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the story of the ace

Please note that this is a general summary and doesn't cover the events of the common route in detail. If you're interested in trying the game yourself and getting every last bit of information, I highly recommend the English patch for the official demo!

the story of gh2

The general flow of the story is always the same, assuming you're NOT on the "secret" character route.

Yuki arrives at school one month late. When he gets to Bell Liberty, the very first thing that happens is some weird ninja guy (Hattori Ninosuke) grabs him and insists that he take an armband and protect the school. No matter what the player chooses, Ninosuke always wears Yuki down and he ends up accepting the armband.

this doesn't seem suspicious at all

The ninja splits just before two dudes in black school uniforms show up, one with a wooden sword (Chiba Hayato) and the other with a GUN (Jokawa Kiyotada, aka Joker). Things get tense for a bit, with Joker hassling Yuki about talking to the ninja, and eventually he shoots--

Oh, it's just confetti. Welcome to Bell Liberty! ...shit, did you just have a heart attack?

Chiba and Joker are members of Durak, a group of three students that was originally in charge of budgets and discipline at the school. At the moment, they are even stronger than that, for reasons that will be revealed... soon.

Two other guys show up - turns out they are the student council vice president (Sagimori Kuya) and the student council secretary (Takato Masatsugu). They were actually on their way to pick Yuki up from the front gate when they came upon the scene with Joker. They inform Yuki that simply having possession of the armband makes him the Ace - he's the new student council president! Yuki is incredibly excited by this and credits his good luck. After all, what first-year student becomes the prez on the first day?

this idiot, that's who (ps Kuya is also an idiot)

Kuya pins the armband to Yuki's jacket, and he's welcomed to the student council. CUE THE OPENING!

honestly, this OP is full of spoilers... MAJOR ones if you know what to look for!

Kuya and Takato deliver Yuki to his classroom, where we meet several more characters. First is the hardass homeroom (but really, math) teacher, Sakaki Sojiro, who asks Yuki to introduce himself. Depending on what the player chooses, we learn why he was so late to school - he and his family were "trapped" on a tropical island because a volcano erupted nearby and planes couldn't fly for a while. Rough life. But Yuki is super lucky, so things like that happen to him all the time.

Sakaki already thinks Yuki's an idiot (he's not wrong)

Sakaki has Yuki sit next to Kasahara Tomo, an unenthusiastic student who spends most of his time in class sleeping. They chat a bit, then class begins. A few minutes later, another student comes in late - a tough looking guy named Yagami Reon, who stalks in and plops down with his feet on the desk, then promptly falls asleep. Sakaki is not amused and beans one of the sleepers with a piece of chalk (the player chooses who to warn) and then class continues peacefully until lunchtime.

nice boots

Ah, the cafeteria! Yuki turns into a drooling mess after seeing all the high-quality food on display. It's managed by the third member of Durak, Sonoda Eiji, a genius cook who auctions special menu items every day. He immediately picks Yuki out as a newcomer and offers him a special lunch at a discount price, but just before Yuki takes it, Sonoda refuses to let him have it. Turns out that members of the student council aren't allowed to eat anything at the cafeteria except rice and soba! Yuki is seriously heartbroken by this, and the student he warned about the chalk earlier will take pity and give him their lunch. ♥

Yuki's love-love vision is for the food, not Sonoda

Yuki also meets the final major character at the cafeteria, the swim club diver Minase Arata. Arata is a bit kooky, carrying his pet ferret Maro everywhere and referring to himself in the third person, but hey, Yuki gets along with everyone so it's cool.

After school time! Yuki heads to the student council room, but to his dismay, the place is a dump. We find out that Durak has stolen most of the power from the student council by making (and winning) bets with the former president, Ninosuke. Ninosuke couldn't stand losing and kept taking Joker's bets, until eventually he bet the furniture in the student council room. And lost it. Sigh.

At this point, Yuki's a bit iffy about being student council president. Takato bribes him with food - crappy stuff like instant ramen, cakes made in the rice cooker, stuff like that - and Yuki decides to stick with it after all. (Kuya lampshades this by being all WHY ARE YOU BRIBED SO EASILY BY CRAP FOOD?)

Joker invites Yuki to a welcome party in his honor that's taking place that night. Fast forward to the party, and once again Yuki's not allowed to eat anything (poor kid), and Joker teases the hell out of him by pretending to be fatally poisoned by a drink Yuki hands him. Chiba flips the fuck out, but Joker reveals that it's only a trick just before Chiba kills Yuki. Haha.

Yuki gets to chatting with Joker, and we find out that the only reason Yuki is at Bell Liberty is because he received someone else's Platinum Papers! He called the number on the letter and somehow got the director on the line. The director was so impressed by his honesty that he invited Yuki to come to the school as well!

After hearing this and other tales of Yuki's luck, Joker wants to test him in front of everyone by drawing straws (okay, sticks, but the idea is the same). If Yuki wins, Sonoda will give him some special sweets ...but if he loses, he has to give up the Ace armband. Yuki, being a typical idiot, agrees, even though he's warned that Joker will cheat (and he does). However, Yuki's luck kicks in again, though in an unexpected way - Maro ends up scattering all the sticks and ruining the game.

Maro gives zero fucks about your little game

The next morning, you meet the dorm head, Rajendra Ranjit Pachauri, aka Dora-chan, who is actually a researcher at the lab on the island. But he's also taking care of the students and making curry for every meal. AHAHA stereotypes goddamn. Anyway! Yuki heads to school and bumps into Okazaki Ken (Okaken) who reveals that Yuki's in the school paper as the Ace who won a bet against Joker. News travels fast around BL school.

AND THEN you're interrupted by a familiar fast-talking voice. AAAAAAAAAAAA IT'S KEITA OMG OMG OMG


That's right, bitches, Ito Keita is now a teacher at BL school. He teaches the regular history class, and he's also the assistant homeroom teacher for Yuki's class. Basically, he takes care of the class when Sakaki is busy, and helps out any students who need general guidance because a) Sakaki's not doing that and b) Keita relates to them better anyway.

Later, Yuki gets some crap job going around to replace light bulbs in a few places. One is the pool, and after heading there, he gets to see Arata diving. Yuki marvels at Arata's perfect form and fearless acrobatics, and we get our first hint of Yuki's hidden pervert side when he compliments Arata's physique. Mmm, muscles!

Arata: Ace-kun is a pervert! (yes, he really says that)

Not long after, there's a student assembly after school - turns out that Joker wants to test Yuki again, this time in a game of blackjack. Win, and get back the student council's furniture AND the right to eat at the cafeteria. Lose, and Yuki has to give up the armband and join Durak instead. Yuki wins again (assuming you don't get screwed by the blackjack minigame, ahaha) and his luck is proven not just to Joker, but to the entire student population.

Now it's time for Yuki to do some real student council work! Turns out the school has a "ball tournament" every year, but participation is optional and it's hard to get a lot of the students interested. Yuki's idea to increase participation is host the Gourmand Cup - a competition where the winning team gets to request having a special menu item added to the cafeteria. Sonoda agrees, figuring it won't be too much of a hardship, and this special prize attracts a lot of attention.

Yuki has a choice of five teams, and all of them are ridiculous bullshit because that's how this game rolls: a crazy 100-course Chinese feast, all you can eat grilled MEAT, habanero chile con carne (thanks Joker), funazushi (lol Keita is on this team because he's too dumb to know what it really is), and fried waterbug (Okaken, jeebus). Yum yum. No matter which team Yuki chooses, the Chinese feast team wins, royally pissing off Sonoda. Ahahaha. Also, you can't actually choose team waterbug, Yuki is like NO FUCKING WAY and switches teams. XD

the winning team! (assuming you choose to be on it!)

After the competition, it's time for a bath. That's right. It's a bath scene. Who's in the bath scene? That depends on who Yuki's been pursuing so far, but they're all pretty funny and provide opportunities for Yuki to be a perv about checking out the hot bodies of the other students. :3

I'm pretty sure this is why I play BL games

Ah, the peaceful school life! Except, Yuki's armband goes missing! He doesn't even notice that it's gone until the school nurse, Matsuoka Jin, asks him what happened to the armband. Yuki's not too concerned about it at first, but all of his friends are flipping the hell out because without it, he's not the student council president.

Yuki and friends search for the armband with no luck. In the middle of this mess, Keita searches out Yuki to give him a letter from the board of directors. It's marked TOP SECRET, so Tomo encourages him to go read it in private. Yuki takes it back to the student council room and finds...

It's a proposal from the board of directors, recommending to close Bell Liberty!

Yuki's half-dead from a heart attack (not really) when Joker busts in all like WOW you are loud. Chiba, Kuya, and Takato are there too, and they've all been looking for the armband. Yuki shows them all the letter, and everyone decides that the only way to find out what the hell is going on is to ask the director, uh, directly. Thing is, no one has ever seen the new director who took over in April after the previous director died. In fact, no one even knows the name of the new director!

Still, they're not about to give up so easily. The director's office is located in the server building, and the security is insane. They get to the office door, but it's locked and there's no way in. There's a variety of options for what to do, but they all end with the director giving up and unlocking the door before anyone can put a plan into action.

MAJOR spoilers begin here. Please do not read if you don't want the details!
Though seriously, this is Gakuen Heaven, if you don't have any idea who the director might be, get outta here. :p

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