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older than he looks

This is a sweet route that deals with Keita's lingering insecurity over being expelled because of his connections with Kazuki. Keita may seem a bit annoying and clingy at times, but remember all the crap he just went through. Sob.

Kazuki has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending:
(first choice can be whatever) → 仕方ないよ → そういう考えもありだよな → なぐさめてくれなくていい → もう一度助けを呼ぶ

Regular ending:
choose the opposite of everything you did the first time (previous choices are highlighted yellow for convenience)

character route

Keita is really stressed out about the ring of bad luck. Kazuki promises to help him think of a way to get it off, but that first day, he has director work to do, so he goes to his office after school, leaving Keita to hang around for a bit. Once it's time to meet up, Keita goes to the server building and finds that Kazuki is still working. He overhears Kazuki, his secretary, and an unknown older man (Niwa's dad, actually) discussing some sort of security issue.

Turns out that there may be some attempt at unauthorized access from within the school, so Kazuki wants to run a check on all the data. To get it done faster than usual, he uses a program that was just completed the week before. At first everything seems okay, but when they go back to the dorm, Keita's been locked out of his room - each room has a "master lock" in addition to the regular lock, and it normally only engages during an emergency or when the room is unoccupied.

Keita and Kazuki check in with Shinomiya to see if they can override the lock, but it turns out that Keita's enrollment data is gone! The two head back to the server building to find out what's going on. Once there, Kazuki discovers that the new security program ended up deleting Keita's information because it contains irregularities and the system "decided" that it was unnecessary data.

This really freaks Keita out, and as they head back to the dorm, he wonders if somehow he'll end up being expelled again. Kazuki reassures him and promises to have his data reentered once the security check is complete. Keita ends up spending the night in Kazuki's room since he can't get into his own room...

Of course, since this is a PS2 game, it's kind of vague, but they sleep together. The next morning, when Keita mentions that he'll be sure to wash the pajamas he wore before returning them, Kazuki gets verrry close to him and says oh, but you didn't really wear them much. Ahahaha. XD

In class, Keita has to look on in Kazuki's book, and Kazuki takes the opportunity to play footsie under the desk, hee hee. They end up getting scolded by Professor Umino, but not because he sees them (the way the desks are built, you can't see what's going on under them) but because the two are talking about it and get kind of loud, since Keita is embarrassed.

biology class has never been so embarrassing

After school, they head back to Kazuki's office and the security check is almost done. Keita is really upset about just causing Kazuki trouble and thinks that he's useless and has no business being at the school. He tells Kazuki not to bother reentering his data, and Kazuki tries to convince him that he has plenty of talent. He gives Keita a request that "only he can do" but Keita is annoyed to find that he's just being asked to go down into the basement and deliver a message to the software engineer who's running the check.

Still, he does it, wanting to help, but after he delivers the message, he gets lost on the way back and wanders into an empty room. Just then, there's an earthquake that messes up the door, AND it breaks a water pipe in the room. The room begins to fill with water, and Keita doesn't know what to do - the servers with all the school and pharma data are on the other side of the (glass, apparently) door, so he's hesitant to break it and flood out all the equipment, thus ruining the data. But he doesn't want to die either (of course) and calls Kazuki with his cell phone.

Kazuki rushes down to the basement and breaks down the glass door (what a champ) despite Keita's protests about the data. Once Keita is safe, Kazuki has a looooong and very sweet talk with (more like AT) Keita about how he's precious and irreplacable, and that he'd throw away any valuable thing for his sake. He also tells Keita that he does have a lot of talent, even if no one mentions it - he can get along with everyone, influence people easily, and even inspire rivals to get along better with each other. Keita finally relaxes and ends up gaining a bit of confidence after listening.

seriously, Keita, don't be dumb (also, Kazuki, why do you look so tiny here?)

The next day, Kazuki's secretary is reporting on the damage and the steps that will be taken to recover the servers. It turns out that the engineer backed up everything to servers on another floor just before the earthquake, so nothing was lost. Once the secretary leaves, Keita comes out again (he was hiding under the desk, haha, he and Kazuki were actually making out when the secretary came in), and they talk a bit more... then kiss. :D

holy crap a CG where Kazuki actually looks good *sob*

If you have GH data on the same memory card, the kiss scene is a bit longer and they say I love you instead of I like you. ♥

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