nakajima hideaki

student council vice president

We played Nakajima's Okawari route when we were about halfway done with the game because I stupidly thought it might be kind of cute, since everything else in Okawari so far had been fucking adorable. Sorry, no, Nakajima is still a douche, but at least this is just a 15+ game so it wasn't as gross as it would have been normally.

Sorry not sorry, Nakajima fans, I just can't get excited about a callous asshole who's the poster boy for Glasses Rapist Trope. I'm all for kinky shit, but there'd better be some fucking consent. Literally.


Nakajima has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content. You also have to replay the "love" route a second time to get the CGs of Nakajima without glasses. HAVE FUN I GUESS

"Love" ending:
かまってくれてもいいじゃないですか → 中嶋さんを困らせるな → 生徒会室に行ってみる → 中嶋さんのこと信じてたのに

Regular ending:
choose the opposite of everything you did the first time (previous choices are highlighted yellow for convenience)

character route

So Keita is worried about the ring, and Nakajima is being cold toward him, telling him it's stupid and ignoring all of Keita's desperate attempts to get some sort of sympathy out of his so-called boyfriend. Nakajima ends up twisting Keita's need for attention around into "oh, you just want sex from me" and you get the non-choice presented in this screenshot.

lol just kidding you don't get to choose

No, literally, THE PLAYER DOES NOT GET TO CHOOSE, even though the game presents it like a choice. The choices are:

- a more extravagant course than usual
- a more interesting course than usual

Obviously referring to sex because, uh, yeah. Keita is annoyed that "it's not much of a choice" and we fade to black. Woohoo.

Keita leaves the student council room and finds a letter addressed to Nakajima in front of the door. It says that someone has evidence about Nakajima doing unethical things (lol really) and to come to a certain place that night. Keita decides to meddle and takes the letter, and he goes alone to the designated place. There he meets some random dude who's the head of the chemistry club, but he doesn't find out much. Nakajima shows up, annoyed that Keita hid the letter from him, and it seems like he works out some kind of deal with the chem club guy.

A day or two later, Keita is on the roof of the school building, worrying about the ring. The chem guy and Nakajima show up, and Keita hides himself and listens in on the conversation. It seems that Nakajima has drawn up some papers that will make the finance group favor the chem club during the budget decisions, and he accepts some sort of payment from the other guy. (You never find out what this is, oddly... maybe it's something that's evidence of what the chem club is up to?)

After the chemistry guy leaves, Keita reveals himself, angry that Nakajima really HAS been taking bribes. He grabs the paperwork and runs off, and through the magic of storytelling, he actually gets ahead of Nakajima and heads for the ocean, intending to throw the papers in. Well, just as he gets to the end of the dock or whatever, there's an earthquake, and Keita is thrown into the water.

Nakajima rescues him (I guess? his uniform looks dry in the CG) and finally tells Keita the truth about the papers. They were fakes, and he's been pretending to cooperate with the chem club because the student council suspects that they are using club resources to make drugs or something. The papers were an attempt to lure them in so they could investigate without arousing suspicion.

Keita plz think about your life choices a little

To which I say... REALLY YOU COULDN'T HAVE TAKEN FIVE MINUTES TO EXPLAIN THIS EARLIER? Nope, because being an asshole is easier, I guess.

Anyway, because the papers were ruined, they need to be remade so the chem club won't be suspicious. Keita and Nakajima head back to the student council room and work all night (with lots of sex thrown in, I'm sure... cuz drawing up papers usually doesn't require unbuttoning your shirt, amirite) to get it done.

yeah, yeah, whatever

Oh, yeah, I think the cursed ring fell off in the ocean, so that's how that little plot point gets resolved...

Anyway. This summary does NOT accurately capture the massive amount of abusive bullshit that was in this route, but I don't feel like wasting any more time on this, so you get the story without all the baggage attached. You can thank me later. Or now, I guess.

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