plot summaries

high-level game overviews

If you're in a hurry and want to learn about the different Gakuen Heaven game plots without reading a ton of translations or supplemental material, this is the section for you!

The sections for the main games, GH and GH2, are long summaries of the main plots and do not go into major detail of each individual character route, except to highlight areas that support the overarching plot. The Okawari section is a little different due to the construction of the fandisc, so it contains more detail, including a full summary of the common route and each of the ten character routes.

These summaries completely spoil the main plot of each game. Proceed with caution!

gakuen heaven

The story of Keita's crisis and the MVP Battle.

gakuen heaven: okawari!

The story of the ring of bad luck.

gakuen heaven 2

The story of the school's crisis and the Bell One.

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