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Niwa has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending:
気持ちを切り替えて → 助けを求める → 俺にも協力させて下さい → choose whatever you want for the last two

Regular ending:
choose the opposite of the first three choices → choose whatever you want for the last two

character route

Niwa’s looking around the school (as he was in other routes) and Keita tags along. Keita’s lacking self confidence (again) because of the ring and worries about the MVP battle... how he needed Niwa’s help to win. Niwa reminds him of what he said back then (which he really did say in GH) - that Keita’s luck is good because of his pure feelings, and his luck is influenced by his beliefs. So if he’s worried about bad luck, his luck will become bad.

Keita turns this around on him and says well, if you believe you can handle the papers in the student council room, you can do it! And Niwa is like hahaha nope.

While they’re talking, things start flying at Keita - first a baseball, then a soccer ball, and then an ARROW. Niwa protects him from all of them, but the arrow breaks a nearby laptop. It belongs to one of the gardeners who’s working on the tree transplant project at the school, but the guy refuses to let anyone take his laptop or try to fix it.

Niwa offers to take Keita fishing to train his luck, but Nakajima catches them and drags them back to the student council room to work. They go back to the dorm really late, and Keita remembers that he has some tough homework to finish. Niwa offers to stop by and help him with it.

When Keita gets back to his room, the gardener from before is there - it turns out he’s a spy who’s at the school to hack into the data system! He takes Keita hostage and even when Niwa stops by, he forces Keita to pretend nothing is wrong, and Niwa leaves. (The guy has a knife and keeps threatening to kill Keita so... yeah.) The spy ends up taping Keita’s mouth and hits him, and Keita passes out for a while...

When he wakes up, the spy is still using the laptop on his desk, and Keita’s worried that he’ll be killed after he’s done hacking, since he got a good look at his face. He remembers Niwa’s pep talk about his luck and just as he’s thinking that he has to stay positive, Niwa busts in through the window and knocks the spy out! He thought Keita was acting weird earlier, and from the outside, he saw an unknown person at Keita’s desk.

The spy escapes out the window while Niwa is comforting Keita, and they decide not to pursue him because it’s too dark.

don't cry, Keita :(

Next day, they go to the director’s office and Kazuki (through the bear, haha, though Niwa threatens to destroy it if he doesn’t stop with the cutesy voice) asks them to try and find the spy. He hasn’t announced the presence of this spy to the school because someone asked him not to - it was a request from "him" - Niwa knows who he’s talking about, but Keita has no clue. Anyway, if you have complete GH save data on the same memory card, Niwa reminds Kazuki that he’s going to beat his ass one day, ahaha.

Outside, Keita asks who "he" is, and Niwa avoids the question, saying it’s an unfortunate relationship that he can’t cut ties to, haha. Anyway, Niwa tells Keita to go wait with Nakajimi in the student council room, but Keita insists on helping. After all, he doesn’t want to be protected all the time, and he worries about Niwa too. They ask around together and end up at the archery range, where there’s a suspicious guy in a gardener’s outfit. Niwa throws him, but it’s not the right guy! (We find out who this other dude is in Shinomiya’s route so hang in there mkay?)

They split up (whyyy) and Keita is going to set Niwa’s number on his phone so he can call easily if he finds the spy. Only... the phone isn’t his! Somehow the spy left his phone behind in Keita’s room, and of course the guy shows up to demand the phone just as Keita is messing with it. Keita gets taken hostage again (sigh) but Niwa comes to his rescue. They work together to defeat the spy, and the ring falls off of Keita’s hand after they knock him out.

I'm pretty sure Niwa's doing all the work here

A big guy who looks an awful lot like Niwa shows up, and Niwa is all annoyed and says the last boss appears, hahaha. Yup, the random guy he and Kazuki were discussing is Niwa’s dad! He was watching the entire time but didn’t step in because he wanted to see how Niwa would handle the situation.

Niwa: What would you do if someone had been hurt?
dad: I didn’t raise you to be a weakling.

Haha, it’s a complicated relationship. Anyway, the spy is an internationally wanted criminal who has a record of doing corporate spy work, and it turns out that he has a connection to a criminal ring that the police have been after for a while. The spy is the key to getting at them, so catching him is a big win for the police.

Niwa’s super pissed at this point and challenges his dad to a fight... it goes on for a while, with Niwa losing every time, hee hee. His record is now 3825 straight losses. XD

His dad leaves, and Keita asks Niwa if he’s okay. He promises not to let anyone know that Niwa lost, and tells him that he’s happy they defeated the spy together - I fought with you instead of just being protected. The kiss scene is really sweet here. Keita says it’s nice to look down at you once in a while, since you’re always looking down at me... but it’s even better to be on the same level.

Then Keita says he hopes he grows taller... even taller than Niwa. And Niwa says it would be embarrassing to kiss someone taller, so you’re fine just the way you are now. (which is good because Keita doesn’t grow AT ALL - he’s the same height and build in GH2, haha)

a sweet kiss :3

Also, if you have GH clear data, they say "I love you" in this scene instead of just "I like you" or whatever. :3

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