put the existence of our school in a crisis like before.
Joker: I think it's only natural to do that much as a means of self-defense.
Joker: I may not look it, but I am conscious of being in the top position of Durak, who brings the students together.
Joker: Besides...
Sakaki: What?
Joker: It's possible there might be something fun like before, isn't it?
Joker: For that, I always have to have an antenna up.
Sakaki: Jokawa...
(Sakaki: Something fun? That Bell One ruckus?)
(Sakaki: This guy... in the same breath as talking about the crisis over the school's existence...)
Joker: Anyway, since I went so far along with your plan of using Eiji, you can overlook that much.
Sakaki: Geez, you're unbelievable...
Joker: Hehe.
Sakaki: Anyway, if you're going to do it, do it it where it won't be exposed.
Sakaki: If it’s too much to tolerate, I’ll be in a bind, having to fulfill my responsibility as a teacher.
Joker: Thanks for the advice.
Joker: Oh, right. I was thinking of having a Bell One with the students and all the staff participating next time.
Joker: It seems there were a lot of people who wanted to join after seeing Ace-kun fight.
Joker: When it happens, you cooperate too, okay?
(Sakaki: ...Geez, he's unbelievable.)
(Sakaki: It's true that he's an excellent student, but that part about not valuing anything besides what's fun is dangerous in a sense.)
(Sakaki: But, in the end, he allied himself with Asahina by his own judgement.)
(Sakaki: That includes Sonoda...)
(Sakaki: I guess he has his own sense of justice.)
Sakaki: It's fine to have fun, but don't make it so that the adults have to clean up your mess.
Joker: Riiight. I'll keep that in mind.

(decision #4b: Chiba Hayato)
Sakaki: Chiba.
Sakaki: And Professor Ito?
Keita: You can't, Chiba-kun! Come back to the classroom!
Chiba: I have club, so it's impossible.
Keita: I'm saying you can't. These are remedial classes for failing world history, so don't run away.
Chiba: Myself is not running.
Keita: Oh! Then...
Chiba: I'll go after today's practice is finished.
Keita: Oh...
Keita: That's not how remedial classes work!!
Keita: I'm not letting you leave!
Chiba: ...You're in the way.
Keita: Whether I am or not, you can't.
Keita: In world history, starting off right is essential. If you stumble on the history of Europe in the Middle Ages, you'll definitely run into trouble later.
Keita: Anyway, come back to the classroom. Let's study together. Okay!?
Chiba: I don't have time for that.
Keita: Aah...
Keita: I understand your feelings not wanting to study, but if you don't do it now, you'll be the one who suffers in the future.
Chiba: It doesn't bother me that I can't do my studies.
Keita: Bother you! I'm the one who's bothered.
Keita: You'll absolutely look back and think, if only I'd tried a little harder back then.
Chiba: I will not.
Keita: Ah, urgh...
Keita: Anyway!
Keita: Today, we'll just go up to the German Migration Period, so let's do our best together just that much!
Keita: If we finish up to there, you can go to your club.
Chiba: Impossible. The tournament is coming up.
Chiba: Club is first.
Keita: I told you!
(Sakaki: They’re never going to agree.)
(Sakaki: Chiba doesn't think he needs to study.)
(Sakaki: With someone like that, explaining about the importance of remedial classes is useless.)
(Sakaki: With him, it's probably useless as long as Jokawa doesn't order him to.)
(Sakaki: It's a heavy burden for Professor Ito.)
(Sakaki: It can't be helped.)
Sakaki: Hey, Chiba.
Keita: Oh, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: If you hate studying that much, then get organized and hurry up and graduate.
Sakaki: If you slack off on your grades, you might even fail.
Sakaki: If that happens, you'll be at school an extra year.
Chiba: Fail...
Keita: That's right, Chiba-kun. You don't want to fail, do you?
Keita: Come on. Let's go to the classroom together.
(Sakaki: With this, even he will attend the remedial classes.)
Chiba: ......
Chiba: Myself doesn't mind failing.
Chiba: Bye.
Keita: Chiba-kun!?
Keita: Huh, no way! Hold it! I said wait!
Keita: Sorry, Professor Sakaki. Excuse me!
Keita: Chiba-kun!
Sakaki: Ha...
(Sakaki: What was with Chiba?)
(Sakaki: Does he have some reason he wants to fail?)
(Sakaki: ...I don't get it. Geez...)

(decision #4c: Takato Masatsugu)
Sakaki: Takato.
Sakaki: Hey, Takato.
Takato: Hello, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: How is it? With the Bell One, has your frustration with the board been reduced a little?
Takato: No, not really.
Takato: I still don't know if the board will truly change or not.
Sakaki: I see.
(Sakaki: He never changes.)
Takato: Students may make the school traditions,
Takato: But, in the end, the ones who choose the students are you adults.
Sakaki: What are you trying to say?
Takato: Whether as teachers, or as assistant director, all of you have stayed at this school longer than the students.
Takato: Then, I'd like you adults to not abdicate your responsibilities.
Takato: So that after we graduate, when we think about how this school has completely changed from when we were here….
Takato: Please fulfill your duty so that we have nothing to lament.
Takato: I'll be looking forward to it.
Takato: Well then.
Sakaki: So he just said what he wanted to say...
(Sakaki: It's his usual hostile attitude...)
(Sakaki: But, well...)
(Sakaki: I'll keep his expectations in mind.)

(decision #4d: Yagami Reon)
Sakaki: Yagami.
Sakaki: *oof*...
Yagami: Oh, sorry. Did I hit you?
Sakaki: Yeah. Be more careful while you’re carrying an instrument.
Yagami: I said I was sorry. I was just thinking about stuff.
(Sakaki: Did he not hear me when I called him...?)
(Sakaki: Come to think of it, he does have residual damage in one ear from an accident...)
(Sakaki: He's been late or absent from class several times, because of going to the hospital.)
Yagami: What is it, Sakaki? You still have a problem? I apologized, didn't I?
Sakaki: No.
Sakaki: How is your ear?
Yagami: Huh?
Yagami: Oh, my ear.
Yagami: I decided to get surgery.
Sakaki: I see.
Yagami: Since you're asking about it, did you hear from my mother that I was refusing surgery?
Sakaki: Yeah. I am in charge, after all.
Yagami: Hmm..
Yagami: Well, because of that, I'll be taking a vacation soon, so thanks in advance. See ya.
Yagami: *humming*
(Sakaki: Come to think of it, when I was tutoring Asahina, he said something about singing in Yagami's band.)
(Sakaki: His defiant attitude seems to have lessened, so something about him has changed too.)
(end Yagami)

(decision #4e: Sonoda Eiji)
Sakaki: Sonoda.
Sonoda: Hello, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: Have you come to terms with yourself?
Sonoda: Come to terms?
Sonoda: ...Yeah, well, somewhat... you know.
Sonoda: Honestly, I have a mountain of stuff I want to say to you and Kiyo...
Sonoda: Since it ended up like that, I had no choice but to come to terms with it.
Sonoda: The result was already determined.
Sonoda: Apart from that, I can't think of a way to do anything about it.
Sakaki: Heh, you've grown up.
Sonoda: Geez, you're one to talk. Even though you completely used me.
Sakaki: Well, forgive me. It turned out alright.
Sakaki: Think of it as a good lesson.
Sonoda: ...You're a cruel adult.
Sonoda: Normally, I would be giving you a good beating.
Sakaki: Then why aren't you?
Sonoda: ...After that, I met my father.
Sonoda: Anyway, I thought I'd let all my grudges be water under the bridge.
Sonoda: I can't always be looking at the past.
Sonoda: I thought I'd make it my goal to have my own restaurant next time.
Sakaki: So you're going to look to the future?
Sonoda: Pretty much.
Sonoda: Besides, I realized that if I change my way of thinking, this school is a good place to practice for having my own restaurant in the future.
Sonoda: More than anything, since there are people waiting to eat my cooking here.
Sakaki: I'm glad.
Sakaki: Now I won't have to listen to your complaining.
Sakaki: Anyway, treasure the friends you have now. And next time, treat me to a free meal.
Sonoda: Huh? Isn't that backwards?
Sonoda: Give me something back for the work I've done until now.
Sakaki: Alright, alright.
Sonoda: To begin with, I'm making you treat me to at least one hotel dinner, so remember it.
Sakaki: We'll see... my memory is getting terrible recently.
Sonoda: You corrupt teacher!
Sakaki: Haha.
(Sakaki: Somehow, it seems like he's gotten over it...)
(Sakaki: I always believed he'd be unable to be a villain, but...)
(Sakaki: This school has certainly been a good influence on him...)
(Sakaki: Probably, just me and Jokawa wouldn't have been able to change him so much...)
(Sakaki: ...This is thanks to him too.)

(decision #4f: Sagimori Kuya)
Sakaki: Sagimori.
Kuya: Hey, Professor Sakaki! Guten Tag!
Sakaki: You seem to be enjoying yourself as usual.
Kuya: Of course!
Kuya: Every day is full of thrills at this school.
Kuya: There's no way not to enjoy it!
Kuya: Or, Professor, are you not having fun?
Sakaki: It's not all fun.
Kuya: That's rough.
Sakaki: Not enough for sympathy. It's like that for everyone.
Sakaki: You'll understand when you're a little older.
Kuya: No, that won't happen. I'll always enjoy myself.
Kuya: My whole life, I'm sure!
Kuya: Since that's how I live.
Sakaki: Good for you.
Kuya: Yeah!
Sakaki: I'd like to hear you say the same thing in twenty years.
Kuya: Fine.
Kuya: Then, let's have a class reunion in twenty years.
Sakaki: A class reunion?
Kuya: As for the place, here is fine. It'll be at this school!
Kuya: If we're talking about twenty years, everyone will be an adult. I'm sure it will be interesting.
Kuya: Oh, I know. Let's bury a time capsule now for that day.
Kuya: Yeah. It's a good idea, if I do say so myself!
Kuya: Why don't you do it with me, Professor Sakaki? The time capsule.
Sakaki: I'll pass.
Kuya: Really? That's a shame.
Yuki: Kuya-san! It's time to go.
Kuya: Oh, darn!
Kuya: Well then, Professor Sakaki. I'll be going now, excuse me.
Kuya: But please be sure to attend the class reunion!
Sakaki: Hey...
Kuya: Which means, Professor, until then, take care of this school!
Kuya: Yuki! Masatsugu! Listen to this!
Kuya: Just now, I made a wonderful plan with Professor Sakaki!!
Sakaki: Hey...
Sakaki: That boy...
(Sakaki: I don't know what he's talking about, but he sure is having fun.)
(Sakaki: With them, it's possible that no matter how many years pass, they may always have fun.)
(Sakaki: If it's them...)

(decision #4g: Minase Arata)
Sakaki: Minase.
Arata: Oh, hello.
Arata: And, goodbye.
(Sakaki: I haven't had him in my class, but he's rather enigmatic...)
Arata: Oh, that's right.
Arata: Hey, hey, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What do you need?
Arata: Oh, nothing much.
Maro: Kuku.
Sakaki: Mm...
(Sakaki: He has his pet with him again?)
Arata: One question.
Sakaki: Is it a question about math?
Arata: Of course not. Arata is in the regular class.
Arata: I'd never, ever ask the ultimate class teacher Professor Sakaki about math.
Sakaki: Then, what is it?
Arata: I was wondering if there was something behind the Bell One.
Sakaki: Behind?
Arata: The school is being closed.
Arata: As big an announcement as that was, I thought it was awfully nice to give it up if Ace-kun won the Bell One.
Arata: I wondered if there was some deep, dark secret that the general students didn't know about.
Sakaki: Minase...
Maro: Kuku?
Arata: Oh, never mind, never mind.
Sakaki: Huh?
Arata: It's an adult situation that can't be told to the students.
Arata: Isn't it?
Sakaki: ......
Arata: I don't really want you tell me the truth.
Arata: Only, I want you to know this.
Sakaki: What is it?
Arata: That time, wondering if our school would close,
Arata: It really stressed out all the students.
Arata: You and the board members know that, don't you?
Sakaki: I guess so.
Arata: Then don't forget it.
Sakaki: Minase...
Arata: That event took only a few weeks.
Arata: But, during that time, there were a lot of students who were about to have important matches and contests.
Arata: Well, that stuff may not matter to adults, however.
Arata: That's all Arata wanted to say.
Arata: Take responsibility, Professor, and teach well from now on.
Arata: Well, though Arata probably won't be taking Professor Sakaki's class.
Arata: Bye, Professor Sakaki.
Maro: Kuku, kukukuu.
Sakaki: ......
(Sakaki: I thought he was just an eccentric person who took his ferret to the swim club, but...)
(Sakaki: So he's a person who can speak his own opinion like that.)
(Sakaki: Or did even something about him change during the Bell One?)
Sakaki: Hmm...

(Sakaki: Something has changed.)
(Sakaki: Something inside the students at this school...)
(Sakaki: Is it because they overcame the crisis of the school closing that had the whole school in an uproar?)
(Sakaki: No, it's probably not just that...)
(Sakaki: But, if that uproar became an opportunity for each student to change in some way...)
Sakaki: Then maybe there was a little meaning in that ridiculous farce...
(Sakaki: If that's true, maybe it can atone for dragging everyone into it...)
Sakaki: ...Of course, that would be too convenient.

(courtyard, evening)
(Sakaki: The celebration is probably warming up right about now...)
Sakaki: *sigh*...
(Sakaki: This picture turning up...)
Sakaki: Geez, it's ironic.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!!
Sakaki: Hm?
Yuki: I found you. So here you are.
Yuki: Oh, that picture. It's the one I found when you were moving out of the assistant director's office.
Sakaki: More importantly, aren't you in the middle of a party?
Yuki: That's right.
Sakaki: Then what are you doing here?
Sakaki: You're the star of the party, aren't you?
Yuki: Oh no. This time everyone is the star.
Yuki: I'm just the one who brought it up.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, it was organized by the student council and Durak.
Yuki: Right!
Yuki: The other teachers are all waiting too.
Yuki: So, hurry up and come too, Professor Sakaki!
Sakaki: No, I...
Yuki: It seems like Sonoda-san has prepared some extremely delicious food.
Yuki: If you don't hurry, it will be gone.
Sakaki: Then, even more, this isn't the time for you to be here, is it?
Yuki: That's right!
Yuki: Then hurry, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: I'm fine.
Yuki: Huh! You come too, Professor.
Yuki: Today, there's alcohol for the adults.
Sakaki: Hey, hey. Aren't I the one responsible for trying to close the school?
Sakaki: How can you let even the villain participate?
Sakaki: You don't want to ruin the celebratory mood, do you?
Sakaki: Look, if you understand, then hurry and go back.
Yuki: But...
Yuki: I don't want to go back by myself!
Sakaki: Hey.
Yuki: But in the end, you were on our side, weren't you?
Yuki: So that doesn't matter anymore.
Sakaki: But you're the only one who feels that way.
Yuki: Then today's celebration is a perfect opportunity.
Yuki: Let's show everyone the real Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: The real me? What's that?
Yuki: That Professor Sakaki is on the side of us students.
Sakaki: I don't know about that...
Yuki: What does that mean?
Sakaki: It's true that in the end I acted in a way as to be on the side of the school.
Sakaki: But it just happened to turn out that way.
Sakaki: Actually, I didn't decide which side to be on until the very last minute.
Yuki: That... may be true, but...
Sakaki: I wasn't trying to protect the school.
Sakaki: Because I hate this school.
Yuki: Hate... why?
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: ...That's right. This is a good opportunity, so I'll tell you.
Yuki: Yes...
Sakaki: It's the story of a certain three students.

CG: Sakaki and Yuki sit and talk
Sakaki: The three were going to a consecutive middle to high prep school. (Note: This means that the students did not have to take/pass an entrance exam to get into the high school, unlike they would normally.)
Sakaki: At that school, the policy was to cram as much as possible in exchange for an expensive tuition.
Sakaki: The goal was to produce society's top elite.
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: Those three were two boys and one girl.
Sakaki: Let's see... we'll call the boys Alpha and Beta, and the girl, Theta.
Sakaki: They liked quizzes and puzzles, and one way or another, were always together.
Sakaki: Alpha's family had lawyers and bureaucrats and politicians, a so-called elite family.
Sakaki: Inevitably, he too wanted to have elite academic achievements.
Sakaki: Even though it was tough, he had a quick mind, and in class, he was excellent at understanding and responding, and his reasoning skills were exceedingly high.
Sakaki: His specialty was geometry problems and puzzles, and he liked the challenge of high level problems that no one else could solve.
Sakaki: He was the type you could call a genius.
Sakaki: But for some reason, his grades on tests were always bad.
Sakaki: He was satisfied if he got an average grade, but usually it was below that.
Sakaki: He especially didn't get good marks in liberal arts subjects.
Yuki: Huh? Why is that!?
Yuki: Wasn't he a really excellent student?
Yuki: Or was he irresponsible just about tests...?
Sakaki: No, he took tests seriously.
Sakaki: He was always so diligent that he was too diligent.
Sakaki: But no matter how seriously he dealt with it, he couldn't get the grades.
Sakaki: He had another reason...
Yuki: Another reason...?
Sakaki: ...Dyslexia. A reading disability.
Yuki: Reading... disability? (Note: The way Yuki says this, just repeating the sounds, indicates that he does not understand the term or its meaning at all.)
Sakaki: Well, it's not very well known in Japan. (Note: This is unfortunately true, especially in the early 2000s when Sakaki and his friends would have been in middle school. This is an interesting article.)
Sakaki: It's a type of learning disability in which, because the brain has difficulty recognizing characters, you can't read very well.
Sakaki: That's why, even though he had no problem with intellectual ability or comprehension, when characters were involved, he had a problem.
Yuki: So that's why he couldn't do tests.
Sakaki: ...Yeah.
Sakaki: If only the cause had been known, he could have chosen learning methods that coped with it.
Sakaki: But, that school didn't have a system that would notice it.
Sakaki: All they did was judge on the basis of test results.
Sakaki: And so, despite that he had high abilities, he was judged an irresponsible student.
Sakaki: And his family viewed him as a failure.
Yuki: Oh no...
Sakaki: Because his family put emphasis on just grades even more than the school.
Sakaki: He would always say, if only I could get into BL School.
Yuki: Oh...
Sakaki: BL School could let him pursue his own strong points in his own way.
Sakaki: He thought, then, on top of no longer being scolded by the people around him, he would be recognized.
Sakaki: His two friends encouraged him.
Sakaki: Saying, 'it will be okay, Alpha, you're the smartest out of all of us, I'm sure you'll get your Platinum Paper.'
Sakaki: But his wish wasn't granted.
Yuki: ......
Sakaki: Instead, the Platinum Paper arrived at Beta's house...
Sakaki: Beta's intelligence was no match for Alpha, but his test grades were respectable.
Yuki: So, what happened to Beta-san?
Sakaki: He didn't go to BL School.
Sakaki: Since his parents managed the school they were attending, he thought it was only natural to continue on to high school there.
Sakaki: More than anything, he didn't want Alpha to know the truth.
Sakaki: So he tore up and threw away the Platinum Paper he received...
Yuki: Could it be, this Beta-san is...?
Sakaki: And, his one hope dashed, Alpha couldn't endure the pressure from those around him and ended up dropping out.
Yuki: Dropping out...
Sakaki: When he learned that he had dyslexia, it was a long time after he had left...
Sakaki: As for Theta, one-size-fits-all cram classes that didn't try to expand individual abilities,
Sakaki: And a school system that didn't realize a student had a learning disability,
Sakaki: She felt resentment towards those things.
Sakaki: Therefore, so that no one would have to pin their hopes on maybe going to a school that was like an urban legend...
Sakaki: She became a teacher, with the hope of creating an environment where everyone could receive the same education.
Sakaki: Similarly, Beta, whose parents managed schools, became a teacher.
Sakaki: On the other hand, he thought she could never make her ideals become reality.
Sakaki: Theta worked desperately to make her ideals become reality.
Sakaki: But, after all, there's a limit to what a mere teacher can do.
Sakaki: Eventually, she dropped out too...
Yuki: Beta-san, who was left... what happened to him?
Sakaki: He didn't pursue ideals. He conducted intense high level classes, just the way the school management wanted.
Sakaki: As a result, it churned out enough excellent students to raise the school's reputation. (Note: Sakaki uses an incredibly unflattering word for 'churned out.' It's literally 'excreted.')
Sakaki: But it was only a small handful out of all the students.
Sakaki: Behind the scenes, there must have been many who dropped out...
Sakaki: But, to achieve the desired result, it couldn't be helped.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki...
Sakaki: Then one day, the topic of transferring him to BL School came up.
Sakaki: The school that you could say was the root of all the evils that controlled his friends' lives.
Sakaki: In his heart, he felt resentment, but he thought he wanted to see for himself what kind of place it was.
Sakaki: And so, he accepted the transfer to that school...
Yuki: So the teacher who transferred was you, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: That teacher conducted the same classes at BL School as he had at the prep school.
Sakaki: But the result was completely different than at the previous school...
Sakaki: Even shoots of the same plant are all different.
Sakaki: There are those that stand back up when stepped on. Those that stay bent. And among them, even those that get stronger for being stepped on.
Sakaki: Maybe the difference is an inborn ability.
Sakaki: Or maybe it's thanks to their environment and the people around them, or maybe simply a matter of mood.
Sakaki: He didn't know the reason.
Sakaki: But, maybe there was something different about the people who were chosen by this school.
Sakaki: It's true there are some excellent parts about the ideology of this school, but it also holds many problems.
Sakaki: This school's ideology and policies. Its arbitrary entrance system.
Sakaki: Additionally, the previous director's expectations that foisted adult problems on a child like Kasahara...
Sakaki: There were also things like that he couldn't accept.
Sakaki: He simply wanted to teach a lesson.
Sakaki: To all the students who attend here, about how privileged an environment they are in.
Sakaki: Being at this school, you tend to forget.
Sakaki: That your life at this school is built on the backs of the many failures who were not chosen to be here.
Sakaki: And so, announcing the proposal to close the school, and going along with the wishes of the Sakaki Group, was a bit of revenge.
Sakaki: As a result, you all showed me something that was beyond my hopes and expectations. (Note: This is an intentional shift from speaking about himself in third person back to first person.)
Sakaki: That's why I decided to side with you.
Sakaki: But that was for my own personal reasons, not for the school or the students.
Sakaki: You stopped me from taking the initiative, but...
Sakaki: Originally, once I fulfilled my obligation to the Sakaki Group to a certain extent, I planned to quit.
Yuki: ......!?
Sakaki: This really is a good school.
Sakaki: In the quality of the students, and as a place to work as a teacher, you couldn't ask for more.
Sakaki: But there are a lot of people outside the school who didn't receive that privilege.
Sakaki: That's why, after I quit, I intended to follow in my friends' footsteps and use my experience here at other schools.
Sakaki: But it seems even that would be difficult now.
Yuki: What do you mean...?
Sakaki: A bad rumor has spread about me outside.
Sakaki: That I worked unethically at my previous school.
Yuki: What!? Who would do something so cruel?
Sakaki: My older brother.
Sakaki: It's a sort of retaliation for me not listening to his orders and siding with the school.
Sakaki: Thanks to that, there's no hope of getting re-employed outside this school.
Sakaki: Even though I was here for revenge for those who dropped out.
Sakaki: Right now, this is the only place I have.
Sakaki: Geez, it's so ironic.
Sakaki: That was a bit of a long story, but that's why I came here.
Sakaki: So that's why I'm not in the mood to celebrate with you.
Sakaki: Do you understand?
Yuki: But!
Yuki: Then, Professor Sakaki, I think you don't need to keep letting everyone think badly of you!
Yuki: I don't understand complex things like education or how things should be!
Yuki: But whether you're worthy to be at this school, or belong here or not...
Yuki: You don't have to think about those things!
Yuki: I like you, Professor!
Yuki: So, if possible, I want you to stay at this school from now on!
Yuki: Now that I've come to this school, I want to become a person who can be involved, for everyone's sake.
Yuki: Everyone has supported me, been so nice to me...
Yuki: They've let me have fun, and made me happy.
Yuki: That's why, similarly, I want to make everyone happy too!
Yuki: I don't have any talents except my good luck, but...
Yuki: That's why I think I want to share that with everyone too!
Yuki: At first I thought it was because I was student council president that I had to work hard for everyone.
Yuki: But now, it has nothing to do with being student council president.
Yuki: It's because I love everyone at this school that I feel that way from the bottom of my heart!
Yuki: That's why, Professor Sakaki, now that you've come to this school...
Yuki: I want you to fully enjoy your school life here!
Yuki: After all, since you're a member of this school too.
Sakaki: Asahina, you...
Yuki: Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: If you look at this situation from another perspective, then now you've become a member of the school in a real sense.
Sakaki: ...I guess.
Yuki: Then from now on, prepare yourself and fully enjoy BL School with all of us!
Yuki: Have lots of fun, enough to make up for your friends too!
Yuki: Okay?
Sakaki: ...You may be right.
Yuki: Then, let's start over...
Yuki: Welcome, Professor Sakaki! To our BL School!
Yuki: I welcome you from the bottom of my heart.
(CG changes: Sakaki pats Yuki's head)
Yuki: Wah!!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki...
Sakaki: ...Geez, you're so...
Sakaki: Straightforward... or maybe shockingly positive...
Yuki: Ehehehehe...
Sakaki: Since you've gone so far, it can't be helped.
Sakaki: I give up, will you count me in as one of the foolish lot at this school?
Yuki: Alright!!

split: memories of the kiss
(happens only if Sakaki kissed Yuki on the roof)

Sakaki: Since there are cute students who care about me like this.
Yuki: Hehe...
Sakaki: Thank you, Asahina.
Yuki: No, that's not...
Yuki: Well, you saying that so formally makes me embarrassed...
Sakaki: Really?
Yuki: But I only have the image of you saying stern things...
Yuki: It's rare that you thank me, so...
Yuki: And, um... when you're nice to me, it makes me remember...
Sakaki: Remember what?
Yuki: Um... when you kissed me... and stuff...
Sakaki: Come to think of it, I did do that.
Yuki: 'Come to think of it' ...Professor, it was that trivial to you!?
Yuki: No, well... it may have been to you, but!
Yuki: After all, um, I don't have much of that sort of experience, so... it's embarrassing, or, um...
Sakaki: ...You're so frustrating.
Sakaki: Do you want me to do it again?
Yuki: ...Oh, Professor Sa... kaki...
??: Whoaaa, ahem, ahem.
Yuki: Huh...?
end CG: Sakaki and Yuki sit and talk

(courtyard, evening)
Yuki: Uwaaaah! So, Sonoda-san!?
Sonoda: Could it be, am I interrupting?
Yuki: N, n, no! N, n, not at all...
Sakaki: Yeah, you're interrupting. What did you come here for?
Sonoda: Teehee, still, it's just as I'd expect of you, Professor Sakaki.
Sakaki: What is?
Sonoda: You're so unpopular that you've finally ended up even trying to make a move on any student within reach.
Sakaki: Now see here, you...
Yuki: Of course not... I think there's no way the Professor is unpopular!
Sonoda: That's the part you're bringing up?
Sonoda: Well, whatever.

split: Sonoda arrives
(happens only if Sakaki did NOT kiss Yuki on the roof)

Sakaki: ...You're so honest.
end CG: Sakaki and Yuki sit and talk

??: Oh, so here you are.
Yuki: Oh. Sonoda-san.

Sonoda: So? What are the two of you doing looking gloomy?
Sakaki: It's none of your business.
Sonoda: Anyway, if you don't come, it’s awkward for me, Professor Sakaki.
Sonoda: If you're not in the cafeteria, I'm the only one who looks like a villain and it's really uncomfortable.
Sonoda: My accomplice needs to be there.
Sonoda: I even prepared your favorites. If you don't come, you'll regret it.
Sakaki: I see.
Sonoda: Besides, if you keep Yuki-kun all to yourself the whole time, everyone will be mad.
Sonoda: Since Yuki-kun isn't there, everyone is tired of waiting and getting ready to start a riot.
Yuki: Huh, really!?
Sakaki: Good grief. It can't be helped.
Sonoda: Don't 'good grief' me.
Yuki: Come on, Professor Sakaki! Let's hurry and go!!

Yuki: Sorry to keep you wait...
Arata: Ah. Professor Sakaki, you've finally arrived.
Joker: Just what were the two of you doing alone?
Joker: Today, of all days, you can't hog Yuki-kun.
Joker: Even though I was trying to make it fun for everyone.
Yagami: You two sure are showing up late. If you don't hurry, the food's gonna be gone.
Sakaki: ......
Yuki: Look, Professor Sakaki. Everyone's been waiting.
Sakaki: Yeah...
Kuya: Yuki! Professor Sakaki! You're finally here!
Kuya: Come on, Professor. Come over with everyone else.
Sakaki: No, I...
Kuya: It's not like you to hesitate. Isn't it, Masatsugu?
Takato: That's right.
Kuya: Parties are for bringing people together. Aren't they, Masatsugu?
Takato: Yes...
Kuya: Everyone here wants to get to know you, and thank you.
Kuya: But, until now, they haven't found the chance to say it. Don't you think so, Masatsugu?
Takato: That may be true.
Kuya: So...
Kuya: Don't you think this party would be a good opportunity? Right, Masatsugu?
Takato: ...So why are you waving at me?
Kuya: Because this is your chance to become friends!
Takato: Ah...
Sakaki: He doesn't look like he wants to be friends.
Takato: That's right.
Yuki: Takato-san!
Takato: ...But.
Takato: Professor Sakaki.
Takato: The game is about to start. If we don't have enough people, we can't begin.
Takato: Without you.
Sakaki: ......
Takato: Everyone is waiting for you.
Sakaki: I see.
Yuki: Takato-san isn't very honest with his feelings...
Kuya: Seriously.
??: ...Professor.
Sakaki: Kasahara, what is it?
Tomo: Do you have a minute?

(scene break, still in the cafeteria)
Sakaki: What is it? Bringing me to the corner like this.
Tomo: There's something I wanted to give to you.
Tomo: This.
Sakaki: Documents?
Tomo: I should have waited until tomorrow, but I wanted to give them to you as soon as possible.
Sakaki: This is...?
Sakaki: A draft of Bell Liberty School reforms?
Sakaki: Did you write this?
Tomo: No, that was something my brother left.
Sakaki: Nao did?
Tomo: Yes.
Sakaki: Why are you giving it to me?
Tomo: Brother's diary was in the director's office.
Sakaki: A diary?
Tomo: Inside, my brother wrote his thoughts on that draft.
Tomo: That they may be idealistic now, but he wanted to put them into practice someday.
Tomo: And that to accomplish these reforms, your help would be indispensable.
Sakaki: ......
Tomo: Reading this draft, I feel the same way.
Sakaki: But I'm not assistant director anymore.
Tomo: Even so, I want to give it to you.
Tomo: So please accept it. Think of it as Brother's last request.
Tomo: When the board members are newly elected, I intend to nominate you for assistant director again, so,
Tomo: I'll have you reinstated as assistant director soon.
Tomo: After all, this job is too much for me.
Tomo: I think I'd like to have you assist as an auditor, from a bit of an opposing position.
Sakaki: ......
Sakaki: ...Geez, both brothers saying the same thing...
Tomo: Huh?
Sakaki: No... it's nothing.
(Sakaki: Plan to revise the current selection method of Bell Liberty School entrants...)
(Sakaki: To leave enrollment based on the school's current selection, as well as the students' tuition and class fees free as they currently are.)
(Sakaki: To newly introduce a quota for general self-recommendation for enrollment on the condition that a portion of the class fees are paid out-of-pocket, apart from the present quota for selecting exceptional people.)
(Sakaki: The goal of having that system is to allow students to enroll who cannot be selected by the school's current selection method.)
(Sakaki: And, as for the curriculum after enrolling, so that that students can receive an equivalent education without distinction due to the way they enrolled.)
(Sakaki: Also, to examine a scholarship system for the out-of-pocket costs.)
(Sakaki: About the management.)
(Sakaki: To newly establish a management committee made up of several student representatives, apart from the current board.)
(Sakaki: With the aim of having the management of the school be run by the students themselves in the future...)
Sakaki: This is...
(Sakaki: From a quick look, this is completely a blend of my and Nao's ideas...)
(Sakaki: He... left something like this, did he...)
Tomo: How is it, Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: If you're just going to make the proposal, it's simple.
Sakaki: But putting this into practice will be fairly difficult.
Sakaki: Besides, there's a lot of things in there that have to be put more realistically.
Tomo: Yes, I'm keenly aware of that.
Tomo: Still, since Brother entrusted it to me, I want to somehow get it into shape with my own hands.
Tomo: And, no matter how hard, or how long it takes, I want to make it reality.
Tomo: Not just because Brother entrusted it to me, but because it's my own desire.
Sakaki: I see.
Tomo: Will you help me?
Sakaki: ...It can't be helped. Since you've gone that far, I'll help you somewhat.
Tomo: Thank you.
Tomo: Then, I'm going back to the others.
(Sakaki: ...Geez, you've really done it.)
(Sakaki: You foresaw what I would do when shown something like this.)
Sakaki: Heh...
(Sakaki: Things really have changed these last few months.)
(Sakaki: Him, and the other students here...)
(Sakaki: But maybe I'm the one who's changed the most.)
(Sakaki: It's all thanks to...)
Yuki: Everyone! Are there enough cards for the game to go around!?
All: Yeah!!
(Sakaki: Asahina Yuki...)
(Sakaki: After all, maybe it's his influence.)
(Sakaki: That has changed me, the students, and everyone at this school...)
Sakaki: I guess I'll keep them company a little longer.

Later (exact date is no longer given)

(school building, roof)
(Sakaki: The usual school scene...)
(Sakaki: The usual days...)
(Sakaki: The usual after school...)
(Sakaki: Coming back here again...)
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, I found you!!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, would you like to play baseball!
Sakaki: Baseball?
Yuki: Yes!
Yuki: The weather is so nice today that everyone was saying let's play baseball!
Yuki: Won't you be part of our team? You can be the coach.
Sakaki: Are you going to have such a serious match that you need a coach?
Yuki: Yes, we already have an opposing team.
Yuki: You can even choose a position, left field, pitcher, whatever you'd like.
Yuki: Anyway! I want to play baseball with you, Professor!
Sakaki: Together, huh.
Sakaki: ...Alright.
Sakaki: If I'm going to participate, I'm going to be serious about it.
Yuki: Of course!
Yuki: Everyone! Professor Sakaki said he'll do it!

CG: all the main characters, Yuki holding Sakaki's hand with Sakaki offscreen
Sonoda: Wow. Professor Sakaki, you can play baseball?
Sonoda: Can you even fight along with us youngsters?
Sakaki: Don't be rude. I lean more towards baseball than soccer.
Sakaki: At the very least, I'm better than you, who can only cook.
Joker: Wow, so that's it. Then, Eiji, I'll have you switch positions with the Professor.
Sonoda: Hey, Kiyo, don't just say whatever you want. Third is mine!
Sakaki: Third, huh. That's not bad.
Sonoda: So I'm not handing it over!
Joker: Incidentally, I'm pitcher. And Takato-sempai is catcher.
Sakaki: That's a strange battery. (
Sakaki: I feel sorry for the people who have to go up against you two.
Takato: Our opposing team are members of the baseball club. I've investigated all their weak points.
Sakaki: Just as I'd expect.
Takato: It's only natural to develop something of a strategy in order to win.
Joker: Hehehe, I'll throw a gyroball that will make those baseball club guys despair.
Takato: The problem is whether Joker will throw according to my signals or not.
Yuki: ...That may be impossible.
Joker: Well, if I feel like it, I'll obey sometimes.
Yuki: See.
Sakaki: You seem to be having problems with your teamwork before the match...
Kuya: It'll be fine!
Kuya: We'll show you a perfect defense, so it doesn't matter if Joker gets whipped.
Chiba: Don't be ridiculous.
Chiba: Joker-sama will not get whipped!
Chiba: They will all be strikeouts.
Tomo: *yawn* If he does that, it'll make it easy for me.
Sakaki: Where are all of you defending?
Kuya: I'm shortstop.
Chiba: Myself is on second.
Chiba: ...I will protect Joker-sama's back!
Sakaki: First is...
Tomo: Me, I guess.
Sakaki: Hey, who decided these positions?
Kuya: Who was it?
Tomo: Who knows... it just ended up this way?
Sakaki: This is ridiculous. You're completely destroying your advantage.
Yuki: Is this not going to work?
Sakaki: Baseball is a team sport. You gain an opening by utilizing everyone's characteristics.
Sakaki: Fast guys, guys with good arms, smart guys. By arranging them in the optimum positions, you utilize your advantages.
Sakaki: In particular Chiba.
Chiba: What?
Sakaki: Second requires agility and split second judgement, it's impossible for you.
Chiba: No, myself will protect Joker-sama's back...
Sakaki: So play center. Center is also behind the pitcher.
Chiba: ...Alright.
Sakaki: On second vacated by Chiba, Minase, you step in.
Arata: Huh, you're putting me in Hayaya's place?
Sakaki: You're agile and you don't have a bad head on your shoulders.
Arata: I guess.
Arata: Well, I do get better grades than Hayaya, but that's kind of dicey, isn't it?
Sakaki: That's not what I meant. It would be bad to have someone on second who can't observe their surroundings and judge the situation.
Sakaki: You can read people's expressions and act.
Arata: That's a dubious way of putting it.
Maro: Kuu.
Sakaki: Then, shortstop should be someone who can coordinate play.
Sakaki: Which means, shortstop is Asahina. You.
Yuki: Huh! Me, shortstop!?
Sakaki: You're not fast, and you don't have a strong arm, but more than anything, you don't give up.
Sakaki: Anyway, nab the ball.
Yuki: Right.
Sakaki: I'll leave your support to Sonoda on third.
Yuki: Sonoda-san, I'll count on you!
Sonoda: Leave it to me.
Joker: How nice, all the cuties gathered right in the center.
Sonoda: Minase and me and Yuki-kun are the infield.
Sonoda: That's certainly not bad.
Yuki: Let's all do our best!
Arata: Okay.
Kuya: Wait a minute. Where should I defend!?
Sakaki: You're on first.
Sakaki: You wouldn't be bad as shortstop, but Kasahara is unreliable on first. He slacks off.
Sakaki: Compared to him, you're taller and nimbler.
Sakaki: You can catch all the balls thrown to you by the infielders, can't you?
Kuya: I can!
Sakaki: Good. ...And so, you guys.
Yuki: Yes.
Sakaki: Anyway, if there's a grounder, throw it to first base.
Sakaki: He'll manage it somehow.
Kuya: Leave it to me!
Yuki: Certainly, Kuya-san on first may make it easier.
Yuki: Even if we throw slightly off, he'll still catch it.
Arata: O-Sagi-san, O-Sagi-san.
Arata: I'm not very good at ball games, so if my hand slips and I hit you, sorry.
Kuya: It's okay.
Kuya: No matter where you throw, Aratan, I'll show you I'll definitely catch it.
Arata: Yay, thanks.
Kuya: Not just Aratan, everyone too!
Kuya: So don't worry and throw the ball!
Infielders: Right!
Sakaki: That's good for the infield.
Joker: Professor Sakaki, you're surprisingly positive.
Joker: I thought you'd dislike fooling around with us.
Sakaki: I don't particularly like it, but since I'm doing it, I just want it to be perfect.
Joker: Hey, Yuki-kun. Was Professor Sakaki always such an enthusiastic character?
Yuki: I asked him so the Professor is taking it seriously.
Sakaki: Of course.
Sakaki: If you're going to do something carelessly, it's better not to do it at all.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki looks cold on the outside, but inside, maybe he's a hot-blooded teacher.
Joker: Hmm...
Sakaki: Well then, that leaves Yagami and Kasahara...
Sakaki: Hey, Yagami. Have you gained any strength recently?
Yagami: Shut up.
Sakaki: Same as ever. Then, you're in right field. (note: where you can stick bad players)
Sakaki: Kasahara, you're in left field.
Tomo: Left, huh...
Tomo: Well, that seems easier than first.
Sakaki: Chiba, defend slightly near right field. Cover right field's zone.
Sakaki: Anyway, catch all the fly balls even for Yagami.
Chiba: Alright.
Yagami: Tch, what's with that treatment?
Chiba: Yagami.
Yagami: Yeah.
Chiba: Last year you dropped out of the endurance run in PE class. (Note: 1.5km, about a mile)
Yagami: ...
Chiba: Myself runs 10 kilometers every day.
Yagami: You're a monster.
Chiba: I'm trained differently than you.
Yagami: ...Yeah.
Chiba: I won't let you take points from Joker-sama.
Chiba: So myself will catch the fly balls.
Chiba: Okay?
Yagami: Geez... fine.
Sakaki: In return, Yagami, indicate to Chiba where he should throw the balls he's caught.
Yagami: Why?
Sakaki: Because if you leave it to Chiba, he's likely to throw them all back to Jokawa.
Yagami: I really wouldn't put it past him...
Yagami: Alright. Hey, Chiba, throw where I tell you.
Chiba: Yeah.
Chiba: I'll leave it to you to use your head.
Yagami: You never change either, hey...
Tomo: Chiba-san, you might as well cover for me too.
Chiba: You run.
Chiba: You're fast, aren't you?
Yuki: That's right. Do your best, track team member.
Takato: Recently, I've heard from Asahina that you've been showing your face at club activities, is that right?
Tomo: Ah, well, that... it just ended up that way...
Sakaki: This is a good opportunity. Show us the results of that.
Tomo: Right, right...
Yuki: Alright, we're like a real team now.
Yuki: That’s Professor Sakaki for you!
Sakaki: I guess.
Joker: That aside, Professor Sakaki, it's about time you stop hogging cute Shortstop-kun's hand, isn't it?
Joker: Or do you want to keep holding it forever?
Sakaki: Well, who knows?
Sonoda: You're not denying it.
Sakaki: Deny nothing, I'm not the one holding his hand.
Sakaki: He's holding my hand.
Yuki: Oh, huh? Professor Sakaki? But your hand... is gripping mine really tight...
Sakaki: Asahina. Who was the one who first gripped whose hand?
Yuki: Me, but...
Sakaki: Look, see?
Sakaki: This guy finds an adult like me more reliable than you brats.
Arata: Hyahahahaha. Professor Sakaki, now you're talking, now you're talking.
Sonoda: So? What position are you playing, Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: I already did.
Sakaki: My position is already decided, it's the important job of being coach.
Sakaki: So you guys should do your best in the match.
Takato: So you're shifting responsibility to others?
Sakaki: Well, if there's a chance, I'll be a pinch hitter.
Kuya: That's just cherry-picking!
Yuki: That's not fair!
Joker: Well, but that way the odds will change and it might be interesting.
Sakaki: Odds?
Joker: Yeah. The match coming up is on the bookmaker in the net casino.
Joker: Like who will win, what the point spread will be, who will score the winning point and stuff.
Joker: It's more exciting if it's detailed.
Sakaki: You're the same as ever.
Joker: Since you're joining us, you have to be in the match to enjoy it.
Sonoda: But if Professor Sakaki scores the winning point, that's like the house winning.
Sonoda: Sounds good. I'll be hoping that happens.
Yagami: Wait, if that happens, then isn't it unfair that only Durak gets the profit?
Yagami: If you win, give us a share of the profits.
Kuya: That's right, that's right!
Joker: Then, how about the person who gets the most points gets treated to something by the Professor?
Yagami: Oh, that's not too bad!
Yuki: Professor, you're so generous!
Sakaki: Hey, hey. Don't just decide on your own.
Kuya: Now, now, isn't it okay?
Kuya: Please show us the strength of an adult at times like these!
Sakaki: You're mistaking it for an adult's financial strength.
Sakaki: Geez...
Sakaki: It can't be helped. If you win, I'll treat the guy who gets the most points.
Yuki: Alright!
Sakaki: In return.
Sakaki: If you lose, I'm giving you all homework.
Yuki: Whaaaa.
Sakaki: Especially Chiba and Minase and Kasahara.
Sakaki: Prepare yourselves.
Tomo: Why me too?
Sakaki: Because you're the least motivated.
Sakaki: Well, you other two, just watch yourselves.
Arata: Ah, we're in trouble.
Chiba: ......
Arata: Well, well, it will be okay as long as we win, right?
Chiba: We'll win!
Arata: Let's do our best!
Maro: Kuku!
Yuki: Alright, everyone!!
Yuki: Let's all do our best!!
All: Yeah!!
end CG: all the main characters, Yuki holding Sakaki's hand with Sakaki offscreen

If Sakaki has not kissed Yuki, the route ends here. You will get ending #24: A Coach's Direction.

(outside, a lit sidewalk)
Yuki: Baseball was fun.
Sakaki: Yeah, it was.
Sakaki: But I never thought you'd be the one to score the most points.
Yuki: I'm surprised too.
Yuki: That I'd hit an inside-the-park home run that cleared all the bases, with the bases loaded and two outs at the bottom of the ninth inning.
Yuki: All I can say is that it really was lucky.
Yuki: Of course, it was also thanks to your direction!
Sakaki: I'm glad you realize it.
Yuki: Nevertheless, Joker-san's pitching was amazing.
Yuki: It's the first time I've seen a gyroball thrown in real life.
Yuki: Getting mostly strikes is only what I'd expect from someone who's done shooting.
Sakaki: The baseball club guys looked so despairing.
Yuki: But it looks like he ignored all the catcher's signals after all and Takato-san was grumbling.
Yuki: He said that Joker-san was better at hitting people than throwing at the mitt...
Sakaki: That's just like him...
Yuki: Besides, I was a bit surprised that Tomo stole the bases.
Sakaki: To him, 30 meters probably isn't much of a distance.
Sakaki: Only, after the fifth inning, he ignored all my signals to steal bases.
Yuki: Tomo's really set in his ways...
Yuki: Chiba-san was amazing at bat, and Arata-san had an amazingly acrobatic defense.
Yuki: And Yagami guided Chiba-san really well too.
Yuki: And we could leave things to Kuya-san and Sonoda-san without worrying...
Yuki: All things considered, it was fun!
Yuki: I want to do it again!
Yuki: With you too, Professor Sakaki!!
Sakaki: Does that mean you're after my wallet?
Yuki: Oh no, you're wrong.
Sakaki: Then, can we cancel this? Today's MVP.
Yuki: Wah, you can't! It's special that you were going to treat me!
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, where are you taking me today?
Yuki: The oden stall the other day was really delicious.
Sakaki: Today is different. We're going off the island, so we're going by car.
Yuki: In your car?
Sakaki: Yeah.
Yuki: Where are we going?
Sakaki: Since it's special, I thought I'd have you meet them.
Yuki: Them?
Sakaki: My friends.
Yuki: Friends...
Yuki: You mean, the ones from that picture?
Sakaki: Yeah, that's right.
Sakaki: After they dropped out, neither of them could continue on the path they desired, but...
Sakaki: Afterward, the two of them got married.
Yuki: Married!
Sakaki: Two years ago, they opened a small restaurant.
Sakaki: They sent a notice postcard to me too, but I transferred to BL School and then, you know...
Sakaki: Somehow I missed my chance to tell them where I was working, and I left it like that, not contacting them.
Yuki: I understand why you'd feel it would be hard to say...
Sakaki: Right?
Sakaki: But, this is a good chance.
Sakaki: I thought I would take this opportunity to let those two know what I've been up to lately.
Yuki: That's good! I'm sure they'll both be happy!
Sakaki: I hope so.
(Sakaki: He's sure they'll be happy, huh.)
(Sakaki: He might be right.)
(Sakaki: I'm sure it was me who was the one most hung up on this school...)
(Sakaki: Maybe it was an unconscious sense of guilt towards them that didn't let me get too deeply involved with the school.)
(Sakaki: The one who changed that was probably Asahina. It was you...)
Yuki: They're your friends, aren't they? Then, I'm sure it will be alright.
Yuki: Well, they at least sent you a postcard.
Sakaki: This is the restaurant opening notice postcard.
Yuki: Wow. They're both wearing kimonos, they look great.
Yuki: I wonder what kind of food it is.
Yuki: After all, I guess it's Japanese food.
Sakaki: Probably. This will be my first time going too.
Yuki: It's kind of nice. They both look really happy.
Sakaki: That's my car. Get in.
Yuki: Wah! It's such a cool car! (Note: Not really. From the CG, it's clearly a third generation Prius.)

CG: Sakaki and Yuki facing each other in the car
Yuki: Umm. This is kind of amazing.
Sakaki: What is?
Yuki: Well, the two of us are going to out to eat in your car, right?
Yuki: It's kind of a like a stereotypical date, isn't it?
Sakaki: A date?
Yuki: Oh, I just thought it seemed like it.
Sakaki: What are you saying? This is a proper date.
Yuki: Huh?
Sakaki: That's what I was thinking, were you not?
Sakaki: Weren't you displaying your good luck because you wanted to go on a date with me?
Yuki: Huh, oh no... I, I wasn't. I didn't mean to...
Yuki: Well, it's true that it would be nice if it happened... I thought.
Yuki: I'll do my best for that... is what I was thinking, though...
Yuki: Oh, it's true. I... wanted to go on a date with you, it seems.
Sakaki: I see. I'm glad you were the best too.
Sakaki: I would be sorry to go on a date with someone else.
Yuki: Ehehehehehe...
Sakaki: What's with that creepy laugh all of a sudden...?
Yuki: It's just, I'm happy...
Yuki: When you say that, it makes me... happy, ehehe...
Yuki: Well, Professor Sakaki, you're a teacher, and a man... and really... adult...
Yuki: Th, that's why, that someone like you would go on a date with me is kind of amazing...
Yuki: Oh, it's no good. I just break into a smile.
Sakaki: I see. So you're that happy.
Yuki: Yes, I'm really happy...
Sakaki: I see.
Yuki: Even you're smiling, Professor, aren't you!?
Sakaki: That's right. It's funny.
Sakaki: When I see you grinning, it puts me in that sort of mood.
Yuki: That sort of mood?
Sakaki: When I look at you, and you don't try to hide yourself, or put on airs,
Sakaki: I've started to realize that you're cute.
Yuki: C, c, cute!
Sakaki: Especially when you're flustered like that.
Yuki: F, flustered...
Yuki: Saying it's a date, and I'm cute...
Yuki: If you say things like that, anyone... would get excited...
Sakaki: I wouldn't really say it to just anyone.
Sakaki: I'm saying it because it's you.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki, you're lying again like that...
Sakaki: It's not a lie.
Sakaki: I'm a teacher. What's the use of lying?
Sakaki: Besides, it wasn't a lie when I said I wasn't quitting being a teacher.
Yuki: Well, that's true...
Sakaki: That's right. I have other feelings for you, not just as a teacher.
Sakaki: You're special to me.
Yuki: Special...
Sakaki: What about you, Asahina?
Sakaki: Am I just one of your teachers to you?
Yuki: That's... um...
Yuki: You're... special. Different than the other teachers or my friends...
Yuki: Just thinking about it makes me really excited, and my chest hurts and it gets hard to breathe...
Yuki: I'm sure I... love you, Professor Sakaki.
Yuki: When you were tutoring me, and when you calmed me on the roof...
Yuki: I think I had those feelings inside me...
Sakaki: I see.
Sakaki: Then, I should spend an even more special time with you.
Yuki: Uh, um, special time...?
Sakaki: Just being treated to a meal, or spending adult time with me, which would you like?
Yuki: A, adult... after all, you mean that, and, stuff like that...
Yuki: Uh... um.... Ummmm. Even though you ask me to choose...
Yuki: A meal... adult time...
Yuki: Ummmm...
Yuki: Uuurgh... I can't decide.
Sakaki: Hey now. Are you that conflicted?
Yuki: Professor Sakaki!
Yuki: Um, can't I have both?
Sakaki: Both?
Yuki: Yes. Being treated to a meal, and adult time... both.
Sakaki: *chuckling*
Yuki: Professor Sakaki?
Sakaki: Think about what you're saying. You're so greedy, Mr. Student Council President.
Yuki: I'm greedy?
Sakaki: Yeah. If you put it on the same level as your appetite, maybe it's a bit too soon for an adult romance.
Sakaki: It can't be helped. Just for today, I'll grant you both.
Yuki: Really?
Yuki: Th, then, not just to shut me up, but so that I can understand your feelings...
Yuki: I want you to give me a real kiss!
Sakaki: Yeah, okay.
Sakaki: Do you want to try an adult kiss that will make you fall for me in one shot?
Yuki: Y, yes!
Sakaki: First, slowly close your eyes...
end CG: Sakaki and Yuki facing each other in the car

Yuki: Mm... Professor...

Ending #23: Adult Time

FADE TO BLACK WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Yeah, that's right. They don't even show the actual kiss. Stupid R15 games. :p But then again, that leaves a LOT open to the imagination. If you know what I mean.